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Tom Brew is an award-winning journalist and author who is covering SEC football for Saturday Down South.

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He was committed for a year and a half and they were counting on him. Left them high and dry, and there's no denying that.
Thanks for the GREAT feedback. I will agree with you on the receivers. I said that someone will need to step up -- and that's exactly what is happening. Might even be a strength by the midpoint of the season. Thanks for reading!
Hey, there's a TON of great Georgia content on the page today. You don't have to read the LSU stuff if you don't want to.
Come on now, you know I never said to forget about the first 12 games. The way to past two seasons have ended, you've got to factor in Alabama if 2019 is going to be a successful season. What did you want, five things on the Vandy game??? Thanks for reading. I do appreciate it.
Alabama is very good, but so is Georgia. When you blow leads late, you definitely let them off the hook. Ask every Georgia player involved in those two games. They sure feel they let golden opportunities slip away. No one has more respect for Alabama than I do. It's been a great decade
Thanks for the nice comment on the stats! I felt bad ripping the offense for its late-game performance last week, knowing full well that these stats were there for the defense.
I'm not say LACK of talent. I'd never say that about those Alabama recruiting classes. But you might have as many as 15 new starters, most at critical positions. I might very well be wrong, but we'll see. Not Bama hating. Have a ton of respect for Saban and that program. And truly appreciate the rabid fan base.
Yep, first three words in the headline: WAY TOO EARLY! I know it is, but it's fun to look ahead anyway.
Typo on Dural, fixed. (Thanks!) Just trying to guess on who leaves. Lots of mock draft love for Beckwith, so we'll see. It's definitely WAY TOO EARLY!
He hasn't been able to say anything yet. But it's likely he'll still coach Alabama through the playoffs.
All Alabama fans should have been happy that Corso picked LSU. I think his record picking headgear games is something like 3-7 this year.
My LSU friends are telling me I'm making too much of one game. Am I wrong? Feel free to weigh in.
Mutt??? How dare you? Sonny would take offense calling his pure Bulldogs mutts.
Thank you. Just tried to have a little fun mid-week. Enjoy the site!
We wondered who would be the first super-serious person to complain about us having a little tongue-in-cheek fun. You win! Thanks for reading. Now smile a time or two!
Done. Thanks. Silly autocorrect converted them all. Thought I got them.
I never get how Alabama simply dismiss the five turnovers in the Ole Miss game. You guys MADE the five turnovers. It's part of football, sure, but if you lose at home to a team, you can't run around and say you deserve to be put ahead of them in any playoff conversation.