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It's all what you consider successful. If it's winning the west 4 out of 10 years and the conference twice. yea maybe. if its anything more, doubtful
I think Auburn goes 7-4 next year. Losing to Washington, Bama, miss st and somebody( because, well their season will be gone and they'll give up. I love Auburn, but like you said Jekyll and Hyde thing. And gus will be gone. Personally, this desire for natl championship has gotten out hand and I think it's truly hurting college ball.
when a guy wins the Heisman trophy, the university where he plays spends a lot of money promoting him before and after he wins. They hope he will shine goodwill toward them. Understand? Ok, now some guys are a bust and some go on to be successful in the nfl, nothing you can do about that. Tim Tebow is a prime example of a good investment, didn't make in the pros but continues to be a bright spot for florida. That is why I said I would be embarrassed if I was from A&M. I cannot not think of one player from my alma mater (miss st) that we promoted that really stunk it up, like Manziel. Do we have a player that is embarrassing? I'm sure we do. we just didn't spend money on them. College football is a business and we as alumni hope our universities investment in the players continues to pay dividends after they leave. I will give you this, you stick up for A&M no matter what and that is good for A&M. Good luck in school. and yes I'm fairly new to college football got started around the the time your parents met
I'm thinking..... nope, nobody comes to mind. Your Manziel stands alone.
What a mental midget. Sorry no offense to small people. If I went to a&m, I would be embarrassed
money and unrealistic contracts is the topic. this article and every new coaching hire article. buyouts, guarantees, and salaries.I'm not singling out A&M, but they made the most boneheaded deal so far this year.
Millions spent for a college coach is outrageous period and I don't care what the circumstances are or how much money football games bring in. It's stupid and sends the wrong message. When money is tied to how many athletes graduate with 2.75 or higher in something other than basket weaving, I'll listen.
Looks like everybody got good coaches so far and everybody in SEC west can have a great team. But, somebody has to be in the cellar no matter what. Not everybody can have 8, 9 or 10 wins a year. So with all the great coaches hired somebody will be fired in the next 4 or 5 years. My bet Fisher retires early, fat, happy and RICH!
This AD is right. Coaching contracts are crazy now. Jumbo fisher gets 75 million guaranteed. Sumlins or fishers deal, it doesn't matter. It's just stupid and all for a NC. Priorities are out of whack at universities.
There's not many college towns in the sec that I would consider living in permanently as an older person and mature professional coaches know that. Been to Tuscaloosa? Starkville? Fayetteville? College Station? And God forbid Baton Rouge? I have and for million plus in salary I'd move in a heartbeat, heck I'd move to Marfa, texas. Only people judging college towns are young people concerned about nightlife. Only thing these coaches consider is the job, is it good career or not.
Dang, I like your positive thinking. I'm the same way with Miss St. and I'm positive we'll beat you next year. Go Dawgs!
Sorry I don't get emotional about football. You know after your last comment I decided to look at A&M's record and found that A&M has truly been average for a very long time, at least since the early nineties and with several different coaches. I'll stand by 6 years if that long hey, it's college football why not make assumptions. I try never to make assumptions about things that matter and college football at the end of the day, doesn't matter
somebody fire that Chancellor. I cannot say this loud enough, What an Idiot!
75 million divided by 6 equals 12.5 million, because 6 years and he's done. That's more than Saban. not a good deal for A&M, unless you like to over pay for things.
you're right. I just think they should have taken a younger coach with more energy and for less money, not one looking for retirement in 5 or 6 years
Fisher is a genius. he got 75 mill over 10 years guaranteed. Other than Saban, coaches don't have a long shelf life in the SEC west. Then you got the competition. Everybody always list LSU, Auburn and Alabama, but never mention Ole Miss, Arkansas and especially Miss St. all of which can mess up good run for any team, especially with home field advantage. A good coach will be fired next year and I'm betting the LSU coach is it, not that he will deserve it, but everybody else is new. All said A&M just got screwed financially
He might be a great coach I don't know, but that was a stupid financial deal that A&M did. No coach last 10 years in the SEC west. NONE, except Saban. A&M will end up paying him to get him out. Every year there are too many good teams for any body to go unscathed. A&M will be lucky to get 5 years out of him before they want to fire him. On the other hand Jimbo is a genius. 75 million guaranteed