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Not pointing this specifically at Nowkah, more of a general comment about so called reporters, but they are basically just vultures. Any integrity, or honor that might once have been involved in the profession is long gone. I am far more surprised when I see a journalist behave humanely than when they don't.
Tennessee didn't demand Butch fired after 2-3 losses. They demanded Butch fired after 4 top recruiting classes and diminishing returns each year. After seeing huge chunks of our best players being injured for 4 years in a row. They demanded Butch fired after he blew yet several close games last season and this season because of play calling all of the analysts were completely stumped by. They demanded Butch fired after so many top prospects were transferring, and all of the stories about his behavior started coming out. The demands got really loud when it was obvious that he wasn't getting kids ready to play, and UT barely beat punching bag programs. And they finally demanded Butch be fired because it was obvious that his player development wasn't even close to up to par. 5th year in the program, and it was floundering. That was enough. If that is not enough reason to fire him then I would like to hear how analysts like this tool justify anyone getting fired from any program.
Personally I think Hurd has made a huge mistake. The O-line has been destroyed this year, running inside is very O-line dependent, rather than whining and crying and leaving it would have meant more for him to suck it up and be a leader. Injuries happen, even in the NFL (often), and being a professional and doing your job looks real good on a resume. Finishing as the all time leading rusher at UT would look real good on a resume as well. Quitting the team, while not a disqualifying offense, doesn't look good on your resume. The better teams like high character, high toughness players, this move doesn't appear to fit that. It won't keep him out of the league, but it won't help him either.
I am a fan of what Jones has done overall, he is a beast from a recruiting standpoint, he has gotten a ton done with lots of freshmen and sophomores, but honestly anyone with a modicum of football savvy has seen that he goes from alpha dog in the 1st half to survival mode in the 2nd. Especially with young teams they take their lead from the coaching staff and when he shows confidence in them, then they play that way. I have been pleased all along to have Jones and nothing has changed that, but it is sometimes hard to watch as he learns to coach at this level in an "on the job training" kind of way.
Don't worry I have plenty of other comments to make. Just found this place after a link to this article was shared. But it is very funny to see a Tiger fan calling others a cry baby. You know that after all of the actions at the school over the last few weeks that stuff like that is coming. It is the internet, and it isn't for the faint of heart.
Don't worry Mizzu will go run and find a safe place after this. Then Monday will petition the SEC to overturn the game and call it a tie, and then give Mizzu a pc of the SEC title because it isn't fair for everyone else to be doing better. SMH