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The disrespect thing is ingrained in the players from recruitment and Stoops gets the most mileage out of that. We still barely get a 4 star or two, so our guys got something to prove. Could care less about the media, but Stoops uses that brand to develop and motivate in his system. Hope Vegas keeps up the disrespect.
Love Terry Wilson. One area I would like to see him improve in is hitting TEs in stride or dropping those balls in the strike zone a little more. In 2018, he would make CJ Conrad stretch too much and get killed over the middle. The TE look in the RPO is harder when defenses stack the box, but he has a good read on when the LBs bite on the run.
Fearless prediction: Vols will win big and SC fans will still think they're winning the East
Would like to see the Vols come out of the gate a little faster this year.
Yes, losing Drake Jackson would kill our season.
Hope the tourney isn't in Orlando, but better than no tourney this year.
Fun watching this Heat team win with death by 1000 cuts passing. The Eastern and Western conference finals have been BBN recruiting videos.
He is RB1 bc he does everything well. Doesn't have the power that Chris has and isn't a burner like Smoke, but has the highest football IQ. Doesn't get enough credit for his part in the wildcat last year.
Agreed. Don't know how much home field advantage will count this year. UT game was great last year. Outplayed you most of the game, but you guys just wanted it more at the end with that goal line stand. We should be much better this yea, and will be passing the ball, but until we Stoops can beat UT I can't pick us in Lexington or Knoxville.
Stoops blowouts aren't with points (except agains Mizzou), but with ground and pound clock control and defense.
This season will have upsets that no one saw coming, so these predictions are if everything is equal. Not talking about the Big 12/Sunbelt, but we'll see teams shock the world just because of the possible health and morale of teams. Could hurt the Cats due to depth, even if its the best Stoops has had.
Didn't realize you guys dug yourself out of the coffin we put you in last year
That's where we are as a program. We have the mentality and discipline that we CAN compete. Depth is getting better, and beating teams like UF and UT where we've played better but lost those games over the past 3 years has to be a priority. That consistency is bigger than pulling off the upsets of Auburn, UGA or Bama cuz we aren't sneaking up on anybody from here on out.
Smoke had those big plays but wasn't as effective in pass protection as AJ and Chris. Of course, that didn't matter once the Arkansas game came around, but would like to see him play better within his role and harness that home run potential around the little things when he's on the field. That growth will pay off when AJ graduates this year and it's his turn.
Agree with all but (3). Do we need to rely on his ground game with the OL and 3 headed backfield coming back? His ability to exploit match-ups and some play action will be much more explosive than him getting to 500 yds rushing. Love Terry and hope he can stay healthy. Don't think we'll see him running the same wildcat package as much with his knee. Joey might tho.
While I love the smashmouth style in the trenches over the past 2 years, this is a position group that has to get better. QB depth should help with recruiting.
We don’t have the higher caliber defenders as 2018, but this team has a chance to be more complete, top to bottom. Lots of opportunities for guys to make that jump from the experience from last year.
‘Kentucky is 2-0 all-time against EMU’ ... but they accounted for 3 of UK’s loses in 2019
Yep Sluva... Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
Defense all but ILB coming back too. Still have All-American Max Duffy at punter for next year's schedule if it happens.
Interested to see where Nick Richards goes. Athletic bigs with great mid-range game is a dying breed in the pros.
He'll be ok in that dept, but his mom might not if she gets sick like KAT's mom.
Vols won in the trenches when we couldn't get in on 1st and 4 to win the game. Have to give credit.