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Easy really. Defensive Player: HENRY TO'O TO'O. Offensive Player: JARRETT GUARANTANO. Bank it.
As much as I have enjoyed this pregame trash talking, I must put an end to it. Old man here. Gotta get in bed. God bless.
OH PALEEZE!!! I'm getting sick and tired of UT being listed in the middle of the pack in these power rankings. I'm thinking 1st or 2nd. Possibly 3rd. 4th maybe. 5th wouldn't be a real letdown. 6th or 7th is a stretch, but do-able. But I definitely, without a doubt, in no way shape or form would go lower than 8th. Thanks
"There won’t be a bear left alive between Lexington & Knoxville!". Ain't nothing like a (trailer) trash-talking UK fan...
TOTALLY OFF SUBJECT BUTTTTT...Was watching some reruns from last year's SEC games last week and suddenly realized, that's the only games that the poor PAC 12 and LITTLE 10 fans have to look forward to watching this year, RERUNS!!! That must suck... PS: Glad no one was hurt in the fire.
Or maybe game tape against 10 weeks of SEC competition would expose the fact that he was a 3 star coming out of high school for a reason.
NOT SO FAST AFAN. The east still has to go through Knoxville!!!!
Simple, really. UGA loses to Bama and UT. Florida loses to UGA and UT. Ya see? Simple.
As a UT fan, I obviously hope he gets to play. But hey, he could've stayed at UGA and started every game. He transferred, so he has to accept whatever decision is handed down. There was no reason for him to leave except that maybe he wanted to play ball with his brother, and that's not a hardship. That's what I get out of what I've read and that's my opinion, like it or not.
The players also want 2 percent of conference revenue “to support financial aid for low-income Black students.” So, I guess the low-income white kids are just out of luck? Wow, thats not racist...
Trash that do these sorts of things don't need reform as much as they need good ol' fashion punishment. Put 'em under the jail!
I guess they both pale in comparison to Guarantano?
Yea, Harbaugh is quite overrated, but about third on my list. Just behind #1 Jimbo Fisher (also most overpaid), and #2 Kirby "Muschamp 2.0" Smart.
Gotta go with: 1) Guarantano (Heisman hopeful) 2)Nix 3)Trask 4)Mond 5)Hilinski
KIRBY is the #1 reason that uga is STILL IRRELEVANT!!! Sit down Queeny...You are excused.
I don't see how our Three Star General is gonna bring us back with all of his 3 star recruits, when youR SECOND RATE, MUSCHAMP 2.0 COACH can't do it with all of his 5 stars.
And I still say UGA will finish higher in recruiting!!!! Kirby plays the long game and KIRBY SELECTS!!!! And... Georgia will still be irrelevant.
Ok, that's it, I'm calling it now, Guarantano for Heisman!!!
UGARMYRet. If and when you dogs ever escape total irrelevancy, then and only then do you come on here and talk trash. Now, sit down. You're annoying me.