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Connor Shaw was a Titan. He was one of those opponents that led by example, injured or not, every. single. game. I resent the comeback wins he led over my tigers, but I couldn’t help but respect the man. My favorite non-Mizzou quarterback, hands down.
Yeah, bama’s legit this year. For a Mizzou fan brimming with newly rediscovered confidence in his team...I’m a little bit nervous about playing the tide.
Makes it hurt worse when the ‘inferior’ recruiting keeps beating you doesn’t it?
Well deserved reward for your tireless efforts. Congratulations, and I wish you the best at the next level.
I think OSU dose enough to make this a legit game, but I’ll take Jones/Smith/Harris and co. by 10. I see a competitive first half, with bama’s coaching staff making better adjustments at halftime on defense.
I see a lot of comments arguing about how good or bad he is at coaching. You have missed the point. He lost a game, then promptly started dumping on the guys that showed up and fought for the team. Because it wasn’t about the team, it was about him. He could be the single greatest or worst coach ever to walk the earth and he would still be a garbage human being. His comments were completely devoid of class or any consideration for the players who came out and fought.
I find myself wanting to see Bazelak higher on this list. There were so many positives! But then I disconnected my homer filter and remembered the games where he was effectively neutralized. Excited to see him next year, but i have no specific issue with the rankings. Now ima go plug my homer filter back in!
“is as much of a lock as we’ve ever seen heading into conference championship weekend.” Yes bama is and deserves to be a lock regardless, but i still choke on this statement a little when looking back at the stunned awe i felt watching LSU destroy all comers last year. THAT was as much of a lock as I’ve seen.
Still pleased with the season, but that hurt. Pickens and White are a tough, competent combo.