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Do you meditate? Workout? Get off your dad's couch? Get out of the basement? Do you actually have a life? Did you actually attend UF or are you the typical UF homer? I have been watching your comments all season. This is my first and only reply to you, boy, get a life. As of now, you are a loser. See? I am your life coach. Who is your daddy?
hee hee hee, Rece Davis. College degree in talking in front of a camera. Seems to be millions of those folk on You Tube. I dunno. Not sure what he actually knows, about anything.
Yes they did: they are also 9-45-1 against UT since 1964. Vandy doesn't need to be trolling anyone. Ever.
As you go about your daily trolling routine you may care to actually read the articles. UT is not playing in Nashville ("and it's a home game") nor or they playing a "crappy ACC school." Rather, they are in the Gator Bowl playing Indiana. Troll on Adameus.
We sure have a lot of experts in here who have NEVER worked for a college football program nor any athletic program at that state level. Ironically, as usual, the pissing and moaning is hurting the situation. There is nothing to gain from it. I saw someone mention recruiting below... for example.. So, you are telling me that a guy that played HS ball in Arkansas, went to the flagship school and played for 40 games and was the team captain in 1995 cannot recruit in his own state? And you do realize that recruiting involves more than just the head coach. It includes other coaches, and most importantly, PARENTS. From the angle of PARENTS, would I want my kid with Lunney, Leach or Kiffin? And you want a splash? Assume Lane Kiffin were hired (splash) and assume he turned things around decently enough at Arkansas (big assumption for him)...do you think he is not jumping for the new gig at "Texas" or "Notre Dame" or whatever? You do know he has a track record in that right? A track for that and getting FIRED. Hell even is wife fired him. And you must know that many families are rather conservative and would question sending their kid off to a guy that cannot even manage his personal life. Kiffin? lol. Yeah, whatever. And Leach? Yeah okay, "splash" and bring in the guy who just recently got in trouble for tweeting about Obama (2018) and caught some heat for it. I am sure all African-American families would just ignored THAT and move on. Oh, Leach has a 60% winning percentage. Wow. That's awesome. Bottom line is that it is more than just "splash" and even "x's" and "o's" These are children with parents. Who the coach IS (integrity) is just as important for the long term as the "splash" created to satisfy a bunch of fans so they can talk about it while drinking beer and chatting football. Lunney, Jr. is an Alumni with credibility. I would support the man if I were an Alumni (or just a fan) of Arkansas. But keep on yapping. It definitely helps whoever will be the next coach at Arkansas. Without doubt. The potential recruits are lining up for that fan base.
That is a poor attempt at pretending. Good luck with your cousin tonight.
I an idiot? I know that teams are penalized less than bamdum? So I am looking this UT-Bama game this year. Seems like, err, yep, you'd be wrong. This would be the game where some bs was called on sack which led to a Bama TD. And, to get to expert level on such matters, it is not TOTAL penalties, it is WHEN they are called when it changes the outcome of a game. So HERE it went against you, and YOU call foul? Nobody cares but you and your bammer huggers. Nobody else cares buddy, because ya been living on crap like that for years. ~~next
So let's reset this and focus on SEC games and records, shall we? #1. LSU #2. UGA #3. UF #4. Auburn #5. Alabama #6. UT #7. Texas A&M #8. Miss St. #9. UK, Mizzou, SC tie. #12. Ole Miss #13. Vandy #14. Arkansas And wouldn't it be nice if we did this like soccer in Europe? Arkansas would be relegated to the Sunbelt and App St. would join the SEC next year? Heavenly. ;)
Apparently you bought the Saban explanation. Watch the video. The Umpire clearly places his hand on the center allowing Bama to sub and get set. The Umpire then backs up, makes a sign to start the play (that is, the clock is running, his signal is Bama is set) and boom immediate flag. Why? The Punt Returner didn't leave the field. The Umpire DID allow for the substitution and Bama screwed it up. Nothing unfair there.
So, yeah, your question "really mean to stomp...?" I would say likely not. It is surely possible, but the #15 has literally nowhere to go but forward since he was walled in from behind by two players. Another person, probably a coach, pushes from the side as the crowd forces him forward from behind. Any human's natural instinct is to stay upright. His movement is consistent with staying upright. Also, his foot slides off the guy's face and makes it to the ground to maintain balance, but look closely and you see he flexes the foot like a ballerina after that trying to avoid further contact. So, I am going with not likely he did that on purpose. Per folk talking late hit. Cry somewhere else. That's a football play at game speed -- the players are not playing a video game. They are running at full speed each with certain intent. That is nowhere near being far enough outside the line (initial contact) for a ref to automatically throw a late hit flag. That kind of play happens at least once per college football game. Ripping the helmet off? That's a big maybe. The helmet is already wobbling so it is at least not completely on. But perhaps that is because #15 already stripped it off? Or maybe just finished the job? For me, that is the only suspect thing and the Vandy player could confirm what really happened there. The only thing the video can confirm is that #15 tossed aside a helmet not on a head.
