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Bcreek Karl Marx, V.I. Lennin, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-un called they want to know if you spare a loaf of bread
Yeah it was the “turf,” just ask Kelee Ringo about the turf.
Remember that “fat, out of shape” UGA defensive line that played in the SECCG, they sure did get into shape between the SECCG and the NC game, I wonder how that happened???? Yeah that turf was really bad
Remember big, bad Brian Robinson - what was Alabama’s rushing average – 1.1 ypc? Yeah that turf was really bad
UGA lite Young up like a C h r i s tmas tree, just like Auburn and TAMU did. 4 sacks, 10+ hits, hurried on 50% of his passing plays, throwing INT’s. Young can’t hit the side of a barn, standing inside the barn, when he gets a little bit of pressure. Yeah that turf was really bad
Remember that UGA goal line TD where Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis were throwing Alabama defenders around like wet rags and White walked into the endzone? Yeah that turf was really bad
No, there are not many parallels between UF and UGA, vastly different cultures and fan base temperaments. Other than being a college student - Gainesville is not that good of a town to live in. Could Kirby desire a professional change or another challenge – say coach in the NFL, be a sports announcer, start a company or business venture – sure. But Kirby is not going to jump to another college HC position over a few percentage points in the World of 8-figure salaries. Especially when he is uber successful at his alma mater
what Alabamastan tribal school of though are you from making excuses for the aass whipping or, acknowledge that little nikki got out coached and the boys from tush town get manhandled?
you keep babbling that nonsense, that is one of the most hair-brained thoughts on SDS, even by turd non-standards Kirby was a decorated player at UGA and is now a NC winning coach at his alma mater, his wife that was a notable athlete at UGA, his family (young kids) is plugged into a prestigious prep school where his wife is on the board, Kirby’s father was a long-term, successful HS coach in Georgia and they live about an hour from Athens, Athens is one of the top-10 college towns and overall one of the best towns in America, Kirby will always be at or near the top in salary and benefits … All living, former UGA HC’s live in Athens – Dooley, Goff, Donnan and Richt – why do you think that is???? Just because UF can’t hire half-way decent and when they do get lucky and hire a winner and that HC Shanghai’s UF after a few short years doesn’t mean every other college program is like UF
Offer an incentive based contract: Base = $8 million, win the SECE make $10 million, win the SEC Championship make $12 million, win the NC make $15 million (win the NC but not the SEC Championship make $15 million) Either that or give Kirby a 3-year contract making $15 million just so Alabama will have to pay Little Nikki more than $15 million. Kirby knows that chasing the highest salary de jour is a recipe for getting “time off“ from your profession, moving around the Country and having to “re-invent” yourself. Find a good position and ride it for 10-15-20 years and you’ll have generational wealth. However the quickest, easiest route to some serious moolah is become the UF HC. Then all you have to do is run the program into the dirt for 2-3-4 years and you’ll get rewarded with $10-$15-$20 million. Sunbelt Billy will soon set the record, he’ll get $20 million plus to leave about the same time they pull the plug on Uncle Joe.
Fitzpatrick is probably being realistic about the role he would play for UGA in 2022. Bowers will be in his 2nd season and Washington will be in his 3rd season. Add to them highly rated incoming freshman Oscar Delp. Fitzpatrick's playing time in 2022 would drop dramatically and that wouldn't help his NFL stock for a 2023 draft.
“Cuz y’all are always whipping our aasses and commenting on our sh*t-show of a football program” There, corrected it for you, you’re welcome
J-TD will have plenty of options, no need for him to go slumming at the I-75 Truck Stop
Hope J-TD finds the perfect fit and has a great season in 2022. Very thankful that J-TD was there to lift up UGA and carry the team to a top-10 finish in 2020.
He's a great blocker but his catching ability is suspect at best. He's had some high visibility drops, i.e. the 2020 UGA/UF game and the 2021 NC game. If he gets invited to the Combine and has a killer showing then maybe he's a late round pick. Probably a free agent then maybe a team spends a year seeing if he can develop as a receiver on the practice squad. He's a very smart guy who did a great job of developing himself physically (size and strength) over the last 3 years at UGA so who knows, maybe he can make the next progression.
I don't think Fitzpatrick has the speed, athleticism and hands that Woerner has. Charlie was one of the most under utilized players in the history of UGA.
You want my honest answer (can you handle the truth) You say obsessed, I say entertained. I enjoy being entertained, I love a good laugh and over the last 4-5 years following UF football and the UF fandom has been entertaining as h e l l. I mean the SDS articles on UF, McSharkHumper, mullet, the goings on of the program and now Napier are comedic gold. It harkens the days of the Saturday Night Live Not Ready For Primetime skits. Not even Andy Kaufman could come up with material this good.
quotation mark [kwəˈtāSHən ˌmärk] NOUN quotation marks (plural noun) 1.each of a set of punctuation marks, single (‘ ’) or double (“ ”), used either to mark the beginning and end of a title or QUOTED PASSAGE
I actually have a serious question for UF fans, it’s going to come across as being snarky, but I’m serious What would be the threshold for firing Napier after 1 season? No SEC wins, not bowl eligible, only SEC win is Vandy, dirt stomped by main rivals (i.e. UT, FSU, LSU, UGA), losing to Eastern Washington, losing to USF etc.
"Former UNC defensive coordinator Jay Bateman is headed to Florida ... Bateman was fired at North Carolina earlier this month after the Tar Heels struggled this season, including when they allowed 38 points and 543 yards in a loss to South Carolina ... The Tar Heels finished 105th nationally in points allowed (32.1 per game) and 94th in yards allowed (418 per game). Bateman shared coordinator dutie ... In each of the last 3 seasons, UNC ranked outside the top 65 of the FBS in ESPN’s defensive efficiency metric."
Project much, momma jokes aren't my forte. You making execuses like all the other natives in Alabamastan or do you except the facts that Kirby out coached Lil Nikki and the Dawgs manhandled the kids from Tush Town?
Actually, the burgundy, cursive A is the sign of all trolls, dumbaasses, cretins and losers
What's your favorite position, bent over grabbing ankles or face down and aass up?
The kid should have followed Kirby's post game instructions and only broke sh*t in Indianapolios, he's in trouble now.
When the troll is making a fool of herself then why tell her to STFU?
Hump I got your point and appreciate your humor
Wow, I would have bet on Baily doing better than UNLV
It's going to be awesome when Kirby and the Dawgs get to play B1G Champs Mich St and Mel Tucker in the CFP. And throw in PAC-10 Champ Oregon and Dan Lanning.
“they don’t deal in fact and truth” We could go on and on about mullet this, mullet that, what is a competent HC vs what is an incompetent HC, does recruiting matter, what constitutes being a “QB whisperer,” what constitutes being an “offensive genius,” what was the final assessment on 3rd and Grantham as a DC, who built the better program Kirby Dumbs or mullet … But one yes or no question answers it all as to who has been dealing in truth and fact on these SDS posts over the last 2-3-4 years – was mullet fired? (do you need a hint crackhead?) Which leads to another logical question – did the same people who hired, fired and paid-to-leave Muschamp, McSharkHumper and mullet hire the new HC? Which leads to another logical question – why will things be different this time around? I submit to you – things might actually be worse this time around based on the 35th ranked recruiting class and loading up on Sunbelt transferees. Did mullet leave any Kyle Trasks, Kyle Pitts, KaDarious Toneys etc on the roster for Sunbelt Billy?