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I’m really surprised they didn’t match up Georgia and Alabama in the first game just to make sure it wouldn’t be two sec teams playing for the championship game.
Smokehouse bbq in Hilton Head is really good too.
It wasn’t a big hit but, it was the correct call just like the one on Auburn this afternoon.
The receivers should catch the flack , but they dropped that too.
That was actually better than I expected, that’s a really special Georgia team , no shame in the loss. Congrats Georgia.
Pretty hard to argue leading with the crown , he was trying to get lower but that will get you every time.
I like the LSU win but honestly the talent difference on the lines is going to make it a long afternoon for Auburn.
Tank is a beast, but I believe Hunter might wind up better than him. He isn’t quite there yet but I’m worried when he gets there one is these guys is going to transfer out.
I think the feel good story ends with Georgia beating them by fourteen.
Anything can happen I guess, but as it stands right now I have to agree . I don’t see them breaking that losing streak this year . Honestly if they don’t turn it around five wins could be a struggle.
I think we will see more and more top players like this sitting out their senior year or part of them for fear of losing out on NIL deals due to injury. Just my opinion but , it will be something to look out for .
We didn’t play that well , there is still a good bit we need to clean up and the receivers definitely need to get step up. There was some pretty bad calls on both sides , some pretty blatant holding calls that weren’t made, a really bad targeting ejection. Overall I would have liked to come out of there with a win but I think if we can just make a few more tweaks we will be ok.
Best two games of the week Oregon beat Ohio State, and Arkansas beat Texas.
Seem like a bunch of teams got out of a sluggish start today .
Come on man, you didn’t think that was a little funny?
Ready for next week , a bunch of questions are going to get answered. I hope they start out better than last week.
The first half was pretty ugly still got some things to clean up, hopefully they get off to a better start next week .
I’m good with 25 for now , I understand the whole it was Akron argument; however picture that game if Gus was coaching and ask yourself would they look as good as they did . This coaching change is what I’m most excited about, I like what I have seen so far .
I’d have A&M in that slot with Clemson at five and probably bump Oklahoma out of the top ten until they show improvement, they looked like they have a ton of problems.
Oklahoma at number four is a joke .
Great win, I was stationed in South Carolina and I will say this Clemson probably has the worst fan base out of anyone I have ever met. They were arrogant before they were even good , Georgia is definitely on the right track.
Competitive losses is what I hated most about Gus. We were either winning big or getting blown out very rarely did we look competitive in games we lost under him.
I still haven’t made my mind up on the season for Auburn. The defense should be good enough to keep us in the games but we won’t have a real good picture of how it’s going to go until Penn State. Right now I’m just glad the season is starting up .
Definitely no slouch , I hope they play like they did against LSU that game they didn’t look like they have most of the season.
Prayers for his family, he put a lot of negative attention on them and himself. Hopefully they can move forward and find some peace.
Yes it is impressive and I don't think Herschel would back down at all it would be an interesting fight.
I'm a big fan of both, that being said I'm not so sure Tyson wins that fight as easy as people would initially think. Walker does have mma experience and for anyone his age I don't think you can find anyone in better shape.