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And yes I know anime is Japanese cr@p. Oriental, chinese, jap. Its all the same in california. NFL is a load of sh!t any way you slice it. The same way college football is going.
I think the whole video makes the chargers look like tools. Anime? Really? Way to play to the chinese crowd. Nothing says california like adding in chinese cr@p. Play to your masters.
Oh lord Adam! How is this going to make Jim’s legacy look? Bad coach and horrible father it seems because his player, his kid, who should know a lot better throws a punch. I mean, first Jim is suspended for 9 games back in 2015 for running a shady program and now his own son throws a punch. Jim is an embarrassment to his profession as much as you are to yours. You have a holier than thou attitude and opinion on coach’s not shaking hands in line but with this you will be tight lipped? Just admit you hate Duke and Coach K for their success.
Exactly! Conner is an embarrassment. His articles are cr@p just like him. I wish he never covered the dawgs or was associated with UGA cause it makes me sick. Just another tur& who likes to act like he is Walter Cronkite who wont amount to $hit past his college days. He is the same tur$ who just uses tweets or social media tweets to keep his cra$ “writing” afloat. One can only hope for a change in profession for him.
That comment is for yankeepig. Go back to sleep grandpa, the kids will wake you so you can bit$ch about the squirrels in the yard and change your diaper. Great win Arkansas. Yall are on a roll!
Just how grumpy are you? A win over a top 10 team and you are upset over that? Probably a guy who learned what a tweet was from his grandkids last week who is living on his glory days from middle school while wearing his letter jacket watching the game and critiquing players all the while still upset they have a 3 point line because “back in my day”. My guess is you are like Al Bundy reliving your great 3 TD game in the 8th grade championship game. Your a joke just like your comment. Let your team celebrate you old bag.
I really don't see Corral getting past Denver at #9 if he makes it that far. NYG, Houston and Denver all have QB needs and all pick in top 10. NYG could get interesting as I don't think they are sold on Jones as QB1 and they have a new head coach with no ties to him. Same with Denver and Houston. I hope for Corrals sake he doesn't land with Houston, they are a dumpster fire. The other one I have doubts about is Stingley going that high after basically having one good year. There is a high possibility that I’m wrong but that is a big gamble for such a high pick. Not saying Stingley is bad, he clearly showed out year 1 but it seems like a gamble at 4 with such little film and that film was 2 years ago. He has the ability for certain just not enough tape for that big of an investment IMO. NFL teams draft QBs with one great year played and get burned (*cough* Trubisky). I guess they would with a corner?
I have yet to figure out the connection of Sanders to the SEC for an article about him to wind up here. I didnt even read the article but knew it had absolutely nothing to do with the SEC. I guess this is the SDS approach like ESPN took to be progressive and promote black colleges?Doesnt surprise me by who wrote it. Its either “articles” about Dion or posting what twitter said about some commentator. Farner is a joke.
That was nothing more then a cheap shot by a cheap player. I cant believe not a single Duke player went after Collins. He should have been leveled. There are hard fouls and then there are straight up trying to hurt people fouls. He should be suspended for the rest of the year. This BS of “Thats on me.” Yeah no shi7. He knew exactly what he was doing. What a punk. You are right Wadeless, that wasnt a “response”. That was weak by Duke. That response by that dirty play should have been by having his teeth on the floor. Or yet when he gets ejected one of his teammates pays a price.
Glad to hear she is doing better. Hope its a sign of better days ahead for her.
Shocker! Gets fired, pull the race card. Doesnt get hired, pulls the race card. And last time I checked NFL players and coaches make millions. I wonder what the going salary for a s lave was? Oh yeah! Fu@$ing nothing and they were used like animals. He and others like him that use the s lavery metaphor are a joke and should be criticized heavily for it. I hope he gets his wish and sits his butt at home for a long d@mn time. He is a disgrace.
Your post makes no sense. You have smoked yourself retarded.
Rtic, really dont care what you think. Yup we won and will tall kinds of sh/t. Take your medicine and go to bed little one. The d1c$ will still be in your mouth in the morning.
Go look at Bamatime and his comments then tell me how much class Bama fans have. You are a joke just like him
BS Bamabone! Join the injury bug. UGA lost their best two WR’s during last year and spring! I knew there would be Bama excuses. Guess what? Next man up! I knew the Bama injury excuses would show up! Wheres Bamatime? That assho/e? I hope he is choking on his alcoholism.
Thanks VFL865. I am just pumped for this team. To be the best you have to beat the best. Bama played a hell of a game. They were badass. The boys from Bama gave the Dawgs all they could handle. Wouldnt want it any other way.
No offense MS fans. Just makes me chuckle. Even down to the Fansville colors.
But he does have Dr. Pepper. Welcome to State!
Its the media…… sooooo there’s that.
I love Louisiana, a rabid LSU fan base and even better food. However, Baton Rouge isn't the best place to live. I know each place has their draws and drawbacks to the city. If we are only talking living, then Lexington IMO is better then Baton Rouge. But to your point, LSU can buy him a place wherever he wants. And there are spectacular places to live in Baton Rouge. These coaches aren't living like us so I get it. Even Detroit has really nice places to live but I sure as hell aint living in Detroit if I have a choice and money being equal. Baton Rouge isn't some oasis in the swamp.
Nothing but appreciation for Coach Lanning. I wish him well (unless playing the dogs). Coach Lanning has been a DGD and deserves all the well wishes from a thankful UGA fan base. Good luck coach! Oregon got an excellent coach and recruiter who loves his players and will develop those young men into not only great players but even better men.
Thats an awesome get for Beamer. Great for the Cocks and great for the SEC East. Congrats Gamecocks.
I agree. I am really surprised by Mendenhall stepping down. He seemed to a good fit for UVA. His team seemed to like him and play for him. Occasionally upsetting ranked teams. Wasnt it only 2 years ago that UVA was top 15? Did they force him out?
It might give a bit of a spark but this provides zero direction to the current coaches, players or recruits. I understand OU was probably caught off guard by their coach running for the hills from the SEC but OU should have promoted from within, kept the current structure minus the HC and gotten out in front of this PR issue. It would have given them time to regroup and think but this Stoops move is a knee jerk reaction at best and a total cluster fu@$ at worst.
Im sorry but an ex-coach who hasn't coached in 5 years is the answer for OU? The players have no ties to him, he doesn't know the offense, defense or special teams. Why would OU do this instead of promoting a current assistant? Im not being a troll, Im seriously asking the question. OU is better then this. I respect Stoops for what he did but bringing in a guy thats been on the sidelines for 5 years is a joke and honestly a slap in the face to the current coaches and players. Its like bringing back Jimmy Johnson to coach the Cowboys.
Yet to figure out why all the Deion Sanders or Jackson St articles? Absolutely nothing remotely to do with the SEC or even anything interesting for college football at all.