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In fact he set the rushing record during the 2009 season.
A decade is 10 years so 09-19...and he most certainly played in 09 as he was drafted in 2010. He is also in the upfront material before the list of players.
While I want to see an instant classic on Saturday. I wouldn't place a bet on this game. LSU averages almost 16 points more per game and against common opponents LSU put up more points on those opponents, with 3 of those being double or more the amount of points UGA scored. While LSU gives up more yards on D that number is more deceiving, as for the most part their opponents started moving the ball after LSU was already up big. So while I really wanna see a barn burner of a game the stats aren't indicative of that. But its why we play the games, so here is hoping for a new SEC classic.
Coming from the guy who refused to punish Pickens more for an actual savage attack on a GA Tech player.
Yeppers all those guys on 1 team with Mullen at the helm and would have been at least an SEC Title. But Dixon should have been included since he is our #1 rushing leader.
Love how they left off the rest of the quote. The full quote is “I hope [FAU] still wants me here. I’ve never commented on coaching searches, but that’s the plan.” So doubtful he is doing more than getting pay raises for staff and facility upgrades.
But that is a good sign of his flexibility to adapt to the talent on hand with a team.
Monken can do more than the triple option. He ran a traditional offense when he was at Southern Miss. Triple Option is more based on the players he has at the USMC.
One other key thing about Boca that everyone forgets about. He can bide his time at FAU until the local Power 5 job opens up in 2-3 years. That job wouldn't even require him to move. As Diaz seat got super hot the last 2 games of this season and another 6-6 year won't cut it with the Canes fans.
LOL...then you aren't seeing his tweets. He hasn't changed that much. Oh yeah quirky fits in with uptight folks who dress up for football games...NOT. He lives in Boca which is more laid back and upscale than TSUN. Probably the one job he would jump ship for isn't even in the SEC and its not outside of the state of Florida. And he can wait and build his cred at FAU until the Miami job opens up in 2-3 years.
Just got even worse for TSUN. Given recruiting defections they just dropped 14 spots in ESPN updated recruiting ranks...dropped from #22 class to #36.
Sark would be a solid hire by Colo St. He knows how to recruit the region and has connections as well. Plus he want's to rebuild his reputation. While he might not stay longer than 4 years, he would rebuild the program.
Nice assessment and should make for a new SEC classic. Looking forward to watching the game on Sat.
Kiffin is leveraging pay for him and staff and more than likely facility upgrades. He loves being on the water and if he came to the SEC he would take the Mizzou job over Arky or TSUN. Even he knows the easiest path to the SEC Title Game is being in the East. Plus he gets the added benefit of being able to needle Saban and only have to face him once ever 4 years at best.
Had Joe had our guys playing like Luke did Against A&M, Auburn, LSU, and Bama...I would have felt much differently about keeping him. My issue has been he can't get the team to show up on the road against SEC or Power 5 and we look flat and unprepared against A&M, Auburn, second half of LSU game, and Bama. In those games he wasn't any really any better than Chad Morris.
If Kiffin ends up in the SEC it won't be in the SEC West. Even he knows the SEC East is the easier route to the SEC Title. However, he likes being close to the water. More likely looking to leverage some better facilities and pay.
Think again it was LSU 50 A&M 7. Heck Bama whipped A&M. Oh the same way they drastically stumbled against UNC...who App St also beat and played better.
I wonder why the writer left out his HC time at Murray State University. At Murray Nutt went 31-16...but his final two years was 22-3 winning back to back Ohio Valley Conference Titles. As over 19 years of being a HC Nutt was 134-97. Lastly more power to Nutt if he wants to go to UTSA and be a HC again.
I wonder why the writer left out his HC time at Murray State Univeristy. At Murray Nutt went 31-16...but his final two years was 22-3 winning back to back Ohio Valley Conference Titles. As over 19 years of being a HC Nutt was 134-97. Lastly more power to Nutt if he wants to go to UTSA and be a HC again.
Given the level of Pickens actions, the SEC had the power to extend his time on the bench and didn't. Which is a shame they were too afraid to punish UGA appropriately. Of course last year a Miss State player got ejected from the game because the officials called the right number but wrong team and the SEC didn't go back and make Corral serve his ejection...nor did they stop the first half ejection for the wrong player being called for our bowl game.
ESPN stopped being truly about sports the minute Disney bought them and started wrecking the quality sport coverage that they had built on TV and online. Remember when every conference had a section and there were reporters who actually were conference reporters. These days ESPN is scooped more often than being the lead dog...thanks Disney.
Well then the UGA receiver should have received additional time off as well given his behavior, which was much worse then Jennings.
It's insane to me as well. I know what your new AD said, but Luke and company had the team trending up in all phases. The Ws were gonna come over the next 2 seasons. IMO he didn't think this through or about the ramifications to recruits or current players. Again IMO he did more in 1 day to set back your football program than Baby Huey did in his tenure.
Given this CFP committee...2 one loss SEC teams could mean no SEC team in the playoffs.
Pickens shouldn't be playing at all after last Saturday. No excuses for his conduct and the SEC should have extended his ejection time by at least a half in not an entire full game.
LOL...you do realize Clemson has only 2 as well in conference. In total they have 5 Ws against teams with a winning record...2 out of conference against Charlotte...and A&M with a 5th FCS winning team in Wofford. And A&M doesn't W doesn't look nearly as nice given they got by A&M and LSU absolutely destroyed A&M. So you are telling me beating Charlotte and Wofford mean a ton. UGA, Cincy, Memphis, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Utah have a better resume than Clemson does. This Sat will be just their second game against a ranked opponent. So if strength of schedule really matters like the man is quoted up above, Clemson should be on the outside looking in.
Except they don't make the draft picks. Its why he should get the NFL draft report card. In this day and age teams don't like taking a risk on a QB with a recurring injury issue in a money round.
Well it's obvious Pollock hasn't watched Utah play this season beyond the USC game. The Utes have a very stingy D and could give several of the current top 4 problems. If they do beat the Ducks and it's convincing, how can you keep them out when we know the Big12 winner wins shoot outs and plays very little D.
Does anyone remember Cohen making these kinds of statements last year concerning our bowl game??? Really do you?
Again using that logic why is Clemson in the playoff discussion as they have pretty much played nobody...well A&M but that was hardly impressive given how LSU and Bama beat A&M.