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I think once Auburn holds a defensive coordinator for more than one year we might change that bust scenario some. Cowart isn't a bust just yet, if he has a bad junior year after moving to the interior then yes he will be a bust.
They just scored too soon in the championship game. Auburn had a solid drive going they just left too much time on the clock for Florida State. They almost did with Georgia and Texas A&M in 2013 as well.
I don't think it will be quite as exciting as last time. I think Missouri is a few years away from being a strong team right now.
With Pettway running the ball up the middle, Franklin would really give the offense a chance to spread out the defense just a little bit more if the use him like they did with McCalebb a few years ago. I wish he would have embraced that role last year.
Tennessee was the most disappointing team to me last year. They had all the pieces for a great team, but they were poorly coached. Until they get rid of Butch I don't think they will win the East.
I hope Guice is ready to go this year. He is one of the players I'm really looking forward to watching this year.
Poor kid, make fun of an adult, go after a man that's 40! "Mike Gundy"
How does the Auburn make the list for Oregon and not the Clemson game this year?
I think the east is Georgia's to lose. Alabama is going to be great as usual, and very rarely does a team like LSU lose a back like LF and still have security in that position heading in to the season. If they get better qb play they will be a handful, same goes for Auburn. Florida and South Carolina are going to be pretty good as well. I have no faith in Tennessee with Butch still the head coach.
Number one reason it won't Butch!
He will still make a bunch of money, but he definitely hurt his draft stock tremendously. Like just as bad as Tunsil last year.
To be fair Myers really didn't have too many chances to catch a ball since we were 90 percent run. Hopefully he will get a chance to show something this season.
You take it one game at a time. One week you destroy Arkansas the next week you could barely beat a Vanderbilt. Auburn has been pretty blessed when it comes to special teams the past few years he is very much appreciated.
Wrestlers normally have good footwork and are pretty solid when it comes to body weight leverage, so it's definitely not going to hurt him any.
They are lucky the new sanctions didnt come out before signing day, I still dont think it will be anything like what happened to SMU.
Im kinda surprised Pettway isn't on this list.
Not that I dont appreciate what he did in 2010, but no way he beats out Bo Jackson.
That will be the arguement, they have already had money invested in them. I didnt say it was right, I just think that will be the next stance they take on it.