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Maybe UT got a commitment from a better Prospect and told him to look elsewhere. Nothing is ever As It Seems when it pertains to recruiting.
It has been widely known for quite a while that he has not been actively recruited since the coaching change. Couch even said so himself in an interview.
We ended the GA & FL streaks in smokey greys, if my memory serves me right. Not to mention, I like them once or twice a year, just as a change up. Also, I don't remember playing FSU in smokey greys. Oh well.
We (UT) have been at the top of Griffin's list for well over a month. To say we have little chance of landing him is just ignorance! Copeland, on the other hand, is a different story. He is all over the place!
Kirkland Jr & BitulI are All-SEC caliber LB's. I also believe we found the staff to get them to their full potential.