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He said like one sentence. Good lord. You’ll be okay. And he has every right to. There is some corrupt cronyism going on in the NCAA selection committee.
I bet he hooks up with so many trans-women there. Lol
ya right. He knows A&M would never hire him beyond OC.
stick to your dog sht offense at kentucky. A&M made an elite OC hire and your squealers can whine all you want. A&M just upgraded immensely.
Who gaf if he was just hired by Unlv. Not uncommon to switch jobs if offered an SEC job in early january.
why would it be a terrible hire? Lol. Petrino is an elite OC. Your team sure as hell never beating them again like you only have once in 12 tries this last decade+.
Arkansas has beat A&M once in the last 12 years in 12 tries. Arkansas now won’t ever beat A&M again. Lol
Petrino is an elite OC. Arkansas has been an utter dumpster fire of dog sht ever since Petrino left Arkansas. Lol
South Carolina just beat A&M for the first time in 11 tries this last year after losing 10 straight years. Lol. South Carolina never winning again now with Petrino calling the A&M offense.
Ask the falcons what? Who cares. Lol. He’s had 2 major head coaching jobs since then. Lmao. you weirdo
Who cares. Missouri sucks balls. Petrino is an elite OC.
What has he burned through? Lol. This was one of the goofiest articles I’ve ever read.
Snake in the grass? Lol. Are you 12? And what are you even referencing. Lol
How is he scum? Because he had an affair a decade ago? Cry hard, you giant incel.
Petrino about to cook the SEC again, and it’s hilarious to watch the squirming by people like “RonMexico” who you know never played football in their life. Lol
nobody despises Durkin anyway. Dude is likable as hell. Fisher is likable too. Petrino got the SEC pissing their pants. Lmao
How dare you insult the SDS resident idiot who wrote one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read in this article about Petrino. Honestly thought it was written by a teenager.
And yeah, how dare they hire the coach that had an affair a decade ago. The horror! Cry together, SEC!
and what has Jimbo Fisher done wrong? Lol. You guys are like incels whining about A&M. Lol
Nobody cares what your goofy parents used to say, you weirdo.
How is Durkin bad? Lol. You guys are the biggest weirdos. Oh, he made kids run in high 70 degree weather. That crazy guy! Lmao. Was literally cleared after investigation by Maryland.
Lmao. Yeah, they hired a guy considered brilliant at offense. Of course you’re crying about it. If only they paid recruits illegally the last 6 years like Georgia.
Actually the freshmen from their stud class had a pretty good year.
Lmao. What were his conduct issues besides the one thing with the girl working within the program which was consensual. Lol
Oh you mean, Bowden’s last years. Oh yeah, they did suck.
A&M beat Tf out of Lsu last month with ancient Jimbo’s offense. Petrino going to smoke yall. Lol
A&M is #4 or #5 in SEC since joining. Deal with it, goofy.