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GREAT news! And LONG overdue! Given the data we've known for MONTHS, this is the direction EVERY sports league should have headed long ago.
EXACTLY! I don't know if COVID exists in Knoxville, but it sounds like science and common sense do!
I've already issued you the challenge on specifics, and just as I knew, you can't deliver--BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST! (A random list of nations?! What's that supposed to mean?!) I don't care what sources you use, there is simply not a school in the world--including those with no mask mandates, and full athletic seasons--where the Wuhan virus has proven a serious danger to students (or faculty!). If it's so easy to prove me wrong, have at it!
Take off your tinfoil blinders and actually look at the data. Tell us: Where in the WORLD has the Wuhan virus ravaged a school or an athletic program? You can't point to one instance, all you and your ilk have are "positive cases." There are NO significant numbers of serious illnesses, hospitalizations, or deaths (in EVERY ONE of these areas, the numbers are MUCH less than what we have with the flu). STOP with the fear-porn, and get back to church, work, school, and play!!!
The "fools" here are the ones parading around in masks (that have NEVER worked) and STILL shutting things down.
Idiots. How much data do you need to understand that "positive tests" DOES NOT EQUAL Wuhan virus cases! High schools (especially private ones--including where my daughter just played her freshmen basketball season) have been having sports for months WITHOUT all of the foolish testing and other nonsense and had ZERO issues! The time for pretending that young healthy athletes are in any real danger from this virus has LONG past.
The real "morons" here are the mask-wearing Karens pushing their science-denying fear porn on the rest of us!
Come on O'Gara! Call this what it is! This is nothing more than another example of University leftists perpetuating the Wuhan virus fear-porn! There's NOTHING in the science or the mountains of data that we now have that says you can't have games with fans! My own children's winter sports (basketball and karate) prove this. My daughter plays b-ball with a private Christian school. We had our regular season and tournament with little to no interuptions, often in packed gyms, and virtually NO MASKS!!! (Games, practices, etc.! And both my 70+ year-old parents attended multiple games maskless!) And we had ZERO issues! What's more, several of my children recently attended (this year) a karate tournament in an area public school gym. There were HUNDREDS of competitors, and MANY HUNDREDS of fans. The crowd was the largest I've seen in person in the past year. The sign out front said "masks required" but many ignored this (I have photo and video evidence) and nothing (THANKFULLY!) was done about it. Not one of these incidents proved a "super spreader" or anything near it. Whether or not you're going to get this virus (and have any real health issues as a result) has NOTHING to do with mask mandates, etc. END THE FEAR PORN and OPEN AMERICA!!!
I wonder if the Falcons shopped the Rams Matt Ryan? If Stafford is worth that...
Great news! Barring injury, UGA's offense should be historic!
This is GARBAGE just like it was with every other cancellation/postponement, including those in the SEC!!! Ask yourself this (borrowing from another): How many of the COVID-casualty football players have ever (1) ended up going to the hospital, (2) ended up in the ICU, (3) ended up in a grave? None, because they are young and extremely healthy. These people are morons. Get back to life, it's the only one you're getting -- unless you come back as an ashtray which will make you smarter in your next life than you are here!!!
HA! Funny but tragic that we now have that as a punchline!
With that offensive power (given that JT is under center), a strong O-Line, what the defense is poised to again be, and don't forget both kickers returning (I'm assuming Camarda will), next year holds much promise! Given all this, I'll be shocked if UGA is not the HEAVY favorite in the east.
Very frustrated by our inability to run the ball. And I thought we again were too soft in pass defense. However, a good gutsy win. Very nice to see us fight to the end and send the team into the off season on a big high note! Go Dawgs!
SIGH: Not going to rehash everything I've said in similar situations regarding "positive COVID-19 tests," except to say that positive tests are NOT cases and a USELESS metric for determining anything! Especially for determining ANOTHER cancellation of a event that generates needed jobs, revenue, and fun times. All of these programs, with ALL of these cancellations, yet not ONE serious case amongst a football player has been reported! Fans of these programs must demand better!
