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First half Auburn looks good, second half Auburn needs to eat a Snickers...
The only reason I think we beat A&M is we get a bye week after Arkansas this week. Two weeks can go a long way preparing for a team and healing up.
Auburn looked good in the first half, then Gus said hold my beer haha 8-5 here we come.
Never saw an XO unload, but I have seen a ton of Company First Sargents and Sargents Major hold some boot hostage telling them how it really was. I also saw a QAO get escorted out for flipping a table. Real fun times!
There is too much history in the rivalry to take it lightly. When Auburn went 3-9 in 2012, LSU beat Auburn 12-10, it doesn't matter if LSU is considered down right now. I still think this is going to be a tough road game for Auburn.
I always enjoyed The Ball, nothing like seeing the higher ups getting too drunk and walking around telling people what they really thought. They should have handed out popcorn when you show up, pure entertainment.
If we win this week I think we will make it to the Georgia game without a loss. Arkansas isn't going to do much and we have our bye week before going to A&M. Fun fact since A&M has joined the SEC, the home team has not won between Auburn and A&M, I hope the streak continues this year.
I always look forward to this game every year. Best of luck, I hope it stays close.
I would be happy with a redemption game against Oklahoma!
There's still a ton of football to be played. It does look like Alabama and Georgia have both divisions locked up at this point though.
He shouldn't even count as a coach there, his coaching status at Alabama is on par with two people who got married and then got an annulment, it never really happened.
DUFF, you need to bring back the what they meant to say article.
I'm not buying the whole Auburn 10-2. We had one ok game, two terrible games, and then we played Mizzou. I am going to have to see some consistency on offense before I think we only drop two games this year. Could happen but not holding my breath.
Pretty positive you can hear someone say hold my beer in the background haha.
Terrible timing, he might be off the team after this, Gus wasn't happy with him already.
To be fair there was a pretty bad pass interference that wasn't called on Tennessee at the beginning of the game.
Couldn't help but bust out laughing at the 13th year senior comment.
I would like to see some payback from that 2011 game I hope they come out firing on all cylinders, they are going to have to.
Well, the article sort of explains the Heisman talk in a way. If he does become that one piece to the puzzle Auburn has been missing, I would be surprised if Stidham isn't in New York at the end of the season.
I'm not saying they didn't look good, I just want to see what they do with a better team.
I haven't had any encounters with Florida State fans, but I will say the absolute worst fan base I have dealt with was Clemson. That was before they were really relevant, I can't imagine how bad some of them are now.