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Definitely no slouch , I hope they play like they did against LSU that game they didn’t look like they have most of the season.
Prayers for his family, he put a lot of negative attention on them and himself. Hopefully they can move forward and find some peace.
Yes it is impressive and I don't think Herschel would back down at all it would be an interesting fight.
I'm a big fan of both, that being said I'm not so sure Tyson wins that fight as easy as people would initially think. Walker does have mma experience and for anyone his age I don't think you can find anyone in better shape.
Hey Adam, off topic of the article but still sorta SEC related. How great would an exhibition fight between Mike Tyson and Herschel Walker be.
Brown to Miami wasn't a bad pick. He did some great stuff there. But I agree it's a different game today and if he was being drafted this year he would not be the number two pick.
Yeah, Newton leaving hurt so did the massive amount of seniors that graduated that year. It was a big overhaul on both sides of the ball the next year.
Outside of the Texas game, the first half of the schedule is really favorable. Finishing the regular season at 9-3 or 10-2 is very possible for LSU.
I may be looking too far ahead on this but I think there was a really good chance he was going to lose that starting job. Injury bug and ball control was a big concern for him. Factor Tank coming in and a more than capable Shivers waiting and I could see him hitting the transfer portal up.
I could possibly see the Dolphins trading the 5th and 18th pick for him. Probably hear some more talk like that after the combine.
I'm surprised Philip Lutzenkirchen Didn't make the list.
I'm not saying what Garrett did was ok at all, but I kinda feel like Rudolph started it.
Light show champs, you should be so proud lol.
How does that version of Dixieland delight that the fans sing at BDS go again? And yes Saban has said similar stuff about other teams to his players. It was a good game, take your loss and quit being a sore loser.
Wish him the best, I was wondering why he didn't get more meaningful snaps since the Tulane game. I don't claim to be a coach by any means but, Gatewood looked like he should have been starting over Nix.
I think Lsu is the best team in college football this year and even if they do loose to Alabama that won't necessarily shut out their playoff hopes. I could see Lsu being like Alabama in 2017 and missing the sec championship game but still making the playoffs.
Yup lose by 19 the refs really had it out for them lol
Who would they replace him with? There is still some things he needs to change coaching wise but there is nobody out there worth firing him over.
Yeah, I'm not sure those are the games people are pointing to when they talk about Florida struggling. With that said I do agree they are more evenly matched and I think it's going to be a close game.
I think we will get to find out a lot about both teams tomorrow. Looking forward to this game.
I'm really excited about this game. I wish we played Florida more frequently.
I wouldn't put Auburn ahead of A&M right now. I like the win last night, and they have a few weeks to work some kinks out but that's going to be a tough road test.
True freshman qb playing neutral site. Good win, and a few weeks to get even more settled in. I think he will be fine.
Really going to miss his play calling, it will not be the same without him.
Besides the Auburn game, Georgia and Vandy is the other game I'm most excited about this week. Georgia wins but I think it stays closer than people are predicting. That's no knock on Georgia, I think Vandy is a little underrated.
Depends on if they are blowout losses or it's competitive down to the last second in my opinion. Losses are going to happen to every team what is so frustrating for me is we can blow some team out one week and the next week it looks like they have never played football before. Closing the gap in those blowout wins and losses is going to be the difference I think.
There is a real good chance we go 8-5 this season again, but it has a different feel to it. I think it's going to be a more competitive team even in losses. To me as a fan that is what drives me crazy going up big on a team and letting off the gas towards the end and they get back in the game. Or just those mediocre games like State and Tennessee where we look like there isn't much effort being put it. I don't think we are going to see that this season. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but we will find out soon enough.