Come on now Mark. 31-10 equals the spread of 21. That is no fearless prediction man. lol. Hugs and pugs. Here is a fearless prediction...UT throws for 300+ yards and runs for 200+ yards, has a plus 2 turnover ratio and wins by 40+ points. THAT is a fearless prediction. Book it. ;)
Seems like make 9 games required in conference. Division 6: Non-Division Rivalry:1 Non Division Rotate (every year): 2 In 3 years your team plays seven teams every year (like now) and the remaining 6 at least once (assuming you do not face them again in the SEC-CG.) How? Get rid of that cupcake game they all carry against an FCS school. 9 conference games and 3 non-conference games. At least two other conferences already play a 9x3 split.
eh, Oregon and Georgia have a common opponent. One team lost and one team won. Practically the only thing you have to go on is a common opponent (if not head to head) between teams from different conferences. Yet Schlabach ranks the loser above the winner over a common opponent. What makes these people "experts" anyway. Who is this Schlabach?
Bless her heart. As bad as it was it could have been worse. So happy she is going to be okay.
Only place it has never been is an undefeated season (not happening) and, ironically a 2 win season during the modern era. Zero wins and one win are covered, along with 3, and this year's 4 win season. So we are shooting for a 2 win season now?
That's a fine explanation and dandy reasoning. But here is the thing... Stan Lee is called for targeting on Maurer. Replay decided it was not. But he wasn't called for a late hit (it was obvious he launched after seeing Maurer throw the ball) on the field. Replay should be allowed to add that, i.e. make the missed call. Bitouli was called for targeting on Jeudy. Replay confirmed. But both players ducked their heads (Jeudy was basically a foot off the ground) let em play ball. If they both duck their heads, no foul. And then there was the "unnecessary roughness" call on D. Taylor. Whoever called that? Leave 'em with their day job. Utter crap. Game changing call on some ticky-tack crap. As for that UF TD with the offensive pass interference? Easy fix. Review every TD and let reply officials call missed calls on the field (their only human right?) to get the play right. You have the technology. Use it.
Oh, I dunno Vol For Life, JG had a good game last year. Defense blew that game at the end of the third quarter giving up the 73 yard bomb. Game should be about the same, but played in Knoxville this time. Looking forward to it.
Fairly simple. Neyland's Maxim #1. "1. The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win."
Err....player says "we shoot cops where I am from" Coach says "this is the silliest [suttf] I have ever seen" (per an officer doing their duty.) Fulmer? This can't stand man. This is bullskipe. Do what you got to do! You can't have a player threatening cops and a coach, a HEAD coach taking their back and saying what he said. A Professor at UT? (It is an academic institution) would lose their job immediately for either offense. Take care of it Phil.
okay, so the pages get money by eyeballs and clicks....yeah and yay....write outrageous crap for the eyeballs....basically prostitution....Dave Hooker is a prostitute. It is even in the name....this guy knows nothing about nothing....never had a real job, never had real pressure but writes about people under real pressure...probably can't even fix a broken toilet....this is garbage Hooker and quite obviously a bid for eyeballs...apparently your job depends on it...last time for me...you add, nothing, to the conversation
sigh, again, this isn't about the game, it is about how people react to things...good lord
Ya miss the point tony. This post is about the pyschology of people not about the game.
Nicely done Dave. Interestingly enough, it is fascinating how a mere two plays changes the minds of a multitude of attitudes. These two plays, with different outcomes, would have many saying "darn UT played strong against a superior opponent on the road" instead of "change the QB and fire the coach." Play 1: Last play of 2nd quarter. The runner obviously fumbles the ball at some point. A UT player picks it off the ground out of a sea of arms. The refs called a TD. Replay was inconclusive because you could not SEE the ball at all during the replay until it is picked up. Basically, you have an "assumed" TD by the field refs waiting for the replay to make the final decision. It does beg the question, if you could never see the ball on the reply, how did any ref 20+ yards away see it cross the goal line through a mass of people? They didn't. It was assumed. Not blaming the refs, just pointing out that could have gone the other way easily.... And if it had, the score would have been 17-3 after Florida's TD in the 3rd quarter, which leads to play #2... UT gets the ball after the Florida kick off and quickly goes from its 20 to Florida's 31. After a false start...UT fumbles the ball on a running play at the 35 of Florida. Now...if that doesn't happen and UT scores (even just a field goal) you have a close game with roughly 11-12 minutes to go on the road against a top ten ranked team. Two plays and there would be a lot of folk with a different attitude. Two plays.
Well with that logic, it should be Clemson #1 and Mack Brown #2 since he handed the game to Clemson in the 4th with two bone headed decisions. lol.
Seems like the top five, random order, is OSU, OU, Bamma, LSU, UGA and the next five are Clemson, Wisconsin, Texas, Auburn and Notre Dame.