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That field looked like the aftermath of a garbage truck worker's convention.
Fair point. Probably somewhere in the middle, but we'll see today.
From a competitive stand point, yes. Point being the measuring stick shouldn't be the last 2 games whether or not y'all are back yet. Might want to be patient with unlike every other coach you get in the last decade or so.
UK and Ole Miss aren't the same weight class as those 2. Vols are somewhere in between those beat downs and losses to UF and Pitt.
Classic Vols every time you get a new coach every 3 years. Thinking you're back and ready to leap UF after curb stomping USC and Mizzou. Already forgotten about about the Pitt loss?
Rich Brooks doesn't get enough credit for his part in program building because of the way that the 'coach in waiting' BS derailed everything that he had set in motion. He got the program to at least being competitive without any facilities and no where close to the level of support from the administration.
We're getting thin up front on the DL. No margin for error for us to even keep it close. Won't be able to grind out our run game against those monsters up front like we did against UF and LSU.
More of a hurdle, as a program in the way that Joe states. I would consider beating UT when we're better on paper is still a hurdle for Stoops.
But we do have the league leaders in rushing and receiving on the field.
And he champions of life'd UK on yards and TOP.
Randall Cobb is easily confused with Davante Adams...............
Figuring out containment won't be a problem this week. Line of scrimmage off tackle football will.
1. Terry Wilson pre-horse collar tackle that shredded his knee. Adequate arm and a good long ball. He had some of the most elite speed that could turn upfield on dime. That's what made him a top 5 QB recruit going to Oregon.
Stephen Johnson had guts, will give him that.
To be fair, Rigg had a dropped TD and there were 2 wide open screen drops. It's probably a little bit of both.
I hear ya Corch. At least that's my hope for why he would stay. We have a ways to go before we can start thinking Sugar/Peach. Even if we beat LSU, UT has had our number no matter what we look like on paper. It's the Dawgs year - just hope we can keep the score close. What will all those FL fans say when they cant do the whole 'but but 1980' thing?
3. Rogers finally lived up to his hype coming in for McCall. He had so much push and allowed the LBs and Paschal to make plays. Not gonna see that contribution in the stats, but that nose position is huge in the 3-4 to get that push to close up lanes.
BBN has the money and fan support on such a scale, it's just that the football program will take more time to build up. Stoops has the time and job security to do just that. Some people want to build that kind of thing, and it can be just as competitive.
By most accounts, he seems proud of what he has architected here and he's not done. All the factors mentioned about job security and contract bonuses aren't going to happen at the big programs. Sure they can throw cash at him, but why deal with all politics and toxic boosters that undercut you (see Vols, Longhorns, Free Shoes, Wolverines, Hurricanes, Trojans... the list goes on and on) when he can have total control? And he seems more interested in what that statue actually means. Can't see the man being pleased as the best UK Football has had if it doesn't mean becoming a legit contender. Whether he gets there remains to be seen, but he clearly sees the opportunity HERE and the glory that would be associated with that.
Aside from the obvious choice between Lexington and Norman, he's not following in Bob's footsteps. He wants to blaze his own path.
They used to be good in swimming, but we are winning the SEC in swimming and diving too.
It took a monsoon 2 years ago for that. And I think we're better than Clemson, but UGA offense has improved considerably from game 1.