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Right, and that's actually a huge badge of honor for USC. College football, SEC especially, was so scared of USC and Pete Carroll that they rallied the NCAA to hammer USC into the dark ages. When you actually take a look at the official report on infractions, you see that they cited three key pieces of evidence: 1) A basketball infraction, 2) a foreign female tennis player making too many calls on a school phone, and 3) wannabe agents (and childhood friends of Reggie Bush) paid Reggie's parents to get them to influence Reggie to sign them as agents when he leaves. There you go--they were so scared they strung together three non-related "violations" to hammer the football program. The SEC only rose again after USC was taken down. #facts!
You all changed your strategy recently with the formation of the two super conferences. We all know that the SEC schools have habitually scheduled FCS opponents at home to game the system and avoid back to back decent games. Any team can slip up if they have to face decent opponents week after week after week that they have to scout for. It's clear to the rest of the country what you all have been doing in the past.
I mean--UCLA just beat that Tiger ass in 2021; maybe they feel they can do it again (even with a completely inexperienced coach). LSU has scheduled many FCS opponents in the past; that's a school that's afraid to face decent opponents week after week. McNeese State, really???
I get it--USC supposedly ducked you all, so you went out and scheduled the likes of Southern University and McNeese State, right? You couldn't find any better opponents somewhere South of USC and North of FCS?
Man, I knew the SEC was made up of mostly dumb schools, but you all can't even keep "FBS" and "FCS" straight. BTW, PAC teams MUST play each other, versus SEC teams CHOOSE to play the Sisters of the Poor. That's not even a subtle difference, but it's one that most SEC fans won't be able to grasp.
I don't get it--why would someone get hurt by someone else making up a pronoun? I just think it's pretty amateurish (if you are going to insult somebody). I think I moved beyond that in elementary school....
Lol. UCLA just lost their entire coaching staff and had multiple key transfers out. They just hired a replacement head coach who has never even coordinated and offense or a defense much less been a head coach. Bragging about the fact that you are going to roll them is pretty ignorant. The Sisters of the Poor, whom the SEC schools have scheduled every year, would roll them this year. By the way, making up somebody else's pronoun is pretty low caliber. You know your mother was a she/her, right?
Which teams? What are you, lazy? Do your own research. They are not that hard to find.
The whole country knows that you guys fill your OOC schedules with the Sisters of the Poor to inflate your records, knowing the voters won't call you out on it. It's a big scam. Like I said, USC has never played a non FBS opponent and has to face Notre Dame every year. This article is the SEC jerk of p0rn.
Laughable! SEC teams have ducked D1 opponents across the board for years in your OOC matchups and play a reduced conference schedule. You guys should not be calling out anyone for ducking an opponent, much less the only team in college football to never have played an FCS opponent. This article is SEC jerk off p0rn.