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Does nobody at SDS review the site's own posts before moving along? This says 8 hours ago. Apparently no copy editor on staff. That's unsual. Wish I could read it, but not possible.
Wow. I went to a Gamecock game in 2003. Jared Lorenzen (R.I.P.) was continuously harassed by the Gamecock male cheerleader via a sideline PA DURING THE GAME. "fat boy" "Take that fatty" etc. It was absolutely disgusting. The SEC should have been ashamed. And so too the Gamecocks. Nobody, and I mean nobody, culled that abusive cheerleader. This was done DURING THE GAME as Kentucky had the ball. It was obnoxious. I am neither a USC nor Kentucky fan. And I have been to many SEC games over the last 30 years at many stadiums. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly from all fans. But that crap right there? 2003? Cheerleader on a PA interrupted a player and fat shaming the player? SC staff can kiss it and wipe it. Who gives these clowns so much read time anyway? Who the hell is South Carolina? Whiners without a coach.
Golly Connor. You are such a dweeb. Trying to add on to a story that is bogus. Listen here son, and I do mean son. Title IX accusations happen 10's of times per semester at small colleges. 100's if not 1000's of times at major universities. Most are bogus claims. Being "accused" of something does not warrannt action by a coach or anyone else. The only thing an accusation does is instigate a Title IX investigation. Punishing individuals under such accusations before said accusations are proven beyond a doubt is not only unjust, it is illegal. You obviously have NO IDEA what goes on per Title IX accusations and thus your opinion and report is worthless. You, son, really need to spend some time reflecting upon whether you should be writing these articles or not. It is an ethical question. Should you be joining a hot topic and writing on things of which you know nothing? And thus unfluencing people with your uninformed opinion? Or should you turn in that keyboard and do something more useful for others? Even without pay? As of now, you get paid for uninformed drivel. I for one hope you do some self-reflection and come to the conclusion that your job here is rather unimportant. And that you realize, you know nothing of which you write. Not truly. Be blessed.
Well here is the broken record again, but I cannot help it. Chaney. It's his fault. Here are the first five possessions of the second half for UT. 1) Run-Run-Pass(run) (5 yards) JG 2) Run-Run-Run (6 yards) Maurer enters. 3) Pass-Run-Pass (1 yard) 4) Sacked-PI 1st down | Run-Run-Pass (5 yards) 5) Run-Run-Pass (1 yard) Now. First possession, I give a pass, though you should have anticipated their adjustment. But dang, how long did it take for you to figure out they adjusted to stop the run? Or did you not figure it out until today watching the game film? 17 plays and 7 passes and your best play (longest gain) was a PI call. And 4 of those passes were on 3rd down when they know you are likely to pass. And, on most of the running plays you could easily see ARK was set up to stop the run. Who cares if it is a high school game, but this man (Chaney) makes millions to perform his job. Why? What makes him worth the money? So far this season it seems like he should be earning about $36K a year and per diem for road trips.
Agreed. Too old now, but ten years ago even I could have ran and caught those slants on the one scoring drive. UT NEVER adjusted. AND they know it's been a problem for weeks. Aren't coaches supposed to fix things?
Those numbers sound right (20s and teens) but not sure which team will...oh wait... I forgot that UT's offense cannot defend the interception well. UT offense 10, Arkansas offense 17 and Arkansas defense 14. 31-10 Hogs.
Sign of the times I guess. I remember when highlight videos came out AFTER a game or even a championship season. I know I am old, but dang these hype videos (for who?) and these players bowing up after making a routine play they are supposed to make. Goodness. Me. Me. Me. Sell. Sell. Sell. Old or not, a winning team doesn't need a "hype-video." And losing team dang sure doesn't. Here is some hype for either team in this contest. Fight like you are the third monkey running up the plank to Noah's Ark. And it's starting to rain brother.
Agreed on the Missouri comment. I told my son after Missouri changed QB's that UT would have lost if that guy had started the game. Anyone who actually watched that game from start to finish knows that.
