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I do find it funny USMC used the “this commentator is glad he did not read this stupid writers article” Its obvious you did. You and DarthA need to start a support group so you can complain about things and critique a writers piece. Im sure you are both accomplished editors and authors. Be sure to complain about the money you pay for the articles you read. Yall are pathetic.
Much like Larry Munson, Lewis Grizzard is a UGA Icon. And your personal friendship with Lewis makes reading your articles a joy. Keep it up sir.
Peter, please don’t listen to USMC or DarthA, they just need something to complain about. I enjoy your articles every week as my father is a really big Lewis Grizzard fan having read just about everything Lewis had printed and it was my father who introduced me to Lewis’s writings years ago in the ‘80’s when I was a boy. Shoot Low boys, they’re riding Shetland Ponies was my introduction and I was hooked reading his books. I really enjoy your insight and personal reflections about your friendship with Lewis. Thank you for continuing these articles.
Gatorphil- Its The Red River Shootout. I hate the political BS that has changed it. To your point, another tradition ended. But I absolutely agree all college football traditions should be kept alive. (Even if its only 70 miles from Gainesville). In my opinion its what keeps college football great. Traditions, rivalries, fans, bands, cheerleaders, the hatred of the other team, old stories, unbelievable endings, upsets, seemingly unending heartbreak, pure unadulterated joy that last late into the night or bragging rights that last all year or more. Its what we all live for and want. Thats the joy of college football.
Yeah Im not sure why either. Why would LSU go after a coach who never won an NC and fire one who did? Say what you want about Coach O but he was smart enough to recruit/get Joe Burrow and hire Brady as Offensive Passing Coordinator. Frankin hasnt sniffed a NC with Penn State.
Once UGA lays the smack down this weekend the deck will break in two. Sinking will be inevitable. Im hoping Captain Mullet finds a life boat and keeps trying to steer the ship.
The violinists are playing while watching the deck chairs slide toward the sinking end of the bow.
UK is the other surprise. But that goes back to the teams in the East shuffling. UK replaced FU but FU didnt drop below the creamsicles/mustard throwers.
I honestly thought FU would be top 10 when UGA met them this week. That is the only surprise. That might be why many consider the East being down.
Clemson was a top 5 team until they met UGA. Arkansas was having a great year (Top 10) until they met UGA. The barn was a great team (Top 15) until they met UGA. UK was/is having a great year (top 11) until they met UGA (only loss) Maybe there is a common theme here? Not saying all losses are created equal (looking at you clemson). Outside of FU having a bad run did anyone think that the SEC East was going to have a banner year? Mizzou was a popular pick to have an up year. UT is the new Mizzou, Vandy is Vandy, SC is rebuilding as most thought and Tennesse actually is replacing Mizzou in pre-season predictions. UGA is the only team in the East meeting pre-season predictions. So I would say the East is as predicted just with a couple teams shuffling positions. Nothing new.
Sorry, UT beat Mizzou and SC. They havent played Vandy yet. Never know what can happen in the fight to be tied for 3rd in the state of Tennessee.
Where is gwhite complaining about the officiating? Officiating was the reason for Pitt, FU and Bama. Will be the same reason for UK and UGA in the next 2 weeks. Enjoy being the best of the worst teams in the SEC. At least UT will have bragging rights over SC and Vandy. That will go a long way. Good luck with that. Lol
I would say show me where the shot stops a person from contracting or transmitting? But can you tell me the long term effects of this “harmless shot”? Dont try because you cant. Why not mandate yellow fever or typhoid shots? I would think the majority of the US doesnt have those. Or mandate the flu shot? Ohhh because its the same thing. It doesn't stop you from contracting or transmitting the flu. Its the exact same thing with this shot. If people want the shot then by all means please get it. I dont pass judgement on those that get it if it gives them piece of mind. But it should not be a Gov’t mandate to get the shot. I will say this, if the shot would 100% prevent me from getting the illness I would do it. Ive had the illness twice, never had an issue. So why should I get the shot now?
The Aggies are hitting their stride and having the barn at home helps but I just don't see A&M getting past Ole Miss. Out of all the teams left in the West that could make the SECCG, Ole Miss scares me the most outside of Bama. Ole Miss could challenge the Dawg D like no other teams can and they will only get better as the year goes on. Of course UGA has to get there as well and FU will give them looks offensively this weekend that UGA hasn't seen and they will test the Dawg D. The next 2 weekends will be really interesting in both the SEC and Big 10.
Not for private companies it doesnt take precedent.
