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As a Tennessee fan, I will just say that it is worth however many millions that he's being paid by UT, just to NOT have him on OUR sidelines!
Classic UT clock management. Seems to be year after year for as long as I can remember...
Wait, wait, doesn't he already have a DAILY sitcom???
Is it ok if I say "WE'RE BACK!" if follow that statement with "MAYBE"?
Agreed. As a fan I'm obviously happy he's coming back, but for his own sake, I think he should've taken the money and ran.
Not a dumpster fire. A dumpster IN GREAT NEED OF A FIRE! Reading comprehension would go a long way on this site...
"Hope he enjoyed winning meaningful games while he was at Georgia." And just exactly what "meaningful games" did he win at Georgia?
Wow. As if being totally irrelevant wasn't enough, now they done gone and pulled this crap. No wonder the kid wanted outta there. I think Pittman saw the (crayon written) writing on the wall as well. This is not a dumpster fire. It is a dumpster that is in great need of a fire!
Face it. The lawsuit had nothing to do with his leaving. He just wanted to stop playing for the team that's ALMOST, but not quite good enough to not be irrelevant.
Yea. Despite all the chippy and some of the downright stupid stunts he pulled, he's definitely one heck of a player and competitor. Hate to see him leave.
The Bama/OU in 2014 is a valid example, but not UGA/TX last year. I distinctly remember hearing all those UGA players saying that they were going to prove that they should have been in the four-team playoff.
The kid's probably just like any other kid. Likes all the attention and crooning over him by SC coaches as well as other coaches.
Thanks Gatorboy. That really means a lot coming from the tallest kid on the SHORT BUS. You are the man.
1. Finebaum is a Bama loving MORON 2. he worships Saban 3. Kirby is a good RECRUITER, not coach
It's crap like this that continues to show just what a joke Kirby Smart and Georgia football truely is. Come on guys act like you've been in big games before. Oh wait you have been in big games before...You lost then too.
"UGA will continue to be serious players in the East. With Fromm coming back next season and the receivers having another year of growth, they will again be serious national contenders." And then, they'll lose.
Well, this SEC east "bottom feeder" has a longer active winning streak than all other SEC teams except maybe LSU.
"Skull dragged". Ouch, that sounds painful. Almost as painful as watching the Dawgs embarrass the SEC east again...and again...and again...
Meanwhile over on Fox, Fields looking like a true Georgia QB so far. He's 5 of 12.
Why? You got some fellow Dawg fans that need some swimming lessons?