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Never want to hear about an injury that causes a loss of playing time to anybody.Heal fast and go.
This is a little off subject,but,I just read where Eli Gold is going to miss the first part of this season,at least,because of health issues.To all Bama fans,volnation hopes he is able to return to the mike for you,as we know the retirement of John Ward,the loss of Larry Munson for Georgia,makes a change that you wish never happens.Best wishes to Mr. Gold.
RONMEXICO1,You may be asking entirely too much of the Heup for that.
All of us are itchin to get this thing going.I hope all SEC teams trounce the others ,and send pathetic 12 back to get ready for bb season.ANd ,no one gets hurt.
I thought his new roll would be sitting on a barstool and being "served" by a coed.
Dixieduck,The "sports"writers are from the thirties and have never progressed.Always have OSU and Mich.in the top ten.Penn.St. can do no wrong preseason.Last year,Auburn came close to beating the showerhead lions at happy valley.Iowa's defense would be eaten for lunch with an 8 game SEC schedule.
Our conference has many stellar qb's.I hope all stay healthy,and each team just let's it rip!Good luck to all SEC teams.
As a player,Levis is very good.He should not be thinking that he is all that as a qb.He still needs to play this year out,then talk.Stay healthy.If he talk out grows his play,he can then be referred to as Levi's.
I hope he does well in the SEC East(except against the Vols).Most of all,stay healthy.
O'Gara=summers eve.Given that Calzada was hamperede by ankle and shoulder problems(which could possibly affect a qb),he stayed and played.I don't care for the wartigers,but, give him a chance in Harison's offense.Being as you are from little ten land,Noone here really believes you can see beyond maize and blue or red on the head and silver.
Ole Miss is alot like Tennessee,if they get on a roll during a game,you could be in big trouble.If the defense improves to get the other team off the field,even better.The transfers will need to get accustomed to each other quickly.Kiffin is still an offensive genius.Without injuries,Mississippi can be 8-4 to 9-3 team.
Going to Tennessee at the same time as Pete was at LSU,I got to see the best roundball player ever.Freshmen could not p!ay varsity ball then,when LSU came to Stokley,theplace.would be full to watch the freshmen play.His passing was unreal,shooting-when he crossed.midcourt,he was in percentages.Hehad no fear.of driving the lane,and his dishes were a sight to see.If thru You Tube,you can see.one of his college games,it would.be worth the time.
I do not know or claim to know the law in Texas,but,if as someone.wrote that the possession of mj And having a firearm,even if legal in the state,can be subjected as a felony,there is where the trouble would be.The being pulled over for speeding then checking.his sobriety was a good stop.
Tiger td,Maybe that is because you have the ever glib "Drinkman" as a head coach!
303dawg,You sound as if you are repeating your Kentucky born grandfather's words--"We'll beat Tennessee next year"
Covington dawg,Remember the Dobbnail boot.The Vols offense spreads you out 53 yards to cover.It Tenn can hold off the dawgs rush,you willplay hell to cover it allover.We'll just have to see.Hope noone gets hurt to affect the game.
With the players health for this season being good,if no major injuries occur,and the replacement DC does well,I believe Georgia,should be at the top of the East.Of course,I want Tennessee to beat them,but ,other than that,they look good.As far as Auburn goes,who really thinks they have a chance even with AU/GA being a rivalry?