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“or is he truly on the championship path of the likes of Smart and his mentor, Urban Meyer?“ Besides the SEC championships with mostly Richts players, smart has only proven to be a good recruiting HC, his coaching decisions have cost him more than they’ve ever won him anything.
How many National Championships you got and in what sports, we’ll wait patiently.....
You better dang well hope. Kirby knows how to blow his own game out of the water, done it twice now, wouldn’t bank on that changing anytime soon.
Mr. Steele, Chris’s dad had nothing but great things to say about classy Dan less than a month ago even after the alleged incident happened, so there’s that...
Hey Conner, why don’t you post or write about the tweet Steele’s dad tweeted a few weeks ago when everything was swell and that doesn’t fit the narrative of a disgruntled player and family when he had supposedly had asked about the room swap. Seemed they were fine and it was only after the name of Steele came out publicly as someone questioned in the Jones investigation. Another hack trying to just pile on Mullen and Florida, what’s new though right?
Bash all you will Neil, you do have the bully pulpit as a reporter of the article. I’ve posed this question and haven’t heard an answer from reliable sources, did Chris state why he wanted to switch roommates? You say he expressed concern and that in itself would be a reason to start more investing the situation. That would be on the staff if shenanigans were going on, but if you just don’t really get along, grow up suck it up and wait till summer. Now that said, the incident with Jones did happen and I think with Chris’s name coming up as a person to question by mere association as a roommate is only that, but him and his family have the right to remove him for the purpose of his future. You tour this as some huge thing that culturally Dan Mullen is involved in creating a horrible culture, dude you know what your doing and glorifying your ability to create a problem for more of a story which in turn can destroy someone or something. How big a Florida fan are you? Or better yet, how much do you dislike UF??