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Sorry bamatime. Whether he's a troll or not, I gotta go with bubbatime on this one. And I think that RogReu's Tweet said it best (or at least was the funniest). "Just waiting to see the @SECOfficiating smoking theirs". Now that's funny. But, as far as the smoking of the cigars by the reporters, that shouldn't bother anyone.
I don't care how ugly they are as long as they keep winni...Never mind...
I'm still wondering what happened to the quick slants and short passes that allowed the QB to get the ball out of his hands fast. Those seemed to work really well early. Seemed like every pass in the second half was long deep (not to mention low percentage) throws.
Got to agree with Swann3096. Auburn looks as good if not better than those top 3 teams.
Then, why not put Auburn at No.1?
Yea. not real big on his predictions. Wish he woulda picked UF...
After Saturday's performance, I would say yes, the Big Orange is ON FIRE!!!
Uh-oh, the ol' Lou Holtz Kiss of Death. UK wins it.
Does it really matter? I'd take Lawerence over any QB drafted in the last 10+ years anyway (and that includes Heisman winners).
I don't know who either of these taems are, but I'm just glad the Vols don't have to play them.
Well, there's always Flarduh to play for Cousin Eddie (They should have plenty of room with all the decommits for their upcoming class).
True. Sad thing is, I watched a lot of teams play Saturday, And UT isn’t good enough to beat any of them and that includes the two high school teams I watched…
Exactly. They won't even come close to a test until maybe the third Saturday in Oc...Never mind.
Well, as a Tennessee fan, I watched a lot of teams play Saturday, And UT isn't good enough to beat any of them and that includes the two highschool teams I watched...
Well, say what you will, but I think that the man just pulled off something genius...Think about it. By losing to this team, he just sucked out any joy that any of our SEC foes could have when they beat us later this year!
Not a UF fan. Fact is, I hate'em. But they got ripped!
In this case the doggie trolls are correct. UT is irrelevant and has been for quite some time. The only thing they fail to realize is that they are of that same irrelevancy (and have been for years). Because lets face it, if you can't make the four team playoff and lose to a very mediocre big 12 team after your players state that THEY GONNA PROVE THAT THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THAT FOUR TEAM PLAYOFF, then you have nothing to show for. And if you you have nothing to show for then you are, as they have stated, irrelevant. So, humor them and perhaps have a little pitty on them. I mean, after all, they are irrelevant.
Calls are made. Calls are missed. Bad calls are made. My question is, why wasn't the game clock adjusted to the 1.4-second mark at the end of OT?
Tough ain't the word for this guy! I've often said that if he doesn't make it in football he should consider MMA!
This is true and I for one not looking forward to it. They looking good right now.
Very glad for all wins. Vandy is like everybody else that plays UT, they always bring there A game and give it all they got.
Played their absolute worst game of the season. If Bama hits a fourth of their free throws, we lose. But like all other teams that play UT, they bring their best game. Oh well, a win anyway. GBO!