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I have no issue with it either way, some players want an extra game to maybe impress scouts other players dont want to risk injury before the draft. Either way they are looking out for what is in their best interest moving forward .
Pappoe is going to be big filling in for our departing seniors.
Yeah that was pretty sorry the way he did him.
I think Tua should have won. The good news is we are about to find out what Murray is going to do versus a real defense.
I'm excited to see what he can do next year, should be really fun to watch.
I'm really hoping he solves some problems next year.
I wish him the best of luck at his next stop. The coaching staff needs to wake up too many players have transferred this season.
I have a feeling that will be the arguement all next season. We wouldn't have lost if our QB wasn't hurt...
I remember Charles Barkley lost his mind when we didn't hire him.
I think they are eventually going to expand the playoff from 4 to 8.
Not going to lie I also underestimated LSU at the beginning of the season and predicted them at 7-5.
I think Alabama wins this week and stays at number one. I also think if UCF wins this week they should move them to number 4 and get destroyed by Alabama in the playoffs so we can all be done with it already.
Well, we scored 21 more points than I thought we would to be honest. Congrats on the win, beat Georgia next week.
No crying here, if you are in control of a game you can pretty much call whatever play you want to. Congrats on the win, maybe it will be a more exciting game next year.
There was no block in the back,but he did trip him which is also a penalty.
I dont really care for Herman that much,but I did laugh pretty hard when he mocked that td celebration in the bowl game last year.
There's a few bad apples in every fanbase. Sadly those are the ones people usually remember.
I'm pretty sure a ton of people were screaming Miami was bad for the sport back in the day.
Even if they fired him this year who would replace him? I can't really think of a coach to go after right now that would be worth buying his contract out this year.
Georgia lost the home game they should be the ones who get it back if they want a schedule change to happen that's what needs to be done.
I dont think he had anything to do with that considering that was his first year as head coach. I do agree the only way to change it would be for Auburn to play two games at Georgia to even it back out.
I like these videos way more than the other comedians all he does is scream the whole time.
No targeting, roughing the passer at best.I think plays like this should be reviewable by the conference the following week to determine if a player should actually have to sit out or not.