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Franks was bad before last season, Bo Nix level bad. But he has improved a lot since last season.
Both offenses are great, both defense are horrible. Which defense shows up will get the team win. This game can go either way.
Good defensive coach, but best developer? have a brain when you start talking.
If he keeps lazy and cannot afford his living after leaving college, crime is easier following.
You Georgia fans are everywhere in the offseason and overreact everything. Calm down.
I think blame should go to ACC, not Clemson. Clemson has TA&M last year, ND this year, both not elite but decent. Plus South Carolina gives them 2 Power 5 in OOC schedule each year. Also remember the schedule was set years ago.
Where did you come up with that "Dan Mullen is a better coach than Kirby Smart"? If some guy said so, find him, fight with him, but not in this artical, fair enough?
I have so much respect with Stoops. He did an amazing job. He also break the streak against Florida, and should beat Florida again this past season
Yeah, some commenters attacked “Mullen is better than Smart” even though Connor ranked Smart ahead of Mullen. Connor did say Mullen is better in game decision which can be argued. But even Florida fans didn't say “Mullen is better than Smart” Overreaction
I didn't say Dan Mullen is a better coach. It is not the argument in this artical. Smart has him right now, no doubt about it. For play calling, I agree Mullen did bad against Georgia, some horrible calls. But Florida also wins more games only because of his play calling, especially his first year(MSU, LSU, Michigan wins, Florida were all underdog at that time). In general, his play calling is positive. So I agree with you Mullen did bad against Smart, but the whole picture looks good so far, especially after Jim McElwain broke the program.
When you are a underdog or in high profile games, it is more likely the head coach will make some crazy calls. We see it happens to Smart, we see it happens to Mullen. If the onside kick against Clemson failed, we would also talk about Nick Saban here.
Why are you so obsessed with Mullen? Is he ranked below Smart, why are you still unhappy? A good coach needs recruiting, talent development, game plan before game, play calling and so on. No one will argue Smart is a better recruiter, maybe game plan. And now he is a better coach in general, that is why he is ranked higher. But play calling? you can cherry pick any game. Everyone makes mistakes. But give a bigger sample, most would agree Mullen is a better play caller. So ranking Smart higher still doesn't make you happy. Ok, Smart is better in everything, are you happy now, do you realize you are stupid?
I feel this list is reasonable. Jimbo Fisher was a great coach, but not so much in the past few years. Blaming the previous coach is not a strong case here. Florida had 4 wins the year before Dan Mullen came. Sumlin had a bad recruiting class, but Jim McElwain had 3 horrible recruiting classes. Of course, Fisher can rise up to 2nd if he have a good season in 2020.
Rat Poison for Florida. It is meaningless who is ahead in preseason. It only matters when we actually play Georgia
Man, it is 2020, you still use beating Bama as your argument. Is it all you have?
@Mlgl I agree TAMU has a tougher schedule, but still a disappointment when you played 5 good teams and not get any win. Clemson and LSU are teams we both have not much chance, but should get 1 or 2 wins among Alabama, Georgia and Auburn. Alabama is not the same team even before Tua's injury(bad defense). No doubt Mullen needs to improve recruiting, but he has done much better on field than Jimbo with less talent. No salty, you enjoy your win today, I prefer more wins on the field.
This guy can recruit. Surprised with SC's class after such a bad season. No doubt he is a good recruiter and a great defensive coach. But he cannot fix his Achilles' Heel in Florida and SC.
It doesn’t sounds good when your AD talks about buyout before anything starts.
Take Mike's recruiting ability and Dan Mullen's coaching, it will be a dynasty.
How long have you been watching college football? Do you really think Stoops will have interest in Missouri? My gosh
In 2013 under Muschamp, Florida had a season full of injuries, even have to play a wide receiver as QB the second half of season. That was the start of end for Muschamp in Florida. This has become a trend for him.
Agree. Move on, finish the season well, work hard on recruiting and get those FSU decommitments.
I think in Tennessee situation, who starts at QB does not matter too much. When the whole team plays good, QB plays decent. When the whole team plays horrible, I don't see anyone in their QB room can save the game.
Right, I think we know Will well. Last week was definitely not fair for USC, but as a head coach, the leader of a SEC program, you have to move on. Keep complaining won’t hurt anyone else but your own team. Will is paid millions dollars, he has to understand how to control his emotions. However, he looks like old Will when he was coaching Florida, same mistakes, he didn’t learn. Personally I like USC because of Spurrier connection, you deserve better
Haha, clean game? Most calls are on your side today. If Tennessee lost, they would have a lot to complain. The difference? You got good calls and still lost badly. What a life for you. Sorry, we cannot help.
Now you are kissing their ass, you looks like a joke. I start like you and enjoying reading your post. SDS is boring without you. Hahaha
Hahaha, what a loser you are. Yes, we are all crying now when our team is still in good position. You are smiling when your team just lost. Congratulations to you, please don’t disturb, let me keep crying.