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You should be over it. There's nothing to hang your head over. You scored 7 more than Charleston Southern did against USC...BRAVO!
On the flip side, when did society become such a bunch of aholes? Narrow that down for me, TD.
Just like a Georgia writer, all about how the leg humpers screwed it up and nothing about how Carolina handed out an azz whooping. Grow up.
South Carolina has a great deal on a head football coach. Only 22 million gets you...well, it gets you something, but not sure what. Only serious inquiries. R. Tanner
Please stop. There is no chance for a USC win in this game and it just feeds the leg-humpers afterwards. Carolina is back to the moral victories of just trying not to look bad on TV.
He is absolutely clueless about the fan-base. Both he and Muschamp have zero pulse on what the fans are saying and they are both losing the faithful every day.
I'm glad somebody gives out good information about injuries because it sure as hell isn't going to be Muschamp. Everyone has to hear about injuries from a college sophomore's high school coach. What a joke this coaching staff has become.
Dakereon Joyner, is out with a hamstring for the Kentucky game but I'm sure it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the crap staff he brought from Florida. Purely coincidental, I'm sure.
Muschamp is wrong about one thing. The fans won't be there Saturday night. They're revolting on the message boards and they're tired of the rhetoric Muschamp spews after every unexplainable loss. His supporters are dwindling and Ray Tanner better pay attention because many are citing his inaction as a reason for his (Tanner's) head too.
Surprised he didn't end the tweet by recapping his love of dabo swineys jockstrap.
Do it week in and out, not twice per season, and then we'll talk.
Yeah, he was uprooted and that's getting trucked at every level.
Be careful now..."No respect" Benny will start whining about how no one loves him.
Earth-shattering reporting right there. "My coach helped prepare me for the next level". Did his mommy prepare him to potty in a toilet? English teacher prepare him to write a sentence? I wonder if his math teacher taught him how to add and subtract.
You forgot to add the Bennie Snell "no respect" anthem. Let's get it right. And tell Daniel to lay off the roids.
Good Lord, Kentucky and their "no respect" anthem is about worn out. Bennie Snell started that crap and they can't complete a sentence without repeating it.
Your love of clemson is getting a little played out. We get it, dabo is your hero. Now, go cover ACC football.
"No interviews"? Not really interested in your time at Gardner-Webb, so I don't think that will be a problem.
Exactly. At some point, the action will need to take place and talk will need to stop.
I see Fisher is still riding the Jameis train. Guy did nothing but run FSU into the ground and got curb-stomped by clemson every year after crab legs left. Mullen? Let's rank him higer because Florida hired him. Seems legit.
Will the replacement also look like Kevin Hart? If not, no good.
So pay to get them there and then baptize them at practice? Rev. Daybo and Newspring...covering all angles.
Jimbo "ride the Jameis train" Fisher. Did nothing before Winston and nothing since...except get trucked by Clemson every year. Kind of like Urban-Tebow. Fisher has to be the most overrated coach of this decade.
Zero chance that Muschamp gives anyone not named Bentley a look. He is too stubborn to change, even if it means better options and outcomes.
I read this 3 times before realizing there was nothing relevant. For goodness sakes, the thin-skinned "writers" on this site are ridiculous.
So how many OLineman will go into the portal? Pretty crappy timing.