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I don’t think the problem was 2 SEC teams. The 2018 Bama/Georgia game is the second highest rated CFP game. I think it was the fact that it was a rematch of a game everyone just saw a month ago.
I just got off the Bama Facebook thread and 90% of the fans posted that he had nothing to apologize for. It’s also a fact that he tweeted mid season after a win about quitting, ostensibly because of lack of playing time. He had an opportunity to prove himself last night and didn’t and it was a bad look after those mid season tweets.If you’re going to complain you better be ready and deliver when you get your chance like Najee Harris did when he was a freshman and he was considering transferring and had to be talked out of it by his high school coach but he delivered in the national championship game when he was called on. Now to Hall’s credit he seems to have owned it and it’ll make him a better person and a better player going forward.
That's a bit disappointing. I rooted for Arkansas all year (except when they played Bama of course) and was very complimentary when they played us close) I'll now be rooting against them as well since its like that. And by the way, you'll find sustaining success a lot harder than getting it. They'll be no sneaking up on anybody next season. Everybody will be ready for your Hogs.
Actually Ohio State has the nations best receiving corps. Bama's is good but not near last seasons. In addition to all the on field talent they also lost 6 assistant coaches.
Don't be fooled by Bennett's overall numbers. After the score got to 38-17 Bama was playing soft coverage to keep Georgia from big plays.
That's a popular narrative but its actually not true. The ratings were fine the last few years. The ratings dropped this year but the ratings were down for EVERY sport this year, not just the CFP. Every major sports playoffs were down. The World Series was an all time low. The NBA Finals were at historic lows, even the mighty NFL's ratings were down 10% during the season and the playoffs were down as well. People may be tired of the same teams but that's not the main reason ratings were down despite what everyone says.