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I didn't want Mac to go to SF. To me, they did him a favor not picking him. What gets me is why not Feilds?
When I slaughter an hog I hang it by its back legs and slit its throat. I'm just evil in your eyes.
Bill, you seem like a nice guy. I don't judge people by what they do to an animal. My dogs are well over 100lbs and are well fed. they have 158 acres to roam. Creek and 2-acre lake to play in. In my opinion, people who keep animals in their house are the cure ones. And yes when they jump on my 2 year old granddaughter I kick them.
This is the world we live in. Humans doing jail time because of an animal. I kick my dogs I should go turn myself in.
So if I care more about women than cats I'm sick. Ok corndog.
Wonder why you never see dogs or cats in North Korea
Play for LSU and you can do this to your girlfriend.
I pray to God to help his parents. I have had it 2 times, first time it took me 3 weeks to get over it. When this virus hits the right person it's bad.
If a 70 year old said she told me a story like this my answer would be yes or no. No way I would not remember.
This is about getting what you can from Kansas. Everyone knows Miles is done. Where were the fathers in the athlete department?
Smokey is a working man's dog. Uga is an ugly overweight dog.
Sounds like LSU is covering their ass by throwing Les under the bus.
I have never been that fan that said my team is the only one that doesn't cheat. I have seen players being paid in high school sports. It starts young.