House divided. War Dawgs.

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Ehhh doing what many programs have been doing for years, only difference is that Ole Miss players/recruits can't keep their mouths shut.
Exactly, thank you, a refreshing take from a fan. He struggles with stiff hips and isn't the best at creating behind the line of scrimmage, he can thrive in the right system tho, like Dallas or Oakland. Cook and Mixon tho can do it all, not better athletes than LF7 but better backs in my opinion. Also agree on his take on Barnett, outside of his snap counting, he has a long way to go if he's to do well at the next level.
Key will be among the top 3- 4 pass rushers returning next year.
Even as an Auburn fan, it's very obvious to see Guice is the better back considering he's a better pro prospect than even Fournette. He does things you simply cannot coach. It's honestly not even close as far as SEC play relates. Saquon Barkley and LJ Scott are the only backs coming back that'll be in the same conversation as him. Pettway will be top 6 or 7 as far as being a pro prospect.
Very wrong weagle... At least four backs will go 1st this year. One of the most special rb classes of all time. Cook, fournette, Jamaal williams, Samaje Perine, Christian Mac, and if it was for off field stupidity, Joe Mixon as well all have 1st round talent. RB is a position of tremendous use as of late and teams love 2-3 back systems in the league. I have cook as RB1 because of his ability to create and receiving talent, pays huge dividends in the league.
Adams earned consensus all american second team throughout the board, legitimately considered to be a top 25 pick on traits alone and after dominate display at the senior bowl. Carl Lawson is all consensus 1st team all american and will undoubtedly garner a first round grade. Marlon Davidson was all 1st team freshmen all american. Dee Ford was leading the the league in sacks up until his injury and still dominated and will be a pro bowler, and lastly Nick Fairley is top 10 DT in the whole league. I think Auburn does just fine on defensive line.
Bad take lol only reason is because of disciplinary issues- got kicked off the team for a whole year, came back this year and absolutely dominated Perine. He was definitely in the conversation.
Without off field issues, Mixon was legitimately in the same conversation for RB1 with Cook and Fournette. But I do think Guice and Barkeley will be better overall rb prospects than this year's backs.
Completely agree with the notion pertaining to Aranda. Been saying for a couple years now, He's the best Coordinator in the game, period. Clemson's Venables is a close second, but defensive savants. I don't see LSU winning this one ,however I do see them putting their best performance against Bama in recent years. Arden Key and company will be down Hurts neck all night long, and after watching the way T. White and rest of the dbs played against Chad Kelly, I highly doubt Hurts will have a field day on the air, much less a good day. Game of the year thus far in my opinion until the Iron Bowl.
Exactly what's gonna happen, but the team will continue to fight and get better everyday.
But but but.... "We beat ole miss and they have swag Kelly!" "Auburn beat a bad LSU and Miss state team"
Winston is actually extremely bright, and very left brain wired. He grew up fairly close to my town and I have many friends who played in the Elite Baseball programs with him. He has been an honor student his whole, but certainly goofed off in H.S. but he was actually pre med for a little while during his time in FSU.
Haha you'll see soon enough =) Probably don't know anything about breaking down film or doing true evals so I suspect common sense will surpass you, but I suppose there's a reason teams play thw game, amirite?
Austin is a STUD. Gonna really challenge my Auburn Tigers talented secondary, should be another great match up!
Told y'all FSU is a great team. Just because someone doesn't play in the SEC doesn't mean they're mediocre. Besides that, Ole Miss' Freshmen are gonna be phenomenal.
Defense was outstanding. offense?? Ehhhh not so much.... Kerryon Johnson will certainly be 1000 yard rusher as well.
Might be an omen for clemson ;) Lol. Sidenote: as I've said before, LSU's O was gonna get exposed! No hate, but Cameron is NOT a good coordinator.
Yeah probably cause of your qb and the fact that Dalvin wasn't healthy for the first 5 games of the season. Just wait till this year.
I respect Ole Miss and Freeze as competitors, but I just don't see how they'll beat FSU. Fisher had claimed numerous times that this defense is even better than his 2013 defense, and let's not forget about Dalvin Cook behind an experienced O line. Whisky and LSU will be a great matchup as well.
I'm certain that Marlon Humphrey, Tony Conner, and Carlton Davis, will all be considered among the SEC's best by season's end.
He's actually right. Can't put up a link, but Javaris Davis(one of the fastest kids coming out of florida) John Franklin III(FSU's 4×1 team) and One other kid ran 4.2 laser times. Just type up their name on google and add 40 time to the link and it should show the videos.
My only knock on Marlon is that he was backed by the best front seven in the country, I mean a back up had 10.5 sacks alone. So while I love his coverage skills, I'm not sure about his tackling and press. Minkah is an excellent tackler, but his coverege skills are off and on. But everyone is a critic lol
Mighty high expectations. 2011 was just nasty.
Best SEC hire of the year. People will see why very soon.
FSU is def the best team in florida... No offense man but it's the truth. Jimbo Fisher is one of the best coaches in the county and he'll have them moving.
Outside of the SEC, FSU is the team to beat, they are STACKED. I'm talking 2013 stacked, Ole Miss might clobbered and I mean the respectfully. Watch out for Michigan as they return everyone as well.
Disagree about strongest arm, Johnson can throw over 70 yards. But I completely agree about Patterson, the difference was IMG. As an athlete at IMG you're forced to train within your specialty for 9 months straight with little to no break while facing the top talent in the country residing in central florida and outside of that as well.