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Any insight on Bobo and McClendon's relationship? There seems to be some hesitation to move on from McClendon even though there are a couple good options to replace him. Wondering if it's Muschamp or Bobo trying to wait out the NFL.
I heard he has been hired as an assistant coach at Alabama.
Before we get too excited about that, we only scored 9. 9-2 in the 1st qtr puts a little context into it.
Mama is trouble. Gotta let him grow up a little
South Carolina will not fire Will Muschamp. South Carolina does not fire people, they let them fade away on their own. Teams committed to winning make changes, SC does not make changes.
They won't try, they will do what they have always done, go to the bargain bin and put someone there who will learn on the job. SC is horrible at planning for the future and worse at getting rid of dead weight.
Bill, that is a very good question, but we're dealing with Will Muschamp here. There is no rhyme or reason to anything he does. He is an absolute head case.
You are misunderstanding the foundation. They are doing EXACTLY what you have asked for. The foundation isn't about one player, it's for mental health awareness and is designed to help ALL people struggling with depression, including Veterans.
If SC is ahead at the start of the 3rd qtr, will they cancel it like Georgia did? Georgia: yeah, we will do it, we are classy. 3rd qtr: losing Georgia: screw that, we aren't doing it
Well, he's right about a couple of things. Very few SEC teams get beat by 4 scores, and shutout, to Virginia in bowl games and no one else has lost to a putrid UNC team, followed by 20 pt blowouts to Mizzou and Tenn, only to be followed by a home loss, on senior night, to App St.
Tanner, who gave him the extension and buyout figure, should be gone right along with him.
Great, another mid 3* for development. Watch out Vandy!
This is going to get ugly. A&M will loosen the wheels and clem will take them off the following week. Any Florida fans want Neverchamp back?
Gamecock fan here...y'all don't worry too much, I think you got this one.
Season ticket holder since 1999, sat through 1-21, but I won't spend another dime as long as he's there.
Comedic gold right there. Hey Mullet, remember that game in Columbia? The same ones your fans told Gamecocks to suck it up? Yeah, figures you forgot about that one already.
"Likely"? There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, likely with this team. They're as schizophrenic as it comes and WM has shown zero ability to change.
Flip the script and you would have ripped your mullet off and punched every wall in the double-wide.
You should be over it. There's nothing to hang your head over. You scored 7 more than Charleston Southern did against USC...BRAVO!
On the flip side, when did society become such a bunch of aholes? Narrow that down for me, TD.
Just like a Georgia writer, all about how the leg humpers screwed it up and nothing about how Carolina handed out an azz whooping. Grow up.
South Carolina has a great deal on a head football coach. Only 22 million gets you...well, it gets you something, but not sure what. Only serious inquiries. R. Tanner
Please stop. There is no chance for a USC win in this game and it just feeds the leg-humpers afterwards. Carolina is back to the moral victories of just trying not to look bad on TV.
He is absolutely clueless about the fan-base. Both he and Muschamp have zero pulse on what the fans are saying and they are both losing the faithful every day.
I'm glad somebody gives out good information about injuries because it sure as hell isn't going to be Muschamp. Everyone has to hear about injuries from a college sophomore's high school coach. What a joke this coaching staff has become.