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The strength program MUST be evaluated after the season. We are small, slow, and constantly injured by the bigger boys.
My guess would be some grad assistant from a D-3 school. As long as they "really want the job", then who cares about qualifications.
FCS-level O-line and FCS-level defense doesn't make one "better." Backup QBs starting at RB and another one taking meaningful snaps at WR? What's going on?
I'm a South Carolina fan and the offensive line and non-existent defense makes me miserable. Especially knowing we have Kentucky and Missouri upcoming.
Beamer has made some horrendous hires. He kept Satterfield one year too long so DL has some cushion to get things back in order BUT Clayton White's defense is horrible, the RB room is thin and the rotation is ridiculously mishandled, talented WRs sit the bench while backup QBs run routes, the OL...don't even check those stats, the DL is soft, the S&C program seems non-existent, the list goes on. What exactly is Beamer doing from week to week because it isn't managing this team. Pathetic situation.
F*"k will muschamp. Thief got paid 3+million to beat Charleston Southern.
Jason Kilgore? Who is that? "Reeling" program? 2 losses to ranked teams, one of which is ranked #1 andthe title defender, and SC is "reeling?" Goodness, it would be awesome to read a legit article on this site.
Awww...look at the little butt-hurt mutt. "What about us?" boo hoo
The good ole boy system at SC is never going to die. Backslappin' and hee-hawin' will never lead to a successful program.
Georgia is going to be Georgia. Always has been, always will be.
Pretty sure the breeze will blow at some point and he will go down with an injury. Charmin soft.
Stayed hurt. Had nothing to do with win over Tenn and minimal input against Clemson. Production wasn't what was expected his time here. Ghosting fellow players and coaches for several days was eye-opening.
Let's look at Carolina's wins: Ga. St Charlotte SC State Vandy Kentucky (without Levis) A&M (imploding) SC is not good. The offense is abysmal and Beamer acts like nothing is wrong. The goodwill is gone and he needs to fix it, ASAP.
Not one bowl on here as enticing as Cocks vs. Beavers. Prove me wrong.
Beamer is clearly in over his head. 6 wins, Charlotte, SC State, Georgia St., and Vandy being 4 of them. Beat an imploding A&M team along with a Levis-less Ky team. Nothing of substance in any of those wins. Oh, and he won't fire his buddy. Beamer has killed the goodwill given to him.
South Carolina winning against Vandy is ambitious. Their offensive play-calling is pathetic.
Beamer is proving to be a few things: 1: Not smart regarding his OC 2: Not smart regarding what is best for USC 3: Condescending towards fans 4: Not smart regarding his players
Garbage time? It was a FG to get them within 6 so they could try the onside...and it worked with 10 seconds to go. Brilliant decision by Jimbo. It just didn't work out.
Seems Beamer is the only one who can't see we are winning DESPITE Satterfield, not BECAUSE of him. The offensive players deserve more.
Can we trade Adkins for Satterfield to step away?
Rattler's stock is sinking because of the Satterfield effect.