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C'mon, let's leave race out of this. The coach couldn't couldn't give a crap about the color of his skin. He wants to win. His million dollar contract tells you all you need to know.
Why would anyone waste their time writing an article about what number a player wears. Which begs the question, why did I waste my time reading it.
No, about the same as A&M. State probably has a little better vet, engineering and forestry schools, but other than that, about the same.
I think this game put retirement into Saban's head. One more season,another championship try and he's gone.
Too many distractions on teams and players in bowl season for it to be some kind of measuring stick on how a conference is doing is ridiculous, and That's any conference not just the sec
Saw your comment about miss st. Man, this must have hurt losing to texas. And you thought you were a top 4 team lmaoo. Then again, it's just georgia.
SDS has reached a low spot, writing an article about people who like tainted water
You're right. This about money first, anything else is a distant second
You're right about that. I'm hoping both universities will do their part to get it back to a healthy rivalry and not this crap of lately
Moorehead needs to on top of that crap. Don't won't to get booed, don't play, period
I agree , silence can be loud than words in some situations. If they had just left it would have said ole miss isn't worth it we have bigger fish to fry
Cody. And Kirbysmart, you need to read it again. Comprehension!I didn't say share revenue. You true sports fans are easily upset
Ok, here's another one to get your panties in a wad about. How about SEC Committee establish how much each school can spend on their Entire football program. I'm not talking sharing revenue just equal expenses if vandy only has 20 million to spend, then everybody is capped at that. No alumni money to pad. Let's see who wins then.
Sports is about competing and winning. Alabama vs Citadel is not competing. Let them compete against the spread and it's not gambling if money in not involved. If you think that's gambling go to Vegas and tell them you have no money. See how far that gets you
I think when Sec team plays a easy team and I use Alabama vs citadel as an example, I think the scoreboard should show the spread. So at the beginning of the game it would say Alabama 0 Citadel 50. halftime would have been Alabama 10 Citadel 60. Handicap just like horse racing. Citadel could completely change the game plan to protect the spread. Now that would be interesting
Would get over that crap. As many times as you have posted that stupid comment,nothing is going to change. Mullen's gone and you would never gone any further than he had already. It was time for a change.
I had tickets to that game but I had to stay on campus because a lack of funds
I'd rather take a couple steps back to improve over the long term. Mullen had taken this team as far as he could and I'm grateful, but it was time to move on. Unfortunately, State will always have a problem trying to keep up with the spending and recruiting because of the size of our school and state. That's ok it just makes it sweeter when we win
Bunker, i agree with you. I love the South and can't imagine living anyplace but here especially Mississippi. Having said that, a Samoan living in Hawaii isn't moving to Alabama because of cost of living and there are plenty of colleges better at developing qbs than alabama.
Yea, cost of living, that's the reason people move from Hawaii to alabama.
I wonder how many people move from not just Hawaii, but one of the smaller islands to Alabama a decade. I guessing 4. All I can say is Saban is lucky. 2 qbs from Hawaii. I bet I have better odds winning the lottery
Seems like a really good family both children and parents. Aside from all that, my question is how did they get to Alabama from a small Hawaiian island? I mean move to LA, new York, Dallas or Atlanta I get that, but Alabama c'mon. I have this vision some rich Alabama alum vacationing in Hawaii and by chance flounders upon this kid throwing pineapples on the beach, calls Nick and says " I've got something special for you. I'll move them to Alabama get his dad a job, you get the kids and you can pay me later." I'm joking of course, but seriously what are the odds
This guy is a players coach. I believe it's going help in recruiting
"Shouldn't lose to State" are you kidding me? Outside of Arkansas on the bottom and Alabama on top this year Everybody else is pretty even. Home field advantage is the difference. If the aggies don't get it together, that 2nd half slide is going to be brutal
I feel like I constantly need to apologize for my grammar mistakes. Instead I will tell you LG makes a phone with it's own mind and I have grown weary of correcting it
For fear andI meant to add, People give words too much power. This guys comment said nothing about the qb and everything about the baseball player. Teach him a lesson and move on. Let's all try and be adults today. If we kick every player of the team who utters that word.....well we just won't field a team. And no it doesn't matter what skin color says it.