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Hiring Lane at Bama would be like hiring a grown-up, mature Jethro Bodine to succeed Milburn Drysdale at the Commerce Bank. Jethro may have grown up but it would never fly at a bank in Beverly Hills.
I don't see Dabo leaving Clemson unless they run him off. And, would Bama want a coach that was shown the door? Dooley went to Auburn and built a legacy at UGA. Dye went to UGA and built a legacy at Auburn. Dabo is Clemson's GOAT by far, he retires from Clemson. Plus, these top-tier coaches are filthy rich after one good run, I don't see a guy worth tens of millions wanting to take the risk, demands and hassles of starting over in a pressure cooker.
Saban is 70 and 2027 would mark 20 years. I'd say if Saban's health holds up 2027 is the target date. Name O'Brien the HC in waiting and allow for a seamless transition. Not poking at the turds but there is no way Sunbelt Billy is viable candidate in 2022, he's got a lot to learn and prove.
Trevor Lawrence won a NC and carried his team; look at the fall off at Clemson after he left. Had Lawrence played at Alabama, OSU or UGA he would own a bunch of records and multiple NC's.
Why doesn’t Stetson Bennett get any respect from the sports media Take you pick or create your own narrative – there’s an endless supply of talking-season talking points Some valid reasons: 2-star, 5’11’’, 185lbs walk-on. That’s 5’11’’ with his back straight and cowboy boots. Average to below-average arm talent South Georgia country boy with more attitude and panache than President Donald Trump Bennett has made his fair share of dumb plays Bennett is not one of the elite, pedigreed, blue-chippers that he has shared the QB room since arriving at UGA. Just look at the QB talent that has come through since Bennett first arrived at UGA – Eason, Fromm, Fields, Newman, J-TD, Beck, Vandagriff, Stockton – that’s 4 5-stars. Even DeWayne Mathis was a 4-star. Bennett is like a homely wife that is a great mother, terrific cook, never complains, doesn’t shop, does the yard work, brings home a paycheck and is a tornado in the sheets – she’s still homely.
BamaTampon and GayRTR 2 woke peas in a pod, projecting on everyone else!
just say it bamatampon every body on SDS knows who her by bamatampon more than bamatime
You just hate it when you see a young person trade in the good life for slumming, oh well live and learn I understand being behind AD in 2022 was tough to handle but the easy road rarely leads to the promised land Watch out for that TURF
Yeah, Pete Golding has "a plan" for the young man being his designated driver Watch out for that TURF young Mr Jefferson
Cedar Grove puts out some really good athletes Justin Schaffer, UGA All-SEC OL, was a 3-star from Cedar Grove, he was just drafted by the Falcons.
Sounds like SDS hurt your feelings geez Fuzzy, I never before pegged you as a woman with a hormonal imbalance
Pruitt ingratiating himself to the future GOAT, the conductor of the G train, the Emperor of the East, the dwarf elephant slayer, the UF coach terminator ... King Kirby
BamaTampon thanks for letting me know I hit a nerve
The State of Florida is a top-3 State for producing D1 talent with UF being the State's flagship university. FSU and Miami have been historically bad the last several years. Spurrier took over a train wreck and the program Meyer took over wasn't exactly a contender.
"Billy Napier has drawn plenty of attention in his short time at Florida for building an infrastructure not seen around Gainesville ... " www DOT saturdaydownsouth DOT com/florida-football/billy-napier-explains-why-he-puts-an-emphasis-on-building-infrastructure/ "Billy Napier hits the ground running with introductory press conference, infrastructure plan" inallkindsofweather DOT com/blog/billy-napier-hits-the-ground-running-with-introductory-press-conference-infrastructure-plan.html "Billy Napier explains why he puts an emphasis on building infrastructure" spotonflorida DOT com/fl-sports/fl-gators/3697045/billy-napier-explains-why-he-puts-an-emphasis.html . . . I hope you turds like infrastructure cause Butch Jones Lite is giving you all about $52,000,000.00 worth of infrastructure
Everybody just relax and let Sunbelt Billy finish building his infrastructure there will be plenty of time for recruiting after the infrastructure is finished
I agree, there was no conspiracy Just Kirby Smart out coaching the old man
One of the biggest transfer players in 2022 will be Arik Gilbert. Gilbert has the ability to impact the SEC if not college football. Yes, technically Gilbert transferred in 2021 but his first year of play post transfer will be 2022 because he sit out 2021 for health reasons.
Kirby Smart owns Indy - he is undefeated there after whipping Bama's aass in the NC game ... It hilarious listening to all the bamatards carry on about the SECCG while not mentioning a peep about the beat down in the NC game. I guess that all you've got so you have to run with it
As noted by many sports analysts UGA did not play to their strength of their defense in the SECCG game. UGA schemed to contain Young in the pocket and put the burden on the secondary in the SECCG. Many of the bamatards were hooping and hollering after the SECCG about how out of shape the UGA defensive front was; that was the fool's perspective of course. In the NC game UGA turned their pass rush loose. That is why UGA got 4 sacks, 10 hits and pressure on over over 80% of Bama's pass plays. Additionally the UGA defense was much better in the NC game because of the baptism by fire the UGA secondary went through in the SECCG. what the bamatards don't and won't address - why the UGA defensive front dominated Bama in the NC game. A few of the particularly stupid bamatards may say the UGA players where better conditioned. The run of the mill bamatards just blame the TURF. They just can't accept that Kirby Smart rope-a-doped and out coached their god, Little Nicky. (Actually bamatards are polytheistic - Dale Earnhardt was a bamatard God long before little Nicky) The TURF the
GayRTR Surely you remember Jimbo crushing Little Nicky in recruiting It was such an aass whimping that Little Nicky was whining about how TAMU "bought" their recruiting class very similar to the whining Little Nicky was doing after the NC game about the TRUF
GayRTR "Jimbo just took little Nicky to the woodshed in recruiting ..." maybe you ought to cut back on the LMAFAO and focus more on reading
Bama has a geriatric head coach and a drunk for a DC. Jimbo just took little Nicky to the woodshed in recruiting, just like Kirby has been doing The end is near gump
Well isn't that cute GayRTR ran to one of his alabamastan tribal mates for validation and reassurance
We were good for 33 in the NC game while the defense was slapping Bryce Young around like a ping pong ball But the TRUF, the TRUF, the TRUF ...