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We aren't bringing in 4 and 5 stars up and down the roster. The staff really puts the freshman in a position to succeed, and earn it over exposing them. We develop those guys into starters as 2nd and 3rd year guys. Recruits are starting to see how we develop too. The day you plant the seed is not the day you harvest the crop. No shortcuts and we're doing the work.
Mostly agree with you, but Oats looked the part as a freshmen and it was easy to see that once he had some weight training and grew into his body he was going to be a stud. Jordan Jones really helped him too. And Darian Kinnard was a beast just with the way Schlarmann had those rotations going on that 2018 team and the OL played as a unit.
Sad to be taken so young with all he had ahead of him. RIP Terrence Clarke.
Still have too many questions about the new offense, but it can't get any worse. So, should be better by default. Our record against Florida in the past 5 years should be better than it is, but we've been competitive enough to win for the most part. Stoops has gotten better as a HC in that time as well. Still a long way to go to be competitive for 4 quarters against the class of the east, but we are getting better incrementally and have built the mentality to be able to win.
I'm optimistic about the OL, but to your point Joe, we'll see if that position group maintains that identity that has been built over the past few years. We have have the talent for sure.
Like the enthusiasm here. Offense can't be any worse, right? RIGHT?????
Yea I thought the same when I first saw that, but have since seen it reported om a few other outlets. Basically Coen's target. Prohibitive might just be coach speak to push Joey and Beau. Joey looked better in the spring game they say didn't happen. And let's be honest, if they both still look like the QBs who weren't good enough to take the job from post injury Terry, then the job should still be open going into fall camp.
Couldn't stay on the floor due to fouls. Would have liked to see him come back and get better footwork like Nick Richards did, but wish him the best of luck in his career.
We sucked in the COVID year which has a big time asterisk. How titles does UT have again? I'll make it easier for ya, how many Final Fours? Talking about your men's team?
Yea Bowden got shut down on a goal line stand. It was a good game, and only a few games in at QB for him. That was a tough win by basically a yard, all while they knew the run was coming. Hats off for 2 years ago. Now do last year.
We had a few good local boys that will be steals in the draft this year who stayed home. They were crucial in changing our football culture. I'd have liked Wills to stay home, but he made the right choice. It's really more about how Coach Schlarmann was beloved by his players and did a helluva job at getting the most out of them to play as a unit. Hope that we can continue to build on that identity with his passing.
That ain't Stoops, and even if it were, we have a new offense to install.
Right. Bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Conditioning is usually the main focus in the spring, but you can't avoid the guys that are trying to earn it. Good for your culture.
And the '98 team doesn't get nearly enough love from BBN. Everyone says Tubby won with Rick's players, but all the lottery guys left with him and that team was around 9-12 in the AP all year.
'96 is best. On the March Sadness list, '15 has overtaken '92.
The refs had a better game for sure. Didn't get credit for that TD after clearing the goal line by a good 2 feet.
That's not why Gran was fired. We also had a senior, AJ Rose, in the backfield who is top 10 all-time at in rushing yards at UK. As bad as the passing game was, AJ was distinctly better at picking up blitzes.
Not having the campus lifestyle has impacted the players for not releasing the pressure. Probably not going to be a once a century pandemic and one injured player with any minutes coming back type of a scenario happening again any time soon. It is what it is.
Hard to judge the man on this Covid season alone, but he couldn't adapt in some of the ways AlltheSEC mentions. I agree with most of this response, except that Terry was a different animal prior to getting hurt. I think he could have been an SEC caliber QB, and showed improvement in his first year.
Came here to say good win. You guys are legit and look to be the class of the SEC this year. Hope you have a banner year in the tourney cause we ain't makin it.
They'll still get paid in Europe or on "potential." They could get paid a lot more if they try the PJ Washington workouts over the summer.