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I hope so, guess we'll just see! Go Vols
I love when there are rational opposing fans out there like you, thank you. Let's hope we can compete with Florida and all the luck to yall against Alabama. Go for it big time!
I just think back to the fight he had with the GA tech player lol...Pickens has the most random and passive aggressive temper, it's actually kind of funny and i'm not being sarcastic. Spraying a bottle of water? Really think that's going to scare someone lol?
I totally understand what you're saying on that, I absolutely do. But that shows how there's always that crowd that acts out of line. I was at that game in 2015 and I remember the normal applause from the stadium when they were able to get Chubb carted off.
I’ve always like the Ole Miss uniforms. Not as much as UT’s orange on orange days, obviously a UT fan here , but I love these!
You take low jabs dude. Everyone is fully aware of what UGA is capable of lol calm down
I’m glad for 2-0 as well haha! They have heart. I hope that that continues.
geez I hope so. Hopefully he can continue, I know he has the heart and is totally respected by Vol fans (no matter what the random people say), but we’ll just see. Go vols! Happy for every team being able to play during Covid. Fingers crossed for minimal injuries on every team.
I agree, so glad he got to play though! Born in Knoxville, went to Georgia, issues being able to transfer and play. I’m honestly shocked it was all able to happen! But I’m not complaining haha.
I'm confused on that too, I really like Pruitt.
"There's one in every crowd" Montgomery Gentry song came to mind hahah.
Welcome to our world the years before last season's game haha.
I think it's going to be a close game too. All I know is that I'm just excited for the season to start! Go Vols
I hope Mays can play, but we'll just see! It's taking a hot minute for everything to be decided.
I'm with you on that, I have no idea what covid defections he's talking about. This game will be exciting, never a dull moment when these two teams play!
Eh, we play Georgia and Alabama every year anyways haha. It does suck how it's set up though, bummer!