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hi you BamaTampon Especially against Alabama, the refs will make sure their sports media darlings get how many ever bogus calls, or non calls, are needed to secure a win
They should have hired a no talent, crack ho that resembles Peter Pan and saved the money
It's amazing how many heads Negan resides on SDS The guy is a helluva troll
Would be neat to see a college player, while playing in college, make a few million $ via NIL and then make a huge donation to his school’s athletic/booster club ... then get a seat at the elite booster’s table while still a student-athlete.
So evolution ( which requires a supernatural event) is more believable than intelligent design????
I watched both the 2012 SECCG and the NC game; if ND had been in the SEC I doubt they could have won more than 6-7 conference games. I called the NC game after Alabama’s first offensive series. ND literally looked to be on par with a Vandy, Troy, MTSU etc. Smaller and slower at every single position compared to Alabama. After the NC game Saban all but said the real NC game was the SECCG vs UGA; that was also the first time I saw or heard Saban refer to the “process.” How ironic that the 2012 ND had their own timmytimmytimmyCojones - Manti Te'o, the loser whose imaginary girlfriend died a tragic death
!!!!!! DUMBAASS ALERT DUMBAASS ALERT DUMBAAS ALERT DUMBAASS ALERT !!!!!!!!! "BTW the freshman numbers Gilbert put up were under Joe Burrow and Joe Brady, not Kirby Smart, Monkken and Daniels. Big difference there dummy." So Arik Gilbert's 2020 freshmen stats at LSU where "put up under Joe Burrow and Joe Brady??????? example #38 today 8/2/2021 - you are SDS's resident crackhead
And to think if Lil Nikki quit coaching and went into broadcasting his income probably wouldn't drop.
Former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts Former Texas Tech QB Baker Mayfield Former FSU QB Jake Coker Former NC State QB Russell Wilson Former UF Gator Cam Newton Former Oklahoma QB Troy Aikman Former TAMU OB Kyler Murray Former Baylor QB Jarret Stidham …. Will USC QB J-TD Daniels be a 1st round pick in 2021? Thank goodness for timmy timmy timmy Cojones, else the SDS staff would be the resident crackheads
"BTW, Gilbert ain’t Pitts 2.0 either as Dumbs said, that is well, dumb." --------------------------------------------------------- Kyle Pitts High School Career: n/a HS recruiting profile: 6'5'' 235lbs, 4.7/40. 4-Star, #5 TE in the Nation, #4 player in PA, #162 player in the Nation. Freshman season: 3 receptions, 74 yards receiving, 1 TD Arik Gilbert High School Career: 243 receptions for 3,540 yards and 35 touchdowns. in his 2019 senior year Gilbert was the Gatorade Football Player of the Year after he caught 101 passes for 1,760 yards and 14 touchdowns. Gilbert was a 2-way starter for Georgia power-house Marietta HS, Marietta was the 2019 Class AAAAAAA state champion Gilbert's senior season. HS recruiting profile: 6'5'' 253lbs, 4.73/40. 5-Star, #1 TE in the Nation, #1 player in GA, #5 player in the Nation. Freshman season: 35 receptions, 368 yards, 2 TD. Voted Freshman All-SEC by the 14 SEC head coaches. --------------------------------------------------------- Lol - comparing Gilbert and Pitts at the same career points - Gilbert is way ahead of Pitts Seriously, can you start to grasp why everybody calls you a crackhead, just a little bit??????
No doubt losing LeCounte was the biggest negative impact for the WLOCP but not having Jordan Davis for the game and Monty Rice being lame were also big factors. A healthy Jordan Davis requires two O-line blockers and he still collapses the interior O-line on most plays. Not having a force like Davis in the game changes the O-line blocking schemes and the amount of space and freedom of movement for the LB’s. Monty Rice was UGA’s best and most productive ILB last season and with him not being able to effectively drop back into pass coverage compounded not having UGA’s best, most experienced safety in the game. Kudos to mullet for realizing how to exploit UGA’s weakness in the WLOCP party last year. Kudos to Kirby Smart for being able to adjust to wheel route and shut it down in the 2nd half, and that was after losing Cine. UF only scored 6 points on about 140 yards total offense in the 2nd half.
