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UF losing Trask and Pitts will be significant and will set UF's offense back substancially - somewhere along the lines of LSU losing Burrow and Chase, or, UGA losing Ridley, Godwin, Nauta and Holloman. mullet wasn't able to coach up Franks but was able to coach up Trask to some degree. Will be interesting to see if mullet can do anything with Jones.
Got any proof that Coach Smart "ordered his players to take Pitts out?" Since we all know if a coach were to tell dozens of players to take an opposing player out, nobody would talk about it or leak the directive.
NatureGator Actually UF had 571 total yards offense. Are you willing to on record and say UF will score 35+ points and put up 450+ total yards against UGA in 2021? ---------- 2020 was a perfect storm for UF - UGA was starting a 4th string, walk-in QB who got hurt early in the game while UGA's defense was decimated by injuries. UGA couldn't move the football on offense while having glaring holes in its defense. Even so UGA adjusted at halftime and held UF to 160 yards total offense in the second half. And that was with no support from the offense. Losing Trask and Pitts is going to be a huge deal for UF, probably on par with LSU losing Burrow and Chase.
Savimus On one team UGA had Chubb, Michele, Swift and Holyfield - all NFL RB's. An Herrian was the "5th stringer."
If Milton takes a step up in year 2 he will be the best every-down RB on the team. He had some great flashes in 2020 but was hampered by a hamstring and a sprained knee. Milton's highlight run against UT was incredible, they just couldn't stop him.
Hershel is definitely "more right" for political office than some marxist, poverty-pimp charlatan
Married men get to kiss they wives good bye in the morning and come home in the evening Divorced men kiss their house good bye I'm going to stick with the married for life plan
I can see where you are coming from I've got a few friends, however the aren't the emoting, whiney wussy type like you
lol - some goober called me a "creepy old man" as well, some mizzou loser - I've been categorized with you, do I need to cry or laugh? we were just stating the obvious - the Bride chose a risque look for her wedding dress If you go to a fox hunt dressed like a fox, don't whine when the hounds come after you
lol, chunking that shoe, getting steam rolled by Oklahoma, finishing below UGA in the polls - that was just yesterday enjoy mullet's last season at the I-75 Truck Stop
I think we are currently at 83 scholarship players on the roster. We could probably see 1,2,3 etc scholarships open up after spring practice concludes. I have been saying for the last year or so that I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of O-linemen transfer out. We have some guys that will probably never start at UGA buy would be Day-1 starters at other Power-5 programs. I don't see Owen Condon ever starting again. If Clay Webb doesn't make at least the 2-deep roster this spring I can't image him not transferring. I would also worry about Van Pran if he isn't a starter this season.
One last item You can marry more money in 15 minutes than you can make in a lifetime
Man that is some pretty hair, her's ain't bad either
I was thinking the dress was more inline with a bachelor party stripper outfit than what the Bride would actually wear on the Wedding day.
"UF is the more successful program in the last 1 year. It’s not debatable." Really, who finished the season ranked higher? Who won their MYSTICAL NY6 Bowl? Who got beat senseless and embarassed in their NY6 Bowl? Even when you get lucky and beat a 4th string, walk-on QB and an injury riddled defense you still lose!!!! 2020 - The Year the Shoe Flew
My point is even simpler UGA is the more successful program over the last 5 years. It isn't close, or debatable.
UF is 30 and UGA is 47 on a US News Ranking. There's no real difference between the 2 schools. Neither is Ivy League, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, Chicago, Notre Dame etc. Either will equip an industrious student for life. Both are solid State Universities.
Both schools have won multiple NC's. UGA has 6 NC's with 2 claimed, UF has 3 claimed Almost the same number of Heisman winners, 2 to 3. UGA has 36 Consesus All Americans, UF has 32. UGA has more SEC Championships and a few less SECE Championships. Why didn't you list who owns the head-to-head series????? That's a lot of typing to not make a point. Sould have just replied "1980," while you can.