It is the OC. He simply cannot call an offense without a roster full of all-stars. He needs to adjust his playbook to fit what he has at UT instead of forcing stuff on a team that cannot execute what he wants. Claim to fame? Spread at Purdue. Who was the QB? Drew Brees. OC at UGA 2016-2018: In the backfield? Nick Chubb and Sony Michel and D'Andre Swift (16-17) and then D'Andre Swift in 18, with Elijah Holyfield who also ran for over 1000 yards. Those NFL caliber backs and offensive line makes an OC a valuable market commodity. But it does not make them smart enough to run/call an offense that makes sense with the players he has on hand. It really doesn't matter who is at QB as long as the OC is still calling the plays. One could reasonably blame most, if not all, of the turnovers this year on the person that calls the plays destined for bad outcomes. That would be the OC not the QB. And to top it off the UT OC gets 4.8 million over 3 years. The QB's get an academic scholarship. Lay off the kids people. The adults need more focus for their failures. If you can't adjust to what you got, you should not have the job and dang sure should not be made a millionaire.
Again? This is not news. Social Media calls out about every public figure whenever said figure speaks. Give it up mate.
Fun fact. UGA passed for 9.4 yards per pass attempt in that game. Also, they ran it 43 times and passed 14 times. And finally, they won the game, which is the entire point. Now 9.4 yards per pass would put the team at 12th in the nation IF that was the season average. Sure they could have had more total yards by throwing the ball more but so what? Why throw when you are dominating the line of scrimmage anyway? Throwing slows down the game clock, leads to turnovers, and sacks. Unless your offense is built on passing you don't throw the ball just for the stat book and to keep know-it-all fans happy. Hell they are 4-1 and in control of their own destiny. There are many reasons to NOT start a QB and the first one is you don't trust him to operate the playbook. Seems to me that UGA ran a limited playbook and put the best QB they had on the field who would not screw things up. Nothing wrong with that. Did anyone notice UGA ran for 215 yards? 4-1.
Okay coach. You're not discouraged. Got it. But you are not going to "Get There" with that OC. He has simple solutions and just can't see it. He has also demonstrated, in 10 straight quarters, he has no clue what to call in certain situations. First, get rid of any play that calls for an out pass. The team simply cannot execute that play. Sometimes it is the receiver sometimes the QB, but what does it matter? The team cannot execute it. You, MR. OC are a champ at wasting plays. And also a champ at wasting a possession. In the previous game, you receive a gift of a turnover on the opponent's side of the field. Your choice, run once against a D that has been pressing up the ENTIRE GAME and lose a yard. Next call? How about a short pass? Fine, four yards. Now it is 3rd and 7. Your call? Let's run a dive again. Surely Gray will break through the middle and pick it up. That progression is highlight of many such possessions you have personally blown. In the meantime, grown arse adults are blaming a young man. Pity. So, in case you hang around the rest of the year, you need a dive, an off tackle and a power sweep play. That's it. Six plays (3 x2 sides of the ball.) Then you need a play-action pass that goes DOWN FIELD. Keep your play book silly, silly, because your TEAM cannot execute your deep list of plays. And to think you make over a million dollars a year. For what exactly?
Oh my goodness Bighead221. You have misspelled "a lot" while playing the grammar police. Of note, you ask a question "Are you a relative of Pruitt bc he is illiterate too" without a question mark. And in the same barren display of ignorance you proclaim someone else illiterate. This is perhaps the most ironically funny thing I have read all day, save the fact that there are apparently 220 other illiterate people with the moniker Bighead. Have a super day sir and pluck thy ignorance from thine own brain before chastising others. Not only is it classy to keep thy mouth shut, it also protects you from looking like the fool you prove to be. As the venerable Mark Twain wrote, it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
That's fine. But could they also hammer that officiating crew in the Auburn-Arkansas game? Even if you give the crew the benefit of the doubt and say play stopped because of officiating error (the whistle) it still cannot be called intentional grounding because the ball was passed backwards. At best, Auburn kicks from where the balled stopped after being thrown backwards. Sidenote: That kick barely made it inside the post. 8 yards back and it's probably a miss. Anyway, it's one thing to screw up in the heat of the play, but to take minutes in the review and STILL screw it up. Bring the hammer down.
