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I agree with your 10-2 prediction. The 6,7, & 8 win total predictions are only throwing gasoline on the fire that raging in the bellies of the LSU players. They are going to go into each game with something to prove. That in itself is dangerous to the opponents. But in addition, we all know that the LSU team is loaded with talent; talent most other Power 5 programs would drool over. But the key factor that the odds makers and sports writers seem to be overlooking is the discipline and responsibility that Kelly is manifesting into the program. Add the discipline to the fire and talent level…I wouldn’t take this team lightly. The combination of fire, talent and discipline/responsibility makes every team on the schedule beatable. So don’t be surprised to see LSU win 10 games…maybe more.
Bradshaw actually was going to sign with LSU, but he lack acceptable SAT scores.
And Ole Miss will get him. Arch never seriously considered LSU. They say the Mannings want the kids to make their own decisions, but the despise of LSU in the family runs very deep. There is no love lost between LSU and Grandpa Archie. When Grandpa played, LSU and Ole Miss were bitter rivals, more so than LSU-Bama or even TAM are today.
I’m with DGD82, lighten up. You as well as the rest of the country is getting too sensitive. I’m originally from Southern Louisiana. Call me a Coonass, I don’t care. I’m ascually quite proud of it.
Sabin is the dean of college football coaches. But he isn’t the leader of coaches. By that I mean he runs the “Nick Sabin” program. He’s not at the forefront of change. Two examples. He wasn’t a fan of the RPO offense. But as the RPO wave grew in the sport, he had to accept it and began to use it. Bama is now among the best at using the RPO. Now with NIL, he’s against it. But as he senses he’s losing the battle, he will in short order and begin to use it. And like other things, he will become the best at using it. That’s the Nick Sabin way.
I have to wonder how long TAM will be able to hold on to all of those 5 star recruits they used NIL to buy? After a couple spring and fall practices, some will begin to realize that their star status bought them a seat in the bench.
Sabin has no ax to grind with any coach. I hate he’s coaching at Bama, but too bad for Tiger fans…actually fans at all others schools. He’s the dean of college football coaches. If anyone knows what is going on in college football, it’s Nick Sabin. If there is smoke, there’s usually fire, that’s why he called out TAM. Let’s all remember, Sabin was recruiting the same players A&M signed. The players talk. I’m sure they were pretty vocal with Sabin about what was needed for them to sign.
It’s only a matter of time before TAM moves up to the #1 2023 recruiting class by again exploiting NIL.
Honestly, I’m glad Wade was fired. It should have happened 3 years ago. Stop it with calling these transgressions allegations, Will Wade was a cheater. But the real reason I’m glad he was fired is because he wasn’t a good coach. The team wasn’t disciplined on the court. He’d call a play and if it failed they morph into a playground offense. He relied on the strength of talent he had in the players. My main concern though lies with the charge of Lack of Institutional Control. In my opinion, this is the biggie and most severe. Having self-imposed restrictions on the football program and changing both the university president and AD might soften the punishment. We can only wait to see. But at least Wade is now history. Three cheers for that!
I say yes, to a smaller extent. All schools cheat in recruiting, whether it involves a booster giving an envelope of a hundred bucks of spending money to a player after a game to full shoe endorsements, all schools aren’t clean.
This in essence is what the college cheating scam has been all about. My brother-in-law is a retired university head basketball coach. The top players all play off-season ball in the AAU leagues. If a player is elite, he will have already had an agreement with a shoe manufacturer. The shoe manufacturers have contracts with the universities to provide shoes for the programs. Part of the deal the player has with the shoe company, he will go to a school who has a contract with the same shoe manufacturer. The shoe company also kick in some cash. That’s NIL in disguise.
I agree with you. The cheating in college basketball has been prevailing for years. There’s a reason why the Kentucky’s, the Duke’s, the Kansas’s, the Louisville’s, the NC’s of college basketball have been powerhouses for so long. Those schools have just been able to disguise their recruiting scams better than the inexperienced Will Wade’s of the sport.
I agree. But the NCAA tried to rely on the evidence uncovered by the FBI. The FBI declined to share it saying it wasn’t the NCAAs investigative branch and couldn’t share public funded investigative material with a private organization. So the NCAA had to start from scratch. Regardless, because of the terms of Wades contract, he should be fired immediately.
I don’t think so. Get your head out of the Louisiana gumbo mud. Will Wade was caught on tape saying he made “a strong ass offer” to a player. He didn’t specifically say money. But what else could it have been? Money is the name of the game to star players. Practically any offer, other than the scholarship, is illegal under NCAA rules. LSU needs to fire Wade immediately based on his contract language. Otherwise, LSU will look bad. The school should have fired him instead of suspending him
I disagree with you. Unless the school knew the cheating was going on and turned its head, it’s the coach who should suffer the weight of the violations. If the school knew about it, then I agree with you. The coach and program should be penalized.
After such a long delay, the school nor the current players should be punished. Will Wade is a cheater. LSU should immediately fire Wade (he’s not much of a coach anyway - his success is because of talented players he illegally recruited, not his coaching ability). The NCAA should also ban Wade from coaching at an NCAA school for 5 years.
My bet is on Brennen winning the starting QB with Daniels winning the backup roles. Howard will be the #3. When the announcements are made, Garrett Nussmeier will enter the portal to find a new home. I’m ok with that, I see Nussmeier as a loose cannon. Too much of a loose cannon for the SEC. I predict he ends up at Baylor in the BIG12 where his style will fit in nicely.
It wouldn’t surprise me that he ends up at a FCS school, like McNeese, SE Louisiana or the like. He has the coaching ability to be very successful at that level without the pressure of a FBS school. He’d be a supreme recruiter at that level. He wouldn’t bring in the 5 star players, but he would be able to create a FCS powerhouse with 3 star and occasional 4 star players.
You left 2 very important things off your list 4. Keeping players out of the portal. The likelihood of this years class holding together for 2 years isn’t good (no check on this) 5. The HC coaching the players up to their full potential for each and every game (Fisher loser a check here)
What about TAM this past season? They were a sure playoff team bet preseason. With Fisher, they managed a fantastic 8-4 season. That’s pretty much a Fisher season, with a couple exceptions.
The number of stars a player has next to his name in HS means nothing in college. It’s a new game at the college level. The players need to be coached up to max their full potential. That won’t happen with Fisher.
I can’t agree with you. Fisher is a great recruiter but as a coach, he’s a 8-4, 9-3 type coach with a couple darn good seasons. He doesn’t coach up his players to their full potential. The number of stars next to a players name goes away when he begins his college career. It’s no longer about what he did in HS, but what he’s doing at the college level. Without a coach to get the best out of the player, talent won’t get you a NC.
Dream on dude. TAM had the strongest NIL LLCs this season. Fisher can deny it all he wants. Where’s there is smoke, you’ll find fire. The issue in the TAM locker room will be about playing time, not money. When these star players realize that they’ll have to warm the bench, something they’ve never done, they’ll hit the portal.
As long as Fisher is HC a NC will be a distant wish. He’s a 8-4, 9-3 type coach. Other than one season at FLSt, what has he done? The 10-1 at TAM in 2020 was a fluke season, as it was for all programs. Fishers problem is he doesn’t coach players up to their full potential.
I’d love to see the composite reranking of this year’s signing class in a couple years after the players use the portal to find schools where they can play. My money would not be on TAM having the #1 class.
The real question is how many of those 4 & 5 star players will be on the team in a couple years. With that much talent, someone has to sit the bench. These guys have never sat the bench. They’ll use the portal to find a place where they can start.