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Yup lose by 19 the refs really had it out for them lol
Who would they replace him with? There is still some things he needs to change coaching wise but there is nobody out there worth firing him over.
Yeah, I'm not sure those are the games people are pointing to when they talk about Florida struggling. With that said I do agree they are more evenly matched and I think it's going to be a close game.
I think we will get to find out a lot about both teams tomorrow. Looking forward to this game.
I'm really excited about this game. I wish we played Florida more frequently.
I wouldn't put Auburn ahead of A&M right now. I like the win last night, and they have a few weeks to work some kinks out but that's going to be a tough road test.
True freshman qb playing neutral site. Good win, and a few weeks to get even more settled in. I think he will be fine.
Really going to miss his play calling, it will not be the same without him.
Besides the Auburn game, Georgia and Vandy is the other game I'm most excited about this week. Georgia wins but I think it stays closer than people are predicting. That's no knock on Georgia, I think Vandy is a little underrated.
Depends on if they are blowout losses or it's competitive down to the last second in my opinion. Losses are going to happen to every team what is so frustrating for me is we can blow some team out one week and the next week it looks like they have never played football before. Closing the gap in those blowout wins and losses is going to be the difference I think.
There is a real good chance we go 8-5 this season again, but it has a different feel to it. I think it's going to be a more competitive team even in losses. To me as a fan that is what drives me crazy going up big on a team and letting off the gas towards the end and they get back in the game. Or just those mediocre games like State and Tennessee where we look like there isn't much effort being put it. I don't think we are going to see that this season. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but we will find out soon enough.
He is a good back, I just hope he stays healthy this year.
I thought his restitution he owed was much lower than that.
He has a very good upside, but like most big kids in highschool he just out muscles people right now. If he works on his technique he could be a beast in college.
No, it doesn't bother me if a kid opens up his recruitment and commits to another school. If he feels that's the best school for him he should go there. It's his future not mine.
It's hard to argue Saban's results for sure it definitely makes it hard for any recruit to say no to that. I did like the way Malzahn handled his decision as well, basically saying hey no hard feelings you are doing what's best for you.
I will never forget him pulling on the Alabama lineman to draw a flag then cheering when it got called. Showed me everything I needed to know about his character.
No, not at all. I do think it's odd one of the better quarterbacks from the sec won't be participating.
It says he didn't make the cut in the article, but I agree he does play better on the field than some on the list.
I also said I think it's going to be close. I do think they will have problems moving the ball; however I think Auburn's defensive line will be enough to pull out a win. Again not much of a reach there considering that will probably be the best dline they face next season.
Well, in my opinion I think Auburn's defense will be too much for Oregon. That's not too much of a reach since Auburn has a really talented defensive front.
I think Auburn beats Oregon but it's going to be close. I also think Georgia wins but it will be closer than most think. That's not a knock on Georgia, I just think Vanderbilt has more talent than they getting credit for.
That's a big gamble to take, but it paid off for him.