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That's it bad dawg? You got math out of my comment? Well ok
I agree. These"fans" some how think we will be able to compete every year with Alabama auburn LSU and A&M while having only about a third of their budgets, alumni support, recruiting areas, state population, facilities and did I mention their budgets. You know what, we are competitive most of the time and even better. Just ask A&M. If this was an investment you would be getting a heck of a lot more for your money with State than the other guys. On another note, if they allow these kids to make money on endorsements while in school then you can kiss college football goodbye. It will only be about 10 schools that will be able to compete.
Well said. It just cracks me up. Blew out auburn last year. They blew us out this year. Same coaches, different players. I'm assuming coaching principles haven't changed just personnel
Moorhead is ok and he'll have great QB. We'll beat auburn next year. Defence is the real problem
Their giving him. Going to get a new phone on Mon
Yea, I know. Just joking with those A&M fans. I have to remember their 4 to 5 years to turn the program around. That is 4 to 5 years of a 10 year guaranteed contract.
Does A&M have an escape clause in that 75 million contract? Typing issues on that last comment
Does A&M has an escape clause in 75 million coach
Joe Marks, you're absolutely correct
Its always LSU, Alabama, Auburn and now everybody throws in A&M You know what, miss st holds their ownagainst the guys
"Lighten up, Frances" dang, I think you're as old as me. Not sure these youngsters will get that. A great line
I guess in this day and age, it needs to be heralded, but that's what you are suppose to do.
Seriously, how old are you?I've seen a lot of your comments and you add absolutely nothing but childish comments. Grow up or get off
Darn, I didn't know Alabama was that good. Thanks SDS for reminding me with another post.
Rednecks aren't just in the south. They exist there is a trailer park and hookups
I couldn't tell anything from that angle and the QB didn't react like someone was trying to break his ankle. Who knows what happened
I should add that the difference is the humidity level in Baton Rouge vs other SEC towns and if I had play, I would take an 1130 kickoff vs a 330 time slot any day of the week. The heat peaks around 430
Do I want to play an afternoon game at LSU or Alabama? The answer is, I'll play anywhere in the south in the day,except LSU. It's hot everywhere, especially Texas. Price you pay for top billing
I don't know where you're from, but no southerner in his right mind, would slander grits.
Making comparisons to Mercedes? runs great looks great till it has to be put in the shop, then you wish you had a Lexus.
C'mon, let's leave race out of this. The coach couldn't couldn't give a crap about the color of his skin. He wants to win. His million dollar contract tells you all you need to know.
Why would anyone waste their time writing an article about what number a player wears. Which begs the question, why did I waste my time reading it.
No, about the same as A&M. State probably has a little better vet, engineering and forestry schools, but other than that, about the same.
I think this game put retirement into Saban's head. One more season,another championship try and he's gone.