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“If we score, we may win. If they never score, we’ll never lose.” The Man deserves to be quoted correctly.
“4. if the offensive line is so great why were so many tipped balls” Because quite possibly every player on the defensive front the O-Line went up against will play in the NFL??? That was probably the best defense the 2024 O-line will go up against.
BBBOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!! Another beast for the trenches. “If the other team can’t score they can’t win” Some bald headed coach that was full of piiss and vinegar said that, can’t think of his name …
Thank goodness the portal doesn’t open until Tuesday, otherwise they may not have had enough warm bodies for A-Day. Now the intrigue will be of the players on the field this Saturday how many will report to fall camp for Bama. Whoa, whoa, grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days Whoa, whoa, grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days
Remember Hump you heard it here and from TDOW, buy low, sell high
Having to fire Napier should not be cause for celebration; Muschamp, McElwain, Mullen, Napier … UF is going through HC’s like Uncle Joe goes through depends. Every termination is a blow to the program, another strike. Firing Napier will cost tens of millions of dollars, money that could have gone into facilities or NIL. Every firing re-enforces a negative narrative about the program and is ammo for other schools to use against UF in recruiting. Then, the only way to entice the next hire is give another golden parachute, guaranteed contract. It’s like every new HC starts off in a toxic, or at least neurotic, environment. I think UF’s first move should be to hire a proven, winning AD then clean house in the Athletic Department. Break the cycle and change the mindset that has lead to all the bad hirings. UF should do that ASAP, irrespective of thoughts and opinions about Napier or how the 2024 season unfolds. Then if Napier doesn’t work out the staff and infrastructure to make a good hire will be in place. IMO unless Napier loses control of the program (he’s treading water now) Napier should be given at least 5 years. That way maybe Napier does eventually turn the corner even if it’s not this season. More importantly, by allowing Napier sufficient time to transform the program and grow into the job it would end the “win now or be fired” mindset that is UF football; reset the precedent in the event Napier does have to be terminated. UF has got to start thinking and executing for the long haul.
Starting in 2024 there are no SEC East and SEC West Divisions, just 16 SEC teams.
I take that as a resounding no, you haven’t seen it since it had you I'll give the first $100.00 to the Get MrTruth Laid fund...
With numerous reports of the UGA O-line being dominant in the Spring practice sessions I would expect Etienne to get carries early in the G-Day game but no more than Roderick Robinson and Andrew Paul. The RB’s that are deep on the depth chart will probably get their fair share of carries as well. My guess is the new WR’s and TE’s really get a work out. Very vanilla play calling with the focus on route-running and execution.
mrtruth, As you well know I suspended my efforts of reminding UF fans about the current state of UF football. I granted amnesty to cojones and other true blue and orange UF fans who use to invade Dawg articles with visions of grandeur and fantastical predictions about UF football. I have taken on a merciful tone with the UF fan base, benevolence rules the day. With no intent of changing the current UGA/UF diplomatic relations, I just got’s to know. have you ever been laid?
stucoe57 “Sorry that the Dawgs have to resort to disparaging comments when they lose a recruiting battle to such an “inferior” school. Get used to it.” You got PTheRicker’s comments all wrong. I think I can speak for 99.9% of Dawg fans and say no Dawg fans are hating on Mizzou and Drink. Drink has a couple of very nice recruiting wins over Kirby for Missouri kids but you are definitely venturing out on limb by saying “Get used to it.” Kirby has been top-3 or better in recruiting since 2017 and that’s not going to change anytime soon. The main reason why UGA misses on elite recruits is because of the elite talent Kirby already has on the roster. Kudos to Drink and Mizzou for putting together a fine program and 2023 season, I hope they continue doing so for a long time.
PTheRicker You kind of make my case – Drink did have a .500 team then he ended the 2023 season ranked in the top 10 with an epic bowl win over Ohio St. Mizzou was only a hand full of plays away from being undefeated in the 2023 regular season; a couple of plays here and there and Mizzou beats UGA and LSU and plays Bama in the SECCG. For 2022 and 2023 Mizzou has been UGA’s toughest regular season foe, almost beating us both times. Drink has recently beat UGA head-to-head in a couple of key recruiting battles – Luther Burden and the 5-Star D-Lineman (forgot his name.) I don’t think getting the commitment from Zollers is a true head-to-head win, Mizzou was far the best opportunity for Zollers. Does Drink have a great overall record like Smart or Swaney, no. In the future will Drink be considered a great college coach based on his current body of work, no. Is Drink currently doing a great job coaching Mizzou, resounding yes. The Mizzou program was gutted by the BLM and racial issues then Odom couldn’t cut it as a HC. Drink took over a steaming pile of Uncle Joe brains. Drink is recruiting well and winning big games. Compare the job Drink has done to date to some other recent SEC coaching hires – Jimbo, Harsin, Mullen, Napier - all those coaches stepped into better situations than Drink did. Image Drink with the resources that were given to Jimbo. The next 2-3 seasons will be key from Drink’s long-term success. Can Drink keep the momentum up in recruiting and on the field, will he be able to replace Burden and Cook when they move on etc.
