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Haha, what gives Grantham the right to be talking so much shit? UGA's D has been terrible all year. Vandy just hung 28 points on his defense. VANDY. He not only has no class, he's also a crap coach. Richt needs to can his ass.
Last year's Kentucky game was a trap game seeing as USC was coming off a huge win off then No. 1 Alabama then going on the road. I certainly didn't consider it a guaranteed win. Nevertheless, it was a fluke. The Cats won't be so lucky this year, I promise.
5-star recruit Shaq Roland just committed to the cocks. Number 2 receiver in the nation. This receiving core is going to be good for a long, long time.
If Arizona AND Arizona State made the list, it obviously should't be taken seriously.
I agree. DiMarco has a great attitude and is a solid athlete. I'm sure he'll get drafted as a free agent and work his way up to substantial playing time in the NFL.
I wasn't too surprised Ajiboye didn't get drafted, he's very small for an interior D lineman. I couldn't believe no one picked Wesley Saunders up though. At the end of the 09 season he looked to be the most pro-ready TE in the country.
If all he needs is to raise one test score, I think he will be fine. Whether or not he can maintain the grades in the next 3(at least) years is still to be seen. I definitely have my doubts. This hasn't been a good off-season at all for South Carolina.
QB Aaron Murray WR Alshon Jeffery RB Trent Richardson
South Carolina will win big games this season whether its Shaw or Garcia.
I'm done with the guy. He just can't keep his act straight, and at this point, he never will. Shaw or bust.
Yea that defense is going to be nasty this year. If Garcia can straighten himself out, I really don't see a weakness on this team. And you're right SC cops blowwwwww
I don't think anyone is disputing the mediocre history of USC. That's the whole point of this article: It's saying that despite a horrendous century of football, South Carolina finally seems to be making strides toward being a major football program, and that's something SC fans deserve to be excited about. She's also making a very good point about the loyalty of USC fans. I remember going to games in the 99-00 era where the cocks only won 1 game between the two seasons and the games STILL sold out. Even though Williams Brice isnt as big as Neyland Stadium, its packed to capacity almost every game. (They're going to expand the stadium in the next year or two, which will push the seating up to 90,000.) I'm tired of everyone harping on SC's facilities. Within the past 5 years or so, the school has spent millions of dollars building new training and workout facilities. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't UT the school that just had a staph outbreak because of unsanitary conditions in their locker room? Yea, state of the art facilities, bro. Yea, UT, UGA, UF have dominated USC historically. But that was then, and this is now. Enjoy being 4th in the East from here on out, Vol fans. South Carolina is on the rise, Tennessee is on the decline. I'm sure you'll still find plenty of reasons to sing rocky top. You always do.
I hope this rivalry never changes. Its absolutely HILARIOUS to all the other SEC fans.
Interesting that the only team Vandy has had any success with is Auburn.
Chis Culliver is a beast. Really saddens me that he got hurt halfway through his senior season.
Don't worry UT fans, Dooley will save you. Lane Kiffin is a great example of what you don't want a young coach to be, whereas Derek Dooley has everything you want a young coach to have: passion, intensity, determination and pride for that school. He fits the mold for an SEC coach perfectly. He also seems to be a very classy, intelligent guy. So don't worry, all this Kiffin mess will blow over eventually. Dooley will have you playing in SEC championships again very soon.
I like that it stays in Atlanta. ATL is the southeast's flagship city. (I don't consider Miami the southeast.) It's also a reasonable drive from every SEC school with the exception of maybe Arkansas and LSU. The only other place I could see the SECCG being played would be the Louisiana Superdome.
Good stuff. The outraged comments make it even better. I'm glad I'm not an Alabama or Auburn fan or this might be less funny.
100% gamecock fan, but since half of my family are Auburn fans I find it hard to read this and not show some respect. You're a classy bunch, Auburn fans. That goes for Bama fans as well. EXCEPT Harvey Updyke. Thank god all of our schools are in this wonderful conference we call the SEC. I couldn't live in a world without Southeastern conference football.
