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He matched Richt's win record in his first season as a HC with a freshman qb and and overall less talent than Richt had. I sure hope he gets exposed.
nevermind, i see you meant just CROSS-DIVISIONAL. GA/AU would remain anyway....carry on...
Georgia/Auburn is arguably just as big of a rivalry as Bama/Auburn. It may not be in-state, but it's the oldest rivalry in the conference.
just curious, what's your criteria for "storied program"?
Blame the guy who wrote the article and called it a loophole. I found out after that it was indeed a rule.
@BamaTime, scratch that, I think you knew that.
BamaTime, it doesn't, but I think he means their obligation to their pro team and schedule would make working with Bama hard or nearly impossible to fit in.
I'm genuinely impressed at the extent Saban is willing to go to to gain any level of advantage. Makes me wonder what other loopholes he's exploiting.
Sounds better to who? What turnip truck did you fall off of? Seriously though, getting Georgia fans such as myself from a state in the deep south to identify with the "SEC North" well...it just ain't gonna work.
Missouri was divided during the civil war and today as to which "side" they fall on. Known as a "border state" they had 2 governments within the state during the war and supplied 3x as many troops to the Union as opposed to the Confederacy. While I don't think this has squat to do with football, I find it interesting. There were more in-state "brother on brother" skirmishes in Missouri than any other state.
Can you speak to the "cultural affiliation"? You're in a conference with people who are very proud of it.
The only thing that really makes geographical sense to me is to switch Auburn and Mizzou.
LOL, except Butch Jones DOES owe him a damn thing. You recruit a kid based on certain promises and he chooses your programs based on those promises - you need to fulfill those promises, otherwise you're wasting a kid's playing time for your own interests.
As a business owner who used to work for other people for mediocre pay, I say screw what this journalist says about "in true millennial style". You have to look after your own interests. Being loyal only gets your so far.
No kidding. The word at the time was that Herman just wasn't interested enough, which apparently is a crock of sh1t. This makes me angry, no offense to CKS, but the Herman hire seemed like a no brainer. This good ol bit system at Georgia is ridiculous. I couldn't care less if our coach is an alumni.
That joke works for Carolina, but Georgia has way more players in the NFL than Tennessee.