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Forward Rebels and Fight Tiger are two of the best fight songs ever. Why don't you have a nice tall glass of shut the hell up, jackass?
You just wait till Drew Lock lights up West Virginia, chucklehead, then we'll talk about "dire need."
Missouri is the biggest sleeping giant, and the alarm is set for 11 AM Central time, September 3rd, 2016! Yeah, baby!
Here's some math for you, Josh Kendall: No Connor Shaw + No Jadeveon Clowney = Missouri Tiger Victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks.
I want to beat all those bleepity bleeps. Yeah, I said it!
Liberty Bowl! Whoo-hoo! By the way, I predict that Brandon Harris is way too much like Jordan Jefferson to win a national championship, IMHO.
I agree wholeheartedly, keno98. If Heupel gets the O-line to block and the receivers to catch, the turnaround factor for Missouri's offense could make the achievements of Dave Aranda look sick by comparison.
Barry Odom is going to jump some notches on this list. Somebody on the list will get fired, and then whatever games he wins will jump him up even more, so he'll be higher next year.
I am so sick of this "dump on Mizzou" bull. Georgia was such a powerhouse they beat us 9-6 last year. I have news for the SEC--the 2015 Missouri Tigers are gone. The 2016 Tigers are different and better. Our defense, which was great last year, will be even better. Our offense, which was dismal last year, is going to be better. All Drew Lock needs is a line that blocks and a receiving corps that catches and he will challenge to be the best quarterback in the SEC. The Tigers are going to smack some very surprised teams in the mouth this year. You heard it here first. And I would be remiss if I didn't point out that you, Andrew Astleford, are a blockheaded idiot and are full of equine excrement.