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I think you're missing the point. The B1G tries to stand on its moral high horse all the time as opposed to the SEC which doesn't try to hide the fact that its about money and winning. Case and point last 2 seasons ago during the initial pandemic. B1G cancels its season with talk about how the only thing that matters is the health of the kids until of course Ohio State starts complaining and suddenly they're reconsidering everything and last year when Texas and Oklahoma switched to the SEC and they were again on their moral high horse about Conference expansion and a so called "alliance" until of course USC and UCLA called. That's the difference. The SEC doesn't stand on a soapbox making grand pronouncements.
No, I don't think so. Hall never did anything but complain and then when his number was called he wasn't ready to play, then he turns tail and runs instead of doing some soul searching about his work ethic. He blames everyone but himself for his failure here. I don't personally wish him any ill will at Texas but his failures here were his fault,not the fans.
No. What he’s saying is last years team had some complainers which means that the complaers have transferred and the guys that are back have changed their attitudes. Bama fans know the guys he’s talking about. Specifically some of the wideouts like Jahleel Billingsley who transferred and Agiye Hall who tweeted about his lack of playing time last midseason and some of the others weren’t ready to play when Bama had injuries to Metchie and Williams. Obviously, there’s been some attitude adjustments. Losing the title game will do that so I’m glad these guys have figured it out.
That isn't what he was saying and you know it. You're just a salty LSU fan who is mad because he left your team like 15 years ago and has been beating you like a drum ever since.
You're an example of what Coach Saban said. He doesn't care what you think. He doesn't care what I think either.
In 2017 when Tua and Najee got a chance to play in the NC game they were ready and contributed. When guys got called on this year they weren't. Simple as that, and if it hurts their little feelings either be a baby and go somewhere or be a mature man and use it as a learning lesson.
I’m a huge believer in putting the ball in the hands of your best players and Tank Bigsby was Auburn’s best offensive player at that point. It’s also the reason why after a season of defending Bill O’Brien I stopped defending him after he handed the ball to Trey Sanders on the 4th & 1 on the series before this with Bama’s season (seemingly) on the line. I never for gave him after that call And despite how the game in season turned out I still can’t believe he called that run up the middle.
As an Alabama fan I'm definitely concerned. The CFB landscape is about to shift massively. With Cristobal at Miami some of those receivers like Ridley, Jeudy and Cooper that we've gotten out of South Florida end up at Miami. With Lincoln Riley at USC Bryce Young almost certainly ends up at USC, Saban has been raiding Texas for players like A'Shawn Robinson, Jaylen Waddle & the Brockmeyer brothers but with Texas A&M and Texas flush with cash to pay NIL that may change. Don't kid yourselves Bama fans, its about to get a lot tougher to sustain this dynasty, not so much because great players won't still come to Bama but because it looks like programs like LSU, USC and Miami finally have the right coach in place.
We (Bama) are losing Metchie and Williams and Bolden. Williams had pretty pedestrian stats at Ohio State because of that depth chart and flourished into a top draft pick at Bama because of draft losses
I’m a Bama fan and this is how it is today. I wish no ill will on any of the guys that have transferred from Bama to other programs, some to other SEC programs. They don’t owe me ANYTHING. I’m gonna take care of my family first too so who am I to tell someone else what they should do.
Deep down Georgia fans know that even though Bennett is a decent game manager and he made some nice throws in the NC game he benefited from 5 star, NFL caliber talent all around him. I mean, it’s a great story and the media has been milking it for week but let’s face it. His football career in all likelihood peaked on 1/10/22.
I don’t think the problem was 2 SEC teams. The 2018 Bama/Georgia game is the second highest rated CFP game. I think it was the fact that it was a rematch of a game everyone just saw a month ago.
I just got off the Bama Facebook thread and 90% of the fans posted that he had nothing to apologize for. It’s also a fact that he tweeted mid season after a win about quitting, ostensibly because of lack of playing time. He had an opportunity to prove himself last night and didn’t and it was a bad look after those mid season tweets.If you’re going to complain you better be ready and deliver when you get your chance like Najee Harris did when he was a freshman and he was considering transferring and had to be talked out of it by his high school coach but he delivered in the national championship game when he was called on. Now to Hall’s credit he seems to have owned it and it’ll make him a better person and a better player going forward.
That's a bit disappointing. I rooted for Arkansas all year (except when they played Bama of course) and was very complimentary when they played us close) I'll now be rooting against them as well since its like that. And by the way, you'll find sustaining success a lot harder than getting it. They'll be no sneaking up on anybody next season. Everybody will be ready for your Hogs.
Actually Ohio State has the nations best receiving corps. Bama's is good but not near last seasons. In addition to all the on field talent they also lost 6 assistant coaches.
Don't be fooled by Bennett's overall numbers. After the score got to 38-17 Bama was playing soft coverage to keep Georgia from big plays.
That's a popular narrative but its actually not true. The ratings were fine the last few years. The ratings dropped this year but the ratings were down for EVERY sport this year, not just the CFP. Every major sports playoffs were down. The World Series was an all time low. The NBA Finals were at historic lows, even the mighty NFL's ratings were down 10% during the season and the playoffs were down as well. People may be tired of the same teams but that's not the main reason ratings were down despite what everyone says.