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Now we see where the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Jaycee quit on his team when WM was fired. He pouted about it and walked away from his team in support of a loser coach. Pitching hissie fits must come natural for him.
Yeah, cause Columbia is so much different than any other city in America. Stupid comment.
Brown is 5'10", 156 lbs and he will get crushed in the SEC. This isn't the ACC. Joyner has done zip. OrTre', big "if". Muse doesn't show up for needed 3rd down conversions or over the middle "tough catches". I get being positive, but this group? Nah.
Mike Davis would be a great WWE wrestler, he tapped out regularly.
Why not the real truth? Rocker packed up during the night and left without telling anyone he was leaving...just didn't show up for the team meeting today and no one knew where he was. Coward and WM-type loser.
Last time I checked, SC didn't have a head coach, Oklahoma had a TE coach. Players are bailing left and right but this guy can't pull himself out of Oklahoma to come recruit the existing roster. Oklahoma game is cancelled, where is SB?
Was 100% sure it was going to be clems little fan girl (Herbstreit). Figured he got it during his Trevor Lawrence and dabo 3-way.
Ha! It was 21 points down and going for 3. He can't do math and he can't tell time on a clock.
Idiotic, stubborn staff won't make any changes. Nothing to see here.
Only Will Muschamp would think 9 points would make the difference in a 28 point loss. His math skills are as inept as his clock reading skills.
I could not agree more. This flunky got $1.2 million to beat Charleston Southern last year. Mind-blowing.
Herbstreit gives him a run for the money. I wonder if Kirk's wife knows he cheats on her with dabo.
Called isn't wrong. WM made $4.4 mill last year. That's $1.1 mill per win...and one of those was Charleston Southern. $1.1 mill to beat Chas So, ridiculous.
"Will Muschamp puts his foot down"? Absolutely false, Will Muschamp doesn't know how to put the foot down. His clock management skills won't allow it, unless it's to hit the brakes.
Any insight on Bobo and McClendon's relationship? There seems to be some hesitation to move on from McClendon even though there are a couple good options to replace him. Wondering if it's Muschamp or Bobo trying to wait out the NFL.
I heard he has been hired as an assistant coach at Alabama.
Before we get too excited about that, we only scored 9. 9-2 in the 1st qtr puts a little context into it.
Mama is trouble. Gotta let him grow up a little
South Carolina will not fire Will Muschamp. South Carolina does not fire people, they let them fade away on their own. Teams committed to winning make changes, SC does not make changes.
They won't try, they will do what they have always done, go to the bargain bin and put someone there who will learn on the job. SC is horrible at planning for the future and worse at getting rid of dead weight.
Bill, that is a very good question, but we're dealing with Will Muschamp here. There is no rhyme or reason to anything he does. He is an absolute head case.