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Well Cox just showed how little baseball knowledge he has. Miss St won the series against #25 Ore St. However with his write up it sounds like we lost the series. Taking 2 of 3 from a ranked power 5 baseball team with a good pedigree is a good weekend of baseball...so much so D1baseball has Miss St at #8 today, up 2 spots from last week.
Lets get real...any school in the SEC would up the salary of a key recruiter or coordinator to keep them. This says more about Mich St's inability to match UK. More power to Stoops for being able to hold the key pieces of his staff together.
That's light weight...but what happens when you killed the iconic Left Field Lounge for cut and paste decks. Back in the late 80s and early 90s the guys next to our stand had a deep sea fishing pole with a boot tied off. If an outfielder committed an error, the boot was thrown out, but kept short of hitting the field...with everyone screaming boot. It pissed off a player in the regionals so much he mooned the Left Field Lounge and was tossed from the game. Now having said that, it wasn't personal and after the game the visitors were just as welcome to eat the grilled food from the members of the Left Field Lounge as the home team.
SEC missed a chance of a packed July 15...as they could have had Kiffin, Leach, and Saban on the same day.
Actually, what Morris did at Clemson and Tulsa, was a lot like what Gus wanted to do at Arkansas and did at Auburn, Arky St and again as AU HC. There is good reasoning to think Gus is serious due to the similarities in their O philosophies. As long as it works, Gus will roll with it. And don't let O'Gara fan the flames...don't forget with the D AU already has, having a better scoring O makes their job so much easier. As long as the O is top 10 in scoring, yall are gonna beat a lot of teams.
Its not and its also not like Miss State hasn't used this specific defense before. Joe Lee Dunn was the DC who last used this D at Miss State. We just have fans who have forgotten this was the D that got us to the SEC Title game.
Considering the 500 million Vince McMahon pumped in and the reasonable salaries, tickets sales, and opening weekend it will make it through the entire season. If it can maintain TV ratings and increase ticket sales it could even go on for another season. Since the arena league shut down completely, there is really no competition for spring football. What the XFL does need to do, is to show value to the NFL and develop a working relationship with the NFL to thrive and survive. It really could give an avenue to NFL practice squad players for development, which in turn could get players on NFL rosters at no development cost to the NFL. They just need to work out cooperation agreements. The NFL however probably won't do anything until a second or third XFL season happens.
While 8-5 may not be a great season, it was a good season and one of the best UT has had in a while. So what 2 guys go back to the NFL where its purely about coaching. So one other guys leave to help out a friend at SC and one heads for dumpster fire. Staff changes happen when you start winning, as folks want to move up in life. What it does mean is other programs and NFL teams saw value in hiring folks who turned your season around. Your new hires probably have connections to folks Pruitt knows and trusts and he wants to give them as much time as possible to work with the players ahead of spring ball. Its not like you HC went out and hired the worst DC in the SEC to be your DC...like Joe Moorhead did at State. Until you see what the new staff does next season, you have no metrics for to cause you worry.
I really think McShay is talking about the similarities is playing style, height sizes, and ability to accurately hit WRs. And I see his use of it, more about providing an easy visual of upside than it being a true comparison between the two players. Remember McShay usually has 30 secs to maybe a minute when he is talking on ESPN so any easy way to quickly convey meaning is preferred by ESPN.
I have to believe the Chargers feel very confident in being able to land Hebert if they can't get Brady as a free agent. As they need a QB who can definitely play in the fall since they are allowing Rivers to be a free agent.
I would bet you are right given the bears are also in the fray. I bet both know that Washington could and the Giants most certainly will take Young off the board by the 4th pick. The only safe trade for Cincy is with a team who has interest in another player and being able to stay in a position to get Burrow. However to make it really work, you would need a 3 team trade. So the real question is Miami interested enough in making this about a switch of positions with Denver and Cincy to make it happen. As Cincy needs to be in at least the 5th pick to get Burrow and Miami if sold on Tua could realistically get him at 15 and save some bank in the process. However, this could come at too high of a price on Denver to make this happen realistically, given the other positions of need Denver has to solidify the O line and D. At this point probably more of a fact finding dicussion on what it will take prior to the combine.
