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Exactly! That's like moving to a golf course and complaining about all the golf balls hitting your house.
Cason Wallace just needs to be on the floor at 1 or 2. He has that SGA tenacity.
Those PAC12 teams around 140 and 100 in the NET rankings more difficult that Memphis?
Someone should tell SDS that UNC student athletes can't read this
Mizzou will get some good wins, but don't see them staying staying lights out on offense against the pack.
Yes, our best action was at a high pace. Wheeler is not in the same class as All Eyes On Me Goodwin. The kick out shots haven't exactly fallen, and Oscar put backs are high percentage shots. Not the best offensive set but it is getting better, and Wheeler can get those buckets and his conditioning is improving. It's being able to finish by getting to the line. But let's not talk about free throws... Cal doesn't seem to want to run any screens to get shooters open. It's like John Wall said a long time ago. If you can't create your own shot, don't come here. That will probably be the 'tweak' that he's saving for the end of the year to mess with scouting.
Deion likely said no. He did with FSU. Same situation as it relates to boosters, except he is Mr. Seminole.
They will love him in Cincy because of the Reds. It's a verrrry patient sports town...
He's always spoken fondly of Cincy, but most all former Reds love it as a baseball town. But he'll recruit well anywhere he goes.
One of the things the NFL scouts love about Will is how he could make windows out of nothing, but you're right, that isn't the best option.
Coen wanted the Rams job, but the Rams don't want him after this year. And how can UT be a basketball with only that NIT laundry in your rafters?
Yup, the other tackle that should have stayed and didn't go to the NFL like the other 2. I've heard that for some guys, swapping from the left to the right can be like changing the hand you throw with.
Tough to replace Fortner and Kinnard and lose your other starting tackle. 3 OL coaches in 3 years doesn't help either.
Lack of execution and adjustment after the prep.
I agree with Eight... had we been able to run the ball and execute, that big TE package and a pro style hurry up would have given defenses fits when we split those guys out running downhill. That was the concept but when you have safeties in the backfield after dropping back 2 steps on every other play...
That Mizzou avg is coming down to earth. MSU playing tough defense will translate much better throughout the season.
This is on me We've got a long way to go It's only November We didn't have a chance to practice This isn't for everybody These are just kids Everybody's superbowl
Poor perimeter shooting did the Cats in. No screens or sets to get them any looks. That can be fixed, and so will the spacing. Wheeler looked good, but looked like conditioning was an issue by the end of the game. That will happen when you've been injured and expected to play 40+ min. This team will be fine.