South Carolina might be the cousin of West Virginia, but Alabama is the twin brother of Mississippi. In Alabama you can get a doctorate in lynching and evolution denial! Yeehaw, roll tide! ...jackass.
Oh believe me, I TOTALLY hate Georgia... Besides the fact that I've lived in Georgia all my life. You do know that 8 or 9 years isn't long for a dog to live right? And yes, dogs with long, straight bloodlines don't live much longer than that BECAUSE they're being inbred. It eventually leads to complications no matter what the breed is. I was in no way being a "heartless Georgia hater", or criticizing the team or university. As time goes on, the ugas have gotten sicker and sicker. It's the truth, and it happens to any breed after a while. One of the biggest problems in inbreeding cases is.... you guessed it: susceptibility to lymphoma. Russ is much healthier BECAUSE he had a different mother. That would be the fresh blood I was talking about. So next time you want to call me out, why don't you get YOUR facts straight.
The ugas never last more than a couple seasons. Sadly, that's what years of inbreeding does. They really need some fresh blood in that line. They should just let Russ be the full time mascot. His gene-pool is a little less shallow.
First of all, Wesley Saunders didn't even play for SC this past year so it's not like it's a huge void to fill. Justice Cunningham played great at TE this past year and the three guys they recruited should all provide some nice depth. Second, Chris Culliver was out the whole second half of the season, and our pass defense numbers were actually better after he got hurt. I'd definitely say that Stephon Gilmore was and is SC's best DB. (The only player on our defense to make 1st team all SEC). And I think Shon Carson has the potential to be an explosive runner once Lattimore goes pro. That is, if Carson decides not to play pro baseball. (And it's looking that way...) You're right, Clowney would no question be our biggest get ever, or our biggest loss ever. If he goes to BAMA, I don't think it will be because of recruit's having a negative perception of USC. It will be because BAMA is well... BAMA. I just don't see him going to Clemson. A player like that has to end up in the SEC. It's also worth nothing that SC signed DT Kelcy Quarles, one of the top Junior college players in the country. With him , Dukes and Clowney joining players like Devon Taylor and Travian Robertson, this might be one nastiest pass rushes in the SEC for some years to come.
I wonder which personality he is right there.
1. South Carolina 2. Tennessee 3. Florida 4. Georgia 5. Kentucky 6. Vanderbilt If Spurrier finally benches Garcia and lets Shaw take the reigns, this could be Carolina's year to be in the BCS hunt. (Probably the only chance they'll ever get too.) They get some great JUCO players in DT Kelcy Quarles and S Brison Wilson. Look for this defense to improve exponentially from last year. (Especially if they land Clowney. That front four would be scary.) Tennessee will shock in 2011. With Tyler Bray coming in with plenty of starts under his belt, this offense is going to be explosive. I think Florida will be tough as always, but it's going to take at least a year to return to prominence under this new coaching regime. I think they win a couple big games next year, and stay in the East hunt till late but have an underwhelming finish again. If Georgia can get some early momentum with a win over South Carolina in Athens, this could be a decent season. Since I don't believe that will happen, I think UGA has another disappointing season and Richt's last. Without Cobb and Hartline, Kentucky doesn't stand a chance. Will probably be another 6-6 season, except without the SC upset. Vandy will still be Vandy.
I really think it will come down to his friends. He's openly expressed playing somewhere that former teammates are playing. With that said I think it will either be South Carolina or Clemson. His shrine bowl buddy Lateek Townsend said that they talked a lot about playing together in college during SB workouts. Townsend verbally committed to SC but spurned them for Clemson at the last minute at the US Army All American game. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Clowney follow. On the other hand, South Carolina has many former South Point players on their roster that have been trying to get him to play for the garnet and black. Stephon Gilmore, Tori Gurley, and Devonte Holloman all played for South Point. Clowney, Gilmore and Holloman all used to play on the same varsity defense. Also, two more of Clowney's Shrine Bowl friends, Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon Jr, committed to the Cocks about a week ago. Clowney will go where he's comfortable. I just pray to the sweet lord that he doesn't go to Clemsux. It's also worth noting that wherever Clowney goes, 4-star DT Phillip Dukes will most likely follow. What a package deal.