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Even though it won't happen I think Buddy would be a winner at Ole Miss. I played against him in high school and with him at Jax State. He's tough, smart, old school, knows how to coach and relates to young men better than most head coaches. The fans and media would connect with Buddy way more than previous coaches.
LSU is a public failure. Still fanning the flames of that public beatdown Bama gave you publically?
I've never seen so many fat out of shape linemen, UGA's beer bellied hogs need to eat more salad
Coach Pittman; "you'll start as a freshman" Coach Saban; "probably not". Enough said.
Tom Brew = moron. Bama 55 UGA 12, pups get 12 from their best overall player
Seen it before, O vs D. Ultimately it's the coaches fault for either encouraging or ignoring the fracturing of the team. Gus is the head coach, if he didn't know shame on him, if he did know and used it in a feeble attempt to rally the team - fire him.
Then LSU traveled to Florida, and fell short in The Swamp, 27-19. Fell short only on the scoreboard, if you watched the game you saw the Gators bully LSU around like no other team since the 21-0 Bama beatdown a few years back
Darius was a monster, Longhorns O line couldn't block him. Texas has never recovered.
Cant wait to hear the dawgs barking, slinging insults at the kid when he flips to the Tide