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Who knows. Jelly trolls? Couldn’t find anything nor imagine they’d risk trouble for a 3 star. I mean, they’re all about to get paid anyway so why risk it now.
I hope he stays. Yes he is mobile but had 6500 yards passing at 65 percent completion coming out of high school. He can sling it too. Leach may actually turn out to be a better fit for him. Stay and learn, red shirt and rock it next year.
Funny thing is you are on a State page trash talking another dawg and then get confused when another State fan jumps in to give you a little trash on their behalf. So but hurt. Lol.
Agree tiger. Boxster gets on one person for trash talk but defends another. Guess it's only reserved for people with a Georgia logo next to their name. Boxster is now butt hurt.
Interesting. He had some packages last year and caught one. Depends on his speed. Would be cool to see. Really hoping Williams breaks through. Along with Payton and Heath.
I'd venture to say your buddy agdawg is butt hurt. Started this whole thread off by throwing insults.
Fat fingers got a little too excited there. Happens. Lol. But why attack others for their fortunes anyway? Perhaps over compensating for your own faults? Take your hate back to the Georgia pages.
As much as I love KT, I’m afraid it will be him and Mayden in the portal next. Both built more for Mullen’s brand of football. But who knows. We’ll see after spring.
Woops. LOL. Got you mixed up with your rebel friend up there. And I did go to State. Lol.
Really? Huh. Exclamation marks are used to express strong emotion. Not relaxation. Guess you did go to OM. Lol.
Grover: Some tutor making money off doing kids homework is a bit different than coaches paying players. However, I never said we were angels either. No program is. Though some are worse than others. Just love how ole miss likes to "forget" things ever happened and/or gets upset when it's brought up. Relax man. Just poking the rebel colonel bear shark.
You rather em go with Ole Pi$$? Especially after this year’s egg bowl. Face it. It’s what Ole Miss is known for outside of Oxford. 1986, 1994, 2017, fans telling Lane to get a burner phone, etc, etc.
Agree. Hughes, Buckley and Shoops. Unless there's a better DC available or that we can steal away.
KT should've walked up behind Moorhead during the game, with his arms crossed and said "if only there was a QB on the team that's beaten these clowns before" and then walked off the filed. Lol
Think Saban's Daughter will attend that game? LOL.
Not a guaranteed failure but also not a guaranteed success like the media and desperate OM fans would like to believe.
Would agree with you if his other stops (with the exception of FAU) didn't end any better. Totally legitimate comment and expectation.
Wouldn't say quickest way. Sure it will work on a particular type of player but his past, infidelity rumors and ole miss culture of being ok with all that (just get a burner phone and all will be ok) add a pretty strong counter argument to buying into all the unfounded hype he gets from the media.
Don't worry. Lil Kiffin will get him fired soon enough. Just like his bama stop.
Either you like thumping your chest on multiple sites or you just like coping others. This is a direct copy of what "destroy ohs" posted on 247.
Not bad idea either. We got options. Nothing to loose at this point.