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Either you like thumping your chest on multiple sites or you just like coping others. This is a direct copy of what "destroy ohs" posted on 247.
Not bad idea either. We got options. Nothing to loose at this point.
Fire everybody. Hire Todd Grantham away from Florida (his kid is going to play baseball at state) and beg Shrader to stay.
KT was specifically listed as one that didn’t cheat. Why hate on your own family? Not a true maroon.
Read the reports. Lone part-time tutor and internal investigation was kicked off and reported to NCAA as soon as it was discovered. Punishment was harsh but I think our university handled it properly. And it’s over. No 7 year denial and scandal here.
All because some part-time tutor wanted to make some extra cash preying on some student athletes. And don’t get to excited, cash came from students and pretty small amounts. Not tied to school. Only school tie was that tutor was a part time employee. Biggest name involved may be on the basketball team, Weatherspoon. KT will be missed and wish him nothing but the best. I really hopped that he’d take an extra year to improve his passing skills and lead us next year. But can’t blame him for wanting a fresh start. All in all, it’s football season! So everything is right with the universe again. Hail State!