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Recent UGA 3-star alums in the NFL - Eric Stokes, Soloman Kindley, Tae Crowder, J. R. Reed - also welcome you
Speaking of intra-family rivalry Do you pull your dentures out and swallow like your momma does?
You've got a point, just look at the UF team that showed up to play Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl last year
Chaney lost me in the NC game against Alabama when he keeping trying to run Chubb between the tackles in the 2nd half.
53-44 now let’s talk about program ceilings, consistency and extended periods of time, bytch
NewKentucky “our program’s ceiling will always be higher than yalls. yall have had a magical season and congratulations for that but i find it hard to imagine yall will be consistently better than us for an extended period of time.” Bravo Sir!!!! That’s 2 condescending, snarky, delusional comments from turd nation – you are on a roll. Just remember, trolling turds is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel, except the fish are smarter.
Nah, I just had to get my big, thick dict ionary out of your momma/sister/wife (3 ho’s in one) long enough to type the comment
Somebody go check the bathroom stalls at the Flying J in Gainesville Florida make sure cojones isn't floating face-down in one of the commodes with the current state of affairs being what they are at the I-75 Truck Stop cojones may have decided the sun wasn't ever going to come up again, or, he pissed off a trucker/client with sloppy service after the yet another UF lose
Less talking, more doing Less dancing, more recruiting Less rioting, more practicing Less costumes, more control Fewer wristbands, more prep
So if mullet could recruit better and coach better, he'd be a good coach. Then we just need to get mullet a couple of books - Recruiting or Dummies and Coaching for Dummies - then presto, he'll win a couple of natties
“All valid points. If Dan doesn’t fire Fat Slob Todd” “His name is Todd Grantham … He should have been fired by now.” “I pray Mullen realizes that fact and makes changes to his coaching and recruiting staff this off season…and fires Grantham now. “ “ He has to go…and now. “ “Grantham is done, and he just needs someone to pull the plug for him.” --------------- Hey turds, who is Captain of the dinghy down there in cracker land, 3rd and Grantham didn’t hire himself? Grantham was already known as “3rd and Grantham” before he joined mullet in Stark Vegas. We were telling you dumb turds that 4 years ago. So the guy who hired the suspect (at best) DC and has failed to manage the DC will get it right next time, right
NewKentucky "Kentucky does not have anywhere near the talent UF has or the program status. I doubt Kentucky ever will." ROTFLMAO - thanks for triggering another delusional turd!!!
"mullet" as in the dancing fish, the official fish of Florida
You, intelligent conversation dude you just made lose my breath kudos, that's the post of the day!
Remember all the hillbilly crack-infused smack last year leading up to the UGA/UT game - they were back, then they played the Dawgs. When it comes littering their on field - UT is definitely back. However, I'll throw the Jethros a bone, UT would beat UF if they played now.
Monken has a ton of experience - NFL OC, college OC, college HC. Now look at what Monken is doing with freshmen skill players and a walk-on QB. If Monken isn't already on somebody's HC radar he will be soon. I just hope we can keep him in Athens a few years.
Young people, smart phones and social media Like giving a chimp a 1/5 of Jack Daniels and a loaded machine gun
If LSU is trying to re-create the magic then what about Joe Brady? Geez, if the Brady can make the leap to HC then LSU has a 32-33 year old HC.
Tucker grew up in Ohio, played at Wisconsin and now has Michigan State undefeated at 7-0, 1st in the BIG10 East and ranked in the top-10 at #9. Tucker has a 5-year contract currently paying $5.5 million a year, he will no doubt get an adjustment after this season. Do you think Tucker wants to come south, especially with the trajectory that he has Mich St. on? If Tucker were interested, can LSU afford to pay the money that it would take to pry Tucker away from Mich. St.? I’m guessing LSU would have to pay Tucker at least $7.5 million a season, if not more, with a huge guarantee – probably a $75 - $100 million contract.
All of the assistants are already updating resumes and burning their phones up. How many assistants from a terminated coaching staff get carried over into the new coaching staff - very, very few. Virtually all the current LSU assistants realize today that they will be coaching somewhere else next season.
Stoops or Tucker at LSU scares me. They both can recruit and develop.
Of that list the only ones I would want would be Stoops or Tucker. Fisher is no different than Orgeron, a one-hit wonder. Franklin is yet to have a hit. Cristobal is unproven as a HC. Kiffin is wishful thinking, betting that he becomes the coach you hope he can be. Unfounded expectations because of his name and being a good assistant when properly managed.
LSU has now run off their last 2 UC's, both of whom won NC's. And, both those coaches won during the Saban dynasty. The only way LSU gets a proven HC is by paying a record-setting salary and committing to a record shattering buy-out.
Who is available to hire? If Orgeron is professional and gives it his best effort how would LSU be better by replacing him with a temporary/interim coach?
To bad 2-star Jordan Davis cast his lot with a coach who can't develop players
Incredible levels of responsibility and stress, long hours, little time to sit down and eat a healthy meal, little time to work out It's a brutal grind