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I feel like I constantly need to apologize for my grammar mistakes. Instead I will tell you LG makes a phone with it's own mind and I have grown weary of correcting it
For fear andI meant to add, People give words too much power. This guys comment said nothing about the qb and everything about the baseball player. Teach him a lesson and move on. Let's all try and be adults today. If we kick every player of the team who utters that word.....well we just won't field a team. And no it doesn't matter what skin color says it.
Okay, I know I'm in the minority, but kicking the kid off the baseball team is little harsh. Punish him, sure, I'm all for it. It's college, teach him a lesson, that's what he's there for, to learn. What we have is an overeacting public where adults make ridiculous decisions for of being labeled something or sued.
No football pundit here, but give Moorhead a chance. I'd rather take two steps back than stay with a coach that believes that State can't do any better than what it has already done. Is Moorhead the right coach, I don't know, but I guarantee you was Mullen was finished. I told a friend during the ole miss game last year Mullen was gone. You could tell just by watching him. Best of luck to him but he was not State's future
After reading this article, I now believe losing to Kentucky is the best thing to happen to us. I think the players bought the press and this was a wakeup call. As much as I can't stand Bama, that is the championship standard. The players that got penalties would have been met by a very public butt chewing by Saban and the lineman that got multiple infraction would be replaced by the punter if need be. On a personal note, get rid of that stupid basketball thing on the sidelines
First and foremost, you have way too much time on your hands if you're collecting information so you can regurgitate it here. That is not meant to a slight on you because there are way too many guys doing it. It's justthat we all could it
I watched that game till I couldn't watch. I'm no football know it all, but all the pundits said if he gets to 60% in passes, state wins. Well there were plenty catchable balls that 60% should have happened. I would penalities was the biggest problem. It knocks teams out of rhythm.
Sorry my phone keeps screwing up. Highland Park never changes, the same as it was then. Never buy an LG phone
I'm sure the person I described representative a very small portion of school population. It was just my impression as a very young man. As far highland park goes
I do see the point. Guys racing down field will look up to see where the ball is and lose track of the player receiving. While it is deception I think the ruling body thinks somebody might hurt if a fair is not spotted
I remember when I was a sophomore at State and my girlfriend, who was from oxford, wanted to take me to a game at Oxford. While walking around she ran into a friend who was with a girl from Dallas. Being that I'm from Dallas at the time, my girlfriend wants to introduce me. This young woman ask what HS I attended and when I told her she promptly told me she was from highland park then spun on her heels and ignored us. My girlfriend leans over and says "this is the reason I didn't go to ole miss. Now I know that doesn't represent the student body but for me at the time, it did. I like imagine that this young lady moved to her safe spot in highland park, had two kids, drive her land rover, drinks martinis at Dallas country club, never ventures far from Snyder plaza for fear of running to people that aren't like her, divorced from her husband because he found a younger version and oh and she still fakes it although she still isn't very good at it....not that she cares. Ah, good memories!
Quit playing schools like this where the players smaller.
Geeez, here's 1.9 mil so we can beat up on you. These guys are no where near the size that Alabama players are and the universities are willing subject these players possible serious injury. There is no way to rationalize this ridiculous matchup. Come on Saban try being a leader on this issue. Before anybody wants point out that other schools do it, doesn't make right.personally I think if a university scheduled these kind of games, they should penalized points if in the hunt for a championship
Well those three teams have won more than not, A&M hasn't. Maybe one day A&M will. Want to be included in that group? you'll have earn it.
Being a State fan, I'm confidant we'll win against Kentu ky, but it won't be a cakewalk as they have home field advantage and that counts a great deal. I also feel pretty good that we will beat Auburn as we have them at home. In the SEC, with home field advantage, an average team can beat a good team, a good team can beat a great team. My biggest concern going forward is the issue of money. It might very soon be that the only competitive teams will be Alabama, auburn , lsu and A&M. The other programs won't be able to compete. Now I know fans at the schools listed might think that's great, but true fans know that is not good news. Sorry about that little rant, had to get that off my chest
As soon as conference play starts, we'll start beating up on each other and somebody will start to lose, and we know somebody has to lose. They'll be labeled over rated. Unfairly, but we know it will happen
Uh, maybe lower ticket price a little. I quit going to games when. The price of a single ticket exceeded what it cost to buy a new tv, beer and a catered lunch for Me and my friends on game day.
Please don't bring your issues with religion to a college football website. There are other places for you to vent
People I knew described ole miss students, in and out of the state of Mississippi, as snotty dimwitted and drunkards.
An article written solely for the purpose of making the writer look busy. If his boss walk by his cubicle
I don't care who's paying the money, it's stupid money. I love college football far more than the average person, but I think it sends the wrong signal about what colleges spend to win a football game. If this trend continues there will only be about 10 or 12 programs that be able to compete and as a true sports fan, do you really want that? to win at all cost?. As far as winning the SEC west, I hope A&M wins, but realistically how often do you think A&M will run the table and will A&M fans be happy with that?
I love texas A&M, but this will go down as dumbest hire in college football ever. If he wins two SEC titles during his contract,much less a national title, I'll be shocked. Nothing again't A&M, but they're in the SEC West.
Nope. Been there. Drunkest per capita student body I've ever seen. Alabama doesn't come close and that's a good thing
It's all what you consider successful. If it's winning the west 4 out of 10 years and the conference twice. yea maybe. if its anything more, doubtful
I think Auburn goes 7-4 next year. Losing to Washington, Bama, miss st and somebody( because, well their season will be gone and they'll give up. I love Auburn, but like you said Jekyll and Hyde thing. And gus will be gone. Personally, this desire for natl championship has gotten out hand and I think it's truly hurting college ball.
when a guy wins the Heisman trophy, the university where he plays spends a lot of money promoting him before and after he wins. They hope he will shine goodwill toward them. Understand? Ok, now some guys are a bust and some go on to be successful in the nfl, nothing you can do about that. Tim Tebow is a prime example of a good investment, didn't make in the pros but continues to be a bright spot for florida. That is why I said I would be embarrassed if I was from A&M. I cannot not think of one player from my alma mater (miss st) that we promoted that really stunk it up, like Manziel. Do we have a player that is embarrassing? I'm sure we do. we just didn't spend money on them. College football is a business and we as alumni hope our universities investment in the players continues to pay dividends after they leave. I will give you this, you stick up for A&M no matter what and that is good for A&M. Good luck in school. and yes I'm fairly new to college football got started around the the time your parents met
I'm thinking..... nope, nobody comes to mind. Your Manziel stands alone.