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I would add base running/holding base runners as potential weaknesses too. There have been 2-3 boneheaded base running errors giving away outs in the last couple of series. They have also been pretty bad holding runners/throwing out runners stealing all year. I was really surprised Georgia didn’t try to run more (of course their offense was heavy with HRs).
Vols still #1 in the D1 baseball poll, Perfect Game poll & USA Today Coaches Poll (with 26/30 first place votes). Also still #1 in RPI. TCB against the dawgs (both of the next weekends) and should remain so.
1 down. Stay focused. Michigan is fully capable of ending our season.
Wow. I fully expected KY to pull away in OT. Too many missed FTs over the course of the game. Needed to feed Oscar more late. Any given game…..
All three of these games are in Houston (Minute Maid Park) this coming weekend. Texas Friday, Baylor Saturday and Oklahoma Sunday. Should be a more realistic measuring stick. Iona lost to Old Dominion 24-0 and 19-1 before coming to Knoxville…..
His name is Blade, not Blake. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery.
Well, he IS out of eligibility after all….
Vanderbilt is just lucky American football doesn’t have relegation….
That would have been the 1997 season. In the 1998 season Tennessee was 13-0 and National Champions. That’s why the writer referenced that season. And Nebraska “routinely cleans Tennessee’s clock”? I think they have played a total of 3 times (granted Nebraska won the first two easily) but the most recent was 2016 and TN won 38-24 (and the game wasn’t really that close).