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All we ask is for Kelly to put a strong competing team on the field that represents LSU well for the first couple years. A team that shows improvement with each game. A team that is proud to be Tigers and embrace a winning culture. After that, we expect the team to be positioned for runs at the NC title each and every year.
The only culture that matters at LSU is the winning culture. If Kelly wins as he’s done elsewhere, he’ll fit the culture like a glove.
I suppose you’d have said the same thing about that guy from West Virginia who came to LSU via Michigan State before eventually landing at Alabama. I don’t think where a coach is from is a prerequisite for being a winning coach.
I’m with you. The kid deserves a full season after what he’s been through and the patience he’s shown when not injured. I’m looking forward to watching him play. Whenever he’s been on the field, whether it was as a backup to Burrow or as a starter, his play has been excellent. If he gets a complete season in, he’ll be a surprise to most all. But not me, I see him as being all SEC 1st team, beating out the Heisman winner Young.
Kelly is doing a great job bringing in transfers to replenish the Tiger team. Will they be good enough to get the team back on track and replace the mounds of talent the team lost, only time will tell. But in my opinion, the single most mistake Kelly has made thus far is letting Coach Kevin Faulk go. Faulk’s strong and long ties to the program and to the Louisiana high schools greatly out weigh any coaching deficiencies he might have. Kelly should have found a place on the coaching staff for Faulk, even if it were as an analyst.
Hey, Gary Danielson could be calling the game! As much as Herbstriet is beginning to annoy me, I’ll take anyone over Bama loving Danielson any day…including that woman who calls lower level games.
Luckily the game didn’t have SEC refs based on all the complaints about SEC refs throughout the season. Other than a few questionable calls that all games have, the refs fix a decent job. Luckily none of the controversial calls affected the outcome of the game. We’ll maybe the 4th qtr fumble did affect the outcome - it fired up the Georgia squad.
Since it was ruled a fumble, the correct call on the recovery was made. The replay clearly showed the players foot in bounds…barely. But it should never have been ruled a fumble. The QB’s hand had just started a slight forward motion when the hit dislodged it. Like Young’s incompletion in the first series, this too should have been ruled an incompletion. Luckily, it didn’t change the outcome, other than fire up the Georgia team.
My patience with Hebstreit is growing thin. He thinks he’s is the only authoritative voice about college football.
At the beginning of the game I was watching one of the ESPN affiliated channels. It was all about Texas A&M, Fisher and his coaches watching and commenting on the game from the team meeting room. Even the ESPN host said how great the facilities were. How and why was this allowed. If high school players watched, it’s have been a big boost to their recruiting. Makes me wonder how much TAM boosters paid for that program.
You guys had it good. LSU on the other hand had to handle injuries, opt outs, transfers and anything else that would take a player out for the season. Coach O really messed a great team up buy letting the culture of the program rip apart from the inside. Here’s to hoping Coach K can get the program back on track so we can once again be real competitors to you guys! Beaux Tigers!
I’m sick of your LSU bashing. Go stick your head up the Bama elephants butt!
It’s something A&M does not understand. It’s called finishing what you started. It’s called pride. It’s called commitment. It’s called having the right attitude. This will pay dividends to LSUs program in the coming years. Those things seem to be lacking in A&Ms program. That’s why it hasn’t been able to get over the hill. It climbs the hill well until it gets near the top, then always falls back. That’s why the 8-4 and 9-3 season records are so common.
The way the NIL and the transfer portal is being handled, they will ruin college football. Kids are now being recruited as professionals. Look what A&M is doing. Getting boosters to set up LLC’s and offering recruits NIL money before they sign. This will make the schools with big booster organizations stronger and the have nots, have even less. The transfer portal When combined with NIL will lead to tampering with star players while they are at other schools. A player should not be allowed to be recruited based on NIL offerings. I’m all for NIL, but not as a recruiting tool. He should be recruited first, signed, then he should be able to entertain a NIL while at the school he signed with. The free one time transfer should be done away with. Let kids transfer, but there’s nothing wrong with the kid having to sit out like the rule used to be. These kids are becoming self centered. They don’t know what commitment to a school or team means. The NCAA had better get control of the mess it has created….fast!
What the hell is Bama’s mascot anyway? Crimson Tide….what the hell is that? Or is it an elephant? Talk about a corn dog nation? Had it not been for Sabin, Bama would still be nothing like it was for the few years before he got there. You’re just lucky he isn’t still at LSU.
Wherever Brown goes, trouble follows. If I were a GM, I couldn’t be paid enough to sign him to a contract on my team.
Expand the playoffs to give the G5 conferences of a better opportunity to reach the playoffs? I’d like the playoffs to be kept at 4. In most seasons the team strength drop off begins at #5 or #6.
SEC has had a tough bowl season. They’re now guaranteed another bowl loss….and the NC.
I agree. He’s opting out of the bowl game and his senior season for what? Being a 4th/5th rounder, maybe lower? He’d do better staying in and trying to improve his draft status.
Also hiring Sloan as QB Coach from LaTech? The Tech QBs the past 2 seasons both had dismal stats. Let’s not forget that it was Coach O’s coordinators who lead to his termination. I’m beginning to wonder how long Kelly is going to last.
Not overly impressed. Cincinnati wasn’t impressive offensively against Alabama and his offense will be facing them every year. Kelly’s staff overall isn’t dropping jaws. We can only wait to see how this Kelly era works out.
The landscape of college football is changing drastically…for the worst. The transfer portal and opt outs are tearing it apart. Players no longer are about the team. It’s all about them as individuals. They transfer for NIL, they opt out because they don’t want to get hurt (don’t believe it when they say they want to prepare for the NFL). Some players transfer for playing time. But when a 5 star starter transfers, it about money for his naming rights. The transfer portal is the worst thing to happen to college football. It will result in making the strong teams stronger.
I’m not expecting much from LSU against KSt. Transfers and opt outs has torn the fabric of the team, not that the fabric was that strong this season.
As you can tell by my handle, I’m not a MST fan. But I agree with you that Leach needs to go. His offensive style doesn’t fit in with how football is played in the SEC. He got away with it at Texas Tech and Washington St because the Big 12 and PAC 12 aren’t renowned for their stout defenses. It’s hard to win consistently in the SEC with a sandlot game plan.
With what’s happening at LSU, players opting out and transferring, coaching changes, lack of s colors hip players, walk on QB, I’m hoping one of the teams pulls out. Maybe then I could get my money back from the tickets I bought. Wishful thinking.
Playing thru adversity? This is getting ridiculous! The NCAA is going to ruin college football with the transfer portal. It’s going to make the strong only stronger and the weak weaker. There’s not a player out there who wouldn’t dream of playing for Alabama. If he’s good enough, Sabin will gladly sign him. It’s going to cause tampering with signed players. Not saying Sabin is doing that, don’t think he’s that kind of person. But when coaches begin to do so, all bets are off.
You’re obviously on the Johnson dream boat and I’m not. That’s fine. You see him as a really good QB. I see him as a not so good FBS QB. But as I’ve also said, I see him as possibly being very successful at the FCS level. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this. It’s not worth my time to argue what you see and what I see in his ability.