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Yeah, he was uprooted and that's getting trucked at every level.
Be careful now..."No respect" Benny will start whining about how no one loves him.
Earth-shattering reporting right there. "My coach helped prepare me for the next level". Did his mommy prepare him to potty in a toilet? English teacher prepare him to write a sentence? I wonder if his math teacher taught him how to add and subtract.
You forgot to add the Bennie Snell "no respect" anthem. Let's get it right. And tell Daniel to lay off the roids.
Good Lord, Kentucky and their "no respect" anthem is about worn out. Bennie Snell started that crap and they can't complete a sentence without repeating it.
Your love of clemson is getting a little played out. We get it, dabo is your hero. Now, go cover ACC football.
"No interviews"? Not really interested in your time at Gardner-Webb, so I don't think that will be a problem.
Exactly. At some point, the action will need to take place and talk will need to stop.
I see Fisher is still riding the Jameis train. Guy did nothing but run FSU into the ground and got curb-stomped by clemson every year after crab legs left. Mullen? Let's rank him higer because Florida hired him. Seems legit.
Will the replacement also look like Kevin Hart? If not, no good.
So pay to get them there and then baptize them at practice? Rev. Daybo and Newspring...covering all angles.
Jimbo "ride the Jameis train" Fisher. Did nothing before Winston and nothing since...except get trucked by Clemson every year. Kind of like Urban-Tebow. Fisher has to be the most overrated coach of this decade.
Zero chance that Muschamp gives anyone not named Bentley a look. He is too stubborn to change, even if it means better options and outcomes.
I read this 3 times before realizing there was nothing relevant. For goodness sakes, the thin-skinned "writers" on this site are ridiculous.
So how many OLineman will go into the portal? Pretty crappy timing.
Exactly. They play 2 decent teams during the year and stroll into the playoffs where they have zero injuries and fresh players to play proven, but battered, teams.
He should be eligible for Social Security when he graduates in 4 years.
I'm not even a Georgia fan and I can spell his name (Herschel). Best RB in your history and can't spell his name?
Now he can go collect his Social Security. Dude has to be 60 by now.
That's pretty standard protocol at Clemson. Ever wonder why Boulware and his butt-finger buddies got along so well?
Sad thing is our baseball coach turned good ole boy AD is too stupid not to do exactly that. Just a few pat on the backs and some chaw and the deal is done.
That's how they do it in those Rocky Top mobile homes.
They don't call him Nick Satan for no reason. Coaches ask and Satan gives...with a soul exchange, of course.
Not the point. The ticket page clearly states the Tix are free for "Community Outreach" programs and they have announced many times that Military members are included. South Carolina was trying to honor those individuals but leave it up to clemnecks to show exactly what they're made of.
Franks? Those numbers are pedestrian against Florida State. Try throwing for 510 and 5 TDs against your beloved #2 team in the country. Yes, Carolina lost due to a depleted defense, but come on, Jake Bentley had video game numbers last night.
There are few things that can make you laugh every time you see or hear about them. Urban and Ohio St. are two of them.
There's only one thing you need to consider, is the opposition ranked? If the answer is "yes", then Carolina will lose. Muschamp and Bentley are abysmal at showing up in big games.