American Patriot, Razorback Fan My heart is healthy enough to watch the Heart-attack Hogs play ball.

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The best thing to watch on Sunday, Funny Maine. Thank you again.
I now enjoy watching Bobby Petrino lose. I hope Coach O has the Tigers fired up like they were in Fayettville this year. Damn-it Bobby Woo Pig
Good luck Coach Don't be late with the bagel either. Woo Pig
Congratulations Coach and Mrs Beilema. Wooo Pig
Well, at least they aren't Tigers Wooo Pig
There is a State Law against that in Arkansas That may change in the future but, for now it would take an act of legislature to make it happen.
There is plenty of talent in Arkansas Few of the Arkansas players come from in state though. We have many areas to improve on, changing head coaches now will not help. It would be nice to find strength in the trenches again though IMHO
As long as we aren't playing Tigers, we have a chance. They have won every other game since week 3, so who knows.
Thank you for more Sunday entertainment. I look forward to this each week. It was merciful of you to leave out the last SEC Tigers stuffing themselves on pulled pork in Columbia. Woo Pig Roll Tide
Classy Want some more pulled pork? This year in the SEC, it is what they feed Tigers. Wooooo PIg
Only if a Hog had been playing heads up and picked up the ball. As it was, MO player picked it up instead and was credited with the TD I am indeed a Hog fan and this loss was an embarrassment for the Hogs. It is like almost every other loss they had this year, except in the Alabama game, they quit playing football and got humiliated. Nice win MO Tigers, you didn't quit when it counted. Woooo Pig.
Very good first post. Never underestimate the ability of the Hogs to choke against a Tiger team. Sad that the guy that beat the Bentonville Tigers (7A High School ), twice in State Championship Games, can't beat any Tiger team in 2016. Wooooo Tide, Roll Pig.
Congratulations Coach O Putting a Cajun in charge of Cajun Bengals, seems like a good fit.
Head Coach and DC are two different animals Dave Aranda probably won't come to Arkansas and for now Rob Smith still has his job in Fayettville. Delusion seems to be a requirement to remaining a Hog fan with our heart attack Hogs. Their schizophrenic dependability this year has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I just hoe we can finally beat the last Tigers on our schedule Wooooo Pig.
Maybe they should have told the players that Gator tasted like pork. I really thought LSU had this game in the bag. Especially after what they did to my little schizophrenic piggies. Hated to see this for Coach O too.
Charlie Strong After Kansas upset of Texas today, he may be looking for a job.
The Hog roller coaster has many fans tossing up their meals. The Jekyll and Hyde team is on track to win big this week, as every other week the team shows up. Then a shocking loss to the other Tigers the next week if the trend continues, setting new SEC records of the worst kind. Still a fan, just getting sick of the ride. Woooo Pig
You would think the Johnny football failure would get their attention. Glad we have a coach that is concerned with character development and responsibility in his players. Woooo Pig
First or worst, it's the Rickey Bobby of Hogville Setting new SEC and NCAA records of the worst kind. It ain't easy being a Hog fan. Wooooo Pig.
And then some. I predict an LSU beat down. I think they just rushed for another 100 yards against Arkansas as I wrote this.
I would love to see the Cats beat the Cards Damn-it Bobby still echoes in the Ozark Mountains around Arkansas Wooo Pig
Remember when they use to play Football Too many new rules and poor understanding are hurting the game. Inconsistency in calls is very frustrating, especially when it cost a team the game. Let them play, call it only when it is blatant. Woooo Pig
Arkansas should have used 12 players to stack the box and taken the penalty. Not that it would have mattered, much. Looks like Cajun Coaches work great for Cajun Tigers. Woo Pig
unfortunate indeed SEC West Tigers love Hog meat, I wonder how well they will enjoy Gator