Somebody’s butt hurt and crying into their pillow. Relax, its just a recruit. Its a 5* recruit but a recruit none the less that Bama lost. Oh the humanity! Sincerely, Everybody that isnt 16 years old. PS- If you are older then 16 and getting this upset over the college decision of a high school kid or rival teams talking bad about dear old bama you really need to get out of your parents basement. 30 years old is too old to keep playing video games and working part time at the dollar store. Good luck in life kid.
**and by professional games I mean NFL games played. Just to save the wasted time on personal attacks on my opinion by the trolls.
I have argued that the timeout with 3 seconds left was really BS because in the grand scheme things it really didn't matter. I also argued that from a UGA standpoint what would have been the response from UGA fans had Davis or Carter or whoever had gotten hurt in such a garbage timeout to score? UGA already has a ton of injuries to their starters. Would the comments have been so understanding if Davis had been injured given what UGA is trying to accomplish? I highly doubt it. UGA fans can argue that point but I don't see any fan base being that understanding in what could be a championship run. If they say they would, they are fooling themselves. Now I ask this, what would be the UK response had Robinson or Levis or any other key UK player gotten seriously injured (even 1-2 games on the bench) after that timeout in garbage time given what UK has the opportunity to accomplish this year for their program? Would the “Well Stoops is just teaching his team to finish the game?” have been acceptable? I have a hard time believing that as well. UK isn't in that mode. Stoops has built the UK program past moral victories. That kind of stuff is reserved for teams like Vanderbilt or teams that need moral victories to rally the troops. UK is well past that thanks to the work Stoops has done. I have absolutely no problem with trying to score. I think Stoops should 100% try and score. But calling the timeout at that moment is really an amateur move. Its UGA’s job to stop them. Should the UGA starters have been in? Thats debatable I agree. The problem to me is calling a TO with 3 seconds left when the game is decided with really nothing to be gained other then moral victories and the potential to lose a lot on both sides. As a side note, I don't bet on games so no money lost. I know that will be one of the comebacks. I have also played more college football and professional games then the entire group that will tell me I don't know what Im talking about. Its just my opinion like everyone else's here.
Any player who helps bring down the Gators I am certainly a fan of. I had read about him all week. He lived up to his billing. Dude was really good against the Dawgs.
I agree BigBlu. There was some missed opportunities for the UK D. If UK’s only loss is to UGA then UK absolutely deserves to be in the playoff picture as much as any other 1 lose team. That D-lineman Pascal (Sp?) is a really good player. I watched him all game and he gave Salyer all he could handle at times. He will be a great pick up for some NFL team next year.
I was really impressed with Pascal (spelling?) for UK. I watched him all game and he gave Salyer some trouble at times. He is really underrated in my opinion. Quick and strong. He will be a good pick up for some NFL team.
Why do these players transfer in the middle of the year? Aren't most teams at their scholarship limit? Figured it would be really difficult to even get on a team at this point, regardless if you even want to walk-on. Most teams have their walk-ons already situated. So you go from a scholarship player in the best conference in the country to walk into no-mans land? Are these players still enrolled in classes? Seems like theses men are either getting very little guidance or really bad advice. I refuse to call 18-22,23 year old players “kids” because i think that is doing them a disservice. They are not kids, they are young men and these decisions have consequences in their life. Might be good, might be bad, only time will tell. I get wanting more playing time, I really do but the timing seems horrible for their overall future. By the time teams can sign players, their might be other (better) opportunities available that might not be there currently. Just my 2 cents.
Exactly right Phil. You think CBS is bad? Wait until ESPN gets its claws into the SEC.
Thank god Keith Jackson isnt around. One of my all time favorite announcers and they would have called for his head. They want cr**py play by play people like Beth Mowins or Tony Romo in the NFL both of who i cant stand because they are horrible. I have no problem with Danielson and I actually liked Verne. Maybe its a regional thing? People will always find something to complain about i reckon.
I liked Coach O also. He was my kind of Coach honestly. I cant speak to the off the field stuff because I honestly have no idea what went on. I think he will be fine with $17M in the bank.
And BigBlu maybe the reason UK didnt play well on D has something to do with the UGA offense? Not saying UK doesnt have a good D but I believe the UGA offense is better then people believe or give them credit for.
Sorry Cola, that SC game could have been a lot worse. FG’s arent equal to TD’s. The dawgs were called off way early. Its not on the same level with UK’s loss to UGA.
I just laugh every time gwhite makes a comment. He is pitiful little boy. You are correct Tidefan, he is a little piece if S***. Unfortunately the representative of his pitiful generation.
Lol it happens. Figured you were thinking of Manny Diaz.