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$3 million is getting into big league money; I would have guessed that Liberty was paying a lot less. No conference affiliation money, no TV contract money, minimum licensing/merchandising money etc. If Freeze is getting that kind of money at Liberty I don't see him leaving anytime soon. Liberty plays Ole Miss next season - the lead-up to that game should be nuts.
Actually Prior to landing the job at USCar Muschamp had served as DC at AU.
The ole bourdon coach's last game at USCar (he'll forever be a cock) now that was a bad D Greyson Lambert set the NCAA Single Game Completion Pct record in that game. I think UGA could have scored a 100 points in that game if they had so desired. Then the ole bourdon cosch showed up for a post game show smashed and sounding like Otis Priceless!
Boxster was talking to the lsu troll, not about Muschamp
Please, stop the hypotheticals UGA wouldn't have been fool enough to sign a contract with Muschamp guarenteeing him millions and millions in buy-out money.
FantasyCoonAassFool I hear Mike Leach whistling for his bytches, you better run along now.
It's call the Peter Principal Muschamp is a proven success at DC and as a recruiter. Muschamp is also a proven failure at HC. I wouldn't trade Lanning for Muschamp but with people coming after Lanning, Muschamp is a nice insurance policy.
If skinny boy Phil Fulmer had intended to get UT back for chunking him under the bus He did a helluva job
I watched Hillinski vs Alabama last season and he looked good, all things considered. When UGA played SCar in 2019 Hillinski looked good until he left the game with an injury. It was lame of Bobo to bring Collin Hill along, Bobo was just being lazy, didn't want to have to invest the time and energy in into a new set of QB's. The vast majority of UGA fans don't want Bobo anywhere near our football team.
Wow, Northwestern, now that was an upgrade in every conceivable way, one of the best academic institutions in America. Good luck to the young man.
Dylan Fairchild = Cade Mays + athleticism + strength + quickness Pancakes will be on the menu
I hate it for anybody that loses a job or has to deal with a set-back in their career but let's get real - these guys are literally making millions to coach a child's game. We're not talking about teachers or police officers making $40k. Or, waitresses working 2-3 jobs, 60-70 hours a week for $10.00-$12.00 an hour If Pruitt has saved and invested just 10% of what he's made since his days as an analyst at Alabama then he is a rich man today.
I seem to recall before the 2020 UGA-UT game some chatter about UT having a great O-line, being a contender in the SECE, they would beat UGA etc etc etc etc
Agreed on the tenure but then he was given the contract of a lifetime before the end of a season. The very next season Gus is on the hot seat and AU is trying to re-negoiate the buy-out. If not for the exorbitant buy-out Gus would have been fired years ago. Couple that with the Bowden and Tuberville shenanigans, and, firing Chizik shortly after his NC. AU shoots themselves in the foot.
While it is never a bad thing to get drafted in the 1st round, sign a contract and make literally millions of dollars I thought another year at OSU would have helped his game.
Technically speaking, Fromm came much closer to a NC - a double overtime lose vs a curb stomping
To all the folks that criticized UGA for not firing Mark Rich in 2010 or whenever they he was past due, this why you don't knee-jerk coaching changes unless the house is literally in on fire or the downward spiral is undebatable. Look at the programs in purgatory because of knee jerk changes - AU, Michigan, FSU, Nebraska, USC, UTex ...
ATL had been a corp HQ city and international city for decades. Actually ATL has been losing out on Corp relocations the last few years (or couple of decades) - just compare to Charlotte and Nashville. The movie industry has not brought a mass migration of workers, maybe a few thousand new long-term or permanent residents over the last years.
Yep, the dead ones vote blue and the one that "vote" via mail-in ballots, 100% blue
New AD, new HC - another 4-5 years before UT can even dream about being a contender again. I actually feel sorry for UT fandom. Whoever has hired the last 2 AD's should be tarred and feathered.
Don't worry, voting-precincts in Memphis and Nashville will start stealing elections in TN soon enough.
Lanning was probably making around $100K just 3-4 years ago, maybe $200k. Now he's making $1.25 mil I'd take that rocket ride any day
All the vile and vulgar names directed my way, the profanities hurled at me, the demeaning and dehumanizing of me - all because I (in my own special and charming way) assessed 3rd and Grantham the same as you you girls are a sorry lot
You know 3rd and Grantham ain't leaving the I-75 Truck Stop shy of somebody putting a gun to his head
You mean to tell me 3rd and Grantham is not at the top of the list, oh the humanity!!!!
Lateral move to a coach with a checkered history and to a "frustrated" program??? A lot of risk for the possibility of minimum reward. Lanning should follow Kirby's example when Richt tried to hire him away from Alabama to become UGA's DC. But if happens, I'd have no problem with Muschamp being the DC. Say what you may about Coach Boom but he can coach defense and recruit. At this point in Boom's career he needs to focus on having a Bud Foster type of career going forward.