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At that time, Alabama had only lost to number 1 LSU. Auburn was ranked 15 (I think) when they beat them, so they should be behind Aurburn now
I hope Oklahoma gets the 4th spot, just to see Jalen Hurt's in the playoffs while Alabama sits at home. Wont that be KARMA!!!
What was up with Alabama today. I have never seen a team shoot itself in the foot so many times in one game? And thats sad because I am a Kentucky fan... LMAO
If anyone considers Alabama one of the best 4 teams in the country, then they have to say auburn is one too
We need a passing QB. I love Terry Wilson and Lynn is a beast. I think Stoops would be crazy to leave. We are a lot more patient than the FSU fanbase, and he has a great thing going at UK. I hope he stays and continuse to build the program
This is Awesome. His love for the Boilermakers we unmatched. #TylerStrongForever