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That Clemson D not championship caliber
History has shown that we are the ones that snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against you... especially in the Stoops era.
Early continuity isn't the best barometer of successful teams under Cal. I'll take clutch play in March over November wins.
Back to reality... they still have to demonstrate they can win without Bud Walton, and this year sets that bar even higher.
COVID-19 will make it difficult to compare these teams all-time for sure. That whole 2 week window for positives will wreck some teams and make it look like they come out of nowhere in March.
Maybe he would be the same QB? Not like we have a swiss cheese OL where he would only have a few seconds in the pocket. Receivers definitely wouldn't have the same separation. Obviously he made the right decision, and if he had stayed we wouldn't have had the Lynn Bowden experience. To me, that was some of the most fun football to watch for the hardcore fan, given the circumstances.
Mac Jones wasn't getting any of those guys to stay. You wanna play what-if, would getting Jedrick Willis or Damien Harris to stay home have prompted Mac Jones to stay committed?
We would have this even without Cal's NBA picks
Well you could ask Adidas schools, but you'd have to get visitation permission. If it was the shoe manufacturers, then MJ would have penciled in UNC.
Considering their historical dominance was in a single decade, but don't let the statistical body of work dissuade you. Speaking of data points, don't you have a 1980 championship?
About the same as asking if you consider us a rival. Yes, we would love to line up against them again, but they canceled the series. I don't care if they got to #10 squeaking by in the B one G. I would look at that game like the Louisville game. Louisville likes to think having a "good run" in the ACC gives them the edge over us, but they get boat raced by 40 to a middle of the pack SEC team.
Didn't see Khalil Whitney's name. Guess Kentucky wasn't his problem.
Michigan has similar issues to Free Shoes University.
He shot a much higher 3 percentage when the lights were bright. 40% against top 25. Has a great mentality and immensely coachable. His game fits more in the pros. Good luck in the Association.
Looks like he's going to the Knicks. As a devout man of God he will need every bit of his faith there.
Follow up question: Wishbone or triple option?
Are we getting WR changes too? Tom Brady could be under center, but if nobody catches the ball it doesn't matter.
SEC QB? You should just aspire for basic communication skills.
Big QB change for the Cats and all you got is a stale basketball joke. You can always go back to writing for an unpaid internship with Bill Simmons' new what-have-you.
Did you guys upgrade on the D-Line? Because we're gonna run even more this year.