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I agree about the past. What's really going to screw with the florida fans who like to throw 1980 in the face of Georgia fans is when you guys win the NC this year and there is no way that doesn't happen. Unless all 11 starters get injured on defense. As much as I despise UGA i love watching an elite defense play as one all game, every game all year. It's beyond impressive what UGA defense is doing to teams. They are demoralizing every offense they play. I will be very interested to see where this defense ranks all time. I have to believe it will be top 3 if not no. 1. It's clear now who was behind those dominate Alabama defenses a few years ago.
Your comment implies he has admitted failure in the past. Dopey Dan is a legend and the greatest football coach to ever walk the planet. If you want proof we played Alabama tough two years in a row!!! That is what you call an elite coach.
Dopey Dan being Dopey. He is such a goofy guy it's not surprising he can't figure out a way to keep his highest rated recruit.
While I would love this it will never happen because Dopey Dan is arrogant, smug and always thinks he is the smartest in the room. Also the Florida athletic department has made it clear through their actions, they are no longer interested in being a top tier football program. They are more concerned with that useless trophy of being the top school in all sports combined. However what those idiots fail to realize is without football none of those other sports would get the funding they need for all that top of the line equipment, uniforms, nutrition, gym facilities etc. Until we get an AD who puts football above all other sports we will be a middle of the pack SEC team. It's sad and frustrating to see what is going on when we know what Florida can become and do when the right coach and support is in place. Fu*k the florida UAA, fu*k Stricklin and double fu*k Dopey Dan.
Being a Florida fan living in Atlanta it's going to suck after UGA wins the NC this year. The UGA D is on a level by it self. Surrendered 33 points in 6 games. 5.5 points a game. That is just dominance on a crazy new level. A deeper dive and the D starters have (1) 3* (1) 4* and the other (9) are 5*. Gotta give Kirby his due, the man can recruit. We Gator fans get to watch our lazy goofy hunchback try and half azz his way through another recruiting season. Urban showed how Florida can recruit when you actually put some effort in, so infuriating.
I'm a UF fan and this is laughable. This clown played the DBs 10-15 yards off the line on almost every down, even on 3rd and 2. He continues to steal money from UF and I can't wait for his sorry azz to leave. Oh and the 3rd and Grantham is fo real.