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That’s a good way to put it. Looking forward to the next chapter in QB at TAMU and thankful for Mond’s leadership in helping instill a winning culture.
That would be fun to watch. I’m thinking we will get to. It’s been a great season either way - I’m so glad we even had a season.
True. This whole site is overwhelmed with pop ups and ads that make it frustrating to visit. I visit more for the community than the articles.
That was a good game. Auburn was tough. Nix looked very Manziel-like often. Whew.
Agreed. It takes times to dig out of a hole of lost credibility but it sure is nice to have stopped digging. I’ll take slow and steady improvement. High rankings aren’t helpful at his point. Gig’em.
Good game. Good sportsmanship. Arkansas has come so far and I expect them to continue improving.
I think A&M will always be easy to bet against until they prove that they know how to win the games they should win - Vanderbilt- without getting in their own way. All part of developing a winning culture.
Polar opposite of Sumlin which is just what we need. Culture change is hard.
Really? As a coach in game 1 you’re not going to take advantage of a chance to practice a 2 minute drill?
Unnecessary comment and unrepresentative of our school - unfortunate.
Yes, please ignore this guy and yes, he's been an embarrassment for some time. A vocal minority.
Ags have to learn to win against LSU. We have a way of self destructing against them. Still making too many mistakes. I'd say we were over-ranked but other top teams are making mistakes and avoiding losses by the skin of their teeth. Still,.. a FAR better season than anyone dared hope for. Gigem'.
Yep.. what you said... Alabama needs to make some mistakes too. Tall task.
I'm just hoping to give them a decent game and not totally embarrass ourselves. Hard not to improve on the 59-0 result. The tide is just a machine and it is hitting on all cylinders.
I've never watched runners that were harder to bring down than those volunteers. I'd rather play Alabama than play them again. Avoid the mistakes and no one beats you.
It is going to be a great one. I LOVE BEING IN THE SEC! Hoping the Ags prove they are for real. This could be a break out win.
Some games you just have to play to see what happens. That is this game. I sure am glad for home field advantage.
The Razorbacks looked good to me. I am still surprised at just how well the Ags played against them - they are getting better from one game to the next. John Chavis deserves the most credit for turning us around.
Agreed, let's be polite Ags. I hate the losses but take some comfort in providing a friendly and welcoming environment to visiting fans. That core value stuff we can extend in posts here.
Bama whipped us good. Allen had a bad day. Beats a 59-0 beat down. It sure would be nice for the Ags to get an elite running back some day. Bama and LSU make me envious for that back. A&M needs to rebound now to show its an improved team over last year.
yep, we all want to find out. happy to be more realistically ranked until then. should be a good game. Need to get to the QB.
Agreed. The hogs were very good for the most part and their record is not reflective of how good they are. The O-line and running game are a scary combination. Look for them to start winning games against solid teams. The time of possession stat is the biggest one of all.