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Not on a high horse. Think we are on the same page about there should be punishments. Just seemed like a bit of hypocrisy coming from you calling for the DA and jumping on the throw the book at them band wagon. Yes this was stupid and disappointing as a state and CFB fan. We haven’t had this problem all year and to finish out the year like this is horrible. But everyone needs to stop pretending this is who state is or unique to state. I’ve seen far worse coming from grown men.
@tidefan8x5 Where did I make excuses for my team? State players definitely deserve to be punished for their actions. Especially Russell and Heath. I was only pointing out the (at least on the surface) hypocrisy of someone calling for the DA to get involved for a fight when said person’s team is under real investigation for something far more serious. The integrity part was in ref to his statements below.
And that shows where your head is at. Everyone look away from real issues because that’s my fav team. Seeking integrity my a$$.
Not a whole lot of integrity going on down in baton rouge. Brawl was bad, no doubt but hope your quest if integrity includes your own school. Repeated culture of rape and recruiting violations a little different than a bunch of hot heads. All I’m saying.
They have their hands full with everything going on at LSU. I’d worry about your own school if I were you.
Agree but give it time. Leach hasn’t had a chance to review what went on. Not sure he was even on the field when all that crap went down.
Before or after they are done dealing with all the rape charges, and cover up at LSU?
So TN wants to fire Pruitt while there’s an internal investigation over recruiting and hire .... Freeze?
woo pig phooey finally strings together 3 wins and thinks they can talk trash. That’s adorable.
Never said Covid wasn’t being politicized. You and your tinfoil hat are doing it in these very comments. You can’t say you don’t buy into two party BS then post two party political comments. That there was my point genius. By the way, Danny boy was not the winningest coach, nor had the best winning percentage at State. So no. Not the best coach we’ve ever had. A good one, that still wet the bed in some big games for us.
Then go feed them mouths and stop posting crazy political theories on a sports site. My response was pointing out that the length of this thing was made worse more so by people not following guidelines, after everyone initially stayed home, than the "establishment" trying to "win the white house". All your words. All 2 party system fighting words. I'd much rather talk about how Danny boy is going to wet the bed in those more difficult games, leaving Gator fans sad and frustrated than about political junk. Plenty of sites for that.
Karen is his ex-wife. Who ran off with Karl, a UGA fan, wearing a mask.
Perhaps if everyone had listened to the Karans it wouldn't have turned into 6 months plus. Which would've only helped current guy "win the white house". So being "over this" and refusing to participate is actually hurting, what I assume is, your guy.
Would love to see Clemson run the SEC gauntlet. Wager their season outcome would be a little different.
All the dots where the facts to back those statements up go? And before you go there, I'm not a "handsy Joe" supporter. Both candidates make me sad. And now back to football.
Meh. Disagree with setting up the bubbles bringing out the employee vs amateur debate back. Could be if we overcomplicate it, sure. And no one has to prohibit anything. Should be as simple as, hey you want to play AND want some sort of a guarantee not to get sick, then this is all you'll do for like 10 weeks. You can always opt out if you need to or want to. But if you do leave, you'll be required to do a 14 day individual quarantine. And if you want to sit out the year, then you sit out, without loss of scholarship or eligibility. Win win. Kids get to play. Schools get the money from TV deals. Fans get to enjoy some football.
Applaud them for organizing to have their voices heard, but hope they are also ready to make concessions. If they want to play so bad, wonder if they'd be willing to adopt an NBA model where they quarantine as a team, as a conference. Hold off on parting and sucking face with Suzy Q until after the season.
Who knows. Jelly trolls? Couldn’t find anything nor imagine they’d risk trouble for a 3 star. I mean, they’re all about to get paid anyway so why risk it now.
I hope he stays. Yes he is mobile but had 6500 yards passing at 65 percent completion coming out of high school. He can sling it too. Leach may actually turn out to be a better fit for him. Stay and learn, red shirt and rock it next year.
Funny thing is you are on a State page trash talking another dawg and then get confused when another State fan jumps in to give you a little trash on their behalf. So but hurt. Lol.
Agree tiger. Boxster gets on one person for trash talk but defends another. Guess it's only reserved for people with a Georgia logo next to their name. Boxster is now butt hurt.
Interesting. He had some packages last year and caught one. Depends on his speed. Would be cool to see. Really hoping Williams breaks through. Along with Payton and Heath.
I'd venture to say your buddy agdawg is butt hurt. Started this whole thread off by throwing insults.
Fat fingers got a little too excited there. Happens. Lol. But why attack others for their fortunes anyway? Perhaps over compensating for your own faults? Take your hate back to the Georgia pages.
As much as I love KT, I’m afraid it will be him and Mayden in the portal next. Both built more for Mullen’s brand of football. But who knows. We’ll see after spring.