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That's a big gamble to take, but it paid off for him.
Tough loss, I was really pulling for them to get the upset.
You do realize Auburn didn't move their schedule that came from the conference office. And I have agreed many times if anything should be changed with the schedule moving forward Auburn should play at Georgia two years in a row to even it back out.
Every fanbase has fans like that, and I disagree that the majority of Alabama's fans are like that. That guy is insane.
Hits close to home for me, my grandmother was killed while checking her mail on mothers day in 2017. At least in this situation nobody was under the influence, prayers for everyone involved.
I wish people wouldn't do that , I dont care he choose what he thought best for him moving forward plain and simple. Best of luck to the young man moving forward. I hope he has a great career.
That wouldn't really matter, usually they will allow players to transfer with no restrictions in this situation.
I think it was pre staged man, look at the cops and everyone around to me they kinda act like they already knew it was going to happen.
I actually like that better than automatically going for two.
He really wont have to talk him up, he is pretty good. I'm thinking he will be the starter next season.
I dont hate him at all, I think he has outstanding character as a young man and is very talented any team would be lucky to have him next year.
I really thought he would be going to the draft, that is big for next year.
I would say Saban is the better coach. I think just off his ability to adapt to the game as it changes so quickly in recruiting, playoffs, and rules in general gives him the edge.
Auburn plays 5 top ten teams according to this ranking and kicks off with number 12 Oregon.
I watched the video several times I still cant see anything wrong. Looks like he stuck his hand out and says congratulations, but Mullen still had his hand on a players shoulders.
That was a dangerous play for both of them, he is lucky he didn't get hurt himself.
And hopefully it will be a better game than it was this year.
Didn't you just write an article about having the least amount of confidence in Auburn to win this game?
They had a phenomenal first half, that was one of the most lopsided games I've seen since Clemson got crushed in the Orange Bowl a few years back.
He's a good offensive coordinator, not so much at head coach.
This is the funniest thing I have read all day.
I like how he wrote an article on Auburn recruiting a few days ago saying it was impressive how they have managed to keep a good class together just to turn around today saying they are losers in recruiting.