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Played their absolute worst game of the season. If Bama hits a fourth of their free throws, we lose. But like all other teams that play UT, they bring their best game. Oh well, a win anyway. GBO!
Yea. Bama hits a fourth of their foul shots, we lose...
Nothing to see here folks... Unfortunately, Saban could promote his water boy to OC and still win. He's that good.
Well, the false start penalties should be cut in half.
The fact of the matter is, that Clemson was clearly the better team. Bama could have had 100 coaches on the sideline and the outcome of the game would not have changed.
I don't know how Tua got an invite to New York and Lawrence didn't.
Looked like Lyle might have been calling the plays last night.
Tua didn't get out Tua'd. He got Lawrence'd. Who is the best QB in college football.
One of Butch’s guys, who could not take Pruitt’s system...Idiot.
Small RBs, slow, albeit physical, WRs and a non duel threat "duel-threat" QB. So no, the Offensive line (which was very offensive to watch) was not the only thing that "this guy" did not have to work with.
After 7 OTs, I'm not sure that I'd have the energy to trash talk!
Wow. I have always liked and pulled for ol' Les, but man that was hard to listen to.
Not a Franks fan and definitely not a Gator fan, but that being said, I don't blame the kid one bit for "shushing" the crowd after the booing and the lack of support that their fanbase showed toward one of their own players.
I Totally agree. I totally hate 'em and am glad he didn't. But, I totally agree.
Yea, the leg twisting is pretty dirty. Should have been ejected.
"Alvin Kamara wasn’t used as much as he probably should have been as a member of the Tennessee Volunteers under then-head coach Butch Jones." Really?
Barnes is definitely one of the top five coaches in the nation, and without a doubt, best in the SEC.
The kid is not only an incredible player but seems to be quite a young man of character as well.
Hillbillies? Who you calling hillbillies? Boy, I've lived in Jawga. Can't nobody from Hillbilly Land itself call anybody hillbilly!!!
Because Tua has started so...many...college...gam...Never mind.