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The fans that told you that are eating crow. I didn't know what we were getting. But good coaches will make you at least competitive the first year. Kansas has had some bad games but a few good ones as well. Heck, I'd take Les Miles if we couldn't get Meyer. I truly believe Meyer would win National Titles at FSU.
That's just it, FSU has the athletes they just need a good coach(es) to lead them. FSU and UF are very similar in accumulating talent and are championship teams waiting to happen. I like what your new coach has done, impressive.
Actually, the FSU Boosters are putting their heads together to see if the buyout is possible. While I'd love to have Meyer at FSU, I seriously doubt he would come here due to his relationship with UF. I didn't like him for the longest time but listening to him as a broadcaster changed my opinion. Listening to his observations shows why he's such a great coach. Dang, he would be perfect for FSU.