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uh heh heh heh huh. yes sir! my barbershop is full of duke fans.....going to be fun....
Golly, UT just beat Duke, and the refs, soundly. What the heck are you babbling on about? Get some edlerberry juice mate. And have a nice day.
Real shame they beat Duke and the refs by 12. Just horrible mate. Have a good day.
That is a nice analysis Connor. UT beat Duke easily, even with the sus refs. Good call mate.
Sorry for my ignorance. Who is Dan Mullen? Former drummer for an 80s band? Former hair dresser? Who is he/she?
This isn't about Georgia: July 22, 2022: Mr. Drinkwitz "“Me personally,” Drinkwitz quipped, “I got to question my wife’s commitment to winning. I don’t know how much she’s committed f she’s not engaging in some of these things. I didn’t know that was fair play.”" November 12, 2022: Tennessee 66, Drinkwitz 24. The clock is running. Stop the ball. Do not blame the other team's back up players smoking your team. Quit whining and get something on the field worth the SEC competition. UT fans have heard that last mantra for years. Run it up? Clock is still running.
Been around the game since the 60's. Used to carry water for Ronnie, know the real LT in RL and played ball with with Mel Gray. Hype videos are for communication majors and folk that never played the game. UT grad and fan but a wee freck is a hype video.
True. Even the CFP poll is rhetorical opinion. Hopefully, in the future, the top ten conference winners are in +1. For now, pick the top four AFTER the season is over and roll with it.
Kelly. Crack me up. At half in the first game some field reported asked him basically what he thought about the game. He replied... "We couldn't play any worse. Well, maybe we can. It's my first year." That was some funny stuff. But advice for the coach. Don't give away points by using the hip and new call to go for it on 4th down. Points lost. Game over. Stay classy and funny.
I forgot about that. It was obviously 4th down. Heck, a cheating coach would have argued "the field market said 3rd down so we ran a 3rd down play. Ya got to erase that play." But, even Heupel did not play that card. That review is a poster child for what NOT to do with penalty replays. I think that game took 4 hours. That was way too long for a non-overtime game and an offense that runs full blast for most drives. Absolutely ridiculous.
Mr. Harsin had a strong win-loss record before taking over the stalled Auburn program. Let the man recruit for a few more years before passing judgement. Goodness.
This clown. Some dude calls his radio show and declares he poisoned some trees, and this clown gets a big contract. Clown boy could not score in touch football against a bunch of kids when he was in his twenties. Clown boy has never NEVER suited up and taken big hits. Clown boy knows nothing and is generally goofy, yet has a big ego and thinks he is some kind of lady's man. They are paid, clown boy, keep thy drool cup handy Paul. I respectuflly request that the manager of this site quit posting sports news about sports writers. It is incestuous. And no true fan of football that ever played football respects this clown.
Well good luck young man. It is a big decision. Peace and calm.
I thought this student had an NIL with Bojangles?
Bama is going down because buying players is now legal. There is not enough NIL money in Alabama for him to compete when everyone can buy players. Stick a fork in it. Bone dry coming soon. On that note, watch out for UCLA and USC this decade. LA? Lots of money to buy players. ;)
Chirp, chirp is the reply line. You nailed it buddy.
This is a fantastic piece of writing Matt. Very well done grasping and illustrating the moment as a man of letters. Much respect, mate.
Define slapping a woman in the face, which is documented by still photos. Then tell us he never touched her. Richard Wad.
He did? Show bona fide proof, please. Otherwise, stfu.
Nah. Nobody is kidding you. In fact, you chimed in on legal case that you know nothing about. You got to be kidding me. You read some stuff online and have made your decision based on that? What is your evidence that UT doesn't care? Do you really know what happened? PS: On the ground, the rumor, word, whatever you want to call it, is the guy was stalking his girlfriend. No idea if that is true or not. But, that rumor, along with this news, means the original news is suspect, at best. Have an ice-cream, and basically hold thy tongue, mate.
Hey T Fan. How about you shut up? Were you there? Did you personally witness or investigate anything? You state he committed aggravated assault? There is a difference between a charge and a conviction. He is innocent until proven guilty. You, yes you, only know about this because he is "someone" on a university football team, and he was accused of something. Other than that, you know nothing. Do not be a bootless twit looking for attention from something you know nothing about. And remember, you cannot pull yourself up by pulling others down. That is a clue to simply spell it out for a simpleton.