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NIL is ruining the game. It’s no longer college football. It’s lower class pro football with the college name tied to it.
Having hope for next year seems to be pretty common over there in College Station.
If Johnson hasn’t learned to get rid of the ball and stays too long in the pocket as he’s done in the past, the Aggs can count on another 8-4 season.
If Johnson hasn’t learned to get rid of the ball and stays too long in the pocket as he’s done in the past, the Aggs can count on another 8-4 season.
Stats say otherwise. Daniels is by far #1 in the SEC. Against the nations 6th hardest schedule thus far, in the SEC he #1 in yardage, #1 in TD’s, #1 in QBR.
Daniels is leading the SEC in passing yards, TD’s, and QBR THROUGH 4 games. In those 4 games, he had 2 subpar halves - second half against FLSt and first half against Arkansas. If he had played those halves as he has in the other games, consider what his stats would be.
I saw enough of that “stud” when he was at LSU. There’s a good chance you’ll be eating those words.
Even with a win, LSU’s chances for a NC are borderline needing a miracle unless the defense ups it’s game and remains there for the rest of the season. If it performs as it did against Miss St, the NC would be within their sights, even an 11-1 regular season record and SEC championship. Play as it did against Arkansas, it might be ugly, beginning with Ole Miss.
I usually don’t agree with O’Gara because he’s a dud. But I do, this time agree with his assessment of the LSU Ole Zmiss game this week. Which LSU D-backfield will show up? I hope the good one!
When our best DBs played transferred in from lower level schools, that says a lot.
Arkansas always plays LSU tight. It possible that LSU is a rival to Arkansas…..not so much the opposite. That’s a dangerous situation. LSU was fortunate last night because of it.
I always felt LSU as a 17.5 point favorite was too much. LSU-Ark seems to always be a tight game. A 3 point win isn’t surprising to me. LSU’s offense is really good. The defense will have to step it up a couple notches against Ole Miss on the road next week. They did last year and there’s no reason to expect them to not be ready next week.
Alabama 31 Ole Miss 28 Don’t over look who is making this prediction. O’Gara likely just snake bit Alabama. I hope he’s right. I’d love to see Jaxon Dart to be brought back down to earth from the soft clouds he’s been riding on.
A&M winning the West? You shouldn’t forgot this was written by a SDS writer. So don’t hold your breath.
People seem to have forgotten that a first game loss means absolutely nothing in the eyes of the CFP panel. They look at who are the best teams at the time of the vote. They don’t allow themselves to be influenced by an early season bad game (in LSU’s case a bad half). When the voting begins in November, if LSU is on an unbeaten run since the first game loss, they will be in the top 4.
Hey Ag, it’s MY prediction. You can predict any way you want.
I doubt that. LSU lost the game, but it was actually one bad half. Don’t forget they were winning at half time.
Look again Dwag. LSU has an 18-13-1 all time record against Georgia (6-5 since 2000). Besides, what does history have to do with this season anyway?
Plain and simple. LSU will win the West. The Tigers will go 11-1, maybe 10-2 in the regular season.
It’s unfortunate that LSU is being judged by the media and pollsters based on how it played in only one half (actually 1 quarter). They have played 12 halves of football so far….10 have been outstanding, one was above average, and one was poor. I believe most ranked teams would be happy with that.
Ed is fitting right in with the other lump headed SDS writers.
“LSU is 2 weeks removed from its bad 45-24 Week 1 loss to the No. 8 Florida State Seminoles 45-24.” It’s time for the writers and the pollsters to remove the weight of the FLSt game from around the neck of LSU. Yes, LSU lost the game and continues to pay the price because of a single poor 4th qtr. the writers and pollsters seem to be over looking that LSU won the first half by 3 pts and without s few first game mistakes, the team could easily have won the first half by 17. So in reality, LSU is every bit as strong as their preseason billing. The real LSU team is what we saw in the first half of the first game and the two games since.
Heck no! Anyone who gets the level of writing for SDS has to learn to face the music from the readers. Hum…level of SDS, that’s not a very high standard is it.
I have no doubt that had Pratt Played against Ole Miss, Tulane would have won that game.
Just wait, people will eventually see that LSU is every bit the team it was projected to be at the start of the season. Right now it is carrying the weight of being judged by a single poorly played 2nd half against FLSt, more accurately, a single poorly played 4th qtr. When the pollsters and media begin to put that game into perspective, the Tigers will be in playoff contention.
Keep winning and y’all will. That’s why this weekly article is one of the most ridiculous.
The Bama season as we are used to seeing could for all practical purposes be over by the time the LSU game come around. That would, in untypical fashion, put Alabama in the upset mode. Upset mode, Nick Sabin coached team…that’s a dangerous situation!
Nick Sabin is the GOAT of coaches. The question is, does he have the team to right the ship this season. The portal is balancing the college football landscape and Sabin has gone on record that he does not like the portal as it is currently. With no prospects of being modified anytime soon, does Sabin have the fire in his gut to continue. Or will he hang up the keys while he’s still on top (or at least near the top). Will any of us be surprised if Sabin retires after this season. I don’t expect him to do so after just one below normal Alabama season, but on the other hand, I would not be surprised if he did hang it up.
It’s time to stop judging LSU by the team we saw in the second half of the FLSt game. Look at what they did in the first half and the two games since. That’s the LSU team they should be judged by…every bit of a highly ranked team. The Tigers are becoming the team to beat from the West, possibly the SEC. Don’t rule out an 11 game run on their way to Atlanta….possibly a 12 game run to the playoffs.