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And his baby boy. And his dukie buddy coach, who never ever even talked about the job.
I think there will be a backswing with no more "super seniors" after last year. In terms of fool's gold, it's not like Cal was selling anything other than the NBA fraternity. Definitely not UK college basketball. You can see it by how a majority of his players say that he made UK. Except, it's the opposite... Cal was persona-n0n-grata when he got here, and UK raised his cache and profile considerably to what it is now.
In relation to the Twolves, the funnier stat is how Tom Crean went 7-11 in the SEC with Anthony Edwards.
Great fit for Rob. Will benefit from Edwards getting all the defensive pressure.
There are plenty of Vol fans on here that deal in facts. Oskie is on the other end of the spectrum, so don't bother.
Evansville just doesn't have enough to win one in Knoxville.
He went to State, and they wanted him when that was open a few years ago. By all accounts his family really likes Lexington and wants to stay put.
Interesting stuff. Mingione has the program going in the right direction. If not this year, he will get to Omaha. The Bat Cats don't have the toughest home field advantage, but BBN gobbled up the tickets and is hungry. I think that will be a huge factor in our favor. While others have pointed out a poor SOS for the Beavers, but that doesn't matter by this time of the year. Cats in 3
He cries almost as much as Lebron. Perfect fit.
Purple Aces took down a good ECU team, but this would be an all-time upset.
And its the same for every new coach they get in football.
Nothing to do with coaching, agreed. But to average 8 points on that 96 team with 9 pros was something.
Amazing because of Colin Chandler? Mannnnn
Mark Pope was on one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time. That's a considerably larger ring than your bag of funyns. Stay in your lane.
Mark runs an exciting offense and isn't going to just roll the ball out there. Plus it bodes well for Reed to come back. And Mark has night and day character and intelligence from the drunk that just wanted to yell at his players.
A page out of UNC/Duke's book. Mark runs fun stuff and outcoached teams with better talent. Unlike what Cal would have you believe, recruiting isn't as important as transfers and NIL. I'm good with this hire, and remember Hurley had a pretty mediocre record when UCONN hired him.
And yet Kentucky is still Kentucky even when Billy Gillespie tried to drunk drive it off the cliff. Gloat all you want, but only 2 coaches have never won a championship at UK. Meanwhile, you guys were so close this year, but can't wait until you make a final four, and I do mean that.
It seems like Drew wanted the job, but his family wanted to stay in Waco. More power to him putting his family first. Worst case scenario is Pitino, who is a top tier coach. Timing is off with Donovan, but has the classic non-speak of a coach who is interested.