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Micheal dyer in state school Louisville? Sorry sir he is from Little Rock, Arkansas
Why all the trash talk, us hogs have a right to get excited but in no way should we be looking down our noses at anyone, ANYONE! If your gma could start at Tennessee then send her to Fayetteville, take all we can get. Loved the Razorbacks as long as I can remember of my 48 years, but I am a realist. Hope we get this and any kid we are trying for, but if not, good luck to him and wherever he goes, it’s his life that is affected not ours.woooopigsooieRAZORBACKS!
love bielema.....but cannot wait till he leaves, that way in four more , same idiots crying the same watch what you hope for, cause hate to inform ya, not a lot of coaches want that job...terrible recruiting base, sec west....and the recent entitlement razorback fans have developed, are main reasons why, but hey maybe john l smith will come back
So lame when players put GOD into it.....just guessing but I'm pretty sure the man upstairs has more r things to worry about than where they go to play college football.....jackasses
whipped? maybe....for one quarter......but the beauty of it is hogs have chumps like auburn on schedule to help them feel better
Is there anybody outside of oxford, that isn't surprised by this?
great ! we are really in trouble if this is true. wasnt this the guy that said regardless of depth chart he would be staying at arkansas because god told him thats where he should go......if so, so is god now telling him to leave? if the man upstairs is mad at us , this will end up being really long year.. bye rafe, go find yourself young man
lol.....malzahn.....i see you are an auburn fan, so i am going to offer you a great solution to you continually going to games at wms, get on the gus bus to auburn, talk the a.d. into scheduling some of their games there....oh , i'm sure mr nutt is without a team right now, go ahead and hit him up too. nutt had hit ceiling in fayetteville, so to get to the next level it was a necessary gamble.
love bielema, from day one he seemed to be th perfect fit. people who cant see just how good a coach he is either dont really understand football or choose to ignore or deny it because they dont personally like him. when he arrived in fayetteville, the cupboard was pretty bare, not only player quality and depth wise, but morale from players and fans alike. i hope he stays forever but know thats not realistic. what is gonna be funny is all those that want him gone are going to get a reality check when he does leave. it not only takes a great coach to pull off what he has but also one that is willing to. not many have the balls to leave a job that was secure , and atop the big 10 to take one that lets face it , was a bottom sec team whose fans and university have an overblown image of themselves. love my hawgs , and if they want to ever come close to what they think they are, then they better find a way to keep coach b, wps!
Now that's a momma joke...wait a minute, no it's not, but it's damn funny!
Excuse me, but "say what?" I'd say scandal but this happened in a rivals territory, simply sounds like good place for every drug dealer , or any criminal enterprise to consider relocating to
Harbaugh just has that sleazy malzahn aura about him. Really dont think Michigan is going to do as well as predicted, but I've been wrong before. For as good of a coach that he believes he is , i sure wish he would remember just how average a player he was and shut up.
interesting, i usually dont comment on others opinions, especially to argue with person that wrote it. i figure all the talking will be done on the field, however, if i were to argue i would at least include a statement of why i felt this way and who i thought was better. kinda makes the argument pointless without. not saying you are wrong, you know the saying about opinions, everyone has em, and thats your right, just wondering how you came about it
well , if it is not to do with the razorbacks , is it even worth talking about?
Its amazing how many 4s and 5s this team gets, but always manages to be also rans, kinda like they are Texas east. I know this will piss off those rebs debs, but ole miss has peaked under freeze. Nothing to be upset about, should always end up in the 9-11, occasionally 12. Bob stoops is a perfect example also. Not what you are hoping for but nothing be ashamed of either
Almost took this seriously until i seen Tennessee at 5, lol
why would anybody from auburn say anything about class? probably a good idea to take a gander at your own coach and the greaseball he is before saying anything about anyone elses....hell pitino has more class and morale values than malzahn
maybe you think he makes it up with other skills, but when defensive tackles in the nfl can outrun you as a wr, still some concerns. really dont see him doing much in nfl. im praying he is gone before my vikes draft, cause if not , im afraid they will take him
Razorback fan here.....any other school that says anything about this is a hypocritical jackass. Oh no its a college kid being a college kid. This shouldn't even be news.
Razorback fan here, and i have to ask, why is this news? Who cares, what underage college, hell, high school kid for that matter, doesnt drink? Stuff is getting ridiculous, no way reflects on coaches or college. Grow up people
Ok first of all, its micheal sam, why is this guy still relevant? Next , and I know this isn't gonna be a popular point , and I'll preface it by saying i, myself show no prejudice or care about race , but one thing that has been lost is , isnt this America? If i own a business and i do not want to hire or serve someone, regardless of why, wasnt that supposed to be my right? That was the point of gaining independence, and if it offends or angers someone then they have the right to open business And try and shut my business down.
wow! best looking qb ever, but someone needs to explain to him/her that nothing is official until its on paper.
He would, but they are too HARD to find......harharhar
Hmmmm vinloc81.... Boy sure doesn't say much for us seeing as he is probably the closest thing to a pro qb weve had since joe ferguson. Roughly 110-120 other schools to pick from, find one jackass