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Overrated compared to who? Clemson could barely beat Boston College without Lawrence. A&M has played Clemson tough the last 2 years with Lawrence playing for Clemson. The truth is, everyone could be considered “overrated” outside the Top 3. A&M is certainly the best team outside of the Top 3 or Top 4 (if you include Clemson). Who is better? Oregon? Indiana? Northwestern? GTFO. Florida already took one L from them and would again.
A&M has scored on almost every possession for their last 4 games. Averaging about 2 punts a game. And their defense is ranked as one of the best in the conference. The idea that Florida has looked better than A&M since the two played each other is nonsense. Hope that Kirk doesn’t cry tonight when rankings revealed, again, especially when Cincinnati and BYU are below Florida and A&M as they should be.
would a 2-loss Florida stay in the Top 8 after losing to Alabama in the SEC championship??
Making it even easier for the Top 2 to advance while all the other college kids beat themselves up is just ridiculous.
I disagree. It’s completely unfair to give a bye. Often the seeding is basically determined by what teams you played. In the NFL, there is much more parity and common opponents across the board.
4 seed gets blown out every year. What’s another blowout. Agreed.
A&M is a different team than their loss to Alabama in week 2, then they defeated Florida in week 3, and have looked way better in every game since Florida. Kirk is one of the most annoying Espn personalities.
Georgia would’ve lost as bad or worse to Alabama and Florida with Daniels at QB.
They barely even beat Mississippi State with Daniels. Half his passes were 5 yards.
Here’s a more precise prediction to add onto your’s. SEC will wait to see if Notre Dame loses to North Carolina this next weekend and if possible whether Oregon/USC will finish with at least one-loss. Those are the two things determining A&M’s playoff chances. Altho, A&M should also want a 10th game, so they can get to a 10-win season if they don’t make the Playoff. Just not sure the PAC12 will all have a loss before the day Ole Miss and A&M would play on Dec19 (conf Championship Saturday) in their make-up game. Also not sure Ole Miss doesn’t want to end the season after their Dec5 game, since they would have bye on the Dec12 when A&M plays Tennessee. I’d try scheduling anybody for a 10th game if Ole Miss wants out if I was A&M... 10-win seasons are hard to come by and either Oregon/USC undefeated probably locks up the 4th spot for PAC12 anyway.
Ole Miss coach and administration does not sound like they even want the game, so Kiffin can finish the season with a winning record.
Mond has been fantastic in 3 of his games this year. Had a 95 QBR in those games. He was only average in the other 3 games including against Alabama, but he was not poor either. When he’s playing great this year, I want him back for a 5th season. When he’s playing average, I want our stud freshman QB to play who should be a very good sophomore next year and highly rated.
You owned Sumlin. Not much of an accomplishment. He lacked a defense, O-line, and QB too though.
A&M’s offense has scored on almost every possession for the last 4 games. Averaging like 2 punts a game. It’s been dominating.. However, A&M’s secondary is more than capable of giving up big plays in the passing game. That is definitely their achilles-heel, plus lost their biggest deep-ball WR threat with a torn ACL in Florida game.
No kidding. LSU and Arkansas are both better this year than any team Cincinnati or BYU play against. Although, A&M will also need only one of ND/Clemson to make the playoff if A&M is to get the spot, in addition to the PAC12-champ not being undefeated most likely.
A&M only needs 2 things to happen in addition to winning out. They need only one of Clemson/ND to make the playoff and probably a 1-loss PAC12 champ. A&M would get 4th spot in Playoff then, so long as Florida loses to Alabama. Zero chance BYU or Cincinnati get in with their schedule versus virtually all 3-star Midmajor schools. Pandemic will hurt BYU and Cincinnati’s chances if anything.
USC. He would regret going to Texas which is a bit of a clown car.
Florida needs help. Florida need Alabama players to either get hurt or Covid. Zero percent chance they beat a relatively healthy Alabama team. Florida’s defense won’t get as many stops as Alabama’s. I’ll concede it’s possible to beat them with a perfect game and no blown coverages as A&M was tied with Bama late in the 2nd Qtr before a dropped ball by A&M on 4th down shifted the game to Alabama indefinitely.
Why would you consider Georgia over A&M? Lmao. A&M would win by double digits. A&M looks better than Florida too and already beat them. Using the eye test, A&M looks better than Florida too. Period.
Arkansas had a legit chance of beating Florida. Arkansas had no chance of ever beating A&M. Film don’t lie.
A&M was ahead of Arkansas by 25 points early in the 4th quarter before calling of the dogs. A&M physically manhandled Arkansas’s defense. A&M’s run defense disappeared that game though for its worst of the year. Arky had a shot at tying up the game against Florida in the 2nd quarter. Too many mistakes. But wasn’t manhandled.
Lmao. A&M looks more improved since that game vs Florida than Florida does who struggled with Missouri for half the game and struggled with Arkansas for a half too. Georgia is overrated af.
I can tell you that the A&M’s coach is not going to moan and whine about the crowd noise after the game at any away stadium. Auburn is certainly better at home and gets A&M there, but if A&M can beat them then it’s a smooth 9-1 SEC record.
Lol. A&M has literally looked like arguably the best team in the country their last 2 games. Florida struggled with Missouri for over half that game and was about tied with Arkansas late in the first half before some blown coverages that second half. A&M would manhandle Florida again just like the first time. A&M would beat Georgia by double digits. Mond has been excellent, and A&M has the speed to churn out first downs on the ground and O-line & QB to move the chains.
A&M literally has looked like they could beat anyone in the country the last 2 weeks. Florida struggled with Missouri for over a half, and Arkansas was about tied up with Florida late in the first half this last Saturday. Florida can’t beat Alabama. Not remotely the same caliber or coaching.
Lol. A&M would win by 14 points over Florida if anything if they played again. A&M is vastly improved since that Florida game. A&M manhandled Florida’s d-line and defense the whole game. A&M’s got the better defensive line too.
You’re not wrong, but considering how A&M’s offensive line manhandled Florida and ran all over them, it’s hard to have Florida ranked above A&M who beat them.