Shrader needs to stay and accept a probable red shirt year, if Costello stays healthy. However, he already knows how hard that can be. He can afford a year off to work on his skill set and I believe be the starter afterwards. At Wash St, Leach brought in Minshew and his back up got an extra year of reps and then started the following season. The only QB we have who is running out of time is KT. He should really consider a change to WR given Leach's offense and his own athletic abilities. I think he best road to the NFL is as a slot WR not as a QB.
Sorry there were lots of us who thought the QB battle was a sham. However, now time isn't on KT's side. In all honesty he probably needs to think about changing to WR and spending 2 years at State for a shot at the pros.
In all honesty dropping to the second half of the 1st round only benefits Tua long term. Team wise being drafted from 1-10 means your going to a team that will be drafting 1-10 again the following season. And many of the teams in this area have been stuck for years drafting from 1-10. Only teams in the 11-16 have a viable chance of moving back in to the relevant half of the NFL.
Nice pick-up and hopefully he shores up our secondary.
KT might be smarter to move to WR and stay at State under Leach's air raid. I think a better path for him to the NFL is a position change.
Considering you went to UGA for agriculture instead of State or A&M? Or is that why your so butt hurt and hanging out on our area...you couldn't get in to State or A&M.
Except that is not a valid data. Colleges and Universities are accredited by program and overall. True indicators of top universities are by program and not university wide. Several groups tout their rankings systems but they are about as valid as the old BCS computer systems. Stop being butt hurt over yall getting a Wake Transfer instead of Costello.
Why would Leach turn down Costello? He has far more upside than TS ever did and he will make it a legit QB competition. The other upside is him working with our other QBs in the fall. Its a win, win for State.
While I normally would agree with you. This feels like a real change...remember he said he wanted to play with his cousin. Heath is on our 2020 roster.
We have had some luck over the years with walk-ons. Like his attitude, and who knows where it and hard work can take him. He might just cause some folks with scholarships to work a little harder to keep theirs.
It's not gonna be terribly hard right now for LSU to recruit D players, given the new National Title. LSU has any easy time getting the D heavy weights. Pelini's results on the field and further success on a national stage will keep bringing in top D talent. Like him or not the man is an outstanding DC. What everyone keeps missing is players love playing for him, which totally fits in with Coach O...and gruffy isn't gonna turn off Coach O either. The bigger whole to fill on Coach O's staff is on the offensive side of the ball. As Burrows been the best LSU QB in over a Decade. Yalls issue has long been quality QB play...and that goes back a long ways history wise.
Not a knock on Tua...but in all reality as long as he stays in the first round. He is better off dropping down to the clutches of a winning NFL franchise that doesn't have to immediately press him into service. Heck let him hit 20 and Belichick might actually trade up to get him. Point is if he drops like that he is in a better team situation than Burrow who is destined for the Bungles.
LOL, when your team gets 5 turn-overs in a row your not gonna maintain a 10 point lead very long. Hell one turn-over your player dribbled the ball off his own foot...after a steal that could have gotten yall back into the game. Look at the stats...almost no turn-overs in the 1st half and turn-over city in the second half...that is on your players and the main reason for the loss.
There shouldn't be a poll until week 7 of the FBS season. As until then, you don't have a good idea of where any team really stands.
Its the same D we used the only season we have made the SEC Title game.
Oh please, it was solely based on their name. We got treated to tons of shots over Bama not deserving to play based on strength of schedule, but oh it's Clemson with a lousy SOS and its A-Okay...BS. You take Clemson's regular season schedule and change the Name at the top to Boise St, UCF, Memphis, Navy, SMU, etc...there would be no talk of that being good enough for a playoff spot. When Wofford is a quality win, you shouldn't even discuss the playoffs.
Change Clemson's name to SMU, Boise St, Memphis, UCF, etc...and that 2019 schedule wouldn't have gotten more than a top bowl, no playoff. No one would argue either.
Exactly. And if folks remember, this base formation is highly flexible, and hides blitzes well. It will be the variations from the base that will make or break it...and the same is true of the 3-4, the 4-3, and 4-4 formations as well.