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Classy move, I would do the same thing if given the opportunity.
Yup pre expansion,we played Florida and South Carolina that year as well as Georgia.
That is a really true statement. You never really know what they are going to do.
They probably figured they could get more out of him with more community service hours than a larger fine.
Agree, like I said before, i dindnt like the switch then play two at Georgia and get it back where it was.
I don't think Stidham left Baylor because of competition, I think that had more to do with the scandal they had going on. Now Barret leaving Auburn on the other hand I think had everything to do with Stidham coming in.
Looks pretty solid that's a big addition for LSU.
I feel like other teams are eventually going to complain about this, it is defiantly something that could grab high school players attention when they watch it and hear the former players talking about an easy transition into the NFL. Don't get me wrong I like the little mini series it's great to watch but it could be used as a recruiting tool without even having to actually recruit them. Again I like it it's good to watch but I think other schools might start looking at it as a recruiting tool. I can't think of any other school that has anything like it.
Was 2010 the last time Bama played SC? I couldn't think of any other time they have played since .
I understand blocking someone who just wants to transfer, but a grad transfer should be able to go anywhere they want to.
I wasn't a fan of that decision when it was made. Sound fair to me two homes at Georgia to put it back where it was.
He was out of time at Auburn , if he hadn't declared for the draft Gus would have booted him off the team. Either way his time at Auburn was over.
I don't know much about img other than it is pretty much a football factory, don't they only play like 8 games a season ? I had heard that never knew if it was true or not.
They are talking about current players in the NFL. If it was all time best yes he would be at the top.
Gus did as well, his first year at Auburn was only his second year as head coach.
Yeah not a very favorable road schedule.
We weren't healthy down the stretch and looked like they lacked any motivation in that game. But yes I do agree, none of this would have happened if we had put them away like we should have.
I think Saban handled that well, it will be interesting to see how it plays out if Tua does wind up getting the starting job. It would be pretty crazy to see hurts leave they have the potential to give people nightmares if they could figure out the best way to have both of them on the field at the same time.
Looks pretty cool, I didn't even knew they made rings for winning the division.
Agreed, sexuality had nothing to do with it, it was actually reported he had come out to his team at Missouri the previous year. I think he was advised by his agent to resurface the subject thinking it would land him more money. Could be wrong but that's my theory.
I could see where the option of buying in the stadium could cut down on binge drinking before the game.
I'm hoping Dan Mullen works out the qb issue in the swamp. I also wish Auburn and Florida played each other more, that has always been some of my favorite games to watch.
Our d-line is solid, that o-line on the other hand worries me some.
Yeah, some get a little too sensitive about it but it's all in good fun.