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And Georgia lost a "meaningless" bowl game, enjoy. Must suck this year you cant cheer Bama to another national championship. Also.. Georgia, when was the last time you won a "meaningful" bowl game? Just so you dont get confused a national championship.
I still tip my hat to Bama, they had a bad night but still have an incredible program. They will bounce back, Clemson had all their players back this year that were thinking about going pro last year.
Oh and Bama718, what were the mighty SEC bowl wins this year? LSU?, A&M?? Yall set up your bowl games minus the playoffs and always have a lousy showing.
Well bama718, I know they will remember the 2019 Bama beat down for decades! The no motivation is such a lame and SEC excuse. Your two top dogs got curb stomped, deal with it. LSU next.
Ya UT graduates... Deliver pizza.. Nice one country bumkin. Not worried in the least to playing LSU.. The SEC narrative is finally put to bed, Georgia was a fraud and we beat the pants off of them. Bama, still a great team got dominated, I mean dominated by Clemson. But yes.. The aggs had such an amazing bowl win against... NC State?? They dont deserve to play Baylor. Their best win? Against the mighty Florida St or Virginia, take your pick. Cheers lil brother, and your mediocrity in whatever conference you are in lol.
I dont think we are, cheers. Look forward to next year.
I will give you that, because Im not going to go into if teams are over rated or not, all your ranked teams are in the SEC, you dont play out of conference schedules that we can match up. The bowl wins for this year are Big12 4-3 and SEC 6-5 (of course with one game to go and will prob be 7-5) last year Big12 5-3, SEC 5-6. This is with the SEC pretty much picking its bowl games. Out of every conference as a whole, the SEC is the best. Its not the best by the margins every keeps trying to make it, there are a lot of good match ups when we actually get to play.
A lot of those are correct, the SEC would win, although you wont be able to do that since we only have 10 teams (yes I know "big12 lol). Although in the bowl our top and second did play. Alabama wooped OU and Texas wooped Georgia (and dont say they didnt have anything to play for). Also Okla St beat Missouri (Texas beat Missouri last year).
ben7254, what do you mean? I am stating that our 3 non conference schedule is not 3 cupcakes every SEC plays each year. LSU is a pretty good team, they haven't done much in a while but still a good team. I have nothing but respect for them.
You are correct sir, SEC is the only conference that can pretty much set up their schedule and still finish around .500. I had to look up NC State to see who they beat.. There best win was against a horrible FSU team or Virginia.. Ya.. lol. They set the aggies up to look dominant in a team that had no business playing Baylor.. Everyone outside the SEC finally sees that even as much as they keep chanting SEC SEC SEC, the mirage is gone.. Its Alabama and then a bunch of average teams. A&M and Missouri are proving how great the SEC is lol.
Oh and Garren_t, ya when I watched that game I did see how much stronger, faster, and more talented Georgia team was.. Lol. If they cant get up to play in a BCS bowl game then stay home.. They are not Bama where they can turn their noses up for a non championship game. How much hardware has Georgia taken home lately? When was there last Championship win? Ya.. Been awhile..
As a Longhorn fan I was always confused why the SEC bangs it chest all the time and chants SEC, SEC, SEC? I know the Big12 is not the best conference but minus Bama, the Big12 has competed with the SEC. Bama is by far head and shoulders above everyone, no argument here. Even is the Big12 was the best conference, I would never chant Big12, Big12, Big12.. I want the Longhorns to do good and get back to prominence, but if Kansas and Baylor is doing good, I wouldn't beat my chest about it.. All respect to Bama but to the outside it looks like a lot of SEC teams beat their chest because Bama is so good..
You are right they do have 4 losses. Making no excuse for Maryland, we lost. Take a look at the SEC non-conference schedule, and then Texas the last few years. This year was Maryland, USC, and Tulsa. Next year we have LSU. We could buy 3 wins every year but what fun is that?
As a Longhorn, I dont think we "are back". That is what the media likes to talk about. You say UT is a .500 team in the SEC? How is Missouri and A&M doing in the SEC? The exact same they did in the Big12, middle of the pack.. If the SEC was so mighty then yall would be beating the brakes off of them. The SEC can never give any credit just say stupid things like "go home your drunk" or UGA didnt show up. Things are judged on the field not making excuses. Plus are last two bowl wins are against the mighty SEC. Nice try bro, see LSU next year. I will hope on the check the excuses then.
Everyone SEC homer living through Bama.. Sad. Why not say starting with Auburn?
I hoped on today to tip my hat to Georgia for a great season and being a class program. Then saw all the comments about Georgia not showing up, or not in the game, didnt want to be there etc and that is why the Longhorns won.
We beat Missouri last year another SEC team, but nice try.
Other fan bases think UGA is falling apart?? Lol, OK. Nope this is normal for a good team with a lot of talent.
So Georgia lost the game, UT didnt win it? With lame takes like this that I am reading all over this site why do we even play the game? If Georgia is expected to win lets just hand them the W and get on with the day. You got punched in the mouth for 60 min. Dominated.
Georgia ranked above Texas after getting beat down in a head to head match-up. Yep, that makes perfect sense.
Its funny the mighty SEC thinks their conference is so above everyone else. Missouri and A&M went there and did the exact same thing they did in the Big 12. Middle of the pact no better no worse.. So if the SEC is so great wouldn't yall be beating down these teams every year? Hell A&M beat LSU this year, its a joke.
4 loss Texas team took Georgia behind the woodshed. Dominated every aspect of the game. SEC is overrated minus Bama, and everyone is starting to see that. Its funny most of your conference lives through bama, SEC, SEC, SEC right? lol
Texas just beat your conferences #2 team. Too high? Typical SEC homer. Go ahead and say Georgia had nothing to play for..
Ellis, I think if thats the case, Georgia fans think they are a lot better than you are. You got wooped by Texas, a Big 12 team with "no defense". Your college football playoff argument is out the window. You are not as good as you think.
We find it so amusing that yall root so hard for any SEC teams. I was at the game and the UT fans trolled Georgia by chanting yalls lame "SEC, SEC, SEC" chant. Take Alabama out of the conference and you are a average conference. Not to mention you schedule 3 teams that have business playing you and then say the SEC cannabises each other. You are also the only conference that can pretty much pick your bowl games and it still dosent show yall to be the dominant in bowl wins. Of course minus Bama, hats off to Bama. Hook em.
50% of their best? Sometimes a good team can make another team look bad. True aggie comment. Hook em.