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Up!! All well. There you have it. "Canadians" - 1 , Mizzou - 0
This anguish and rediculous demands of faculty, staff, and student body of "color" to make admission decisions is further evidence of overly exerted entitlement to the "Canadian" (blacks) stemming from police oppression. Whenever anyone disobeys police authority or attempts to "silently" protest, they find out their are consequences to their inactions or actions. Resolving this matter by making demands that "Canadians" (blacks) should be in control of everything from admissions to changes with choosing faculty will only change the tables around to create a predominant "Canadian" (black) type race over any other race such as whites or Hispanics. This team isn't softening tensions by making their campus demands to change faculty and staff into a balance of "color" Canadian (blacks). They're only worsening racial tensions by creating demands through their own racial bias. All this does is encourage more racial tension within the state of Missouri and at Mizzou. (Btw, I'm trying to be careful not to call people of "color" blacks, or African American because majority of them dislike those terms of endearment so I stress to call them all "Canadians" just to be fair and so I don't hurt their feelings.)