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If he really believed that, he wouldn't have walked away from the buyout. And as it stands right now, sanctions will not end at the end of this year they actually last another 3 years (one unofficial visit a year per recruit). That portion was added because as the enforcement crew noted a history of violations (just for clarity sake, OM had gone 25 years without a violation, second longest in the SEC)....lol
Well see there buster we do have in some common ground, the LHA in our group was the IWO the first tour and the Tarawa my second tour. I was temporarily evac'd to the Tarawa after the barracks bombing before being shipped off to Cyprus, on a long trip to civilian life. My family has a long history in the Corps and Navy. My father, was Vietnam vet retired out after 10 years on the drill field, couple of cousins in the navy fleet carrier duty and a great uncle fought in the Navy in the pacific during WW II (his war stories are what led me to the corps HA!!!)
Bunker. Semper Fi big brother! 2nd Marine Division 81-84,, most notably attached to the 24th MAU for two tours Beirut 82-84. I was lucky enough to be there and tour the USS New Jersey when she arrived on station, and the first usmc F18 squadron when they arrived. Served with some great swabbies back then on our transport ship, LKA El Paso, LPD Shreveport and of coarse our corpsmen, beach masters , docs and padres.
There is a reason he went to three High Schools in 4 years and now two universities in 3 years. As my grandfather once said “There is a lot of quit in that boy”. On the bright side his daddy is Michigan’s problem now, and Matt Luke is running off all of the entitled that freeze was drawn too.
But to be fair, Ole Miss was ranked 14th, and a 17 point favorite at home....oh wait
That's abit drastic verdict on a young oline, with 3 new starters? Against what most believe is the two best de combo in the country! I'll just stick with past performance by that staff and feel pretty secure the arky oline will mature and get better!
LOL ok corey go ahead and spill it, you guys have a competition to see who can write the dumbest articles aren't you? Or are yall just collectively mailing it in this year after a few drinks at the bar? Well at least this is an Internet article and no trees were killed to distribute this fantasy story!
Agreed!!! If a coach dismissed from the team and made those comments or the rumors going around were failed drug test etc.... I'd would be hitting every interview begging "Please show me when I missed a class, Please show me where I failed a drug test, Please show me where I was in an altercation...etc etc etc" Instead all he said “I was stereotyped and disrespected. The football players are not happy with this.” Seriously???? Yeah ok I believe I'll go with Malzahn's decision on this one.
It's your BAS. OM would have definitely preferred to start tunsil and 2 freshman OL vs Bama than the 3 freshman they used. Sorry but Tunsil was suspended for 7 games Robinson will see no where near that, he'll be in oxford in September. Seriously!!!!! This is the SEC where drugs and stolen handguns aren't nearly as serious as taking 3k in benefits...lol
Who cares who has the most followers? Notice the one with the most championships has 0 followers, just sayin
I'd sure like to disagree about nkemdiche, unfortunately i think everyone believed he'd explode as a 3 technique and that just hasnt happened yet. As far as potential stars, i think those guys will get more callouts this year, the landshark d didnt really start getting noticed nationally till week 4-6. Haynes, gross, bridges, conner, hilton along with several others along the dline will step up this yèar. Last year the secondary was questioned going into the season and by the end of the season it was the strength of the d, this year i think the lb group will flourish off of the play of the line.
Until someone proves differently, Alabama is still the best team in the west division and the Southeast Conference, so yeah they should be the headline
Don't worry bubba, the hogs will be ok... and former players are celebrated at most schools even out of staters..lol
It's a little surprising that Collins is a 1st rounder and prewitt is, considering Collins got burned more than morris Claiborne this year. But for me, I'm concerned about his speed (which combine should resolve) and I'm sure the interviews will cover why his coverage was different this year than last year. But in the NFL he's dangerously close to being considered a tweener (lb/safety). But obviously his instinct and leadership are off the charts, don't worry he'll be alright.
I'm really getting tired of these broken legs, what the hell???? Good luck Prince regardless of which school you select they'll have GREAT facilities and trainers to get you back quickly.
Hummm I don't think Coach Saban is too concerned about the open spot it sounds more to me as if he thinks Lance is making another bad decision and he's abit disappointed in that decision, hence the "I don't know why coaches do what they do" comment. Regardless of what you think of Saban all good managers want their subordinates to mature and progress and be prepared for the next step in their life. Saban is no different I think he sincerely hopes these asst's grow under him and move onto something better when their ready.
that would be hilarious then Muschamp bolts again to the falcons....lol
Alabama was a 6 to 6 1/2 point favorite over Ole Miss this year and definitely were a different team before the injury bug hit, so losing as a 9 point favorite on a "neutral" field would be worse than losing on a 6 point spread on the road is significantly better.
Please go back and look at your Peach Preview, there was no way Ole Miss was going to win that game. As I said in your comment section they haven't ran the ball all year, their TWO starting Wide Receivers were out, Aaron Morris was out. Then in the first quarter you lose Conyers and the 2nd qtr you lose Tunsil. Those are the same 3 lineman that missed the LSU game (7 points). This team is too young to make up for 5 missing starters and no run game. That offense couldn't stay on the field and left the defense fighting with one arm behind it's back. Patterson put his best corner on Engram with a safety over the top simply cause he knew there were no deep threats. So if you guys honestly felt that outcome was a surprise you should really start covering baseball, or basketball or field hockey...just sayin But congrats to TCU and Coach Patterson they deserved a better fight than what we were able to bring.
Agreed, most people don't look at the whole body of work and the team that Nutt left behind. When Freeze was hired I said they should be naming roads and building statues to him if he could win 4 games that year, but with a lot of help from Bo they won 6 and a bowl game.
"Now the future of his program as well as his credibility as a coach are in question." "But Freeze ought to take the lesson he learned through all this to heart, or risk future mishaps down the line as the Rebels grow into a premier program in the SEC." First of all even "IF" Freeze decides to drop Kelly he's in no worse position than he was last Tuesday!!!! So the program is hardly "in jeopardy"....good grief Secondly, If you KNOW ANYTHING about Freeze he's going to continue to give kids an opportunity if he feels their sincere....is he gonna be wrong...ABSOLUTELY!!!!! and you'll always be reporting on the failures but never his successes.. I thought the SDS article was bad on how Sanders needed to have a big bowl game against TCU now this article....are you guys even familiar with the SEC?
uhhh yes the rebels are missing their number 1 receiver but sanders the number 2 wr is also out hence why all of the "experts" are picking TCU, you may wanna go back and fix your article. But to address the premise of your article your absolutely correct, the rebels are a passing team and missing their number 1 and 2 WR's is the biggest concern of this game. Everyone focuses on the low hanging fruit #1 D vs #2 Offence but the rebel D shut the number #1 offence down earlier this year no problem, but all of that is mute if the rebel offense doesn't perform....see Arkansas and LSU losses.
Without Treadwell, Sanders and Morris the defense will have to step it up again. Least unlike the state game Bo will be healthy but yeah gonna need some gimmicks and their gonna need to work.
Going from 5'8" corners this year to 6'1" and 6'2" next year we're going from smurfs to giants...lol Hope these guys can keep up with the performance standards that the smurfs established this year. Welcome to the Rebels, Tony!!!!!!
14th best recruiting class in the country and yet 7th best in the SEC?? LOL that's just brutal and everyone says the SEC is overrated hummmmm?
PLEASE PLEASE don't send cooper to the jets....come on. He's a great kid and doesn't deserve THAT!!!!!
We get the number 1 position next year with the addition of DJ Jones....
Great get for the Rebs!!!! with the addition of Bridges this D next year may even be better than this years.