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well, that seals it. If Steele is picking against us, I'm liking our chances. GO BIG ORANGE!!!
#1 who cares what Manziel thinks. #2 who cares what Manziel thinks. In that order...
Ok. That was totally uncalled for. Funny, but uncalled for.
I really like To'o To'o. Seems to be a decent kid with good character and high morals. He won't fit in at Tuscaloosa.
Because he wants to win. And just like the other recruits out there, he knows that THE BIG ORANGE is about to take this thing back over and return that title back to its rightful place!!!
Hmmm...Snowflakes. Yes, I like that. And maybe a SPINELESS JELLYFISH as their mascot.
Whether it's Bailey, Hooker or Salter, it don't really matter. The bottom line is that there's a new sheriff in town. Get ready SEC. It's about to get NASTY!!!
If it were anybody but Auburn, LSU, UT, MSU, UGA, Ole Miss, Vandy, and on and on and on It might be a problem...
Chaney, Friend, and a couple of others need their pay not only cut but cut completely out!
As of now, Pruitt gets a failing grade. This seems to be the trend with "defensive-minded" coaches, which is what I thought I wanted. But now, give me former OCs and let them hire the Pruitts, Muschamps, Smarts, and Strongs of the world to run their defenses.
3-star Kirby is way too high. So much talent on the field and no one to coach it up.
When you've been this bad for this long, stupp like this is not only expected but almost appreciated...
How is Georgia even in the top 25? Much less top 10. Pathetic...
Whose worse UGAs's QBs, UGA's DB, or their head coach? Yep, too close to call. But you gotta go with their head coach. 5-star players playing for a 3-star coach.
Can't believe that I logged in just to LOL this, but, LOL!!!
Like I've said along, we need to worry less about our QBs, and try to get some receivers that know how to tackle!!!
I think the "closing the gap" comment is a hard sell for anybody in the SEC since Saban and company have been there.
Good, bad or indifferent, it is what it is at this point. Either way, very sad to see it happen to any player. But this kid is something special. Even as a Bama hating UT fan that just got yet another one put on them, I have to say, that the best WR in college football, as well as someone that's just fun to watch, is lost for the season. Hoping the best for him.
Enough talk about changes at QB. We need some receivers that know how to tackle.
I can't even call Kirby Muschamp 2.0 anymore. I mean, look at all the talent that this team has year in and year out (that South Carolina does not have) and still can't get it done. THAT IS COACHING!!! From now on, it's "Ol' 3star Richt". 5 star players with a 3 star, Mark Richt 2.0 coach.
Yes, that was PI. But, that was also total 2nd half domination. The dawgs are still a Kirby Smart coached team. Which means that they are a team full of 5 star players with a 3 star coach. Decent but not good enough to get the job done.
"44 years old with a six-pack".BIG WHOOP... I'm going on 52 with a KEG!!!