That you read my comment then you made the comment “UGA didn’t really want every recruit” just demonstrates what a moronic dumbaass you are; either you are innately, terminally dumb with no reading comprehension ability or you are a moronic dummy thinking you can spin what I stated. No where in my comment did I even remotely indicate Kirby and UGA didn’t want Zollers; it’s blatantly obvious the opposite is true, UGA offered the kid a scholarship and UGA hosted the kid on visits. UGA wanted Zollers. Possibly Zollers UGA scholarship was contingent on whether UGA signs Lewis or not; I doubt that was the case but it’s not outside the spectrum of reality. It’s a fact the Julian JuJu Lewis was and is a higher priority for UGA than Zoeller, the kid is the #1 QB in the Nation for 2025 and a Georgia kid. UGA’s efforts to sign Lewis are well documented. UGA’s already well staffed QB room with the 2026 #1 QB verbally committed are also undeniable facts. IMO opinion Zollers made a good decision to sign with Mizzou over UGA. Drink is a great offensive coach who is running a very good program and building some momentum in recruiting. At Mizzou Zollers will be surrounded by talent and developed by an excellent coaching staff. Excluding consideration and speculation on which UGA QB’s transfer over the next couple of seasons, Zollers would have been in a very crowded and talented QB room. No denying that Zollers chances to see the field and more importantly get developed would have been tougher at UGA. Case in point, 5-Star Brock Vandagriff transferring to UK this year.
Drink is a great coach and runs a good program, Mizzou is a great school and CoMo is an awesome town. I don’t think Mizzou is having to pay a premium to get kids to come there.
Great get for Mizzou, Drinkwitz is killing it. If Drink keeps this recruiting tempo up Mizzou will be a serious contender for the CFP in the seasons to come.
Not so sure the UGA was really "beat out" for Zollers, UGA is all in for JuJu this cycle and we have a verbal for the 226 #1 QB, and, still have 3 years left for Stockton and 5 years for Puglisi Great get for Mizzou, I look forward to Mizzou kicking some hillbilly tail!
What happened to all the Mertzinator, MetrzTheGreat, get Mertzified, Mertzraculous , MertzTheMagnificant etc etc etc comments? I thought the comments and plays on “Mertz” were cute, it was like going into a Zaxby’s restaurant and all the products, adjectives about the products etc. started with a “Z”
When I read/watched Kirby’s last two pressers were he talked about the D-Line I took it as Kirby speaking in code and broadcasting Nationally IF YOU ARE A STUD DL TRANSFER TO UGA AND EARN YOURSELF A NATTY don’t be surprised to see a top, veteran DL transfer to UGA next open portal window Would be a hoot to see Bear transfer back to UGA; would make for huuuuuuge recruiting ammo
“HEY EVERYBODY, HE CAN USE THE POTTY ALL BY HIMSELF!” That’s how “Dr. Jill” rewards Uncle Joe on the days he doesn’t sheet his depends, I think they call it positive reinforcement, they also give Uncle Joe 2 scoops of ice cream and a 2nd serving of tapioca pudding. ----------------- With all the talk about how good Uncle Joe did at the recent State of the Union Address (facts and reality aside) word is V.P. CamelToe gave Uncle Joe a hummer as a reward; first one she’s given him since interviewing for the V.P. position. Supposedly the hummer was so good Uncle Joe started experiencing some “short circuits” and babbling things like “"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American V.P. who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking gal, AND SWALLOWS. I mean, that's a storybook, man … they gonna put you back in chains, and leather and whips … you ain’t black if you don’t smoke my pole … cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin' Donuts and get a BJ unless you have a slight Indian accent” The lady in the nice white dress uniform gave Uncle Joe a shot and he went nite-nite
Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days Sometimes it feels like this world's gone crazy Grandpa, take me back to yesterday When the line between right and wrong … Whoa, whoa, grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days Grandpa, everything is changing fast … Whoa, whoa, grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days Whoa, whoa, grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days ALAD@MNBAMA!!!!!!!!!
Well that sssuuuuuucccckkkkkkkss I guess we got outbid by the left coast pansies; USC really likes the Georgia boys. Long time until ink is put to paper and a lot of people to whisper into Terry’s ear until then (Javis Jones, Mykel Williams, the recent UGA 1st-round DL picks etc)
Truth If UGA doesn’t land another superstar recruit or transfer then the timing is great for this kid
When consider how suucky his program is, Cristobal is a heck of a recruiter
Now we can land JuJu Lewis for 2025 the QB room is set for a while
BBBBOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! If only Kirby Dumbs could recruit and manage the QB position
oh my gosh, this thread is so moving, so touching, I just share a tear can we all get together, hold each other and sing kumbaya, please
whatcu talkin bout luvdadik; looks like some village has lost its ghetto rat, run along now
luvdadik and Dork together – now that is a puss-a-palooza if there ever was one, the collective IQ of a gnat. And par for the course luvdadik is showing up a day late and a few dozen IQ points short