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It’s more like 5-6 years of mediocrity for every up year.
This site is a. Is for southern football, mainly the SEC. Who gives a flip about ND jerseys?
5-7 and 7-5 seem to be below what’s become TAM’s standard of 8-4. But realistically, mediocracy has pretty much TAM’s standard throughout the years. Sure it’s had a few really good seasons and even a few periods that it had some really good teams. But, one could always expect it to fall back into mediocrity. Until the school finds a coach that can change the acceptance of mediocracy, it will always find itself in that middle of the pack position. Maybe Elko is the guy. Time will tell. But with Texas now in the SEC, TAM might have lost its recruiting window of opportunity. Good luck to you guys. I hope y’all can built a team of significance.
Enjoy the talk now Bubba. When the season begins you’ll find the SEC fans to be ruthless. You’ll find the caliber of competition in the SEC to be even more ruthless. The Longhorns will be playing against stout competition week in and week out. It’s not going to be like the 2 or 3 team Big 12. Texas will have to be on their A game each and every week. Having a 9-3 record in the SEC is a very good season. Texas is highly ranked pre-season…congrats. A word of warning, don’t be surprised I when that ranking doesn’t hold throughout the season.
If the Horns can’t take it, go back to the Big 12. The SEC is a league of men, not cry babies. Time for the Longhorn fans to suck it up.
You said that exact same thing on another article. Don’t you have anything better to say? It must be hard being you.
When I first started reading this article, I thought it was about SEC baseball with all the baseball references. Maybe that’s the sport O’Gara needs to report on because his knowledge of football fails him.
What a start to this young man’s MLB career. Getting the starting nod is not only well deserved but a great honor. If Skenes can remain healthy, he’ll have a great career. This generation’s Sandy Koufax.
Here’s LSU’s chance to show O’Gara doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He rarely does.
And that good news became real with both committing to the Tigers!
What a bad day, first the Ags lose the national championship, then they lose their head coach to if all schools, Texas.
Attendance at a George Strait concert is sports news? I don’t think so. Maybe that all the Ags have to cheer about!
Arkansas was once a powerhouse in both football and basketball. But over the past couple decades it’s lost its swagger and has become a fringe school; formable, on the cusp of being a legit. In baseball, it is a power. But only for the regular season. It seems to stumble in post season.
The Tigers seem to play their best ball when the chips are down. I like LSU’s chances today, short on pitchers or not. Look for Tommy Tank to unload. He’s been close, but the ball hasn’t been carrying for him. He’s angry and vindictive. A super regional at the Box is in store for the tigers.
NC was the better team for this game. But that being said, NC is beatable. LSU had its opportunities but let them slip by. One opportunity was taken away by the umpires with what was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my decades of playing and watching baseball…no way it was runner interference at 2nd base, no way. But the lack of timely hitting and a few defensive miscues did the Tigers in. But they aren’t out. They’ll just have to take the elimination path which historically they do quite well with.
TGH mentioned LSU playing McNeese St. I’ll go ahead and point out that LSU has also played other smaller Louisiana schools. This is for 2 reasons. 1. It spreads the wealth to the smaller in state schools. 2. There’s a state law n the books that requires LSU to play 1 in-state game each season.
What does that have to do with scheduling? Schedules are made up years in advance. The UCLA coaching staff changes happed after last season. If LSU and other SEC teams looked for weak OOC teams to play, why are they playing ND, USC, Michigan, and Clemson among others in the opening week? Well maybe LSU did eased up on the peddle when it scheduled USC.
You’re just being too sensitive. He writes anrticles like this all the time.
Geez, don’t you Vols know how to celebrate a well deserved win? All O ‘Gara is saying in the article is that LSU is regrouping in time to make a run for the NC. It’s nothing bad against your team. Have y’all become so brow beaten over the years that you’ve developed an inferiority complex? Congratulations on your SEC tournament championship!
Baseball is different than all other sports. Even tge best team can have an off game. That’s why they play series. Rankings should be based on what a team has done recently, over a span of 10-15 games. In that case, LSU can arguably be considered the best college baseball team in America.
Strange play in the first half of the 10th. Let’s see, a green bag a first and the catcher not being able to block the plate. They might as well place a hitting tee at home and use a cloth ball. Then they can stop keeping score and give every player a participation trophy.
This is a prime example of how NIL is ruining college football. I applaud LSU’s Brian Kelly who lost out on several DT’s from the portal, a position LSU sorely needs to add depth to, because (in his approximate words), “LSU is not going to buy players”. We want players who want to grow and build their skills for use at the next level.” This attitude might cost LSU a spot among the best teams, but it is the right attitude.
By seasons end, Nussmeier will bee better than all SEC QBs.
I believe O’Gara’s assessment of LSU is fair. I watched the spring game on the tube and saw the same thing…too many blown coverages resulting in big plays. If it was just Nuss making the plays, I’d say it was the QB. But each of the 4 QBs had some big plays. The defense, until it proves otherwise will continue to be suspect. But in reality, spring games really prove nothing. I have faith that the defensive coach staff that Kelly has put together will round the D into shape before the start of the season.
You’re right Ron. Once in the while, there will be a team who will pick the best player on the board — usually in the late rounds — but teams almost always draft for need.
Plagiarism? I seem to recall reading some very similar words in the Dandy Don site.