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With their football team shouldn't the students be used to losing by now?
All this proves is that he did his part to find out what what happened by talking to everyone and not jumping to conclusions based on one story before he acted. That sounds like reasonable thinking to me.
Regardless of where you stand on the diversity office issue, this was done on senior night for the basketball team. It's a night supposed to be about celebrating those seniors' accomplishments and efforts they've made their entire careers at UT. Congrats you got the attention you wanted but took it away from the seniors who really deserved recognition that night.
And having a son named "Knox" is just trolling himself
I can't wait to see Kiffin take a head coaching job and leave a program up in flames again.
I guess when you go undefeated with a cupcake even easier than Ohio States's then you lose all reality of where your team actually stacks up against good teams
And what happened the last time Iowa played an SEC team?
Giving Duke would be the rational and fair thing to do so of course the league won't do it
I have no problem with throwing the flag on the field because it's reviewable and you can reverse the call. But the reviewer for the UT and the Duke games should both be fired they both made huge mistakes that cost one team a game and lost us a player for half of the next game. I really hope the officiating offices explain these more.
Butch has said multiple times that the games were his fault and to put all the blame on his shoulders. He has made his share of mistakes, but he's owned up for them. Before the season ever started he said we were still a year away from where we really need to be. This is still a team lead mostly by sophomores and freshman. They're still learning how to win. They may not win the East this year like so many people said, but once this team learns to win and gets more big game experience, this team will be dangerous.
Our football and basketball teams have lost every time we have worn smokey gray. Looks like theres another streak that will keep going.
This loss wasn't the fault of the coaches. This one is mainly on the offense. Dobbs missed SEVERAL receivers that were wide open. A few receivers dropped passes they should have had. Our defense wasn't what it should be, but they were exhausted they were on the field almost the entire second half.
This is exactly what football should look like. Take care of business between the whistles but always respect your opponent as a man not just an enemy on the field. Its nice to hear these stories about class acts instead of players getting arrested or fights with a referee or other players.
So Josh Dobbs leads the team in passing yards, rushing yards, and receiving yards but still doesn't make the list?
Florida just has a thing for finding so many players with so little class.
And who have you played? Granted Kentucky is an improving team, but you weren't able to beat Kentucky or Eastern Carolina by more than a touchdown. I give you guys credit a 10 year streak is impressive, but theres no way their struggling offense will be able to put up enough points on our defense to make it to 11 wins. I'm calling Tennessee by 14 or more.
Florida struggled with ECU and Kentucky and the only time Tennessee hasn't put 55 points on the board is when we lost in 2OT to the #15 team in the country. But yet Florida is still favored?
I can completely understand teammates giving him a hard time for cheering for the other team, but this is assault. Between this and the incident with the referee getting attacked theses people are an insult to the game.
You can't make a statement that general, it has to be taken on a case by case basis. It would be a lot better to have an SEC team with loses against two top 10 teams rather than another conference champion who may have only played one or two ranked teams all year. The other conferences have had great teams, but history proves SEC teams usually have tougher schedules and better teams.
Checkerboard endzones? What a unique idea