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If Vandy can keep Mason as coach for another year or two he will have them in better shape than Franklin did.
I think we will have one 1000 yard rusher hopefully we won't have to rely solely on the run this year.
I just hope we can stay healthy down the stretch that killed us last year.
Don't get me wrong I love pettways running style and he has the potential to lead in rushing yards,but I have a feeling Guice will be the winner he is just more elusive than Pettway.
I will be straight forward my only interest in the possibly switching divisions would be to potentially play Alabama twice a year. There really isn't any west game I want to stop playing I like them all.
Good for him, can't wait to see what he does at Seattle.
That is a load of crap, the only way I would want Auburn to switch divisions would be to keep the Iron bowl. Even better would be if both Alabama and Auburn got to play each other in the sec championship game the following week.
Good player too bad he cant get his priorities straight.
It only looks like him in the face, the guy in the photo easily has 40 pounds on Mac.
As a fan I would hope Stidham would stay two years if he lives up to the hype but, cant really blame him for a one and done if he has a successful year.
Clemson should be a good team by the end of the year,but I dont think they will have it put together by week 2. They lost a bunch of talent from that championship team.
Georgia should be the leader of the East this season bringing back a great running back tandem and having a more seasoned qb. My sleeper pick for the East is South Carolina. I think Florida lost too much on defense this draft to go three in a row.
I don't think Bo was present when Tampa Bay selected him at number 1.
That is impressive 4 out of 8, hell I'm happy with Auburn winning 1 and playing for another.
I can assure you him being in the military, he has some wear-and-tear on his legs. That will age your body like dog years. Best of luck brother.
Why, he didn't miss a mandatory practice. If they want everyone there make it mando.
How dare he not showup to a voluntary workout, while continuing to obtain a degree.
I think 5 is a little lofty for now, I would rather see them prove it on the field before they get ranked. I honestly dont think there should be rankings until around the fourth game. Most of the preseason rankings are a bust by then anyway.
Rivalry aside, any program would be proud of that play. I really don't consider that the miracle play of the season that play belongs to the Georgia game. That being said it is getting old, show the play on a highlight reel before the Iron Bowl other than that leave it alone.
I think once Auburn holds a defensive coordinator for more than one year we might change that bust scenario some. Cowart isn't a bust just yet, if he has a bad junior year after moving to the interior then yes he will be a bust.
They just scored too soon in the championship game. Auburn had a solid drive going they just left too much time on the clock for Florida State. They almost did with Georgia and Texas A&M in 2013 as well.
I don't think it will be quite as exciting as last time. I think Missouri is a few years away from being a strong team right now.
With Pettway running the ball up the middle, Franklin would really give the offense a chance to spread out the defense just a little bit more if the use him like they did with McCalebb a few years ago. I wish he would have embraced that role last year.
Tennessee was the most disappointing team to me last year. They had all the pieces for a great team, but they were poorly coached. Until they get rid of Butch I don't think they will win the East.
I hope Guice is ready to go this year. He is one of the players I'm really looking forward to watching this year.
Poor kid, make fun of an adult, go after a man that's 40! "Mike Gundy"
How does the Auburn make the list for Oregon and not the Clemson game this year?