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right into a wall, catch on fire and then roll off a cliff. but did you know he once recruited deshaun watson??
i looks like he did actually list georgetown. wonder if he knows theyre fcs?
a lot of kids in texas are paying attention to the lack of development that ut players are getting. they will still get talent because there is soo much in the state but i think a lot more will start leaving the state given the draft results from lsu alabama etc.
won't argue with that. saw chandler and john s jones in high school thought jones was better.
heard it came down to oklahoma and auburn. chose oklahoma because of better coaching.....
you're right he couldn't coach. however, the recruiting he was doing in Texas is something the next coach needs to build on. Coach traylor should be a valuable asset to whoever becomes the next head coach because of his recruiting in texas.
joey freshwater went to Fresno State. if leach says no I'm good with Kiffin. those are the 2 I wanted them to go after before morris.
bring in the pirate! we may not win the sec with him but we'll be competitive and those interviews will be priceless.
chad sold the promise of recruiting texas and that's about all he has done.
can you imagine the ticket price if you had those 2 teams play in a 5-10k seat stadium?
I'm not to the point in blaming the admin yet. I thought the CM hire was pretty good when it happened but im starting to think I was blinded by the thought of someone coming in and recruiting texas which would make us competitive in the sec. the thing I dont get is how this guy is supposed to be some great QB coach and that may be our weakest position every week. he brings in his former qb who doesnt look like he know the plays at all and starkel looks like he forgot how to throw a football half the time.
I liked Houston but it was time for him to move on. the chad needs to give HN some title and let him give the pregame and halftime speeches.
aside from the innovative style you basically described Houston Nutt..
Couldn't agree with this more. I understand Arkansas is rebuilding but they should be able to go out with all sophomores and freshmen and beat San Jose St. in the past 2 seasons, Arkansas has paid north texas and san Jose st 2.5 million dollars and lost both games. good thing Bielema has another year on his buyout or morris' seat would be on fire right now.
he's a grad transfer so he couldn't be blocked from going anywhere. storey is a tough kid but not a great QB. i honestly thought he would be going to the fcs level but maybe he'll have some success in conf usa.
froholdt is a great story and greatly improving as an offensive lineman. he was horrible when they first moved him over to offense which i think just proves how talented this guy is.
Rising senior?? he was benched last year? wouldnt that make him falling?
this has to be grades related. i dont know how else to explain going from sec to the southland.
there were lots of bad moments for the piggies this year but the north texas punt return i still cant forget.
we'll take him! oh and any other bama 2nd stringers too.
was hoping the steamboat was going to move to TE.
Houston Nutt has inquired about the coaching vacancy.