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Clark would be a good choice and discipline would make a comeback for sure. Talking to Brian Harsin from Boise St would be good to. I know many balk at the idea but why not talk with Lane Kiffin, Luke Finkel, and Josh Heupel. If we have to go the route of a coordinator, I would bring Todd Grantham back. He can coach knows the school and the SEC.
The AD doesn't seem all that interested in having Schiano back and it also appears he doesn't have the needed $$$ alum backing now either.
Yes the UT player intentionally stomped our center's hand. Heck a better one was last year was the phantom PI in the Bama game and Joe just toted the SEC party line.
He deserves it...and all that business about him having to let his daughter cry on his shoulder...well his daughter is 18 and a MSU student...not 7-11. But he sure played it to the hilt, and the sports folks didn't disclose her real age.
He is sticking to the sport pundit party line and trying to make folks feel better instead of really digging in and talking about Joe Moorhead's poor job of coaching.
Adam Spencer way to not actually answer the Joe Moorhead question. Its not about just losing to UT. There are real issues in our football program and with the team that are all on our HC and staff. This isn't new and same type of issues happened last season as well, which yall routinely ignore. Our teams are generally ill prepared, to include the games we have won the last 2 seasons. This season in every single game we have poor fundamentals in regards to blocking, pass routes, tackling, D coverage, punt/kick-off returns, stupid penalties, and overall lack of discipline. We haven't played well outside of Davis Wade stadium against Power 5 teams since he has been HC, and that includes neutral sites. Its the reason a good portion of the fan base wants him gone tomorrow. And its due to his job performance, and mostly lack thereof.
O'Gara your article misses the actual reason fans want Joe Moorhead gone and on heavy medications. Its not a simple wins vs losses situation, as you and most pundits say. Start paying attention to the fan posts from Miss State fans here and check out ForWhomTheCowbellTolls comments. Our team has real issues that we didn't have until we hired JoeBlows. We don't play with fire, heart, or discipline anymore. Our players are on social media during halftime, getting stupid penalties with no punishment, our O is too predictable, he won't own his own bad decision making or preparedness. Our teams don't look prepared or ready, even in the games we win. Our basic fundamentals of blocking, tackling, routes, coverages, and special teams are lacking in every game this season, to include the 3 games we have won. Joe is all hot air and talk, with little to no action. We want Joe gone because of what he has done poorly and what he is not doing with the program to actually fix issues.
It makes me wonder if they would like to buy some ocean front property in Arizona, LOL.
Yes but unlike last year, its even obvious to those who refused to listen last season. The UT loss killed the support from his even the most loyal JoeMo fans.
Here is the thing, he has no one to blame but himself. He created the dysfunctional environment and then expected it not to show on the field. Well guess what when you don't preach discipline, fundamentals, all out go, and attention to detail you get a what we have witnessed the last 2 years. I said when the hire was announced it was a horrible hire and that I didn't see him lasting more than 2-3 years as he wasn't ready to be a HC.
Yall can have him today...just pay John Cohen the 2 mil and move his happy butt outta StarkVegas now!!!
Wow you guys are being way to nice with the LSU vs Miss St prediction. We are gonna get hammered by LSU and they will probably score more than 66 points on us.
You are dead wrong about 6-6 being good enough, as a bowl game is a road game and we suck butt on the road. So that's 6-7 and a losing season. All the things CowbellHell just pointed out have worn thin with the fan base. We are tired of the hot air and want to see real results on the field of play. Our Offense is tired, predictable, and floundering. The D play has been just horrible and our if our special teams were a horse, it would have been taken out back and shot by now. You are also wrong about our potential to actually get to 6-6. You guys aren't hearing other things going on within the program that point to flat out bad coaching staff either. No hussle at practice, players on social media at halftime, players warming up in a free style fashion, no discipline after a bad penalty call, players ignoring coaches on the sidelines, or ripping the staff. Moorhead created a dysfunctional situation and that is exactly how our team looks on the field...the experiment is over...let Rutgers have him.
OMG, that opening line has me in stiches. Nothing short of a miracle, or the entire starting LSU offense and defense catching mono, would allow Miss St to win. We have almost no O capabilities to speak of, a terrible D that couldn't tackle an old lady using a walker, and flat out awful special teams. LSU is gonna win the real question is will they put up more than 66 points against us.
O'Gara stop with the Joe Moorhead love fest. He is the worst coach in the SEC. If you aren't sure rewatch the UT game. You can sum up his coaching philosophy like this, we are gonna show up and play some football. No planning, preparation, or schemes. He blew off the bye week and pundits like you gave him a pass. Our issues aren't new and have been there all season long so it's time you guys in the press started being honest about it.