The only "nutjobs" here are the healthy people regularly parading around in masks, those pretending that a positive test constitutes a "case," those foolishly cancelling events (or supporting such) because they continue to ignore the MOUNTAINS of data that show young, healthy people are in virtually ZERO danger from the Wuhan virus, and so on. We just ask that you keep your nutjobery to yourself and not impose it on the rest of us who simply want to live our lives: run our businesses, go to our schools, go to our churches, go to our malls/stores, play our games, etc.!!!
Only a child--or one with the mind of a child--would take offense at the use of "Wuhan virus."
No, LSUSMC, you haven't had healthy young athletes--football or baseball--die from the Wuhan virus. Give us their names or provide links to the news accounts. I'm sure these stories were widespread if this is indeed the case. And no, as I've said on other posts, there's NO definitive evidence that myocarditis, etc. is linked to the Wuhan virus. Stop with the fear porn!
Yeah, you're brave in an anonymous way. (And you'd get your a$$ whipped!) I have friends and family on the front lines of this as well, but THANK GOD they see this virus for what it is: not a danger for the VAST majority of us! And my 70+ year-old parents agree with me! And don't worry, as a healthy man in his 50s, I have about ZERO chance of ending up on a ventilator from the Wuhan virus. Which is why I NEVER wear a mask, etc. in church, at the grocery store, in Walmart, Lowes, my kids ballgames, and so on. And no--unless they have SIGNIFICANT comorbidities--you haven't seen kids or healthy young adults lose their lives from this virus. Name one case (that can be verified), I dare you. And don't worry I NEVER planned on getting the vaccine, because I DON'T NEED IT! Open your eyes!!!
People are NOT "falling like flies" from the Wuhan virus! What a WICKED LIE!!! In fact there's not ONE serious case of the Wuhan virus amongst ALL of college athletics! Stop with your FEAR PORN!!!
Positive tests are NOT "cases!" The "plan" should be NOT to test anyone who lacks symptoms (which is almost certainly virtually everyone with these teams!).
NO!!! For those who contract it, we DON'T "know for sure" that the Wuhan virus presents any real long term danger to heart, lungs, etc. This is just more fear porn from a lockdown apologist! What we do "know for sure" from the data we already have, is that young, healthy people are in less danger from the Wuhan virus than they are from the flu, and that the asymptomatic are NOT spreaders of the Wuhan virus!
If not, then certainly of the same mindset! What's more, whatever is the actual death count from the Wuhan virus, there's plenty of evidence that it's no where near what those devoted to the fear porn are telling us! In addition, whatever is the death count, THERE'S NOT ONE YOUNG, HEALTHY ATHLETE AMONG THEM!!!
It seems you didn't read my comment very well. I fully support these boys being with their families during Christmas! Also, as I noted, MULTIPLE studies have shown that, if these athletes have no symptoms, THEY WILL NOT SPREAD THE VIRUS!!! All that Missouri is dealing with is "positive tests." These are NOT "cases!" And there is currently no conclusive evidence that the Wuhan virus is doing long term damage to those who contract it. All sports come with a risk--all LIFE comes with a risk!--and the data are clear: the Wuhan virus presents no more danger to these young healthy athletes than the many other challenges they already face!
It's not "serious" for the VAST majority of us, and this is especially true for young, healthy athletes. The data make this clear! Anyone who refuses to see such is the "moron!"
There is NO "COVID outbreak within Missouri’s program." There's only some (supposedly) positive tests. And of course these players should have gone home for Christmas. If they so wished, players from EVERY team should've gone home for Christmas. Because (and AGAIN!): positive Wuhan virus tests are virtually MEANINGLESS!!! AGAIN: POSITIVE TESTS ARE NOT “CASES!” Other than to comply with the fear-mongering Karens, there is ZERO reason to test those who are asymptomatic. Multiple studies have shown that the asymptomatic are NOT carriers of the Wuhan virus! This includes a recent MASSIVE study of 10,000,000 in Wuhan, China. (Do a web search for “The study of 10,000,000 the pro-COVID lobby won’t talk about.”) What’s more, with over 70,000 reported Wuhan virus “cases” on 50 U.S. college/university campuses, there were only THREE hospitalizations and ZERO deaths! The young and healthy are NOT in danger of this virus, and the asymptomatic are NOT spreaders. It’s time to end these cancellations! LET THEM PLAY!!!