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He played LB in the 3-3-5 under Long. So it's not just something he picked on while coaching. So he knows both sides of this D, which will aide in our players adapting to the change.
Its no longer a rumor as JCL has Miss St folks confirming the hire. We are gonna be running a 3-3-5 D. Which we last used when Joe Lee Nunn was our DC.
LOL...they tanked and traded to get picks to ensure they could get Tua and now the owner wants to forget all the other issues he created and needs filled via the draft.
I do think both are better served by staying another year. However, it also says something else was going on with the last staff. Folks don't normally change their minds like that, unless they feel things are changing for the better and they want to be a part of it.
No its a win for us...it won't work at Ore any better than it did for us.
This past years Clemson squad wouldn't have gone undefeated in either the SEC or Big 10 this season. Your QB is meh under pressure with a good D that can maintain man coverage and get pressure with the D-line. I was at Glendale and saw a game where...14 points that would have stood in the NFL which has higher standards than the NCAA got overturned...targeting call where your QB was the one who lowered his helmet and initiated contact to the OSU DB's mid section...constant pick plays where Clemson WR made contact more than 5 yards down the filed...the refs interjected themselves and gift wrapped the game for Dabo. So enough with that Non-sense...and I am not an LSU fan but was so happy they up-ended the soft Clemson program. The ACC has gotten as weak as the Big East was when they got pushed down to Non-Power status and rebranded the AAC. Heck the AAC has played a better brand of football conference wide then the ACC has over the past 5 years. So its on your AD to fix things one of two ways...get a killer Non-conference slate or get your program moved to a legitimate conference Power conference...as right now the ACC isn't playing to Power Conference standards.
That ignores him changing to a team with a better caliber of an offensive line. We all saw what happened when Hurts joined a team with a lesser quality of O line and played LSU. So keep in mind guys moving to teams with better WRs, RBs, and O line can all of a sudden catch fire and look night and day different.
LSU just showed the rest of the NCAA how to beat Lawrence & Clemson. Its too soon to anoint Clemson the pre-season favorite given all the potential turn-over. If for the same reasons LSU and Bama are lower, so too should be Clemson. Ohio State is the team with less loss of personnel and return much more of it's very talented roster than the rest of the top 5.
Trevor better start looking at his back...as struggle at all next season and he will get screwed over like the guy he replaced...All Dabo knows is back stabbing.
5th top 10 win and 3rd top 5...but no punks who needed the help of SEC officials were worthy...no. Trevor needs a hair cut and find his junk...as he was so playing afraid tonight...on at least 4 levels. Oh and his HC will bench him sometime next season if he think Saban has an edge.
SEC, SEC, SEC...and Lawrence is a total bomb...too afraid of being hit, tackled, and cost Clemson the game. Last time that happened, he replaced the loser...he might want to start looking behind himself for his surprise replacement.
No doubt...but sure same folks will pat Clemson's fraidy QB on the back and talk about what a great job he did coughing up the game.
Choke, Choke, Choke...Tina Lawrence needs to find a new sport. Couldn't take the heat, hits, or play fierce. He might be afraid of being hooked next year by the Dab on/Dab off the Back Stabber. Ask Danny Ford what kind of man Dab is.
As soon as LSU's D gets close Lawrence under or over throws everything...he can't take a hit just like against UNC earlier in the season. Stick a fork in his butt...huge white streak down his back...hey Dabo gonna fire him next season too after he looses tonight???
Burrow, takes hits and gets the most out of each possession. Lawerence...is the big puss...and too afraid of the LSU D, getting hit, and his first ever loss. Dude go grab a seat on the bench...you are done...LSU has your number.
Trevor Lawrence is afraid of getting hit...the big puss on campus...and why Clemson is getting beat...he can't take a hit. Hey Dabo your QB of choice is hearing footsteps and hanging your receivers out to dry...guess you now know what Danny Ford felt like.
O'Gara you better hope you don't ever need a second chance in life after writing this.
Hey most positive press we have had in 2 years. Thank goodness JoMo is NoMo.
Sincerely, Thank You John Cohen for making this hire.
Yes and I was surprised we never offered Gardner a spot at State.
Says the fan of a team who hired a nobody for HC and has been as DC.
Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't try to get McIntyre to sign on as DC. They know each other from the PAC 12 and McIntyre is a really good DC. He also is currently unemployed as well.
Be the fastest sell out in years. Oh and the new pirate styled fan gear as well.
Also posted on HailState Twitter. Guess we need a new fan flag...Maroon with a white Bulldawg head in the center of white crossed bones. Loving this hire.