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LSU had trouble putting the ball into the end zone because if conservative play calling. But really, Auburn allowed LSU’s offense to move the ball freely. I have a hard time believing a defense that gives up 504 yards as being stout. LSU ran the ball and passed the ball at will. Conservative play calling by the home team kept Auburn in a close game.
I’m no Alabama fan, but I do know there is currently no coach around that compares to Nick Sabin. When he’is career is over, he’ll go down in history as the best ever.
Gusto, of the 5, you’ve given LSU the advantage on 3. One was advantage to Alabama, and one was a tie. That all adds up to a LSU victory...27-24. Close game as you said.
My side is bursting I’m laughing so hard at your post!
Finally, someone writing with some common sense!
LMAO... Your too wrapped up in Bama scoring 54 points per game against teams that give up on average more than 39 per game. Let the game play out Saturday night. Bama will learn what the true meaning of Death Valley is....LSU 27 Bama 24
Keep the lack of respect towards LSU’s ability to beat Alabama flowing in. LSU is a sleeping giant that is feeding off of they’re not getting respect. They have proven time and again that the lack of respect is only a motivator to the team. The loss to Florida? Best thing to have happened to them. It woke them. Look out Bama! Your balloon is about to burst and you will be brought back down to earth by the Tigers....27-24 LSU!
Bama fans think because they are scoring 54 points per game against teams that give up on average 30+, means they will do the same against the stout Tiger defense. Won’t they be in for a surprise when LSU not only holds them below 25 points, but also beats them 27-24.
I agree 100%. The sports media’s lack of respect for LSU has been feeding the sleeping giant the entire season. Maybe after they beat Bama, they’ll finally be given the respect they deserve.
The Alabama offense has gone against teams that on average give up 30+ points per game. Everyone seems to be giving Bama an automatic win. Not so fast.... LSU will win 27-24.
Don’t over look the fact that the defenses Bama had played against are giving up more than 30 points per game. And don’t forget that LSU’s “anemic” offense is averaging about 30 points per game. Too many people are getting caught up in Bama’s 54 points per game scoring average. LSU 27. Alabama 23
I’m loving the negativity the so called sports experts are sending to LSU. This entire season, the tigers have not been given a chance. The tigers have been feedin on the “they’re not good enough to be (name the team”. Once again, the tigers will prove the skeptics wrong...LSU 27 Bama 24.