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We're under investigation. We didn't suddenly become a 4-5 team..
Nah don't bother them with facts. The narrative is we cheated and deserve the death penalty. Go with it.
Seems as though so far the only ones to be proven liars are the rival players and Tunsil's stepfather. I'd gladly sacrifice a booster under oath to have these two under oath as well.
So to the Bama fan. How would you feel in this position? The NCAA coming for you and they go to ask Auburn players. Would you take what they say as fact? Didn't think so.
The whole idea of immunity was flawed from the start. I feel no sympathy for them personally. They chose to participate. No one forced them to. They enjoyed trying to take Ole Miss down. Now, it's coming full circle. What goes around comes around.
If they're willing to take these players to court over this, I don't see how it isn't valued. Besides, you're both taking what players from a rival school are saying as fact. Players that have celebrated their role in the investigation.
Exactly my point. Without definite evidence that Lewis and his story match up, and rebel rags now bringing the law into this, how could the NCAA use these allegations? That's why I'm confident now that this is going to result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Which, for the NCAA, is probably the nail in the coffin. They had to nail us to get credibility back. Now, in my opinion, they have no evidence or proof to go forward with these allegations listed above. Therefore no LOIC, no 2+ year bowl ban, no unlimited transfers, etc. We are fine in my eyes. I was worried for a while, but the more this develops, the better it seems to look.
Every day I feel better and better about all of this. It's looking more and more like the only real violations committed were very minor or involved Tunsil. Let's not forget Tunsil served a 7 game suspension already for that. The two biggest allegations are clearly (to anyone not wearing maroon and white) all either false or not proven. I don't see how the NCAA could possible use Lewis or this allegation against us at this point. Sorry to say, rival fans, looks like a one year bowl ban and a loss of a few scholarships. We aren't going anywhere.
This is the 4th or 5th article about the investigation in the past week. That doesn't seem so bad. But when you consider none of these articles reveal anything new about it, you start to wonder why they're being published. We're still a good 3-4 months from knowing what happens. Until then, unless new info surfaces, why are you still posting about it? I'm perfectly fine accepting what's handed to us. We got caught and deserve it. But it's just the same recycled garbage over and over. I know you all don't get together on your ideas for articles. But maybe it's about time to start? You guys wear out every single story you get your hands on. You wrote like 10 articles on Hernandez for crying out loud. Stop beating the dead horse.
You're either dumb or not an Ole Miss fan. Or both. We aren't getting the death penalty. I'm not sure what the punishment will be, but it isn't the death penalty.
Referring to the fact that we are ineligible for any post season games.
Interesting not seeing Ole Miss picked for any of these. Considering a loss to us really hurts. Whereas a win does basically nothing.
First year I haven't been able to decide who I like to win the East this year. All signs point to UGA. With that being said, I'm picking Kentucky.
No coach has proven themselves as a distant second. So I'll sit back and wait a couple more years and see if a coach can pull away.
I don't think anyone with a rushing defense is worried about it. Guy flat out can't throw.
How are you missing what is being said? As Ole Miss fans were used to the exact opposite of what's supposed to happen, happening. For example. 2013 NCAA trouney. We upset 4 seed Wisconsin and the 1 seed in the bracket gets upset. We have to beat a 13 and a 8 seed to make it to the elite 8. We lose on a buzzer beard to the 13 seed who we were better than that year. Another example. 4&25 to go to the sec championship and they get it. This is why we say "this is the perfect we are Ole Miss" season to go undefeated. When it means nothing. It's not a prediction. Don't take everything so literal.
Also let me add that if you think the bowl ban is a legitimate reason we will overlook our season opener, you're reaching. Again, we will quickly remind teams that we aren't an easy win. And in my opinion I think we knock off a team or two we "aren't supposed to" and ruin a season or two. One can only hope.
I've said the same thing. It would be the most Ole Miss thing ever. Then as soon as we're off the bowl ban we go 7-5 or 6-6. Back to the article, having us in danger of losing to south Alabama is actually funny. "Well they beat msu so they can beat better teams". Has to be the dumbest thing I've seen. In fact, I think south Alabama beating msu last year will get our attention and it won't be close. I think people are forgetting that this is still a very talented team. We didn't suddenly lose all our players guys. We can only improve on defense. And if our defense was a top 75 defense last year we go 9-3. I'm not at all saying I think we have an elite team. But I do believe with an improved defense we will remind people that a bowl ban doesn't magically make us an easy win.
When did I declare him a bust? I said I hope he can play DB because for a LB he is small. That's it. I'm sure he's talented. Coaches don't recruit kids for no reason.
No, people are simply tired of the Dobbs hype. He's an average college QB. Why is he suddenly in line to be the next long term starter? Delusional as usual.
A 4th round pick isn't low risk? You really think GMs are thinking "oh he will be my long term guy". No. They're hoping he turns out like Prescott and if he doesn't they let him go. Low risk, high reward.
Being that we are Ole Miss and it's impossible to go to a bowl. We will likely go undefeated out of nowhere and be unable to play in the sec championship or playoff. Then a 1 loss bama team will make it to both and win. Then, if we're off the whole bowl ban the next year, we go 6-6. I'm used to it by now.
Don't know much about him. But hopefully he's a good DB because he won't play LB for you guys at 215 pounds.
More like the "will we ever get rid of this guy" button.
I wouldn't want him. He's a head case. Talented for sure. But not worth the risk. You guys will get a QB soon enough if your OC is as good as advertised.
I can see both sides of this. I can see the "I just want to sip on a beer and enjoy the game" side. And I can see the "we have access to beer let's get wasted and do stupid things" side. I honestly think it should be up to the teams to decide. It would probably bring in more money for sure.
Why is this on here? Just because he's a former coach in the sec doesn't mean we want to know how he's doing in politics...
As if he would've helped? He stood and watched as the NCAA granted immunity to rival schools. You think he's going to step in now?
Just goes to show it's all about timing with the NFL. What a joke. The guy who was caught with a stolen weapon and weed is attending the draft while a guy who failed a drug test isn't even invited. The NFL is a joke. If you're going to have standards, hold everyone to them. Every team that passes on this kid will regret it.