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Lol yeah, A&M is in my head. That actually made me laugh. A&M in my head! A&M is in my head like Tulane is in my head. GTFOH. Keep trying.
And FYI, in this century UT has won a national title. Im not a UT fan by any stretch of the imagination but what has A&M done to warrant even a mention on X, instagram or tik tok for football in the last 30 years? Should be lucky they even bring up your 2022 recruiting class cause thats the only thing y'all have done. Right now yall are on par with SC, Kentucky and Ole Piss in the SEC. Do something and then come complain.
Wow! Cry much? Go find your safe space. It will be fine.
My comment wasn't for LSUMC. It was for LCTiger75. But my point is better made by LSUMC. Teams/fan bases will sacrifice the game for a win. BS and you should be ashamed of being a fan of this cr@p.
Also, I don't believe his top schools were what he stated. They might have contacted him but I just cant see Michigan, Fla St, USC and Oklahoma really being interested. Heck, they have freshman coming in bigger and more talented than him. You don't magically get better in year 5 or 6. You are what you are. LSU looks desperate bringing him on, almost like they needed a warm body to bring in to show they were doing something on the Dline. Just my 2 cents.
A 6’2, 282lb d-lineman in the SEC? He is only depth at best. And his “production” is 42 tackles and 8 sacks over 5 years at a D2 school. Not exactly news worthy in my opinion for a University of LSU’s caliber. I know there are diamonds in the rough, a lot of good players at lower levels that maybe didn't have the grades or exposure in HS to get into big schools. But this is a big stretch in my opinion. Maybe it turns out great but I just don't see it from a D2 guy with 5 years making the jump to the SEC. Maybe if he had 2 years with that production but not 5 years.
Im sorry, this list is a joke when it includes the comment “Missouri should be confident it can win that game” when it rolls into Tuscaloosa. And the author’s only reason is because Missouri has a great WR and a so so QB? Sorry, Mizzou isn't winning that game. I don't care if Saban isn't on the sideline or not. Bama didnt just turn into a dumpster fire.
Admittedly, I don't watch hardly any NFL anymore, so take that for what its worth but I haven't seen this in the NFL where offensive play calling is split. Is this another way to get an on the field coach on college? Someone has to have the final say, so technically they are the man in charge of the offense or defense. I haven't seen many times they fire the passing game coordinator and keep the run game coordinator. Maybe they do and I haven't been paying attention.
Serious question, not only for this hire but for all “co-offensive or co-defensive” coordinator hires. How does this work? I never understood it. Even the “run and passing game” coordinator hires that teams do. Is it just in name only for money reasons? Someone has to have the final say, hence that person is actually the Off or Def Coordinator.
I understand I will get a huge backlash, Im a UT hater, blah blah blah. I believe only the best get into Cooperstown. Im a homer Braves fan, biggest homer there is and don't think Andrew Jones should get in, dude hit .214 in his last 6 years in the majors. Jones was a tremendous defensive player, 10X gold glove and had a short time offensive explosion, but that doesn't make him HoF in my eyes. Only having gold gloves doesnt do it. Hilton falls under the Jimmie Rollins theme. Outstanding player, great teammate, should be celebrated by their teams. Not HoF. Just my opinion so flame away.
Sorry, Helton doesn't belong in the baseball HoF. His stats were great-unreal at Coors field. Away from home he was average at best. Sorry, he was just a stat collector at home. Shouldn't have ever gotten in. Same thing with people thinking Chase Utley should be in. Anyone who watched them play know they aren't HoF. Good player, Rockies Ring of Honor, one of the top Rockies players of all time. Should be celebrated as a great Rocky. Not a HoF at all.
Is your mother a wh ore in alabama trying to find extra DNA? You are a piece of sh it bringing up a mans daughter. I hope you get hit by a faw king train you inbred POS. I seriously hope you fa wking die
Is your mother a wh ore in alabama trying to find extra DNA to add to the trailer park? You are a piece of sh it bringing up a mans daughter. I hope you get hit by a fawking train you inbred POS.i seriously hope you fawking die
Bet he never calls out LaBron, Dramon or any other la, dra, sha, qua, tua, kwa for the same mess. Typical.
My other comment got deleted. Nobody gives a rats behind about this but uses it for clickbait. How about doing actual reporting on an SEC team. O’Gara couldnt do it unless he has drinkodork in his mouth like he always does. Hey O’Gara be sure to wipe off Drinkonerds love butter off your chin
Kentucky always has my respect cause they play hard nosed, tough football the way the game should be played. I will be rooting for them outside of this game. I am a big fan of Ray Davis also. Hope he sets the SEC on fire outside of this game.
You cant be serious. Dude is a bust. Cant stay healthy at all and hasn't/wont play any meaningful snaps in 2 years. Its obvious you and the “author” of this article haven't paid any attention to his career. The part about “as expected, the start to Stingley’s career has been good” is a joke. So far he is a huge bust and a wasted 1st rd pick as expected when you take an injury prone player. Maybe he turns it around but right now he is/has been a big nothing.
Actually Idiot! Its Northeast of San Antonio! How can you bet so st upid? Look at map dude! Do you even live in Texas? Dude, relax. It will be ok cause nobody actually cares.
Honestly, who is Josh Pate? Never heard of him until this “article. Dude couldn't hold Saban’s jock yet he is questioning him “ and cant sell him” on the hires. Lol yeah ok.
But being a Dawg fan I hope all teams in the SEC do kinda good but only just good enough so my Dawgs still run over them. Just for the simple fact of knowing fans like gwhite are in agony. I am not a fan of the new “SEC Kum Ba Yah” mess. Thats for Vanderbilt fans needing strength of schedule to make a bowl game. I want Florduh, clemson without a lake, the finest trade school on North Avenue and those mustard throwing hillbillies to languish for years just to drink the tears of their fan base. And if Bama loses 2-3 games a year it will make me crack a smile.
This is my question. How can the Bama fanbase go from Saban is the GOAT and all knowing to questioning his judgement? I’m not being a jerk but it is an honest question. In my opinion, Saban has earned the right to not be second guessed. Also given the fan base and most of the college football world has labeled him as being the greatest college head coach to ever walk the sidelines (rightfully so). I find it funny how quickly some have turned to questioning his judgement. Not saying all Bama fans feel that way but I cant remember a time that a Saban hire, let alone two, have been met with so much criticism. Both by the fan base and the media. The man obviously is still recruiting at the top of college football, dont you think he knows who to hire to direct the team? I mean the guy hired Kiffen and Sark when the rest of college football wouldnt have given either of them a chance.
And keep in mind, this is not mid-august in 110 degree heat. This is january with an temp of about 50 degrees right now in texas. Its not that d a m n bad. Football isnt for everyone and probably weeded out the momma’s boys that need to focus on their ipads and stay on their momma’s teet.