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You and sideshow clown ex-coach no nothing about it. Last I checked you had the 50th ranked 2022 class in the country. Took you 3 years to figure out the guy is a complete moron.
Oklahoma administration totally deserves it for blindly following longhorns inc. off another cliff. Probably didn't even ask him before moving to the SEC. If I'm a 4-star plus recruit, why would I want to play in the SEC for oklahoma (or texas for that matter). longhorns probably orchestrated this because they know he had a very weak buyout, he wasn't dumb enough to want to bring his game to the SEC, and the ou administration would willingly oblige.
Trainwreck redneck nutjob vs guy that wins one more game every year. O is a PR disaster and Jimbo is on a forward trajectory. Trends. Facts suck. You trending towards texas
Saban won't take him or Davis back after sark stole too many of Saban's coordinators. He left dirty.
Klatt is a long time big 12 apologist and SEC hater. Anyone that listens to him is a greater fool. Especially after his two favorite (and perennially over-hyped) teams announced their intent to follow A&M to the best conference in the country. All blind opinion and no credibility.
In retrospect from 2021, the joke is you and your little longhorn inc. buddy below.
Hailz, you ever been on a school bus longer than an El Camino?
Hey that's great. All the ex Bama coordinators can beg for their old jobs back after Sark scapegoats them in two years because texas won't beat ou. If they are dumb enough not to realize this, they probably should be replaced.
FL didn't get hyped because they got violated by a 12 team and their coach is an idiot. So thats one reason. Clanga got really excited and violent after beating another third world team from tulsa. Maybe we will celebrate proper next year.
Keep bringing the H8. SEC doesn't want A&M. A&M is dumb to leave the 12. A&M is dumb to fire Sumlin. Jimbo won't coach at A&M. Jimbo is dumb to leave FSU. They are overpaying Jimbo. Now you don't like the way A&M players celebrate? A new low. H8 on, turds. Georgia is pretty much the Texas of the SEC.
Yeah, that Orgeron is a real winner, eh? Represents corndog nation perfectly. Good luck with probation.
He's to cool to be at Longhorn, Inc these days. And he ain't really even cool.
I heard that Mullen was originally going to wear his clown suit to the post Halloween game presser but the cleaners could not get all the blood stains out.