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All I want for Christmas is to see Jake Fromm do Drew Locke's signature touchdown move toward that classless jerk Tom Herman everytime he throws a td. Seriously, that's all I want for Christmas.
Anybody remember the last time Georgia had to take the Consolation Prize of the Sugar for a loss to Alabama? Colt Brennan remembers.
I can't stand that tur(d). Hated him ever since that bullcrap he pulled in the bowl game last year mocking Drew Locke. I hope Fromm and the boys do the Locke Touchdown move everytime they score on that classless ass.
IF they play like they did against Georgia, LSU will make the Black Knights into the squeaky squires.
They got it right. Georgia is a two loss, non-conference champion that would beat any team not named Alabama. And on some days they could beat Alabama. Not yesterday though. The good news for Dawg fans is that the team is almost 70% Freshmen and Sophmores. They lose the De'Andres and Ledbetter on Defense, and Terry Godwin and Lamont G on offense. Otherwise, they return next year with essentially the same team.