You ignorant, crack-head, in-bred cracker, piece of trash I never stated anything even approaching your lying babble of "now UGA’s entire O line will be first team SEC by years end." I stated UGA has the chance to produce multiple All-Conference players on the O-line, depending on who's ALL-SEC team list is being discussed there up to 3 all conference levels - 1st, 2nd and 3rd team. UGA is returning a Freshman All-American at RT. Justin Schaffer as already been tabbed as a preseason ALL-SEC and All-American player for 2021. Jamaree Slayer is also on 2021 preseason All-SEC and All-American lists.
"Darnell Washington has been clocked with a verified time of 4.75 in the 40-yard dash, but he appears much faster than that on film. In all honesty, I have never seen a player like him. A man more massive than most players at his position, he looks quite fluid running routes." www DOT si DOT com/college/georgia/recruiting/darnell-washington-play-for-georgia Washington's 4.75 40 was when he was in HS, he is undoubtedly faster than that now. Another factor to consider, big players typically aren't slowed down as much by pads and uniform as is the case with smaller players. Jerry Rice, the NFL's all-time leading WR, was never timed below 4.5 in the 40. However it was widely known, and reported, that Rice lost very little if any of his speed when he suited up for football. Rice was paraphrased as saying he ran a 4.5 in shorts and running shoes and he ran a 4.5 in full uniform and cleats. Did you see Washington vs Cincy in the Peach Bowl? Did you see Washington's 40 yard TD reception in the G-Day game?
"5. Darnell Washington is big… but slow." What is Washington's 40 time? Define slow for a man that is 6'7'' and 265lbs.
Ben Cleveland will be missed but depending what happens at LT the 2021 O-line has a chance to be better than the 2020 O-line. If Salyer can move to LG then UGA has a loaded O-line with potential All Conference players at LG, OC, RG and RT. If Mims or Jones wins the LT starting job then UGA probably has a Freshman ALL-SEC and All-American LT.
As an every down RB Kendell Milton has the most upside; barring injury he will get the majority of the snaps on game day by the end of the 2021 season.
“Is he Kyle Pitts 2.0?” That is actually a question for Arik Gilbert, not Darnell Washington. And yes, Gilbert has the potential to be better than Pitts has a hybrid TE/WR Washington is an athletic 6’7’’, 265lbs TE with good hands. Washington is more of a bigger, stronger, improved Tony Gonzalez.
It's a big change for sure, and with big change comes lots of adjustments and pain The kids earning a lot will be able to lawyer up and sue; image all the attorneys licking their chops, guys like Michael Avanetti, Johnny Cochran etc
The problem kids with self-control issues (think Maurice Clarett) are going to wash pit very quickly
After a normalized off season and a return to non-SEC play a lot of players will out perform their 2020 numbers.
Delayed gratification, the secret sauce to becoming truly wealthy. If he starts buying "prom dates" he'll be broke ASAP regardless of how much he makes
With a fresh crop of new 5-stars and HS All-Americans each and every year, under achievers will see their NIL money drop rapidly.
The kid would be a fool to not make the move and take the money. At 17-18 $650,000.00, after taxes, invested wisely will become a fortune. Who's to say the kid even starts at OSU let alone makes the NFL.
The hit wasn't illegal, bogus call because it was UF's best player Just big-boy football
If the kid is actually dumb enough to follow through and sign with the turds and spend 4-5 years blocking for 3-star single-threat QB's I can't wait to see a UGA safety light his aass up and put him on the bench for a couple of weeks Then we'll get hear turdpuuss nation whine about UGA players hitting too hard
Aubie - you're one lame aass troll BamaTampon and TimmyTimmyTimmy Cojones both have you beat, and between the two of them the collective IQ barely breaks double digits
A 4-STAR!!!!! I bet the I-75 Truck Stop is absolutely giddy today As part of the celebration in cracker land timmy timmy timmy cojones is giving free BJ's for the rest of the week at Luv's, Pilot and TA truck stops.
Corch I wouldn't be surprised if the NIL environment isn't 99% of the reason Smith is getting sued. I image with the newfound ability to make some quick, easy money college athletes will be getting sued a lot more often.