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Recent Comments
Yup, release the tiger that is fed food and doesn't have to hunt for it. I see that turning out well.
I am in no way shape or form racist. I just think he could have found a better way to protest. It doesn't offend me personally when someone kneels in the national anthem, like I said above. Personally the only thing I have come across that offended me was being protested by the Westboro Babtist Church members coming back from Iraq. What they do to people at some of the lowest points in their lives is far worse than kneeling during the anthem could ever be.
I dont think I know better, did he sacrifice everything like the ad states, no he didn't. I do feel like he brought more negative attention to himself and his protest overall by the platform he chose to protest.
The ad was poorly thought out, kneeling for the flag is not something I would do myself but, I dont get offended if someone wants to use it as a protest platform. I do wish he would have gathered more information before beginning his protest other than listening to crap mainstream media pumps out. I feel like that's where most racial tension is fueled from today. And to tigers td, I doubt your generation is going to do anything to change this country until you learn to quit eating tide pods.
Penn State shouldn't be in the top 25 at all.
I think there is a real possibility he could go to Auburn or Tennessee next year.
He's the best coach in football right now on one of the top teams every year. That's not hard to sell to a recruit.
I will agree there, Auburn was getting pretty dirty under Chizik.
I'm going to say Orgeron or Odom will be the next coaches fired.
Yeah,they dont really have a proven qb behind Stidham. I didn't really think that was a secret...
I think it would be kind of interesting if Jalen graduated from Bama in December and transferred to Auburn.
They aren't all going to stay home, some would rather get away from home.
It doesn't look like anything was done out of malice, just some fans enjoying a win.
Well your sec alignment makes more sense than the one posted in the article.
They will have one rb step up and fill the role. One thing that frustrates me about Auburn is the fact that every year they have at least one game where they let a team stay in a game longer than they should or just flat out lose a game they had no business losing.
That's a good way for a waitress to get fired. Just because he is a millionaire is no reason to call him out for a low tip.
Home advantage means nothing. If your team can jump out on a team on the road you can take the crowd factor completely out of a game. Fans dont win football games players do.
Johnson was a very good RB, but I think some of the run game struggle had something to do with the o-line. If production along the line picks up this year no reason to think they won't have another 1k runner emerge.
Both of the Texas A&M wins came against Auburn, and since joining the conference the home team has lost everytime between the two schools.
I dont want to get too excited about this kid yet, we have managed to get several QBs over the past few years that were supposed to be great that didn't pan out. I hope this does turn out to be good for Auburn's QB situation moving forward though.
That was also pretty rough, at that point we had only one loss after we lost that game that season took a nosedive.
Auburn losing to LSU last year was pretty rough as well, yeah losing to Georgia in the championship game overall cost Auburn more, but the way we lost that LSU game last year was just as disappointing.
I never really get too caught up with their star rankings, for him to have that many sec offers he has to have some talent.
Classy move, I would do the same thing if given the opportunity.
Yup pre expansion,we played Florida and South Carolina that year as well as Georgia.