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Since Senior leadership is a thing of the past, it's time for Alabama's "Junior" leadership to step in as the "old" guys and explain to the rest of the juniors, sophomores, and yes the freshmen, just what the BAMA FACTOR is. They did not know what is was last year, so I hope now they know so they can teach it!
Not sure who had control of Alabama scheduling, but it is what it is, change to more power 5 teams if you want more respect. Recent loss is all committee cares about right now, win out decisively, then lobby for inclusion. Worry about taking care of business like coach tells you and you will be fine, I think y'all may have gotten the message now!
David, is there tape somewhere that proves Chris Davis stepped out?
Hey, Michael, how about the same info for this week, first, then maybe tell us about next week. Thanks
So, apparently another rule passed to slow the Saban train, but looks like it affects anyone who has the funds to provide them to multiple staff members. Don't really see why it's such an issue in this world of mass communication. The IT guys are going to double down and the folks who can pay will upgrade their systems to overcome the so called headset limit!
Personally, I don't drink in the stadium due to the fact when I go to the games I want to pay attention so I do not miss anything, something you don't have to worry about at home, so I may drink a couple before the game then a couple after, then a non drinker drives home. But I agree with LBM, don't discriminate, either everybody or nobody!
Alcohol has been consumed in stadiums all over the country for generations. Also by legal age and underage drinkers. Why discriminate against a particular group while protecting another? Sounds like a good class action lawsuit filed by Alabama educated lawyers might just solve this non-issue!