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I don't argue Bentley's position in this group but I do disagree that the offense "tightening up" had anything to do with him. What we saw on Saturday was Muschamp going into a full-blown fetal position with a 17 point lead while fielding a defense that resembles a pasta strainer. Florida fans, you were right, this guy will absolutely snatch defeat from a victory.
Kanell shows on a regular basis that he is not very smart and I'm not referencing the ACC vs. SEC issues he has. I'm talking about straight idiocy.
Florida scoring 34 on SC...yikes, let's hope not.
Trask is hurt, carried off the practice field so looks like Franks gets the nod...for now.
Go ahead and name a quality Clemson opponent and don't say A@M because they got royally screwed in that opener.
Most talented? Maybe. Highest paid? Definitely.
These are some pretty brave choices for a kumbaya singing, protest sitting, we need lunch-time nappy, they called me a name group. Not sure they can handle the edginess of these picks.
Watched it 100 times and don't see anything clear cut to overturn anything. Guess you see what you want, or dont.
Some pretty outrageous predictions here. Bentley with 2 TD passes and Deebo with the 100 yard game and 2 TD catches? Gotta learn to throw to the right guys and gotta make the catch...two things neither have done.
National Champs should be able to do what they want. (Idiots)
He wasn't a take and Kirby can get better. Spin, spin, spin.
You can't continuously throw behind, high, low, erratic to your receivers and then complain when one is thrown perfectly and they are so surprised they drop it. Bentley is going to get someone killed with the high, lazy throws.
South Carolina fans collectively breathe a sigh of relief knowing it will be impossible for Bentley to throw an interception this week.
Bentley ahead of anyone not named Stidham or Storey is laughable. Hell, Bentley ahead of Scarnecchia is laughable.
Your AD wouldn't have been that stupid. The good ole boy mentality at USC is immensely popular and AD's get jobs because they can coach baseball. Following suit, they make idiotic hires to keep USC mired in mediocrity. After all is said and done, we will wait 4-6 years and start the whole process over again.
It was stopped due to lightning. Apparently, if there is a strike within 8 miles of a stadium, play stops for 30 mins. Each time there is a strike, the clock resets. NOTHING to do with officials or momentum.
Bentley isn't starting so...at least that's a statement.
Apparently USCs offense is so incredibly advanced that no one can come in and grasp it. It goes back to the Spurrier regime.
"It's never been about what we wear, it's about who we are." "Who we are" is 2-2 with absolutely zero offense. If Bentley can figure out his team wears garnet and stop throwing to the other side, they might have a chance.