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The refs had a better game for sure. Didn't get credit for that TD after clearing the goal line by a good 2 feet.
That's not why Gran was fired. We also had a senior, AJ Rose, in the backfield who is top 10 all-time at in rushing yards at UK. As bad as the passing game was, AJ was distinctly better at picking up blitzes.
Not having the campus lifestyle has impacted the players for not releasing the pressure. Probably not going to be a once a century pandemic and one injured player with any minutes coming back type of a scenario happening again any time soon. It is what it is.
Hard to judge the man on this Covid season alone, but he couldn't adapt in some of the ways AlltheSEC mentions. I agree with most of this response, except that Terry was a different animal prior to getting hurt. I think he could have been an SEC caliber QB, and showed improvement in his first year.
Came here to say good win. You guys are legit and look to be the class of the SEC this year. Hope you have a banner year in the tourney cause we ain't makin it.
They'll still get paid in Europe or on "potential." They could get paid a lot more if they try the PJ Washington workouts over the summer.
It will never be over as long as Cal is here and the NBA keeps the rule. Love it or hate it - most of us hate it bc Cal hasn't hit big on it since 2015.
Part the problem is how his level of hype is the same every year. He knew we couldn't shoot in the summer, but tells the fans that THIS IS THE BEST TEAM SINCE 2015 MAYBE BETTER. If he were honest with the fans, and asked us to be patient then it might be a different story (that's a big might for most of BBN). He won't because his whole game is recruiting over guys.
Hopefully he's been watching Archie Goodwin film with his time off.
Bogans should be in the rafters... top 4 all time in scoring
Yes, he saved us from near death penalty, but he got everything he deserved, including regret. He is who he is, and character matters. The one and done rule is terrible, but by all accounts Cal is a religious man and seems to instill a sense of service into the players (his politics not included). Pitino didn't exactly thrive in the one and done era, and could have put us on probation. For all the issues with how Cal is running things, I still prefer him to Pitino's low class what-if nonsense. Wanna play the what-if game, the real regret is not playing DA in the finals coming off injury in 97. Pitino was leaving for the NBA, and DA wanted to play, but Pitino was hedging his NBA bet. And for those that think Tubby won with Pitino's guys, all the NBA lottery type players bolted with Pitino in 97. The 98 team hovered around 10-12 in the AP all year. They were dogs in the tourney, and that was Tubby's finest hour in coaching just to get those guys to the title (shoulda been 03, but Bogans going down from an ankle sprain in the previous game helped DWade begin his legend... Bogans would have checked that and we couldnt make up the scoring from his absence).
We really need some quality control if we hired a guy that has been with teh "St. Louis Rams for the last 3 years."
Bucknuts need 3 weeks to prepare for any big game this year
Terry was able to sustain long drives and limit turnovers. He did what they asked him to do and we had execution problems across the offense with coaches and receivers. Basically everyone but the OL and the RBs. The guys seemed to follow him though. Coen will have to develop Gatewood's arm. Allen has a lot of upside as a true freshman this year. Scalzo could be healthy, and he has the biggest arm.
The offsides was ONE play that he said he didn't see the flag. Gran would have loved to have a QB to throw, but Gatewood and Allen didn't do enough to show that.
We all saw how Terry wasn't the same after the injury. He had some bright spots this year, and some big wins over his career. Pretty shameful how a lot of these so-called BBN football fans treated him considering his accomplishments. And the fact that Allen and Gatewood had chances to take his job but couldn't THIS year. Thanks Terry.
Was a key member in the top rated pass defense in the SEC. It's called swag, punk.
Hope that it makes a Josh Allen type of difference for him. This will be good for Jager Burton to have that experience to lean on.
Should read troll artist. That was mocking them flopping all day (not to mention their chop blocking).
That Clemson D not championship caliber
History has shown that we are the ones that snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against you... especially in the Stoops era.
Early continuity isn't the best barometer of successful teams under Cal. I'll take clutch play in March over November wins.
Back to reality... they still have to demonstrate they can win without Bud Walton, and this year sets that bar even higher.
COVID-19 will make it difficult to compare these teams all-time for sure. That whole 2 week window for positives will wreck some teams and make it look like they come out of nowhere in March.
Maybe he would be the same QB? Not like we have a swiss cheese OL where he would only have a few seconds in the pocket. Receivers definitely wouldn't have the same separation. Obviously he made the right decision, and if he had stayed we wouldn't have had the Lynn Bowden experience. To me, that was some of the most fun football to watch for the hardcore fan, given the circumstances.