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Great for the kid and great for Ole Miss But 6'4'' 305lbs is not massive???? Click bait link
Daniels also had a second operation on the knee in December/January, 2 surgeries in the last 12 or so months.
Then why don't you take your nose out of my aass and STFU up???????? But we know - you can't. You are literally the biggest cuck on SDS - worse than even bametime and cojones.
I'm thinking Chambliss will add some weight and become a DE, he's almost there now. If Chambliss can add a few pounds without losing his quickness then he could be a beast at DE. McBride has been a disappointment, especially with him being the fastest LB on the team. From what little I've been able to see of McBride he is not a good tackler, not really a headhunter. Last G-day in 2019 McBride got to Herrian in the backfield then just let Herrian run through a terrible attempt at a tackle. If you get a chance to watch Carter on TV (i.e. the play-offs) then compare Carter's game to Roquan's. I think Carter is a bigger, faster HS version of Roquan. When North Gwinnett played McEachern there was a ton of D1 talent on the field - Carter was head and shoulders the best player on the field. Carter was the difference maker in the game.
I couldn't agree more - best assembled coaching staff in all of college football. UF really should lock-down mullet with one of those Harbaugh/Malzahn long-term, high buyout type contracts. Then allow mullet to lock down Grantham. It's a dynasty waiting to happen!
I starting to believe in Bennett as a legit starting QB but I fear him not being to go deep/vertical will limit our offense. I hope that Monken as a few winkles that we've have shown to date, and, hopefully McKitty being back brings about more options.
Stop Harris and UGA has an outstanding chance of winning. If we have to start loading the box then we don't win (2012 SECCG.)
Will Saban be able to participate in the game via radio, cell, zoom etc?
McSharkHumper wanted me to ask you How many SECE titles has mullet won, how many times has mullet beat UGA? lol
Get a life. You just got trucked by TAMU, helping Jimbo "I own UF" Fisher get out of the hot seat and who knows what other teams will hang 40, 50, 60 points on the turds. Yet here you are looking for TDOW who was looking for conjones, who was .... Pathetically bytchish and subservant.
To be such and loud-mouth punk that made a fool of himself in the lead-up to UT's dirt stomping - you sure do hang out on UGA articles a lot.
“Does your management think that Florida fans appreciate a Missouri grad publishing an article on the Gators page demeaning our head coach and DC?” mommy, please make the mean person quite saying mean things, please mommy
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, err Florida UF AD - “Coaches sometimes say things that are outside their area of expertise ... Dan is really good at calling plays." Florida commissioner of agriculture and consumer services Nikki Fried - "Coach Mullen should be more focused on getting a new defensive coordinator, because we are being slammed in our secondary and going through our front lines against the run. That’s where our focus should be, not putting all of our fans and visitors to the stands and into The Swamp at risk for not only getting COVID, but also spreading COVID, not just throughout the state, but throughout the country.” It's about time for UF to fire another HC. Didn't McSharkHumper win an SECE title by his third season???
As anybody seen cojones since TAMU kicked UF's aass??? I was so looking forward to hearing cojones call Florida commissioner of agriculture and consumer services Nikki Fried a moe-ron
"I doubt you would see this type of article on the Georgia or Alabama pages." You are 100% correct - UGA and Bama didn't hire an aassclown for a coach.
We really need to flip Barrett Carter from Clemson. Did you watch N Gwinnett vs McEachern opening weekend? Carter is a beast. McEachern had a really good ILB ad well.
Assuming Hill goes pro who is center next season - Ericson, Webb or Van Pran? We literally will be rebuilding the O-line interior next season.
Guys like Owen Condon and Truss don't have much of a future at UGA. Condon was a starter at Ark but then lost out to McClendon; McClendon being much better. Then we have guys like Jones and Ratledge already on the roster with guys like Mims and Morris committed. We are deep at OT with Slayer being Jr, McClendon a soph then a lot of underclassmen behind them. You are correct about interior O-linemen.
B B B B B B B BOOOOM!!!! I wonder when we are going to see some O-Line transfers; we've got guys on the roster who will never start at UGA but would start Day-1 for many other Power-5 programs.
If we stop Harris and the rushing attack them we have a great chance. Our secondary matches up great and Jones isn't the most mobile QB. I think we can score 28- 35 points.
lol, just lol I'll give up credit for having my shame
Delusions of grandeur, pooph, gone Somebody get the police in crackerland to do a welfare check on cojones
Ole Miss has a great offense. IMO they aren't far off from LSU's 2019 offense.
Well, that and the fact Georgia has been curb stomping the hillbillies for the last 20 years.