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Next year? Hell, you're being generous. They're being proactive and getting a head start on it this year. That's the first time the coaching staff has been proactive about making changes all year, oddly enough.
That's all well and good but with the incompetent clown we have at OC, Guarantano's talent will likely go underutilized and undeveloped.
Y'all looked solid, and your QB appears to have a bright future ahead of him...he has fire in him for sure. Congrats on the win.
Hell, if it comes down to that y'all may as well book some hotel rooms in Atlanta. That'd do us a solid by dislodging the schmuck we have at OC (hopefully).
Can't say that isn't true. Botch would be better off selling Shamwows and other QVC crap instead of his stale coachspeak he regurgitates after every loss.
I agree...I'm kind of wondering how accurate the reports of our O-line being back to 100% are. It should be a better game than the press is giving credit for.
That's a signature win for Stoops and the Wildcats this season, no doubt.
^ What 96 Gator said. I understand the chaos down in the state of Florida right now; I have family that had to evacuate their home on Amelia Island in the past 24 hours. The roads are a mess with all the folks trying to get to safety, and law enforcement as well as medical services personnel will be tied up with more important things than a football game. I hope like heck the SEC office steps up and shows some leadership in brokering an agreeable deal between the schools for 11/19, but in the grand scheme of things there are much larger fish to fry in the coming days.
7t is just bitter that the guy who stole away his sister/cousin/bride was alleged to hail from Tennessee. Pay the fool no more mind than one would a babbling idiot in a padded cell.
Absolutely spot on. It has been an interesting series of late, and that will likely continue on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing Eason in action firsthand; he's got a remarkable talent level, particularly for a freshman.
No doubt, man...thanks! Here's hoping for a good game next week as well.
I had to laugh at the 89% chance at winning that UT allegedly has. I mean, I want them to stomp a hole in Florida...but I have also wanted to win the damn lottery for quite a while now. The reality of it is that y'all will likely prevail unless UT plays to their ability and in spite of Mike DeBord's playcalling.
Spot on, volman, particularly the point about the buddy-hire of Mike DeBord. Since he's arrived on scene, the offense has had to perform in spite of the play calling from DeBoredom.
I agree. He's good at selling a line of BS, but all that will get him is a gig on QVC selling ShamWows and Slapchops. If he tries really hard...he could be the next Billy Mays!
Spot on. There was a lot more rust that needed to be knocked off than there should've been, and Dobbs looked like he took a big step back, due in part to Mike DeBord's overly conservative playcalling...I can't help but think the offense would be much more effective with someone (nearly anyone) else calling the plays.
Agreed on all counts. Having gone to the Orange & White game, I'm not sure where these folks are getting their basis for putting us at #3 from, other than their imagination. We're definitely improved, but putting us inside the top 10 before playing a single down of actual football is preposterous.
Yup. What VFL73 said...I wouldn't wish that on any SEC program (even Florida). Now, I can't say I'd be above enjoying seeing Ohio State or Southern Cal go through something like that, though...
Reread the article. The kid was a JuCo transfer, so it's not as if Jones or anyone else could have had much impact on exorcising the proverbial demons, so to speak, in the several weeks he has been with the program.
Nah, she didn't drop him on his head...she threw him at the wall as soon as he plopped out. And to think she *almost* made it to the toilet too...
Guys, have some pity on SevenT. Clearly he's lashing out because the mental facility he's at only gives him a small amount of computer time. That leaves a lot of space left in the day's schedule for him to do other pointless things such as yell at the wall, lick the windows (they call him 'Windex' at the facility, from what I understand), and watch Kentucky football when it's in season. So lay off the poor soul.
Ha! You may be onto something there. See, SevenT? Goats can't give consent no matter how much they bat their eyes at you. Sorry to break it to ya, buddy.
That incident of your 'wife' cheating on you with one of the other livestock still stings, doesn't it, SevenT?
It's surprising they're letting you leave the facility again after the incident involving you, a case of wine coolers, a goat, and some petroleum jelly, SevenT. I guess even your handlers had some holiday spirit this year. Merry Christmas!
Bingo...to win consistently, they've got to figure out that taking their foot off the gas invites comebacks. It comes down to keeping one's boot on the throats of the opposition until the final buzzer sounds...
Oh, our friend SevenT knows full well Kentucky hasn't even come close to relevance on the football field, and probably never will. That's why he so kindly takes a break from yelling at his walls in his padded room to lurk around here sharing his 'special' brand of 'wisdom'.
Spot-on assessment. DeBord is a hindrance to the offense, particularly Josh Dobbs. It's probably too much to hope for DeBord stepping aside to a position coach spot with the O-line or TEs, unfortunately.
^ This...I see it coming down to a field goal, or maybe one TD. The teams we have lost to have outlasted us in the 2nd half with strong defensive efforts, and Northwestern is no slouch when it comes to defense.
Can't say I am surprised given the source. Striker is a fool, and Henry is a good kid (and outstanding athlete, obviously). Hopefully he gets a chance to run around, over, and through Striker in the championship game.
I'm not sure that Cowherd isn't just trolling the hell out of Phyllis from Mulga. If he actually does believe Alabama isn't playoff-caliber, he's a fool.