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1. Finebaum is a Bama loving MORON 2. he worships Saban 3. Kirby is a good RECRUITER, not coach
It's crap like this that continues to show just what a joke Kirby Smart and Georgia football truely is. Come on guys act like you've been in big games before. Oh wait you have been in big games before...You lost then too.
"UGA will continue to be serious players in the East. With Fromm coming back next season and the receivers having another year of growth, they will again be serious national contenders." And then, they'll lose.
Well, this SEC east "bottom feeder" has a longer active winning streak than all other SEC teams except maybe LSU.
"Skull dragged". Ouch, that sounds painful. Almost as painful as watching the Dawgs embarrass the SEC east again...and again...and again...
Meanwhile over on Fox, Fields looking like a true Georgia QB so far. He's 5 of 12.
Why? You got some fellow Dawg fans that need some swimming lessons?
Try this one Kirb, "We simply aren't that good". Honesty goes a long way.
Hey UGA , try this, "Wait til next year!". Maybe that will help. It has consoled me many a time over the last few years.
Once again UGA has become an absolute embarrassment to the SEC east. Thanks a lot. Now, go lose that Bowl game.
All I know is that UT has a longer current winning streak than bama, uga, and uf. Let that sink in.
Welcome back total irrelevancy Dawgs! Almost like you never left. Oh wait you never did leave...
Can it be proven that what he done was done on purpose? If so, then half game suspension is not enough. If not, then they have no basis for suspension at all.
Bama at #3 is almost laughable. Two losses, and there best win is either UT or A&M. Both 7-5 teams.
Spoken like a true Jawja fan, which by the way is the epitome of DELUSIONAL (somehow forgetting the last almost half-century of being bottom of the barrel to lower middle of the pack in the SEC). I get it, you guys are as good right now as you've been in probably 40 years. But, I think you'll agree that uga hasn't done anything of value since the Hershel era. And I'm thinking, just like you probably are, that Kirby AKA Richt 2.0 probabally ain't gonna get it done either. So get back with us when they've actually accomplished something worth discussing. And I mean something other than mediocracy... That is all. You are excused.
All of the teams that I put above them have the same amount of or fewer losses than UGA, and the loss to the Gamecocks is by far the worst loss by anyone else in my list of teams. So no bias (though I do dislike the dogs), and no delusion here either. UT is nowhere near the quality of these or any of the top 25 teams...Yet
If I'm not mistaking, Minnesota has more quality wins than Bama, and Bama has more losses than Minnesota. So yes they should be above Bama.
Agreed. Bama probably beats them both. But they haven't beat them or anybody close to them yet.