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Good for him, I hope he makes it. There is still a lot of respect for Johnny at College Station.
And the Gus Bus keeps rolling. UT could have used him
Wow, I am sure every coach in College football will be eying that great HC job. I mean Edward Waters! Who wouldn't want to grab that job! LOL, never even heard of Edward Waters until Deion got him fired
I swear Saban adds coaching depth the way most teams add player depth.
I went to TAMU and my wife went to UT and she is a die hard Vol fan (as is her half of the family). Over our 46 years of marriage we have had plenty of opportunities make fun of each others alma maters. For the fast four years I have had a great time dogging her family at thanksgiving but enough is enough, we have called a 5 year truce. I hope UT gets things together soon because Thanksgiving will be boring for awhile. So as hard as it is for me to say " Get it together soon UT"
One plus for the rest of the SEC is Bama has to have the highest turnover of coaching staff in all of the NCAA. Eventually, they have to hire one that doesn't work out.
The transfer portal will even things out. When teams are loaded with 4 - 5 star talent those who did not win the starting job will start looking for a school where they can. The best will start and some of the others that have to sit will leave.
I am not a big fan of the ESPN talking heads, but would love to see more SEC rivalry games on Thanksgiving. I prefer watching college football over NFL games.
hate to lose him great skills, good luck wherever he lands
I was hoping he would choose Clemson, but good QB snag for Bamma
Welcome to Aggieland! Our defensive depth keeps getting better and better
Bad news for Vandy, RB Brooks just entered the portal today.
Good news for the SEC West. That's one way to slow down LSU recruiting.
Scary offense considering how few 4 and 5 star recruits. Hope they don't get their defense turned around anytime soon. But you have to give them credit, every game should be worth watching.
Can't wait for Dan to publish his memoir. Should be fun reading! Still all in all he is a good coach, he just shouldn't talk to the press
We have so many bowls already, why not one more? We can call it the "Deion Bowl" just for Jackson State and who ever wants to play them. Might be tough to find a sponsor though. LOL
All teams schedule a few cupcake games and we pay them well for the scrimmage but then I remember Troy and Appalachian State. Beware the cupcakes..LOL
I guess snowball fights are a sport, right? Why else would would they write an article about it? Things are getting mighty slim when we are down to reading snowball articles
The talking heads at ESPN have a tendency get things right about as often as weather forecasters.
Cimaglia should have stayed at UT, he probably would have had a chance to show his skills a lot in this upcoming season. He also would have been seen a lot more playing in the SEC than at GT. It's not like the coaching change will impact a kicker all that much, I mean really how many plays does he need to remember?
Danny Sheridan has made a pretty good living forecasting sports. I agree that UGA should be the beast of the East but even if things don't work out I can't see UGA firing him. LSU on the other hand could win it all, lose it all or somewhere in between. The west is wide open (as it ever will be) this season for most of the teams. I hope what happened at Baylor does not happen at LSU. With all that said, I can't wait for the season to start and the FUN to begin.
A whole lot less pressure taking HC of UCF then if he had stayed in the SEC.
From my view point Gus has the better of the situations. He's not walking into a dumpster fire with NCAA sections looming and UCF is not in the SEC so Gus should do ok. Heupel on the other hand, is ass deep in NCAA alligators and still has to have the Vol's ready to play a tough SEC schedule.
If he committed acts of racism then Iowa should have stepped up charged him and fired him with cause. But no, they reached a “separation agreement”. So did he do it or does he live the rest of his life with the stigma of being a raciest if he didn't?
So many ways this could have been handled by UGA Police other than filing felony charges. They are going to ruin a players career over a tire boot? Fine him, let him know that any future problems won't be tolerated. This seems like a total overreaction by the UGA police.