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Looks pretty cool, I didn't even knew they made rings for winning the division.
Agreed, sexuality had nothing to do with it, it was actually reported he had come out to his team at Missouri the previous year. I think he was advised by his agent to resurface the subject thinking it would land him more money. Could be wrong but that's my theory.
I could see where the option of buying in the stadium could cut down on binge drinking before the game.
I'm hoping Dan Mullen works out the qb issue in the swamp. I also wish Auburn and Florida played each other more, that has always been some of my favorite games to watch.
Our d-line is solid, that o-line on the other hand worries me some.
Yeah, some get a little too sensitive about it but it's all in good fun.
Pretty funny, I'm not sure who runs these Twitter accounts but they crack me up.
It was his throwing shoulder, not sure who they have projected haven't looked too much in to it. We pretty much lost the whole starting line to graduation and the draft.
I got a chance to wear the bite suit in Iraq, it's impressive how strong those dogs are and how much you can feel through the suit.
I don't care if they lose every game to be honest,I'm still going to pull for them either way. I just think it is dumb to say the sky is falling on the season and it's only April.
It's a little too early to be hitting the panic button, those injuries will heal. If we have a bunch go down after the first few games then it might get ugly but, season hasn't even started yet no worries.
That is some serious distance, hopefully we won't be in a position to try make a 62 yard field goal too many times next season.
Pretty solid weight, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he went parallel as well since the strength coach was telling him to go up .
It is amazing how fast some of the players are recovering from torn acl now compared to about 10 years ago.
Not saying it is serious but if it was it is nice knowing Hurts has only lost two games in two years.
Didn't one of their qbs commit suicide not too long ago, or am I thinking of a different team.
I'm sorry I did have to go back and look at stats,I did think it was Georgia or Auburn that totally shut him down, it was actually Purdue that held him to 133 yards and 2 interceptions.
Not salty at all, how were his stats against Georgia, and Auburn last year? If it makes you feel better I don't think Stidham should be top of the list either.
Drew Lock puts up numbers when he isn't playing a real team, I would not have him at 2.
Well they do evaluate from every school in the country, we as fans tend to stick to our school and branch out in to the conference. But it is always nice when you see something in a player and people start picking up on it.
They are making championship car tags lol it could be played 10 years from now, they would call it the national championship.
I'm not saying we are going undefeated next season but 4-8 really? I'm thinking more like 8-4 or 9-3 , depending on how that season opener goes in Atlanta. We lost some very good players, but still have too much talent on the team for a crumble like that.
I'm really hoping Alabama is working on scheduling UCF soon. It was funny at first now it's just sad and they need to be silenced.
I understand his frustration but, several people have said it all season they really don't have the best players they are coached well and play well together, nothing wrong with that.