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He is a good back, I just hope he stays healthy this year.
I thought his restitution he owed was much lower than that.
He has a very good upside, but like most big kids in highschool he just out muscles people right now. If he works on his technique he could be a beast in college.
No, it doesn't bother me if a kid opens up his recruitment and commits to another school. If he feels that's the best school for him he should go there. It's his future not mine.
It's hard to argue Saban's results for sure it definitely makes it hard for any recruit to say no to that. I did like the way Malzahn handled his decision as well, basically saying hey no hard feelings you are doing what's best for you.
I will never forget him pulling on the Alabama lineman to draw a flag then cheering when it got called. Showed me everything I needed to know about his character.
No, not at all. I do think it's odd one of the better quarterbacks from the sec won't be participating.
It says he didn't make the cut in the article, but I agree he does play better on the field than some on the list.
I also said I think it's going to be close. I do think they will have problems moving the ball; however I think Auburn's defensive line will be enough to pull out a win. Again not much of a reach there considering that will probably be the best dline they face next season.
Well, in my opinion I think Auburn's defense will be too much for Oregon. That's not too much of a reach since Auburn has a really talented defensive front.
I think Auburn beats Oregon but it's going to be close. I also think Georgia wins but it will be closer than most think. That's not a knock on Georgia, I just think Vanderbilt has more talent than they getting credit for.
That's a big gamble to take, but it paid off for him.
Tough loss, I was really pulling for them to get the upset.
You do realize Auburn didn't move their schedule that came from the conference office. And I have agreed many times if anything should be changed with the schedule moving forward Auburn should play at Georgia two years in a row to even it back out.
Every fanbase has fans like that, and I disagree that the majority of Alabama's fans are like that. That guy is insane.
Hits close to home for me, my grandmother was killed while checking her mail on mothers day in 2017. At least in this situation nobody was under the influence, prayers for everyone involved.
I wish people wouldn't do that , I dont care he choose what he thought best for him moving forward plain and simple. Best of luck to the young man moving forward. I hope he has a great career.
That wouldn't really matter, usually they will allow players to transfer with no restrictions in this situation.
I think it was pre staged man, look at the cops and everyone around to me they kinda act like they already knew it was going to happen.
I actually like that better than automatically going for two.
He really wont have to talk him up, he is pretty good. I'm thinking he will be the starter next season.