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Interesting that no one here is condemning the Auburn DB who first posted a pic of himself deliberately stepping on Christian Kirk...
Sure tonight's loss was tough... But the constant obsession from rival teams regarding the firing of Sumlin lets us know that we are on the right track. Our rivals fear down deeply - and mask it with mockery - that Sumlin is very close to having a powerhouse at A&M.
Would be very surprised to see him recommit to my Ags... IMO this is a battle between Bama and Ole Miss. Does he want to be the other bookend to Cam Robinson for a year and take over at LT as a sophomore? Or does he want to play LT as a freshman and take over after Tunsil goes top 5 in the 2016 draft?
That would be an absolute dream scenario! And I already have tix to take in my first game in Death Valley. Going to be a great experience even if there is a loss or two along the way.
Hope this FPI thing is worth a crap. Rece Davis said it was 84% correct in week 6. And 80% correct on the whole season.
That's some high praise coming from a Bama fan putting us at #2. Going to be an epic showdown in College Station next Saturday!
@bmd581: Explain to me how Ole Miss has the best WR group in the country? The 2 best WR in the SEC are on the same team... Josh Reynolds and Christian Kirk. Then add 5 stars Ricky Seals-Jones and Speedy Noil and no one in the country even comes close. And thanks for the smart ass comment on our D, but everyone knows we have the best pass rush in the country and arguably the best DC in the country. An opportunistic D is all we need to pair with our elite balanced O. Georgia is still the team to beat in the SEC East. They ran into an angry Bama who I hope we will be ready for 2 weekends from now. If you get past Mizzou this weekend, then LSU will no doubt hand you your first L.
State fans still running their mouths after a loss where the Aggies clearly controlled EVERY aspect of the game. They remind me of the Red Raiders in our old conference... 5-0 baby! Keep moving forward!
Aggies lead the SEC in sacks even after playing Arkansas who had not given up a single sack in its previous 3 games. We got 2 against the best pass protection team in the country. We will get 3+ sacks on Dak.
A&M (4-0, 1-0). State (3-1, 1-1). At this time, there is absolutely no justification for having them ahead of us. Luckily, we get to settle this on the field this weekend.
Though I would love to see Kyle Allen higher, it is hard to argue against Dak and Kelly being 1 and 2. Good to see a more positive write up on him this week. Kid is crazy talented!
Mr. Cole got it correct when he said the best WR group resides in College Station. We proved it on the field even without 5 star Speedy Noil who missed the game due to injury.
It's crazy to see Texas A&M have the advantage on every Defensive unit against an SEC team. Here's to hoping it holds true on the field on Saturday.
I agree with the #3 ranking at this point, but disagree with the ho-hum rhetoric when describing an excellent QB who is the best pro prospect in the SEC.
2 Aggies in the top 5... Very nice! Would love to see Speedy sneak into top 10 soon. Hopefully Kirk provides him some motivation.
Kyle Allen: 3 games, 660 Total Yards, 11 Total TD and only 2 INT is ordinary?
Very solid rankings. I saw a SEC power ranking elsewhere that had Texas A&M at 4th ahead of Bama at 5 which I thought was BS. We have no business being ahead of them until we can prove it with a win on the field. Much easier said than done.
Chad Kelly is no Johnny Football... Bama wins
Great write up! Same logic as I have been using since we landed Chavis. The Aggies don't need to have a Bama or LSU level defense to be an elite team. We need 'just enough' defense and takeaways to pair with our elite offense to be a yearly contender for SEC West crowns.
Another step toward getting rid of Strong. It's unfortunate since I would like Strong to linger in mediocrity as long as possible in Austin which will continue to strengthen the Texas A&M brand.
Awesome to see the Aggies up to #4 (#3 in SEC West) where I projected them to be this year. Time to see if we can live up to the hype (and talent level we possess) by continuing to score in bunches and have a solid D for the whole year. No more excuses!
I agree. Towles definitely deserves a spot in the top 10.
SEC West doormat thy name remains Arkansas...
Pretty sure Kyle Allen would be giving Kelly's stats a run for their money if he was able to monopolize the same share of snaps Kelly received in the 1st 2 games. Nonetheless, I think I would rather have 2 five star QB's battling it out for PT. Good problem to have.
Can no fans in the SEC detect sarcasm???
The difference... Kenny Hill wasn't hyped all offseason and then came out the first few games and dominated. Complete reversal for your boy Jeremy Johnson.
Doormat thy name remains Arkansas...
It's kind of nice to have Ohio St. type problems. This is going to be a great year if the O can continually improve and the D can control tempo like they did on Saturday against a great O.