O'Gara, time for you to find a new bus to drive. Your current bus is broke down and dead on the side of the road outside of Knoxville. So get real about Joe Moorhead and his inability to coach.
Its real simple folks. Nothing is gonna get better under Joe Moorhead. He talks a good game, but that is all he does. Nothing translates to on the field success. You can wish him well all day long and it's not gonna change the fact he can't coach. Time to find someone who can coach, the Moorhead experiment is a flop.
Of course you do as he gifted yall an SEC W by doing nothing and just showing up.
Logan were you even watching the same game the rest of us were? As our D was not good at all. D let UT put the game out of reach. We flopped and floundered in all phases of the game. It was a royal stinker of a game and the media needs to stop sugar coating it when it comes to Moorhead.
The spread is way off given the last seven seasons with the games being decided by 7 points or less in the final minutes of the game and that both teams have scored the same amount of points on each other. Folks are also giving way too much credit to LSU's D as well. Their best games on D have come against programs with a combined record of 5 wins out of 15 games. And even Vandy got 38 points on their D.
For LSU's D its worse than that. The perception their D has built has been against a 2-3 Sunbelt team, a winless Div1AA team, and a 3-2 MoutainWest team. Add in that Vandy was able to put the same amount of points as UT did on LSU, while UGA and TSUN limited Vandy to 2 FGs. There should be cause for concern. Cause if Vandy could put 36 points up what is the limit for the Gators as UF has a way more talented offense than Vandy.
You left out a key point that hasn't really been talked about by any pundit. LSU surrendered 38 points to Vandy. Yes they still hammered them, but they gave up 32 more points to Vandy than UGA or TSUN did. LSU's big scary D stats have been more generated by the lowly opponents they have played, ie, Ga Southern, NorthWestern St, and Utah State. I am sorry but this is against a 2-3 Sunbelt team, a winless Div1AA team, and a 3-2 Non-power 5 team. Then remember they gave up 38 to Vandy...same amount that they gave up to Texas in a shoot out. While LSU has improved considerably on offense the same can't be said about their D yet. Its easy to pad stats and look scary when you have played the schedule they have so far. Not sure LSU will be able to hold the UF offense at all. As the Gators are far more capable offensively than Vandy.
Cause Joker Joe had been the OC and very good at that. I bet he thought it would be an easier transition for the team based on the system that was already in place. Issue turned out that Joker Joe was a better OC than HC.
Want to see more SEC West vs SEC East action, simple. Cut out of conference games to 3 or even 2. Then you have 9 to 10 SEC Games per season. That way the West or East not only plays itself but plays 3-4 teams from the East. Why play a cupcake other than homecoming. Would also force 1 game to be against a Power5 all the time. See easy and no need to break down divisions. Let the screaming commence over how awful this would be.
I think it will be a 3-4 point game and be decided very late in the 4th. I think folks are giving yalls D too much credit...and forgetting the O hasn't faced a team with a real D yet either. Not a knock on LSU either. Remember Auburn was supposed to beat the Gators by a wider margin last weekend as well. I think the Gator D will be way more effective against yall than UT was. This is gonna be a good old fashioned LSV vs UF shootout with winner having the ball last and should be a great game to watch.
Burrow and LSU's O isn't the concern per say. Its the LSU D. The D has surrendered 38 points twice this and the second time was against Vandy of all teams. The same Vandy that could only put up 6 against UGA and TSUN. And lets be honest all those O scores have come up against mostly bad teams...Texas being the lone exception but they win with their O and not their D. LSU has yet to play a team with a good to really good D and that is gonna happen on Saturday. Also over the last 7 seasons the winning team has won by 7 or less and over all points for are also tied at 134 points. This is not a good mixture for the point spread from Vegas or the pundit predictions. This is gonna be a typical affair with lots of points and final score is determined very late in the 4th.
And no I don't as he hasn't shown of an ability to be a successful HC in the Power5, much less the SEC. If you didn't see it go watch a replay of the first 3-4 mins of the Miss St vs Auburn game or even the last 4 mins of the K St vs Miss St game.
Every point the writer made are issues the State fan boards have been talking about since Week 1. Our HC and staff don't seem to be concerned with these issues. Example Stevens can't stay healthy and 3 games has been pulled either in the 1st or 2nd due to reinjury or a new injury. Joe is adamant Stevens will play on Saturday, even though he can't stay healthy and has been ineffective since Game3. Heck we didn't even do hardly anything during our bye week but have had issues with blocking, tackling, DB positioning, and special teams since game 1. Staff not worried about it. Go to ESPN and listen to our HC being interviewed...you will definitely get a good laugh from it.
Yes but you forgot...LSU is the only SEC team to allow Vandy to score more than 6 points so far this year. And Vandy put 38 on LSU just like Texas did.