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The other 13 SEC head coaches will have a party when it happens some day. Some head coaches from other conferences may also want a ticket to get in the party.
Everyone here knows Corch is a moron. I bet he/she never knew what it feels as a national champion in entire life. Maybe he/she sucks in life, that’s why he is so obsessed in his rivalry rather than winning a championship
You knew what you would get when you made this comment. Did you? What a moron, haha
It was never a problem to recruit a 5* QB for Kirby. But if he knew how to keep them, how to develop them, how to pick the right QB, Georgia might beat Florida last year. How did you guys lose the game with more talents?
by the way, if something is wrong, it is mostly because of the AD or coaching staff. But this is the first time I feel the fans or some twitter accounts do play a big role here. Of course you Tennessee fans will never admit it.
Man, I feel your pain, but just be realitics. You guys has messed it up once, badly, don't mess up again.
How long have you been watching college football? Do you know that 21 losing streak was before Schiano was hired?
Do you understand you need to consider different situations? Schiano inherited a team which was one of the worst in Power 5. Rutgers lost 21 conference games in a row before him, 3-6 this year in all conference matches sounds not bad. Does Schiano deserve a big time job? No. But you would be lucky to have him now
The problem is the owner promised but didn’t follow. Of course, Watson shouldn’t have that power from the beginning. But when your owner broke his promise, it shows he is not trustable
Muschamp is really good at collecting money, he got more than 20 millions from Florida and South Carolina for not working
So having more fans to watch a blowout game? I prefer to watch Clemson vs Ohio State
Me too, I thought he would stay at home in Miami or go to Georgia. Maybe Miami is happy with their QB room, and somehow Kirby is happy with his QB room too. FSU looks like his backup plan
Sounds you are not smart enough to understand there is a chance he goes to NFL, or opt out like Newton, or injury bug. If you want to put all your eggs in one basket, I am really happy you stick with him
This is why many people call you the stupidest on SDS. We are full in QB room. Georgia may need him more. Knowing someone in Georgia is more stupid than Marco Wilson makes me feel better. Lol.
This writer knows nothing. How did he make the conclusion in the last sentence “ Should Alabama win the SEC and a spot opens up in the Playoff field, it’s hard to see the Aggies being left out in that scenario.” If Alabama wins, A&M still need Notre Name to beat Clemson, otherwise, very likely Bama, Clemson, Notre Dame and OSU will be the top 4. This can be discussed, but far from what he said “it is hard to see”. This writer is trash
I don't see an issue of breaking the rule in the current situation, at least for SEC. The result of OSU VS A&M will not impact Alabama or Florida's playoff chance, also will not impact other teams in SEC. So I don't think teams in SEC will get angry.
Good idea, it can benefit A&M and SEC. I am thinking politics may stop SEC doing it. If SEC cancel a scheduled game for A&M and Georgia, it is a bad look outside of SEC
Why? We don’t care where we are ranked now. Win out we are in, one more loss we are out. Calm down, I was just speaking of reality for A&M.
What are talking about? Which 2 ahead of A&M will definitely fall on the field? Only one of Notre Dame/Clemson is guaranteed to lose. Even if Notre Dame lose, they will still likely ahead of A&M. A&M does need help, not a little.
Agree, this writer doesn’t know what he is writing
There is not much benefit for A&M. If they win, everyone will say BYU has a soft schedule and is overrated; If they lose, it is a blow for both BYU and SEC. BYU will love this idea, but they won’t get the chance, sorry
I think Florida may have a slight edge over Bama offensively, but Bama is a better team overall. I won’t bet on Florida beating Bama, but as a fan you hope anything can happen in a given day.
I agree, the Heisman may go through SEC championship game. Who wins that one will be the leader in the competition.
Wow, this is typical Muschamp. If something is not working, you should change. There is no room to get worse than the current offense. What makes this decision worse is Hill is a graduate which means no hope for future.
We don’t care A&M much. If we wins out and beat Bama, we are in. One more loss, we are out. As simple as this. A&M does need us keep winning until SEC championship game. The better we are, more likely they will be picked as top 4 comparing to a potential one loss Norte Dame, or one loss Big 10 team, or PAC 12 champion.
It is ok to lose a game, Georgia is still a respected team. I am sure next year will be a better game. But you behaves a loser can only make us Florida fans laugh louder