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Calm Down Tennessee. You guys always think the next one will be better. Still remember how did you trash Butch Jones and Greg Schiano, and you kept telling everyone how great Pruitt will be. You guys have too much expectations for him. Come on man, he is just a first time head coach no one was pursuing at that time. Not everyone is Kirby Smart, Georgia is also not as poisoned situation as Tennessee when they found Smart. If you cannot find a proven head coach, just give Pruitt some time, it is only 2 games in his 2nd year. Any rookie coach deserves at least 3 or 4 years, right? Fullmer is not the answer. I think you don't want to look for another unproven head coach, then repeat this whole things again.
Man, I just cannot stand a stupid Tennessee fan. Come back when Pruitt brings you to a respectable level.
Man, "all 3 were likely draft picks and god players before Mullen arrived?" Are you drunk? Ask Florida fans do they know much about Polite and Taylor before this year, They are both 3 star ranked 700+ in their class and played bad before Mullen. ask Florida fans how bad is Gardner before Mullen arrived. Am I right Tennessee has better or equal recruiting than Florida under Butch-McElwain from 2014-2016 when they both recruit. Tennessee has more 5 stars and more 4 stars on the roster than Florida before Mullen arrived. Do your homework man. So Pruitt work under Nick Saban and FSU and UGA with all blue chips proves he is a good developer? He is a good DC, he can get the most of all those blue chips, but a good developer means you turns 3 star to 4, turns 4 star to NFL, right? Don't cherry pick, any coach can cherry pick few guys they did a good job, but in general, Dan Mullen is light years better than him in developing players date back to Mississippi State. Man, just admit it. Yeah, 2 good wins, but how about losses, by how many points, that is an improve? Ok, just keep kidding yourself, just listen to what your media told you, man.
What I see is you were told he is a good developer, but you have nothing to prove it. Tennessee Political University
Yeah, everything is Butch Jones's fault, you guys will treat Pruitt as trash again in few years. Tennessee has a better record than Florida in 2017, Tennessee has better or equal recruiting classes than Florida under Butch-McElwain period. Then what happened in 2018? Dan Mullen turns the worst QB in SEC to average, turns multiple 3 star players to NFL level. What did Pruitt do? an un-improved 2018 year? Yeah, you have 2 good wins, but more terrible losses. If that is your standard, I cannot help you man. What has proved he is a good developer? The year under Nick Saban? Even Doug Nussmeier looks a genius under Nick Saban. Until now, Pruitt is Muschamp level at best, no more.
Anyone can hope for best. But from what I see, Pruitt is a good recruiter but terrible player developer and play caller. The Tennessee-Florida game is the worst game plan I have ever seen for a while, thanks Mr Pruitt. Butch Jones at least have a good game plan in most games just bad play calling at clutch time, but Pruitt have terrible game plan mostly. You guys are just covering your eyes
I feel Tennessee may not be the only team doing this. But the reason Odom called you out is because 1)either you do it a different level; 2) or Odom may simply think: Tennessee? Come on, the team we destroyed, the team lost to Vandy. The laughingstock? Nope! Tennessee is just an easy target.
Florida improves from Top20 the last few years to Top10, plus Dan Mullen is a better player developer and play caller than Kirby Smart. So I think the gap is indeed closed.
Not a fan of either. But watching a Tennessee fan laughs at Georgia is laughable. At least, people have respect of what George has done the last 2years. Tennessee is simply a joke for decades.
I think SEC will not consider 9 conference games anytime soon until SEC stops going to playoff. Playing 9 means higher risk losing one more game. Also adding one more conference game does not improve SOS much because SOS has never been an issue for SEC. So I would say stay with 8 unless SEC starts losing power.
East is better, but still behind west now. It needs Florida to step up with Georgia to really compete against west like 10 or 20 years ago. Kentucky is good this year, but you cannot expect them to be the powerhouse every year.
We don't know what exactly happened. But based on what the 2 sides talked, it is either the player quit; or the coach prematurely complaint player quitting without proper communication. I guess it is the second, Pruitt apparently lost his cool in and after the game. Pruitt is Will Muschamp at best. This is what you got after a disaster coach searching scandal, so enjoy it.