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I think so, it was brutal. It knocked Jennings back like 3 yards and he wasn't a pushover.
I would look at Boise St. and Houston
And evidently, ignorance is cultural for yours.
The stiff arm was nasty. Dude seems to crave physical contact.
If you're still using a computer, you might be an Auburn fan
Nah, no one can repeat that dumpster fire
Actually, the SEC released a statement saying that the first onside attempt in the 2014 Tenn/Mizz game was a clean recovery.
Hahaha, a Kentucky fan talking about Tennessee's lack of talent. Those same players you're referring to romped your ass last time they met.
Oh, you guys haven't had an arrest this year? Than these accusations must be false. Although I do believe this story has some serious exaggerations, to say that this is purely concochted to screw Georgia in a football game is completely ridiculous.
Not confirmed, but I heard it was failed drug test.