On the bright side Hershel didn't associate with Jeffery Epstein and fly on his infamous plane, to his infamous island dozens of times. Hershel didn't hang with Micheal Wiener, RobertKKKByrd, TeddyTieUmUpKennedy, BillBiteUmTheLipClinton, Andrew Coumo etc etc etc etc Orange Man bad
A few things Hershel Walker has going for himself if he does decide to run for political office: Hershel knows who is wife is Hershel knows who his sister is Hershel knows what State he is in If Hershel does run for office, he will know what office he is running for Hershel can navigate a few steps with busting his butt 2-3-4 times Hershel can talk for more than 30 seconds without forgetting his name When Hershel does attempt to talk in public, he doesn’t need an assistant tugging on his arm, reminding him what to say Hershel doesn’t go around groping women and little girls trying to sniff hair Tara Reid hasn’t accused Hershel of rape Hershel doesn’t make racial jokes about Indians Hershel doesn’t make racial jokes about Barrack Obama Hershel doesn’t tell contrived, goofy, made up tales with racist overtones about a guy named Corn Pop Hershel doesn’t hang-out in the basement all day until the nice men in the suits come and get him and the women with the nice smelling hair give him a card to read Hershel isn’t wearing a crap filled depends Hershel doesn’t scream for his pudding and oatmeal when his tummy rumbles Hershel’s son isn’t a crackhead that got booted from the Navy for failing drug tests, after Hershel got him the non-job job in the Navy Hershel’s son doesn’t snort parmesan cheese Hershel’s son didn’t bang his dead brother’s wife Hershel’s son doesn’t have stripper kids, that he can’t remember about Hershel’s son hasn’t dropped off his child p0rn laden personal computer at the corner PC shop If elected Hershel will not use his Office to engage in political quid-pro-quo corruption to enrich himself, his crackhead son and his trailer park clan – no white privilege in Hershel’s future Hershel will not run as a candidate for the political party of the Klan Hershel will not run as a candidate for the political party that China, Iran and Planned Parenthood owns Hershel won’t need truckloads of bogus mail-in ballots to win Out of time, I have to list the other couple hundred things Hershel has going for him later . . Disabling TDOWTheGreat in 3, 2, 1
The irony is "1980" is the only thing turd nation has, literally your only comeback, your only talking point, your only point of pride. You can't talk about who owns the series without a NASA derived babble algorithm about how UF owns the series even though UF doesn't actually own the series. You can't talk about who has the most SEC Championships Can't talk about recruiting ratings. You can no longer talk the pinnicale mullet's career, the mystical NY6 bowl winning streak. Can't talk current program versus current program. Can't talk about 2020 final season rankings. "1980" that's all you got. That and one thumb up your aass and the other thumb in your mouth. 1980 1980 1980 1980 swap thumbs 1980 1980 1980 1980 swap thumbs ...
He wants to be a big fish in a small pond
Let's see: There are 2 schools from the State of Alabama in the SEC, 2 schools from the State of Tennessee in the SEC, 2 schools from the State of Mississippi in the SEC, 3 schools from the State of NC in the ACC, 2 schools from the State of VA in the ACC, 2 schools from the State of MI in the Big-10, 2 schools from the State of Oklahoma in the BIg-12, 2 schools from the State of Kansas in the Big-12, 2 schools from the State of Illinois in the Big-12, 4 schools from the State of California, 4 schools from the State of Texas in the Big-12 etc. Why can't 2 teams from the State of Florida be in the SEC, or 3 in the ACC? So UF would get the controlling, singular vote on UCF joining the SEC? UCF is the largest University in the State of Florida and Florida is the 3rd most populous state in the Country (and growing.) Economics would decide whether UCF joined the SEC or the ACC. As a SEC fan I would trade Vandy or Mizzou for UCF any day.
Which one do you want: who owns the series, UGA or UF? who owns the series between the current HC's, UGA or UF? ----------- See how simple it is to win the argument without posting a hundreds words of emoting, whining, fantasy-based babble?????
darthA "Georgia has been playing football for over a 100 years ago" (AGO AGO AGO) lol, is that even 3rd grade grammar?
darthA sweet, you posted to the wrong thread when babbling about "3rd grade level ..." That's like a kindergarten level mistake Nothing worse than F'ing up your zinger
ROTFLMAO x 100 If, but, if, considering, but, alternativity, if, however, but, hypothetically, if, image, but, dreaming, if, parallel universes, but, alternate realities, if, hallucinations, but if a mullet had wings be wouldn’t get his aass kicked by Kirby Smart …. Just the mention of who OWNS the UGA-UF series and turd nation has a 10.0 Richter-Scale hissy-fit and sets about establishing a new Guinness World record for parsing the English Language. Okay I’ll settle for just talking about who is the best program since Kirby Smart arrived at UGA or even since mullet pranced into town at the I-75 Truck Stop So who OWNS the series since Kirby Smart and/or mullet became the HC's???????
When mullet was dancing up Felipe Franks, that wasn't weird in the slightest. However, given Franks facial expression at the time, he thought it was weird.
The last recruiting cycle was 2021 and Miami finished ahead of UF. For the 2022 cycle FSU is currently #10 and UF is #23. Even for the 2023 cycle FSU is currently #2. Hence my use of the word "trend" But hey, if you are okay with UF's recruiting then more power to you