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Why do stories like these always hide the accusers name? If the allegation is true, why hide your name? Also, if this is a false allegation her name should be released. She gets to drag someone’s name through the mud but if she’s found to be lying nothing happens? Doesn’t add up. If he did do this however he deserves whatever he gets.
Also, no run game? Have you watched the last few games? Wilkins has established himself as a legitimate running back. We’ve rushed for over 200 yards multiple games this year... We have a lot of issues, but offense isn’t one of them.
You have to be the most negative person on this site. I’m all for being realistic, but come on. You make it seem like we’re 0-10 and have no shot at all against a powerhouse. While I think it’s very likely we lose, I can’t get to your level of hopelessness.
Funny how an article about Nutt back to Ark ends up with MSU fans talking about how he coached at Ole Miss. The guy sucks as a coach and as a human being. There’s a reason no one has even offered him a job since 2011. When you got 2-10 and quit on your team, it doesn’t reflect well. Has nothing to do with NCAA.
In a year where Ole Miss went 5-7 we beat you guys 45-14 and it could’ve been worse. Wrong team to troll.
The guy hasn’t coached since 2011 where he put up a whopping 2-10 record. 0-8 in SEC play. Once people figured out the wildcat, he couldn’t win. And he’s a very below average recruiter. I think if you’re Arkansas you’d be an idiot to actually want this guy back.
Can’t hate on the uniforms. However it’s odd they chose to wear them for the biggest beatdown of their season.
Just shut up and enjoy the win. No need for being a childish troll. It was a great game that could’ve easily gone the other way. Grow up.
It's nice to see our run game steadily improve. Now about that defense...particularly the 127/130 ranked rush defense...
I don't think Frost or Mullen is happening. Still great options out there. I just don't see those two.
What warrants him not having a job? I know there was a lot of wrong doing, but it seems he's done his job for the most part. I just want specific reasons why he should be fired. There are a lot of people that should be let go. But I'm struggling to find reasons he should.
This is a shocking choice. Ole Miss-Kentucky was clearly a better option.
Well considering the run game has vastly improved the past couple of weeks, sure. As far as tackling? I think I'll just get out of the way of that one. Just like our LBs get out of the way of opposing RBs.
What do people expect him to say? "I'm going to Florida after this year book it"???? Of course he's going to deflect. Whether he's going there or not, this was going to be your answer. Can we have some articles other than Florida and Dan Mullen now?
I never claimed to know anything of UT. I even said Butch isn't the guy. What else do you want me to say?
Ah. I wouldn't listen to a rival source either. Like I said I agree it was ridiculous 2 years ago. However this time I understand rumors.
So we couldn't handle this before Freeze got canned? Eh whatever.
Not showing up is showing a potential big hire that he has no room for error. It'll show a new hire he has to be perfect from the jump. So, show up, be loud, enjoy the games, and he's gone after he season. You could be in our situation.
I think by that they mean one loss outside of the SEC championship. If you lost to Bama in the SEC championship and have 1 loss I think you get in. If you lose and that's your second loss? I think you're looking at NY6.
I don't think he if leaving. I think if he leaves it'll be when Fitz leaves. But the way they're recruiting now I don't see a reason for him to leave. Other than Bama being in the division.
It'll likely be packed. These are the worst of the worst fans. Every fan base has them. Any reasonable person realizes it takes time to build an elite championship team. It doesn't happen in a year. Well, unless you're Saban or Kirby Smart. Although Smart inherited a ton of talent. TN needs a few years of top 15 classes for a big turn around. I don't think Butch is the right guy. But the right fit takes time to get their system and players implemented. Butch is getting fired at the end of the year. Show up, support your team, and hope your AD hires the right guy this time around.
If not Florida, where would he go? Genuine question. FSU? Ohio State? USC? I'm just curious to know which team State thinks is good enough to lure him away from Starkville.
How did Ole Mis get dragged into this? I agree it was ridiculous a couple years ago hearing he was going to every open job. But that wasn't all Ole Miss rumors. I believe he did take an interview somewhere. Besides, he has connections to the AD and Florida so it isn't that far fetched to believe he's a legitimate candidate for the job. Still confused as to how Ole Miss was brought into this though.
Obviously sucks to see. Backup looked serviceable. Maybe if the defense decides they want to stop getting pushed around, we could win a few games. What happened last night was humiliating. LSU just ran straight up the middle all night and we just let it happen. Hope Shea has a speedy recovery and gets ready for next year. Hopefully by then we have a defense that plays with effort.
An article about a season ending injury and this is what you have to say? What does the AD, coach, or anyone else have to do with it? How about a simple "that sucks"? I understand it's a rivalry, but let's leave that out of season ending injuries, shall we?
Lol. NCAA once again proving it's a joke. Let's hope they're a joke for our penalties too. Nevermind. We aren't an elite program in any sport so it'll be just fine to hammer us.
Have to say I'm extremely surprised UT fans overreacted to the slightest jab at their coach. Didn't see it coming at all. See, the difference is, Ole Miss fans can laugh at ourselves. UT fans just throw tantrums and get mad if you even attempt to joke about them. Lighten up.
All you need to play for TN is a 5 star heart. After that, you'll take leadership reps. Then, if you got enough leadership reps and kept your 5 star heart, you can be a champion of life.
I'm assuming the only reason Matt Luke isn't on here is because he doesn't have the label of head coach. Hoping he doesn't get it. My prediction is Luke, Sumlin, and Jones are all gone after this year.
Hoping we lose every remaining game honestly. I don't want this idiot as our coach. He's way in over his head and just can't run a program. I don't care how good Bama is. We lost by 9 TDs. 9. That's inexcusable for any team. I don't care how outmatched you are. Colorado State put up a better fight than we did. I encourage every team remaining to destroy us.