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LSU had no doubt an unbelievable season last year and Orgeron got the credit and a huge new contract. His new whopping contract made absolutely no sense as he was going no where and in no way deserved that kind of money. Orgeron needs top solid coordinators as he is a very good recruiter, not a top coach. LSU will pay for this as LSU will go back to a second or third place western division team in the coming years...unless Orgeron gives up some of his money to attract and pay top coaches and try to keep them each year. There is more to being a true top college head coach than saying Go Tigers. That was very evident when he was head coach at Ole Miss.
Mullins no doubt helped fuel the start of the fight. He is running and yelling at the officials and then turns toward the Missouri coaches and players yelling while no fight has started. The fight breaks out and he is still screaming at the Missouri people. He finally comes to his senses and starts to get his players off the field as he realizes there is a second half to play. Then he comes back out of the tunnel to cheer and yell to the crowd. The same guy that loudly stated the stadium should be packed blaming crowd noise for his loss at Texas A&M. The SEC office will not overlook his actions Saturday.
The blame is ALWAYS with the head coach. All Coach O says every week is we need to look at the film. Then...no coach changes till the end of the year. Coach O is truly just a recruiter like a "previous" LSU head coach. Last year he had two very good coordinators. Losing them was more important then the loss of the players.
One thing that has to be admired about Saban is he constantly loses many players to the NFL...loses coaches and coordinators...BUT keeps a top ranked team every year even when having key injuries....with multiple national championships. LSU had a perfect storm of a season last year with a QB that played unbelievable. Will no doubt be a losing season this year. Give Coach O another raise. Universities are so quick to give away lots of money to some coaches when there is truly no need.