Very good point. It cannot be intentional grounding if it is a backwards pass. At best, the ball should have been placed at its spot when the whistle was blown. People forget, that kick was barely good. The refs messed it up in every way possible. lol. Gee sus.
Dang, I was reading this and thought, this sounds like that idiot Joe Cox. And then...well. Joe knows no more than you. Don't read this drivel. I won't ever again. The next time something that is posted that sounds interesting, I will check to see if it is Joe. Lord, what drivel.
I am sad that people above are suggesting a defense. If you are not racist you would never say such a thing. Too, the institution owes him NOTHING. Snow Flake and Racist at the same time. Amazing. If you are going to be a Racist, at least have gumption and stand behind your stupidity.
Well, free speech allows you to say whatever you want unless, unless you are getting paid (scholarship) and have job expectations. Dude, Mr. Adam, GEN Z Snow Flake and Racist at the same time....your free speech does not apply in that situation. It just does not. And for you and your family come back now pretty much confirms you are a snow flake. You can yell Fogger N87676543 all you want, but it is NOT protected by free speach by ANYONE to whom you are obligated. That you are your family do not understand that makes me disappointed in America. Reply here if you want a further explantion as to why you are owed nothing. First, no normal non-racist person would ever spout what you said. But you did. In public.
Not sure what this hype video is trying to accomplish. It basically says we have had teams, we love our team and "this year? there's a lot we don't know." Message? Sit back relax, we don't know, but enjoy the show. Was it a hype video really?
Things slow on Arkansas's board? I thought you all would be discussing that 9th win in four years. What's that 9 and 29 in four years? Yeah we can throw some shade hoss. And dang, this last win was Arkansas's first in the SEC since 2017, and 2017 was a one win season. How about, instead of going on other boards and stirring things, cheer for your team to get that second SEC win in a season. A feat not accomplished by Arkansas since 2016, when Obama was still President. That was a glorious 5th place finish with a 3-5 SEC record. Yeah we can throw some shade hoss.
Agreed. Only thing that could turn it UT's way is the turnover. Other than that, this is a UGA win.
He has the 6th highest QBR in the league. Not rocket science. You can look this stuff up man. 1 of 3 QB's with 0 picks, too. Whatever. I guess, though, some folks throw out performance for personal opinion. Fine, knock yourself out. But your opinion is not related to facts. Meaning, it is wrong.
Georgia has never beaten UT 9 games in a row. Ever.
Georgia has the edge on Defense. So all else equal they win. But Tennessee is close enough in talent otherwise to make it interesting if they win a turnover battle by 3. Especially if it is 0-3. Looks like it is going to rain, so, who knows how it will turn out? Turnovers typically lead to unexpected outcomes, even for over-matched teams. UT is not completely over-matched, so turnovers might very well decide the outcome in this one.
Hey Mark. I have not commented on SDS in a long while. But I logged in just to say your line on Brandon Kennedy had me truly laughing out loud. Great stuff man. That is funny. "who I'm pretty sure played under Johnny Majors." Classic man.
Do you meditate? Workout? Get off your dad's couch? Get out of the basement? Do you actually have a life? Did you actually attend UF or are you the typical UF homer? I have been watching your comments all season. This is my first and only reply to you, boy, get a life. As of now, you are a loser. See? I am your life coach. Who is your daddy?
hee hee hee, Rece Davis. College degree in talking in front of a camera. Seems to be millions of those folk on You Tube. I dunno. Not sure what he actually knows, about anything.