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I just love how everyone is taking the “wait and see” approach because it’s LSU. Even though there’s audio of the coach clearly discussing a “solid” offer to a recruit. We had zero evidence of what was happening at Ole Miss and it was certainly not wait and see. If the NCAA drops the hammer on not only Ole miss but Missouri, they’d better do the same to a coach who was caught in the act. If the NCAA lets this slide it will continue to show that they only enforce rules for the smaller schools. It’s beyond a joke at this point.
Also no one claimed this made Ole Miss the best team in the state or country or whatever you’re trying to say. Regardless of opponent this was an impressive outing. Not only a no hitter but 25 runs. If state did this I’d just think it was impressive and move on without a comment. But, the state fans on this site just can’t do that I suppose
Just wanted to point out that before this comment there were 4 comments from state fans and 0 from ole miss fans on an ole miss article. I don’t usually use the obsessed argument, but you guys aren’t doing yourselves any favors.
It’s really tiring watching every other comment you make include Bjork. Did he sleep with your wife or something? I do think he can do better but to say you’re obsessed is an understatement. And the fact you want our basketball coach who was passionate and reacted in tbe heat of the moment to be suspended is a joke. You whine about literally everything. This was a great game that Ole miss should’ve won. It’s understandable he was caught up in the moment and frustrated with the poor calls down the stretch. You trash our football team for having no fight yet you trash our basketball coach for having passion for the game and this team. You aren’t an ole miss fan and that worries me even more. The fact you’re this obsessed with Bjork and ole miss is actually sad to watch. Get help man.
UCF lost to LSU who was down 9 starters. An LSU team that got stomped by Bama. So no, they wouldn’t have.
Shocked it was this lopsided but not surprise Clemson won. Clearly the two best teams. I’m sure they’ll meet again next year.
This comment just proves you aren’t an Ole Miss fan as you claim. You’re either an MSU fan, or a general troll. Of course anyone with a brain knew this already. This comment just 100% confirms that.
Agreed. Why ruin the most important SEC West game of the season not letting him play? People want to see best vs best.
Out of all 3 games mentioned, only one hit appeared dirty and got flagged. That was the helmet to helmet on the ark QB. All the other hits on him were perfectly legal. The last huge hit he should’ve gone out of bounds. Instead he jumped into a defender and got leveled. Nothing dirty about the hit. The hit on Fitz wasn’t intentional either. I tried to go back and watch this to make sure. But as you can imagine it’s hard to watch. I couldn’t see any intent to cause harm to fitz and no hits during the game before that were dirty on him. The Texas Tech Qb got his ankle caught under a defender so honestly for anyone to argue that was intentional is just dishonest. It’s easy to make it seem a certain way when you want to make it something it isn’t. Now, if we take out Stidham I’ll start to wonder. But as for now, every one of those injury causing hits were legal hits and unfortunately injuries.
There are more MSU fans commenting than Arkansas and Ole Miss fans combined. It happens every Ole Miss article. You see 2-3 times more MSU comments than Ole Miss comments. Just pointing that out.
What disturbs me most? Look at the sidelines. The opposing teams sideline is just watching with no emotion as if it was planned out. The other is in a panic trying to get him off their player. It’s a shame no one knocked him out for that. No place for it. You want to go for a player and get some clean hits? Fine. But this crosses the line. Anyone defending him lacks basic common sense.
I’m done with Luke. Our O line was a problem every year he coached them. We get a new o line coach when he gets the head coach job and our O line is one of our strengths. It’s clear as day he cannot coach football period.
Unless Luke is fired you won’t se many people there next year. This is our worst coach since coach O.
You’d be okay letting a coach as incompetent as him stay? Our bowl ban is over this year. So after this year I expect him gone. Along with our DC and OC
As good as he looked, don’t put much stock in it. Our defense gave up 600 yards to the worst offense in the SEC. Wait and see how he plays against defenses with a pulse. Maybe he made a huge leap today. But our defense will make every QB look like peyton manning. Just watch the southern Illinois game.
Congrats. You beat the worst team in the SEC and worst defense in the country. Enjoy it. Sorry our players lost their composure. I do however think there was no reason to have your starters in up 3 scores with under 3 minutes to go. But they have to make the stops. Fire every coach on our staff. Never seen a more undisciplined poorly coached team in my life. 0-8 in the SEC. Luke is in over his head. If he is coaching next year I won’t watch.
I understand criticism of Bjork. But this is dumb. You want him NOT to have us on TV? I understand this team is miserable to watch both in effort and technique, but getting us on national TV is sort of his job. Trust me I’m not defending the guy when it comes to legit criticism. But you offfer no insight an just constantly bash him. At least offer your expert opinion in what you’d prefer. Don’t like us on TV? Don’t watch. Ole Miss has never and will never be a consistent national brand. If you’re an actual fan you’d know we have a good 2-4 year run then we drop off for 4-5 years then have another good run. Schools like Ole Miss and Mississippi state, kentucky, etc will never be what LSU, Bama, and Georgia are. So honestly, I don’t know what you’d expect. What, all the sudden we have insanely high standards? We suck. We’re goin ft suck for a while. Especially with Luke. Get over and try being positive about something. All that negativity can’t be good for you.
Pathetic effort in defense. I don’t care who we are playing, that was just awful. Us vs Arkansas for last place in the west.
I’m really tired of this game being hyped up. We stand 0 chance. I had a tad bit of confidence in our defense after opening weekend. But after what I saw last week? We stand no chance. I’m just hoping we keep it respectable.
You can argue who’s got the best in the country. But if Ole Miss can get solid QB play as expected and a RB or two to step up, it’ll be hard to slow them down. If the defense improves to mid tier I think 8-9 wins is very possible. I’m thinking it’ll be more like 6-7 wins. But with such an explosive offense it’s hard to count Ole Miss out of any game. Except maybe for the Bama game. That’ll be ugly again this year.
Not to be that guy but D.K. Metcalf caught the TD pass to beat UK not Brown.
You have an amazing walk off hit and eliminate a national seed and all you can think about is Ole Miss? Weird. Good win though.
Lol. Good thing this is our star witness against Rebel Rags and is considered credible by the NCAA. Idiot.
You’re in an awful lot of arguments with Ole Miss fans and you do bash Ole Miss. You ignore evidence and just spew hatred for the school. If you’re actually for Ole Miss, you have a weird way of showing it. Also, insulting anyone who slightly disagrees with you is a sign of lack of intelligence itself. So let’s not point fingers.
You’re constantly bashing Ole Miss. I don’t care where you’re typing from. You aren’t a fan. I do wish him the best. I don’t take football so seriously that I’d hold a grudge against a player for transferring. That’s childish. But, no one takes you seriously anyways.
If they drop the Rebel Rags, the second bowl ban and numerous restrictions go away. But they apparently have deems two rival players to be credible and evidence as irrelevant. So I’m not getting my hopes up.
Well seeing as the only reason for the second NOA was based on rival players claiming to have received merchandise for free, yes, the majority of this is on Leo Lewis and Kobe jones. But they’ve been caught in numerous lies and their stories have changed. Ole Miss and Rebel Rags have provided evidence against the claims only for it to be ignored. And, if you remember, the self imposed penalties did not included a bowl ban at all until the second NOA came around. So yes, this is basically all on the word of two rival players. And the NCAA listened to them. And ignored all evidence suggested other schools not only broke NCAA rules themselves, but were in a bidding war. My only question is why is all of that ignored?